Inside out:




Alex raised her head slowly and met the eyes of her knight and was surprised to see Logan looking back at her with a mixture of emotions. She felt the sigh escape, she knew they would need his help. Alex felt his hand on her elbow as he pulled her to her feet.

"Logan, we have to get to Rogue," She said quickly as she began to look around for the young girl. She spied the shadows from the corner of her eye and threw an ice ring before she thought or let her telepathy go. She saw Beast move Professor Xavier to side and avoid her avalanche attack but Jean now stood in the door way as she felt her joints go numb slightly. Alex gulped as she watched the horror of Jean's slow transformation of ice but she felt her sight fell on Beast's form and her heart jumped a little. Alex let her ability take a more useful nature as she began to put out the careless fire that the red eyed mutant had started. Her eyes landed on Rogue's translucent form and she felt a pang of worry for the young girl again.

Hayley was doing her part of keeping her father's mutant group busy. She turned up the heat on Jason hoping to snap him out of his hypnotic state but his grave stare remained. Jason broke down into water again to avoid Hayley's heat and this time left no puddle after.

Ally watched Hayley moving closer to the danger and stayed with her unwilling to let he face them alone. She carefully traced her father's thoughts and began to probe his mind hoping to at least give the others a chance to make a move.

Justice watched Ally's intense stare and knew she wasn't paying attention too much else than her task at hand. He watched the silver and red man move closer to her and Justice realized he would kill Allyson. Justice flew in the path of the Omega red's assault and felt the wrath just as quickly but remained between him and Allyson. He was not about to lose his sister this day and stood his ground against the mammoth man.

A cackling laugh rose above the din as a few people's attention wandered to the professor Adam's maniacal demeanor. "Omega Red, kill them." He raised a thin finger at the son he had hoped at one time would echo his genius. Hatred filled him at the sight of his protection of his sister. "Take him first." He snarled as he turned his attention back to Allyson's attempt to over throw his mind. Professor Adam laughed slightly as he sent Hayley and Ally flying back towards the wall with another telekinetic attack. Justice went flying back when Omega Red stuck him against the face but unlike his sisters, who caught their balance in the air, Justice hit the wall with a loud thump.

'That went well,' Justice thought to himself ruefully as he caught site of Kamikaze out of the corner of his eye. 'He is crazy!' Justice thought and he felt a strong protective urge to help the younger man. Justice shook his head as if to clear it and ran at top speed to come in between the menace and Kamikaze.

Rogue watched Kamikaze run off after the red and silver guy that threw Justice back. A light from the corner of her eye caught her attention and she turned her head in time to see Willow begin to glow. Rogue's mouth dropped open as she witnessed the young woman change form into a falcon and follow Kamikaze into the rumble. Her eyes fell on Bonsai who lay a few feet from her unmoving and wan then her gaze fell upon the other people who were in the midst of the battle as she sat idly by.

'I have to help,' Rogue fought to keep control of her thoughts as Willow and Bonsai coursed through her very soul and mind. She realized there was another in her mind and she began to realize that those were the thoughts that held the key to Jump's ability. Soon, she realized she had a strong concern for Justice as she watched him chase after Kamikaze and threw himself in between Kamikaze and the other man. Rogue felt a person behind her and jumped as she turned to see who it was. She noticed Alex's dismal stare at her and began to wonder if what had happened to her with Bonsai and Jump was that bad. Then she followed the vacant stare Alex held. Rogue was astonished to see the ghost like woman moving out of bonsai's body and stand slowly.

'Weak? I feel weak.' Jump thought to herself as she watched the unfamiliar riot happening around her. 'I haven't felt weak,' then the woman also known as Chloe caught sight of an all too familiar Justice and she had to catch her breath. She knew him and she had to help him. She felt somebody's gaze on her and turned to see her sister-in-law, Alex, standing next to a transparent girl. She smiled slightly but they both kept their shocked expressions. Chloe felt the link between herself and the young girl and moved slowly towards her but Alex jumped in front of her with her eyes glowing in threat.

"Alex, it's me Chloe," she said soothingly. Chloe wasn't sure of much but she was sure she could trust Alex.

"Chloe?" Alex asked dubiously as she eyed the ghost who came closer. Alex took a deep breath hoping her gut instincts were right about Chloe. She waited for Chloe to become solid but she stayed the shadow person as she looked at Rogue expectantly.

"Child," Jump said as she met Rogue's confused stare and Chloe smiled to relax her a little. "Follow me."

Chloe took her hand and they both began an eerie glow and Alex's face became full of panic.

"No." Alex cried as she grabbed for them but her hands only found fists full of air.

Beast joined Alex but they both had their attention on the flash the appeared near the giant red and silver man. Beast took her hand as they both waited with baited breath afraid to interfere in the plan that had suddenly formed.

Hayley caught sight of the flash from her perch in the air but it directed her gaze to Jean who stood immobile in the doorway. She breathed a small flame that flew gracefully towards Jean and landed at her feet. The now freezing woman was free but Jean only grasped her sides and arms rubbing them furiously to get warm. Jean's eyes danced over the scene that took place but she couldn't concentrate on much else besides her body temperature.

Jump smiled evilly at Omega Red and his face took on a more panicked look now that he seemed to realize Jump was not there to help him any longer. Omega Red made a few feeble slashes at the shadowed soul but she simply walked up to him and took his ominous body over. Omega Red's face took on a new look as he looked at Rogue expectantly.

Rogue sighed and moved toward the fiery red haired mutant but Afterburn's face never registered any change of emotion. Rogue stepped inside of the other young woman and realized she didn't have the same degree of control that the woman did but she realized this a little too late. She screamed with a voice that was not her own and began to slowly panic as she looked through the borrowed eyes at her friends and their own panicked looks at her.

Rogue stared down at the hands that weren't her own and back at her mentors and friend's panicked faces. She began to slowly realize that she felt weak, she was draining Afterburn's strength while she resided in the host body. Rogue could do only one thing, she screamed. Fire flew unwillingly and it began to consume them both. Hayley got to her side quickly absorbing the flames quickly and releasing some of Rogue's torment.

Hayley watched her once the flame was gone. "Hold still kid," She said under her breath. Water flew at them from Jason's fingertips. 'Was he trying to put them out?' Hayley felt the residual flames extinguished by his water. They soon realized he was merely following Oliver's command.


Oliver's callous laughs caught Rogue's attention. He lowered his gaze at the youth trapped in Afterburn. "Child, you should not use something that is not yours." He produced a remote device pushed the button as Omega Red, with Chloe trapped inside, fell to the ground. Oliver sighed a little and turned his attention back to Rogue.

Rogue knew the others wouldn't make a move until they knew she was safe. They all seemed on the edge of jumping. She knew who Afterburn was as her thoughts flooded through her own mind and she realized she was draining Afterburn slowly, her strength, her thoughts and her mutation. She felt the anxiety flow through them both as Oliver turned to her again with his remote and then he clicked the another button. Rogue wasn't prepared for her trip to the floor but she soon realized that Afterburn was still under his control the whole body went limp and muscles refused to function. Soon Afterburn and Rogue fell into the darkness and the last image they had to cling on to was the man who stood over them with the ominous remote control.

Oliver had new anger as his watched his daughter helping the other. Before Hayley could fire bomb Oliver, he sent her flying back with a very hard telekinetic throw.

Beast jumped to the air and grabbed Hayley easily but hadn't realized how hard she had been thrown until he became part of it and he flew back with her. They both sailed into Xavier and Jean very hard as everyone began a crumbled mess with a now unconscious Hayley on top of them and leaving the professor apart from his wheelchair. The professor realized his brother had indeed mutated and was far stronger than any of them could have imagined. Charles began to try to probe Oliver's mind slowly.

Justice glared at Logan out of the corner of his eye. He knew Hayley only had him momentarily distracted.

"Move quick," Justice said in a low tone as he began into a run. Logan wasted no time and followed Justice.

Ally watched her brother and Logan run at their father and she tried to distract him with a light mental attack and Willow flew around his head as a falcon hoping to keep him busy as well.

Before Logan and Justice could reach Oliver, Jason became whole again and moved at Oliver's will bestowed a powerful water cannon at them. Logan and Justice found it was a hard time to just standing as the floor became fully saturated and the water began to slowly push them back.

"Charles, you can't win this time", Oliver laughed at them and addressed his brother as he spied the furry blue mutant helping him back to his wheelchair. Oliver rather liked the sight of his brother lying helpless on the floor and began to probe Beast's mind overflowing his thoughts and mind. Alex made a grab for Xavier as Beast's grasp faltered but she felt her father entering her mind and over taking her as well.

Alex looked at her father with a million thoughts fleeing her. She raised her hand towards him but only a weak ice ring flew from her fingertips as she hit the floor.

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