Identical Sister:


Logan sat across from Hayley at the breakfast table. She wasn't his first choice to watch in the mornings but he had gotten used to her. She was eating beef jerky and drinking a cherry soda for breakfast again.

Rogue made a face at Hayley. "How can you eat that?" Hayley didn't answer her and Rogue added. "Especially after changing diapers?"

Hayley looked at her with a sneer and shrugged as if to say 'Go away.'

Logan chuckled at Hayley at times she did remind her of him. He looked at the doorway, Ally hadn't come to bed until after he had and she was up and dressed with out having seen each other. Logan glanced at Justice who was sitting with a cup of coffee and writing noisily on a tablet of paper. Justice was wearing a pair of Khaki shorts, a polo shirt and a pair of sunglasses resting on the top of his head. Logan forgot how involved they got into these fund-raisers.

The silence was broken as Hank and Alex came into the kitchen with the professor and Scott in tow.

"Professor, they," he started then he caught sight of the others at the table, "You are not serious about this?" He asked incredulously as he watched the older man meet his eye.

"Scott." He said simply, his tone held a warning.

Logan watched Alex as she helped herself to coffee. She was dressed identical to Hayley in active spandex leggings and a halter.

Hank had listened intensely to the exchange of disagreement from the Professor and Scott until he noticed Alex and Hayley's identical clothing. He shook his head hoping there was a good explanation.

Alex knew he was staring at them and smiled. "What?"

Logan looked at the doorway and the clock above it. 'All this commotion and it's only 7 am?'

When Ally came in Rogue dropped her fork in amazement. Ally had dyed her hair blonde to match Alex's and didn't quite notice the astonished glances she was given. Both women sported long French braids that hid the consistency of their hair. They wore the exact same clothing and were virtually impossible to tell apart. They looked like identical bookends. Ally turned as she noticed the stares out of the corner of her eye. She met the curious faces and smiled as she sat down at the table.

Scott gave a low whistle as he looked at Ally, "Wow." Was all he could say.

Logan gave Scott a low growl as his eyes held a quiet warning.

Beast looked at the sister next to him suspiciously, "Did I miss something?"

Justice looked up form his papers and waved oblivious to the obvious stares.

Logan finally found his voice as he looked at his blonde wife. "Al, What the hell?"

She took a deep breath as she gave him a small smile, " I am not supposed the be alive and we can't attract the media right now." She eyed Justice as he kept busy writing and she stifled a laugh, "It was Justice's idea."

Logan grunted as he also turned his attention to Justice. 'It figured'.

"So we can't be at the same place at the same time?" Alex asked. This was all news to her.

Everyone seemed to stand still a little bit as he or she took in the sight of the two women.

Justice noticed it and looked slightly amused, "What?" he smiled. "remember they are triplets. Aside form their hair color, they are pretty much identical."

Justice grabbed his sunglasses from the top of his head. "I have to go early and help set up." He looked at his sisters and Xavier. "Once you get their break telepathic contact so dad can't pick up on your thoughts easily." He almost laughed at the people who were still watching his sisters carefully. He smiled at them as he walked out before anybody could stop him. He looked at the professor with a grateful smile before he disappeared out of the doorway.

Xavier could feel Justice touch his mind. 'Thank you' was all he heard but Xavier knew what he meant. He want thankful for their help later on.

As Ally sat next to Logan she could tell he wasn't happy.

Alex watched Ally trying to break lighten the mood. "I will be in the ticket both most of the day."

"You can't." Hayley protested. "Otherwise people will see one of you at the ticket both constantly and they will figure it out quickly."

Alex sighed, "Dad can tell us apart"

"He doesn't matter," Hayley said, "We just can't have people shooting cameras at you when we need you." The three sisters all exchanged worried looks until Logan caught their eye.

"You are going to get help." He glared at them.

"We can cover any slips," Scott offered quickly.

Hank jumped in. "You are not alone this time." He made a point to look at each sister.

"Is there going to be a lot of press?" Rogue asked everyone.

"Probably." Ally said as she stared at her coffee cup. "After what Justice did on the news."

Hayley stood and stretched, "It's a benefit that usually means there is press."

Rogue jumped up suddenly. "I am going to go set the VCR." Then she ran out of the room.

Storm and Jean walked in and eyed Ally and Alex at the table. Now across from the table from each other it seemed that one sister was looking in a mirror. Jean and Storm looked at each other as they went for the juice on the counter.

"It's for the benefit today." The sister next to Logan spoke up when she noticed their stare.

"So," Storm looked at Ally "You are Ally right?"

Scott was a little surprised. "How did you know?"

"She was sitting with Logan and the other sister," she looked over at Alex, "Was sitting with Beast."

"How are we going to tell you two apart," Jean smiled at them.

Hayley scoffed as she made her way to the sink with discarded dishes. "You're not." She looked specifically at Jean as she walked out.

Alex looked at Ally, "What crawled up her ass?"

Charles who had been quietly listening to the quiet exchange choked on his coffee. He had been formulating his own plan until he heard Alex then he was snapped back into the conversation at hand.

Logan chuckled slightly as he watched the blonde sister. "I can smell who is who."

"Scott, Jean, Logan and Storm we need to organize this attack so it should appear real." The professor said tentatively.

Jean and Storm were surprised. "Attack?" she asked the professor.

Ally mumbled and excuse leaving as she hurried out the door. Logan followed behind her slowly he stopped at the unspoken leader's wheel chair. "You are going along with this?" he asked the professor incredulously.

Charles nodded at Logan's intense, hollow stare. He felt guilty. He wanted to handle this himself and he felt guilty that the Adams siblings were the ones putting themselves at risk. Even though he knew in his heart they had the one "in" to stop this mad man.

"Logan, they can do what we can't. They can get close enough to shut Adams down. Perhaps with out any real blood shed" he sighed "I hope they succeed."

Alex watched him. "You don't think it will work?"

"Everything in life is a gamble." Xavier smiled at her, "but I hope that this will works."

Music poured into the opened kitchen door as Logan stood in the door way to slip out. Alex watched Logan and she knew the music meant Hayley and Ally were working on the routine, so Logan was probably going to watch.

The professor gave Alex a concerned look. "I do wish however you were not involved in this, Alex. You still need time to heal, your brother and sisters are much stronger." He hoped she would listen to somebody.

She felt Hank looking at her and she knew he was worried too, but she met the professor's gaze. "I will be fine but thank you anyway."

Logan looked at the professor and pointed his finger at him. "No offense, Charlie but I am not attacking my wife and in laws. I will be there to make sure things go smoothly because I am not losing her again." Then Logan was gone. Logan's words cut through the Xmen like a knife but the professor smiled and nodded at Logan. He didn't seem to even mind that he called him "Charlie".

Alex just stared at her coffee cup as if she was used to Logan threatening people, and she was.

"So," Hank started hoping to lighten the mood. "Do you think they will let me watch their rehearsals?" he asked Alex.

"Sure, Hayley loves to show off." Alex smiled at Hank. They filed out of the kitchen slowly as the heard the professor giving instructions to the Xmen that remained in the kitchen.



Logan found Rogue sitting cross legged by the door of the gym as she was watched Ally move to the music. Ally grunted as she started into her back flips and when she finally landed she turned one leg over the other into a dance routine. Hayley was moving to the music on the side with a cigarette in hand waiting for her cue. Hayley set the cigarette down in the ash tray and moved gracefully towards Ally and bent at the waist. Ally flipped over Hayley using her back like a table then Hayley started sliding one way across the floor and Ally went the other way. They moved in perfect synchronically rhythm to old hip hop music together.

"They are good," Hank said from behind Logan. Logan smelled Hank but he wasn't sure why he didn't notice him. He watched Hank moving to the music slightly as he watched to duo dancing.

Hayley was now sporting a long french braid like Ally's as she moved towards Ally and cupped her hands in front of her body. Ally used it as a foot hold to get the momentum as she rolled into a series of back flips.

Hayley turned off the music, "Not so hard, Al. You are going to need some energy later." She scolded her sister.

"May as well be talking to the wall." Logan mumbled.

Alex heard him and laughed loudly. Rogue, Ally and Hayley looked at them. Ally smiled at them while Hayley rolled her eyes.

Then Ally met Hayley's eye. "I am still missing some marks."

"It's not a meet Ally," Hayley looked at Ally hard. "Try not to give away who you are and deliver a perfect 10 on a dance stage."

Ally gave her a cross look as Hayley turned the music back on. Clearly Hayley's sign to keep going and Ally took a deep breath as she jumped into the next song.







Justice looked around the park from his high view with the speakers. 'Hot enough out here' He thought as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. He had a hammer in his hand as he tried to straighten a piece of bent metal that went to the speakers. He sighed and began to hook it up to the speaker up to the pole. He couldn't help but to notice the small form of a young woman below. He noticed that she glanced up to him and he nodded at her acknowledging her presence.

She watched him evenly shielding her eyes from the sun, "Hello." She called hoping he could hear her, "I am looking for Justice Adams."

He grunted from his position on the pole. He sighed as he looked down at her. She was beautiful, you could see that even from a distance. She had dark brown/black hair like Hayley but it was short. She was dressed in a blue sun dress much like Ally or Alex would wear.

He wiped at the sweat again from his forehead as he jumped from his perch. He surprised her by landing very closely to her with the hammer still in hand. As he noticed her jump back a little, he realized he slipped because not many guys could jump from that height. "Sorry" he mumbled a little embarrassed.

She regained her composure and he noticed she was taller than his sisters were and her eyes were so brown they looked black. She gave him a dazzling smile, "I am looking for Justice Adams," she explained. Then she gestured behind her, "The people at the gate told me that I could find him here."

"I am Justice," he admitted ruefully.

"You are kidding, right?" She raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Nope." He said as he put the hammer on the stage. He knew she had been sent for some signatures when he spied the clipboard that she held on her hip. "What do you have there?"

She didn't seem to notice his question, "The same guy who put this all together?"

He nodded.

She laughed a little, "You are not what I expected at all."

Justice cocked his head to the side a little amused, "What did you expect?" He almost laughed when he tilted his head, it was a gesture Ally had and everyone thought it was "cute".

She was taken back slightly, "I don't know, I guess the stuffy business type."

"What have you got there?" he repeated.

"Oh, I need some approval here" She smiled again as she handed him the clipboard. "The people at the gate also asked me to tell you that there is some press here asking to speak to you."

He signed it quickly and handed it back to her, then dumped some water over his head to cool down. He looked up at her. 'Press already?' He smiled at her. "Great. Like we don't have enough heat around here already?"

"Yeah," She gave him a little star struck smile. "Are you really partners in your firm?"

He sighed and gave her a grin as he walked away. He could feel her watching him as he walked towards the lion's den of reporters and cameras clicking. He could already feel the heat from their bodies and cameras as he got closer to them. He hesitated as he slowed his stride. 'out of the frying panů'




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