Hook, Line and Sinker:

The next morning Justice sat with his cell phone checking messages from the past couple of days and making arrangements for his niece and nephew's birth. This was hard for him to make all this time from his office.

The reception was over. It had been fun until beast tried to get everyone to dance to the 'Achy breaky heart.'

Now he had to talk fast to one of his partners in his firm. He sighed and looked at Alex and Hayley. They were cleaning up. Jean had joined in.

"I have to go," he sighed.

"Go?" Alex looked up

"My firm has some problems and I need to solve." He grabbed a broom and started going very fast on the floor. Hayley was in the flying in the air taking down decorations. Alex and Jean were gathering trash.

Hayley looked at him; "I have to head out today too. Can you give me a ride to my car, Just?" She was trying to pinpoint him in the room but he was moving to fast to find him.

Finally, he stopped. "Sure Hayley, But I am driving."

She flew down.

Jean walked over to her. "Hayley in the fight, why did you fist fight with Mystique instead of using your fire?"

"Too many people too close." She shrugged. She didn't want to hurt her feelings by telling her they got in each other's way but she probably saw that, Unless it was Hayley who was used to operating alone of part of a four part team. "I was also afraid for Rogue." She lit a cigarette. "She had absorbed so much at once, that's a lot to get used to. How much more could she take?"

Jean nodded, "It was impressive, I can't fight hand to hand."

"Logan and Justice taught us." Alex volunteered.

Hayley laughed. "Justice taught us the correct way and Logan taught us the street way"

Justice laughed. "Why do you have to head out, Hayley?"

She sighed, "Another benefit. They was the routine ideas new and now."

"Wait," he faced her. "My firm usually funds most of the benefits."

"We caught some guy's eye at the last benefit. It our chance to get somebody else in the funding." She smiled.

"Why didn’t they contact me?" Justice looked at her with his arms crossed.

"Just, back off." Alex warned. "It could be a crush" It wasn't unusual for people to get swept up in Hayley's dancing. One thing Scott had learned was that Hayley let off a scent that made you want to be closer to her.

"I have to get moving." Justice started. Hayley waved to them and followed in suit.



Ally walked down the long metallic halls to the infirmary. She was glad she was walking to the infirmary instead of being carried in. She was supposed to get checked out by the new doctor. She heard somebody behind her and turned quickly. Logan smiled at her.

"You want some company?" he offered.

"No thank you." She smiled at him. She was hardly alone and knew Logan would rather be working out. He smiled back at her and kissed her hand quick, and then he retreated the other way.

The door snapped open and Beast looked up from behind a desk. She smiled at him. Poor guy he always seemed to be working.

She looked at him confused. "I was supposed to see the new doctor."

He took his glasses off. "Really?" 'This man is odd,' he thought. Instead he told Ally, "He was very taken with the news of your mutant abilities."

"Ah," she said quietly, "What are you getting at Hank?"

"He strikes me as strange."

"I think you worry too much." She scolded.

"I do not think Logan is very fond of him." He sighed as he put his glasses back on.

She laughed, "Who does Logan like at the first meeting? He and I sure didn't hit it off."

The man rushed in, "I am sorry," He was out of breath. "We can get started right away." Then he turned to Beast. "If you will excuse us."

Ally shrugged her shoulders.

"Isn't it protocol to have another person in the room during exams?" he protested not wanted to leave her alone with him.

"We will have an exam later today. I am just doing routine tests and questions right now."

"I will just be outside of the room, Ally." Beast left the room reluctantly. 'Perhaps Alex should get Justice to check this doctor's backgroud anyway.'

Logan was on his way to the danger room. Alex caught sight of him and started after him.

Alex smiled at him. "Hey bro."

He kept walking but grinned at her. "You want to work out, so you don't get your ass kicked next time?"

"Excuse?" she held and exaggerated hand to her chest, "I did just fine but you were rolling on the ground with hairy man." She teased him back.

He slowed down his pace and looked at her.

"Sure, Brah. I could use a workout." She said seriously.

"Where's Justice and Hayley?" he asked curiously. Neither had been under foot all morning.

"They took off together on business"




Hayley parked her red car and checked her paper. 'Right address but what a dump.' She thought to herself. She found herself at a small isolated house on a hill surrounded by woods. She started towards the little house then her watch fell off her wrist. 'Now what?' She grabbed it and started to put it on, then she noticed it had stopped working. "What?" she mumbled

Before she could realize it, Sabertooth came flying at her out of the trees knocking her off balance.

She jumped to her feet quickly. 'I have to get to Justice.' She thought. Sabertooth grabbed her hair.

Her eyes began to glow making her body very hot but he didn't let go. She kicked at him but it was like trying to hit a rock. He pulled her closer and smelled her.

Hayley got hotter hoping he would let go. She held back her fire abilities because she was hoping to drag him back to Xavier. Now he was getting to close to her, as he smelled her neck. She sent a fireball at him and watched Sabertooth go flying back. Before she could get on her feet a little man jumped at her from the trees. She was going to try to get to the air but nothing happened. She tried to grow hot and nothing happened. The little man had snapped something on her head. She turned a quick spin kick on the little man sending him flying. She fumbled with the thing on her head but couldn't budge it. Sabertooth had her by the neck and she froze.

"You are mine, Hot head." He hissed. He stole her dog tag from her throat and he fell on top of her on the ground. He began to kiss her neck.

Repulsion came over her in waves and against Hayley's better judgment she began to cry. She knew what he wanted. "You are mine." He hissed in her ear again. She fought hard not to throw up.


Alex and Logan fought together in the danger room. Alex would go transparent and come up behind an attacker and engage them in a hand to hand combat. Logan took notice of her fighting skill. She wasn't as good as Hayley but she had improved since he last saw her fight. Alex held back a lot more and she hesitated, where Hayley acted no matter the consequences. He was curious to see Ally's hand to hand to see if she had improved too.

She caught his look at her. "You taught us well, Logan." She smiled at him.

Logan handed her a towel.

"Thanks." She said blankly. She was far away.

"What?" he looked at her. He hoped it wasn't Ally.

"Hayley broke the link," she tilted her head at him and it reminded him of Ally.

"Why would she?"

"She was meeting somebody about more benefit funds." She didn't offer any more than that.

"Maybe she needed some alone time." He offered with a wink.

"Well, maybe." She said quietly. She understood what he meant and she hoped Hayley would find someone.

"So," Logan began as he pulled his shirt back on. "How's Hank?"

"Okay, I guess she shrugged I am not his keeper" she looked at him and sighed. "If you want to know something ask, Logan."

He held his hand up in mock surrender. She grinned at him as she bounced out with the towel over her shoulder. She felt like she could use a nap.

Justice had Ally's car at the office. He made his was into the busy building. When he stepped off the elevator, he saw the large offices that belonged to his firm. He felt guilty for having the time off, when he saw how busy they were. They understood a family emergency and knew his sister was expecting her first child, what helped the most was that he and his best friend Bob basically owned the company. Bob had a small crush on Justice's sisters in the past and had dated Alex in the past. Bob was still a well-known bachelor and didn't mind the extra time at the firm. Still, he felt guilty. He loved the office and the people.

He greeted everybody one by one until Bob found him. Justice didn't slow his pace on the way to his office. Bob followed him. Justice welcomed the sight of the corner office and view above the city. His desk and office were clean as he left it. It was hard to tell anybody worked there at all. Justice smiled at his work life.

Bob ran into his office and shut the door. The devilish grin played on his face. "Back. Huh? I wasn't sure you were coming back." He teased him.

"Bob, you knew Ally had a problem. I told you. I got my laptop now and can work some of the cases from that." He put his briefcase down on his desk.

"Whoa, Justice. I was only teasing." He smiled as he held his hand out and shook Justice's vigorously. "I can handle this place, if you need the time. We can't loose you." Bob would never loose Justice Adams as a partner not only was he one his best friends but his name was big and brought them a lot of big named clients. Brother of Allyson and Hayley Adams, the name recognition was always good for business. Plus Justice was excellent at his job. They had gone to high school together and law school.
Bob had dark blonde hair and Green eyes. He had an athletic build and wore an Armani suit. "What is the verdict about Ally's pregnancy? Is she doing all right?"
"Actually, Bob she is having twins." Justice announced proudly.

"Wow," he whistled. Bob knew Logan too. He never knew any of them had mutant abilities. Bob had been there the first time they met Logan in an old bar about fifteen years ago. He would have never paired Ally with Logan and when he found out she was going to have Logan's kids, you could have knocked him over with a feather. He was freaked to think of them together. He had always imagined Logan and Hayley would move to Vegas together. "She finally get a hold of him to tell him?"

Justice felt his face get hot. "Yeah, they had a last minute ceremony. They didn't want to wait anymore with the kids on the way." He was a little embarrassed he couldn't invite Bob. He also knew Bob thought Logan was weird. Justice probably would too if he was in Bob's shoes but Justice knew Logan was mutant and then he made sense, to Justice.

"Get outta here?" he laughed. "Allyson Adams got married? What channel did this news make? She married Mr. Attitude?"

Justice cut him a look. "You are now talking about my brother-in-law, Bob" he sighed. "And my family isn't always on the news. We managed to keep some things private."

"Sorry, I guess I can't imagine it. She is a gymnast/model who has a prominent father and Logan's from the other side of the tracks." He shrugged.

"What tracks would that be Bob?" Justice teased back. "Leave Logan out of our conversation, huh? He is a good guy and you know that."

Bob nodded. "Yeah." Then he remembered. "Hey there was a tasty client for you. She asked for you specifically too." He gave him a wink.

"What?" Justice raised an eyebrow.

"You heard me that is what we called you about. She asked for you to met her, Personally." He handed him the phone number and address. "If it ends up she is not our client and just wants you, just give me the details later." He winked again.

"Uh huh " he mumbled as he unloaded his briefcase. "It's a little soon after Chloe, Bob." He told him but like he was going to tell Bob anything any way. "I have to call her and head out after lunch."

Bob looked at his watch. "That isn't that far away, Just." He sighed. "I have to go over some of these depositions with you."

Justice nodded and for the first time in weeks just enjoyed his work.


Ally came out of the room after her exam with the new doctor. Hank stood there cautiously, watching her. She caught his gaze with a smile.

"Hey, I am okay." She said quickly and went back into the room with Hank.

He walked over to doctor Fletcher. "Is there anything I can do, doctor?"

The old doctor was gathering a few things. "No, everything is fine." He nodded at Ally. "I will be back later. I have other patients to attend to." He left with a quick stride.

"He is an odd duck." Hank mumbled watching the doctor's retreating figure.

"Yes, but Mr. McCoy isn't it odd what you can get used too?" she teased him as she touched his blue fur arm gently. He took her arm in his sweetly as he walked her to the hall.

Logan was still sweaty from his workout as he walked down the sleek hallways. Everything was very fake looking below in the x-mansion. There was nothing natural or real about it. Everything was manufactured looking and clean, It reminded him of the labs that Ally used to work in.

He saw Ally in the hall talking to Beast. He couldn't smell the old doctor. 'Did she show for the exam?'

By the looks of things she had seen him. She was smiling and Hank looked dubious. Her smile got bigger when she saw him.

"So, how are things with Dr. Dolittle?" He teased as he got closer to them.

Hank laughed. "He does have his own ways."

"He just did a sonogram, asked me a lot of questions and gave me a shot." She rubbed her arm absentmindedly.

"A shot?" Hank looked up. "Why?"

"Vitamins, he said it was because of my lack of prenatal care." She watched closely. He seemed a little shocked by this. She had reservations about anybody except Hank giving her prenatal care, much less shots but she had to trust somebody sometime and it was Hank's idea to have another doctor. She sighed maybe she had let this guy give her the shot because he brought up her lack of prenatal care and she felt guilty about it.

"This late in the pregnancy?" Hank asked

She nodded. "He said it would help to keep down cramps and lack of nutrition blah, blah and blah."

"Next time, Ally maybe you should read him." Hank said.

Logan's look couldn't have been of more surprise.


Justice took off his sunglasses as he parked Ally's car. It was a cottage. 'It must be a meeting place' he thought. All their clients were powerful people. He sighed and checked the address again. This was it. He got out and knocked on the ancient door. The cottage was elegant but small part was covered in Ivy. It reminded him of a fairy tale. He smiled as her thought of the three bears answering the door.

The door opened and a beautiful blonde stood at the door.

'And she must be Goldilocks.' He thought. Instead he put out his hand out to greet her.

"Hi, I am Justice……." He was cut off by something hard against him. He wasn't prepared for the rock man. ' What the fuck?' Justice ran to the blonde to protect her as he turned to face the rock man. She reached for Justice.

"Stay back." Justice called to her but she didn't head his warning. He moved closer to her with a fighter's stance to protect her. She grabbed his shoulder and he turned to make sure she was all right. She had a hat she put on his head it was metal.

Justice felt her put something on his head and it was cold. He turned to look at her to see if she was okay and she only smiled at him. 'Oh shit. Can I say set up?' He tried to get the metal hat off and it wouldn't come off. He started running at top speed to get out of there and his speed ability let him down. He went slower than he could ever remember. 'What?' The rock man came at him and with out his abilities of strength or speed Justice could only counter him. He looked at him a tried to over load his mind with his telepathy. The rock man came at him quickly. Justice backed into Goldilocks. She smiled at him as he saw her concentrating. He felt his mind being probed. He tried get out of there or to block her probe or counter but all he saw was the blackness.

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