Holding Secrets


Logan was perched outside. He and Ally had a long talk ahead. Her dad was a piece of work all right. He knew he could never blame anyone for what Oliver Adams did. 'Where was Justice? Had he been baiting them to come to him on the news? Justice knew he could be put on the easily enough.' They were from a rich prominent family and made good on everything they did. They would take their father down and Logan wanted to be there to make sure the Adams sibling walked out of it. Logan wanted to tear his head off personally. It would help everyone if he did it and they were spared this.

Hayley landed near him as he sat with his back to the rose bushes by the pool. She stopped to light a cigarette and walked over slowly. She sat down next to Logan.

'That smell? Was it the roses? No. It was Hayley. Why was she doing that?' He sighed She was giving off the scent he knew very well. "What are you in heat again?"

"Was Sup?" she joked. She was still wearing her seductive clothing from earlier and Logan tried to make it a point not to look at her. Her cosmetic make up so much like Ally's made it hard for him to look at Hayley sometimes..

She took a drag on her cigarette, "Don't blame me. Blame Alex." She looked at him pointedly.

"Alex?" he raised his eyebrows in confusion until he caught her meaning, "but Alex is a vir…" then he stopped and heard his own words. 'Go Hank.' He smiled as his friend's happiness. He started to laugh. Hank will figure it our when he gets there. This might make it hard to take her after Ally though. Forming a connection like this with Hank now, would make it harder. He laughed out loud to himself.

"It's not funny." Hayley scolded.

Logan produced his stogie from his pocket and began to look for his lighter. Hayley sighed as her hand became extremely hot and she offered it to him to light it. He laughed again and took a light from her hand.

"What is your plan tonight? Do you even have one?" she asked. Justice would be back soon and she wanted to be ready for this. Their last confrontation had lost a loved one and Hayley didn't want to see it happen again. She frowned at the thought of Ally being pulled away from them. She tried to relax and let her mind flow as she flicked the ashes off her cigarette.

He tossed her a crocked grin. "No. Not really."

Hayley leaned in and kissed him impulsively and Hayley couldn't even say why she did it. He didn't resist at first, he remembered how she gave him the link.

He enjoyed it for a minute. She was so much like Ally and so familiar to him. They had loved before. She had deepened the kiss and moved closer to him, enjoying her body's closeness to him. Then she reached for the fly on his jeans. He snapped back to his sense and pushed them apart.

"What?" she asked innocently as she felt the spell broken

"Hayl, you…" He lost his voice to yell at her. He had no words to describe what he felt. "Stay there." He pointed at her and moved slowly further from her. Then he muttered as he took a drag from his cigar, from a distance. He thought he had become immune to that smell she gave off. He sighed as he thought of Hank and Alex. ' What a complex mess this was?'



Alex was brushing her hair. Then she heard Justice in her head. He was back; she had to go now. ' Why is Hank whistling and dancing around? Why couldn't he be one of those guys who slept after sex? It hurt anyway.' She made a face as she remembered the unpleasant beginning of their love making. She saw Hank's face over her shoulder as she looked into the mirror. He smiled and kissed her neck. Then he bent down to her eye level.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He was almost whispering. "We could have waited."

"I am okay Hank" She told him quietly as she stood beside him. "I am glad it was with you." She put the brush down. "I have to go, Hank." She looked at her feet unable to meet his gaze. "Justice is back."

"Alex," He turned towards her to face her, eye to eye, "Let me go Alex." He couldn't bear it. "Not now, he didn't want to be apart from her now. Right after he had taken her ……. Would they let anybody in.?'

"Last time Storm was hurt badly. Please Hank no extra people" She looked at him eye to eye as he wanted. "I am asking you to trust me."

He hated this. He had to respect her wishes. He knew she could take care of herself but he wanted to be there for her. 'Logan was in their hearts. How had he done it? He could fight by their sides without argument. What could he do?' He knew he had to let her go. He loved her.

She could see his indecision and sighed. "I will be back Hank." She tilted her head up and kissed him deeply feeling the waves of emotion they had experienced earlier. She caught her breath and looked at him with a smile

He could tell by her look, she had very deep feeling for him too. He wanted to tell her not to go he wanted to kiss her again and make it better. He wanted for Alexandra Adams to stay there with him or let him fight by her side. He started to speak and there was a loud knock at the door.

Hayley was relentless at the door. Finally she started yelling for Alex. "C'mon Alex, Mag's a waitin;" She started to beat loudly. THUMP, THUMP, BOOM, THUMP, THUMP, BOOM. She was beating 'we will rock you.' Hank rolled his eyes at the door. Alex tossed him a rueful smile as she gathered her things to go.




Allyson stood free aside from the contraption on her head that kept her from using her abilities. The other telepath sighed as Ally stood there with her arms folded. She wasn't able to comprehend what Ally explained. She looked at Allyson with doubt and confusion.

"I don't understand. " She barked at Ally.

"If you could just let me take this thing off" Ally gestured to the helmet. She took a breath. "It's like reading minds you can't really explain it. You have to be shown."

Ty was there trying to learn as well and he rolled his eyes at Crystal. "Crystal if you don't catch on to this, Eric can just get Ally-cat to take care of things. He is working on a suppresser that will make her docile and allow her to use her power." Ty told her plainly.

Crystal's face fell. "What?" 'Replaced, she was being replaced?'

"What happened to Mystique?" Ty asked innocently. Although he was bluffing he had no real idea what happened to her

Crystal, shrugged. "I have no idea." She walked over to Ally a little cautiously. " If you tell him I removed this, I will kill you myself." Crystal hissed at Ty.

Ally sighed and Ty gave her a knowing smile behind Crystal's back. As soon as the helmet was off, so were the gloves. Ally could hear Ty mentally reaching for Aubrey and Josh. Crystal was none the wiser.

Ty walked over to Ally smiling again. "Is it true you used to work in the lab?" He asked with a hopeful grin.

"Yes," She knew what he was thinking. He was hopeful she could get the chips out.

Crystal turned to face Ally after turning the helmet down. "Now show me." She ordered. The door grabbed her attention she was on edge. She was clearly relieved it was only Aubrey and Josh.

"What are you doing here?" She lowered her gaze at them.

"We just wanted to watch." Aubrey said sweetly.

Crystal looked at Ally again. Ally's look changed to pure venom. Crystal looked scared of Ally and with every right.

Ally threw her back with a mental toss that sent her flying across the room. "You wanted me to show you."

Ty couldn't believe what he saw. Ally had thrown her mentally in the form of some kind of blue light that hit her like a hard medicine. He watched Ally move towards her with a cat-like grace. He could tell she wasn't through with her yet. He looked over to Aubrey and Josh and they had their mouths open. Clearly they hadn't seen anything like this before either.

Ally moved over to crystal and stood over her. Crystal raised her hand for an attack and Ally locked into her head confusing her attack badly until Crystal's attack not only failed but also ended up on her self. Crystal's attack blinded herself and she went down again. Ally touched her mind ' Consider yourself shown.' Crystal slumped to the ground. Ally motioned to Josh she looked at him and smiled.

'Do your thing kid.' Ally told Josh in his mind.

He bent down to touch her and Crystal went very pale. Ally grabbed his hand and pulled him back afraid he would kill her. "We can't kill, not unless we have to." She never wanted to stoop to that level.

Josh backed away reluctantly.

"Cover your ears," Aubrey said quietly.

They did so quickly and Aubrey sang. Crystal's pale pathetic shape went completely limp as she fell asleep.

"She is so asleep," Ally smiled at Aubrey and Aubrey blushed violently.

Ally went to Ty, "Show me where he put the chips, I need to see if you will need a surgical procedure."

After she looked at their chips she sighed. 'Ty looks okay. He is robotic and it should be easy enough but the other two will need Hank.' "Ty when we get a minute I can help you" Then she looked at Aubrey and Josh, "I have some friends that can help you both but right now we need out of here." She began to look around for an exit.

Before they could realize, Sabertooth rushed in. Ally tossed him mentally; he recovered quickly and charged at her again. Aubrey screamed as he grabbed her by the hair. Ally ran up to him kicking him squarely in the chest. He didn't budge an inch but released Aubrey and grabbed Ally up by her hair until her feet were off the ground. She gave him a mental toss and went flying with him. As he hit the wall he relaxed his grip on her and she wiggled out of his grasp.

'That hadn't been such a great idea,' Ally thought to herself as she got to her feet and rubbed her head. Her eyes started to glow as she started to levitate herself to avoid him again as he rushed her.

The three spectators gasped loudly at the sight of the awesome man they had grown to know. He ran towards Allyson and missed when she took flight, he hit the wall in a thud.

Josh laughed a little as he ran over to the heap that was Sabertooth. "Hey Sabertooth, you okay?" He asked smiling at him. Sabertooth started to get up and Josh seemed willing to help him. He grabbed his arm with a glowing hand; "You look sick man." Sabertooth went paled and fell to the ground again, then he passed out.

Ally made her way to the ground. 'I will have to get Hayley to teach me a little more to this flying thing,' "We have to go now, That won't keep him down long." She said quickly, she was more concerned for the others.

"You okay? " Ty asked her with a concerned stare, she looked a little pale to him. She just nodded and followed their lead out.

They never saw Sabertooth raise his head in attempt to catch their scent and/or track them.