Hayley Adams

AKA Fire Cat


Eyes: blue

Hair: wavy black

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 110lbs

Ability: Can control fire and fly. Hayley has learned she can go further than just controlling fire. She is still mutating. Fierce martial art hand to hand moves.

Occupation: Dancer. Hayley has also known to help out in her brother's charity benefits.

Hayley Adams also known as Fire Cat. Her mutant name Fire Cat fits. Hayley and the other triplets are stubborn in their own ways but Hayley is the one with her own zest for living. She holds nothing back and lives for the day not tomorrow, happy just to wake up with air in her lungs. Hayley controls fire and can fly well. She also grasped hand to hand combat very well and studied some martial arts. She is also telepathic as her siblings are. Even though she is the loose cannon, Hayley is dependable stronger fighting force of the three. When she fights she does so without thinking and some times she won't stop until she has made her point.

She is adamant about Weapon X because of her unknowing role the Adams siblings played in it. She tried to kill her father once already over it. Her goal is to "shut him down."


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