Logan snapped back to today. He could hear a much older Justice and Hayley arguing. This might be a good time to see exactly how bad his jeep was. He looked down at his cigar it was half gone already. 'How long have I been out here?' Time seemed to hold still while he remembered his wife and siblings.

He went inside to find them in the kitchen, Justice had his car keys in his hand. They turned to see Logan watching them.

"If I wait we are leaving soon," He said in a low voice.

"She is healing herself," Hayley spurted out.

"What?" Logan asked quickly.

'That caught his attention' Hayley thought to herself. She sighed. "If we wait long enough she can help us." She faced everyone, "They are helping her heal a little."

"Helping?" Hank asked.

Hayley nodded.

"Is she losing her healing?" Logan asked

"I guess." She shrugged. She really had no way of knowing that. "but she is okay. She told me so. They think her healing will take days and she says it should only take hours. She feels "great". "

" We can go when it gets dark." Alex looked at Hayley, Justice and Logan.

They nodded and Charles watched them closely. 'Indeed a curious family.'

"Let us offer you some help." He looked at each of the four of them.

"No thanks X" Hayley said with half a smile. "People will get hurt. We haven't fought around each other enough to fight well together. I can control my flame but I always know where Alex, Ally or Justice is, or even Logan. We hesitate and hold back when others are fighting with us. So do the people we fight with."

Hank and the Professor studied them. Hank wondered could they be so brave or was it stupid? 'Were they so confident in their own abilities that they denied everyone else?

"I have to get to work." Justice mumbled with a small wave as he looked at his watch. He gathered his briefcase and walked out.

"The media will be all over him." Alex sighed.

"Then why would put himself through that?" Hank asked

"He is going to bait them would be my guess." Hayley said as she sat down at the table next to Hank. "Plus life goes on. He can't stay out of work, he loves his job."

Jean came in and looked at Logan. "Are you okay? Are the memories too intense?" She looked concerned at Logan.

It turned Hayley's stomach to see the other redheaded telepath playing Ally's role in Logan's life. There was no denying that Jean was more than a wee-bit attracted to Logan. Hayley could see Ally's dog tags around his neck and relaxed a little.

"I am fine, Jean."

"What was the last one? You called Ally's name." Jean titled her head at him.

Hayley stiffened and cocked her head to the side. It was much like a gesture Ally did. " UM Jeannie?" She started with a tone Logan knew to be smart but not smart enough for anybody else to pick up on easily. " WE, didn't hear him call anybody's name and he wasn't that far from us. How do you explain that?" Hayley gave her a dead on stare.

Jean met her gaze with a little blush but didn't falter. "It may have been telepathic."

"Logan's not telepathic," Hayley shot at her before she could finish.

Alex stared at Hayley in concentration and everyone knew they were talking telepathically.

"I picked it up I suppose, " She smiled.

Hayley was taken back slightly as she mumbled an apology to Jean.

"We aren't used to a lot of others in our lives that we can trust. We are just getting used to Logan again." Alex smiled at them.

"Logan what was your last memory?" Jean asked

"It was about them." He gestured to Alex and Hayley. "When I met them and Justice."

"Oh, What fun." Hayley said sarcastically. Then she walked out.

Jean smiled. "I am glad you are handling this okay. If the memories get more intense tell me."

He nodded and didn't meet Jean's eye. "I am going to see what is left of my jeep." He marched out towards the garage.

Jean looked at the professor, "Are his memories getting more intense?"

"I think so and he doesn't seem comfortable with our help, Jean." He said flatly

"I hope he lets somebody in soon." She looked at the door he walked out. She worried that it was simply too much to handle the memories and Ally's disappearance right now.





Logan was surprised to find that the jeep turned over on the first try. It sounded good. Everything must have been cosmetic. Now if he could just get it back. 'It smelled like Hayley and Rouge'.

Hayley had every right to hate him, yet she always pushed it. He sighed, he remembered how Hayley had felt in his arms. Had he really loved her at all? Or was it just the aura she used to catch men? She had glamour about herself and her strong confidence made her seem too powerful to hold. She used to catch man after man. She had caught him pretty easily. His thoughts turned to Vic, they had been in the army together. What happened to him? He had heard Ally and Alex talking about a Creed when they spoke of Ally's attack when she got to the school. Sabertooth had attacked Ally. 'NO? NO!!! Adams had mutated Vic too and he was opposing Logan now and his family. But why?' He was sure Vic was after Hayley when they met the Adams, then his attention had turned to Ally. At the same time that Logan had began pursuing Ally. He would have to ask Hayley.


'Hayley' his thoughts turned to her again. 'Had she really loved him?' He was sure she had. He grinned as he remembered the 'first date.'

She had tossed herself in his arms. Finally her scent caught him and they had sex. They couldn't call it love, it was too primal and more of a need to the both of them then. Logan had another 'lady friend' but he didn't want to hurt anyone and wanted to break it off before anybody was hurt. Hayley hadn't cared, she had just wanted him at that point.

After their sex she sat on the bed watching him dress. She was taken by him as was her father. She drank him in slowly.

He could fell her gaze on him. He smiled at her. He liked her a lot. He didn't know many women who enjoyed sex as she did. She wanted him, when she wanted him and didn't care about much else when she did. She was a lot like Logan in that aspect. They did have great sex but he wasn't ready for anything serious until he was with just one woman. He had told Hayley that and now she was watching him with a frown.

"Why do you have to go?" she pouted at him.

He wondered how he could be attracted to somebody who could be so childish at times. "I have to, Darlin' " He finished dressing and looked for his wallet and keys. He looked at her. "I told you I can't be serious yet. I have to see her and at least break it off ." He stood his ground even though she looked pissed.

Hayley produced his keys from behind her back and threw them at his head and almost connected if he hadn't moved quickly. She did have a great aim and a cannon for an arm. He threw her a cocky grin and walked out.

He saw his girl at the time and broke it off. Neither of them regretted it. They knew it was coming but made things easier to know they both left things on a good level. It was the right thing to do.

He came back to Hayley and brought her a bottle of wine. As soon as Hayley saw him she threw herself in his arms and drew him into a kiss. She didn't care that they were by the pool, she had begun to take his clothing off. She was wild and abandoned of every thought of others. She wanted him right there. She had his shirt off and was fumbling with his fly as he kissed down her neck. His hand went into her pants and he heard voices from the house. He looked at her and she could care less. He took her hand lightly and at least led them to a more secluded place in the trees by the pool. He could still hear the pool's water sloshing. He remembered her urgent touch on his manhood as she pulled his pants off of him while he had her pinned to the ground. He ripped her shirt off of her and was starting to tug wildly at her pants. She moaned pushing her body upward towards his now naked member. She used her foot to push his pants off the rest of the way, as he pulled her shorts off quickly. She looked down at his erection appreciatively, as he gazed at her perfect body. She put one hand on his neck and pulled him into a deep kiss as she grabbed his manhood and guided it into her awaiting womanhood. She gasped loudly as he entered her. She let out a small cry as he buried himself into her with great pleasure. He began to grunt as familiar waves washed over them as the moved together in perfect synchronicity. She pushed her hips up to him and he countered quickly with pleasure. He kept a hand on her tiny buttocks deepening their internal touch. She moaned very loudly, so loud that he was afraid they would be discovered. He pushed the thought aside quickly as he felt her hand push his butt hard to deepen their movement again. They both became caught up in the familiar vertex of pleasure as they both began to grunt and moan. She buried her nails in his back and he grunted in her ear and grabbed at the ground trying to get as close as he could to her small body. The waves stopped and he fell on top of her as his sweaty body slowed and he kissed her body hungrily. They worshipped each other's bodies for hours until they had sex again. He loved Hayley but he wasn't in love with her. That was the nice times they had the months they had been together and hadn't over analyzed their relationship but Hayley was complicated, as was he.

A couple of months later, she woke him up in the middle of the night.

"Get out!" she kicked him out of her bed.

"What the F?" He looked at her, he was still somewhat asleep. "Hayley?"

"Go to your girlfriend." She barked at his naked figure laying on the floor. "I don't want you." She said quietly as she curled under the covers.

Hayley had dumped him. Now it seemed very funny to him. He smiled as he kept working on the jeep. Hayley had been fun, but he was sure she hadn't been in love with him either. He had been in love with Ally all along and they figured that out later.

The jeep moved slowly forward but needed help in the mud. He jumped out and started to push.

He sighed, now he was a father. He had a hard time with the idea of facing parenthood alone. Ally was back and now the twins, it was a lot to get used to. Allyson had always been there. She was a best friend to him as long as he could remember. He was determined to have her back in his life, if it meant protecting her more too. He might convince her to stay home with the babies and protect them. Maybe they could live a somewhat normal life.

He saw something out of the corner of his eyes. He looked up and saw a flash of light. It was Hayley in the air. She landed near him and walked over with two beers in her hands.

"Hey," She called as she flounced over to him. He continued to push the jeep up the hill to the road.

She held her fingers in a mock peace sign, "Truce huh, Tonto?" she gave him a grin.

He sighed and put the brake on.

"Back up" She laughed a little as she put the beers on the ground at her feet. She concentrated as she looked intently at the jeep and her eyes were softly glowing. A warm gust of air carried the car very slowly to the road.

He watched wide eyed, as he walked over to one of the beers she now held out to him. He snapped it open and took a long drink. "Are you guys still mutating or something, or learning?" He brushed the sweat from his brow. It was hot out already.

"Not sure" She watched her palm get hot as she lit a cigarette of her hand. She took a puff and looked at Logan. "I mean Ally started flying out of no where." She sighed. "I hope she learns to control it."

He looked away from her.

"Logan we will get her soon." She put a hand on his shoulder.

"You guys letting me into the foursome?" He teased.

"You were always there, Wolvie." She smiled. "We could find you a million miles away. You are in our heads too. Not a link like Alex and Ally but a bond none the less." She looked at him. "You are a bud."

He nodded as he made his way to the jeep and climbed into the driver's seat.

"You love her don't you?" She called to him as she began to walk over to him.

He nodded as he turned the jeep over.

"She knows." She assured him as she lowered his gaze.

"I wasn't sure." He sighed at the thought of Ally. Then he patted the passenger's seat. "C'mon"

She jumped in the passenger's seat and took a drink of her beer. "What else do you remember?" she asked. "Do you remember your sister, Amber?"

"No, not yet."

"Do you remember that she and Ally were friends?" she watched him closely.

"No." Then he turned to look at her. "I remember a lot about Ally."

"It came back to you slowly last time." She looked forward. "She was always able to help you." Then she jumped up in her seat. "Is that why you liked Jean?"


"Y'know being redheaded and both telepaths?" She acted as if she had made and earth shattering discovery. "Maybe she could help you." She offered half heartedly as she studied him for a reaction.

He sighed. He wasn't very comfortable around Jean right now. He pulled the battered Jeep and it's passengers into the garage.

"No Hayl." He said as he found a place to put the jeep. Then he looked at her. "I have some work to do to make this jeep look good again."

She brightened up. "I have an idea."

He cracked a small smile, Hayley's ideas were always somewhat fun.

She jumped out of the jeep and ran around to the driver's side. Before Logan got out she handed him her beer bottle. He juggled both of their beers and she tumbled into his lap. She put her hands on the side of his head.

He smiled slightly 'Is she going to read me?'

She held on to his head strongly and kissed him. Logan started to protest, then she started an old familiar smell. She was a familiar part of his past. She reminded him of Ally and his missed Ally a lot right now.

Logan jerked away. "What are you nuts?"

"No," She smiled and jumped up as she grabbed her beer from him. She took a drink, then sat cross-legged on the concrete and lit a cigarette. "Watch."

She was in his head and he was in hers. He could hear her thoughts and a few other voices. It was like a being in a whirlpool it was enough to make his mind spin. 'Why would she want a link in his head? Why had she kissed him? He could remember Ally doing this once or twice but she only grabbed his hands.'

"Why would you want a link?"

"Shhh, listen to my head." Her eyes were closed.

He could hear one voice clearly as Hayley seemed to zero in on it for him. It was Ally's. It was so clear it was like she was in the room with them. She was in pain and she didn't seem aware that Logan could hear her. She was scared of what was going to happen. She wanted to be with her babies and wanted to run but she hurt. Her thoughts were about Sabertooth and how he grabbed her possessively. She was a scared of him right now. She seemed terrified of Magneto. There were scattered images of others there. A black guy and a girl with blue hair. She spoke of another telepath and she was the same one that had battled them. He felt as if he was in her place in the bed he could almost smell Sabertooth and the others. He could even feel the restraints. As Ally was, her mind was peaceful and for the most part, her thoughts seemed to go to him and the babies. Then it was gone. 'Whoa, Is that what it is like to be a telepath? Or was it the triplet thing? If so how did Ally or any of them sleep?'

He opened his eyes slowly to see Hayley looking at him a little concerned. His claws were popped and she held his hands, probably so he wouldn't hurt anything or anyone or himself. He could over power her and she knew that but that was how Hayley was she took chances. He blinked at her and retracted his claws, he must have looked better to her because she started to back away with a little sigh.

"What happened? Where did she go?" In a way Logan wanted to stay there in her mind with her.

"Another telepath, so she broke contact." She took a puff on her cigarette. "Probably the same one from before."

He sighed as he looked at her with a little bit of a new respect. 'So, this is what it was like to be one of them, one of the triplets.'

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