God's Unwanted Children:




Alex sat alone by at the computer. She had been hoping her father would leave her alone with the computer. Alex had a glass of water in her hand as she watched the names that appeared on the screen, 'How can so many lives be ruined by one man and how can I be related to him?'

She instinctively looked over to the pool, she knew Jason was there. 'Or had he gotten out of there some how? Should I confide in him? Free him?' She shook her head in disagreement at her thoughts. 'We need to know more about this guy. We need to be careful of spies too.' She knew their father had been learning too much about them and all they knew of his ability was that he touched Hayley's mind once. There had been no notice of anything else, yet.

She carefully looked around for any extra eyes as she glanced about the lab. She took a deep breath and produced Hank's disk. She began to work quickly on adrenaline afraid she would get caught and jeopardize everything. She knew once she was done it would be only accessible to her and to the rest it would appear that the computer had a virus. She mimicked Beast's hands as her hands found new life on the keyboard and began to bring the computer to its knees. She printed a long list she had found so far on the 'lost souls' her father had encountered. She felt alone she knew Ally and Hayley were exploring and Justice had opted to go off with their father and 'discuss' things.

Alex stared at the screen the program was working perfectly. She marveled at the complexity of Hank's program, she had a much simpler procedure to burn her father but Beast's program would ensure they wouldn't get caught. She smiled at the computer lost in her thoughts as if the computer were speaking for Hank to her. She snatched the papers up quickly and folded them.

As she slid them inside her lab coat she felt someone watching her. She turned around sharply to see Jason and gasped loudly causing both of them to jump.

"How long have you been there?" Alex almost accused him.

He cocked his head at her and smiled, Qué?"

She watched him carefully, "I know you can speak English, Jason." 'How long had he been watching? Was he a spy?'

He took a deep breath and gave up his charade, "You came to help didn't you?" he smiled at her.

'I was the more deceived.' She thought to herself and sighed as she watched him not quite sure what to make of him yet. 'No sense in telling him more than he would need to know.'

Alex finally smiled back and cocked her head at him with a smile, "Que?"

Jason laughed heartily as if he hadn't laughed in a long time and Alex took her cue grabbing the disk in his distraction from spying on her.

She settled back hoping to play it off as stretching and sighed back in her chair. She would have known he had been there if she hadn't disabled her telepathy and she was still kicking herself for letting him sneak up on her.

Jason leaned in closer to her and stared into her deep blue eyes. "I hope I am right." He smiled

Alex looked around anxious to break his stare, "Where is the bathroom?"

Jason shrugged a little confused at her words.

"El Bano?" She asked him quickly. 'Don't tell me I have to speak Spanish to him all day.'

"Oh." He said as he understood a little more and pointed to a door on the other side of the room.

"Gracias." She jumped up and ran to the door. 'Let him think what he wants to.'

"Da nada." He called to her retreating figure.

She ducked into the bathroom and took out the paper and the disk and hid them inside her cat suit.

'The less he knows the better for him. Why is he so insistent on speaking Spanish? Is his English that weak?'

When she stepped out of the bathroom she found him in the chair she had been inhabiting, with his feet on the desk. He stared at her with his green eyes that matched his hair. He was wearing a rubber suit that was very similar to Justice's.

He threw her a challenging look; "It would seem the computer is not functioning properly." Jason said as he raised his eyebrows at her.

"Really?" Alex asked as she stared at the screen and Jason's simple commands that the computer refused to recognize. She stared at it in amazement that the program was so convincing and didn't bother to mask her amazement for she knew it worked well for the acting purposes to seem amazed the computer wasn't working. She clicked the keyboard in a feeble attempt to solve the problem but it continued to fail.

Jason watched her beautiful perplexed face as she typed on the keyboard over his shoulder and he took in her perfume.

"Are we God's unwanted children?" he said to her as he gained his senses and stood out of her way.


"Mutants, Are we God's unwanted children?"

She eyed him closely, 'There's more to him than meet's the eye. Hank will be interested in meeting him.'

"What else do they call you?" She asked him with a smile, finally.

His eyes danced at her interest. "Riptide."

She nodded as she reached her hand forward to his metal chain around his neck. "May I?"

He nodded and she turned his dog tags over in her hand. 'They look like Logan's with numbers, and like Josh's and Aubrey's.' she sighed.

"Jason, where are the others?"

"Others?" he laughed, "What else do they call you?"

Her hand went to the similar tags around her own neck and sometimes she forgot she had been a part of this madness too.


Jason's mouth dropped. "The CATS? You are the daughters"

Alex felt a little more uncomfortable at his recognition of her role in the labs now. "How do you know of us?"

"Aramis, she was a prophet that was here a long time ago and they still speak of her premonitions." Jason smiled a very hopeful smile at Alex, "She spoke of you, she told us to look for you. She left us a message of hope to follow."

"Aramis?" she couldn't believe how many things she was unaware of and how many surprises the day had held so far.

"Your father didn't know what he had created." He smiled at her further confused looks and finally began to chuckle, "Don't worry this is good." He assured her.

'As false as water,' Alex thought to herself as she watched the coy young man. She donned a more determined look hoping he would stop playing. "The other mutants where are they?"

"Everywhere." Jason gestured grandly to nowhere in particular; "the lab is huge." He was almost laughing again but then he looked a little more serious. "Why? You want to meet them?"

"Yes, but first can you tell me of those who didn't survive?"

Riptide settled back into another chair and sighed deeply, "Where to start?"


Hayley stood idly by, as an odd body of water that sat among a large shaded area took Ally's fascination. Hayley had the idea to explore the labs and the outside but she hadn't thought Ally would want to take everything in and make note of all she saw to report back to Alex and Justice.

"Looks fairly clean for outside water." Ally mumbled but she was certain she could smell chlorine and she bent down to look at the ground closer.

Hayley's attention was grabbed by an object resembling a person inside of the water and she bent down to touch Ally's shoulder, "Al, did you see that?"

Ally looked up to see Hayley's gaze at the body of water. "No" Ally felt a hard smooth surface and she began to push the dirt aside to inspect it. "Just a filter of some sort." Ally sighed and stood slowly.

Hayley kept her gaze on the imitation pond and she saw the shadow pass again. "Did you see it?"

Ally looked in the direction Hayley was pointing to somewhat annoyed, "No, Hayl." Then as if to make a liar out of her the large shadow floated past them again grabbing Ally's attention.

"You saw it?"

Ally nodded. "It's too large to be a fish. Do you think he has a shark?"

"No, I saw the shape of a human leg once." Hayley said as she refused to take her eyes off the water.

"C'mon, Hayl. As long as we have been out here? Nobody could hold their breath that long." Ally said a little bored. Then she saw the figure move quickly past her and she couldn't deny it was a human looking leg.

"It's mutant." Hayley screamed in alarm.

"I see it. Hayley don't……." Ally ordered but she was too late Hayley was already jumping into the water after the human like form.

Ally sighed and wondered how Hayley would protect herself in the water her fire didn't work right in the water. Ally threw herself in the water reluctantly after her sister.

Hayley pulled herself along the water just sure this 'mutant' was up ahead of her she wasn't sure where it lead as she noticed the light began to fade and it became difficult to know which way was up. She knew Ally was behind her because she could heard her splash in after her and she knew Ally wouldn't let her go alone and she counted on it.

Her lungs began to strain for air and she stifled a cry as her body told her to pull to the surface but she looked behind her to see Ally heading to the surface too.

Hayley grasped for the air beyond the water and when she finally had her head above the surface she realized she was taking angry breaths trying to fills her lungs with as much air as she could.

Ally flew out of the water behind her and caught Hayley's eye. Ally looked at the controlled environment and the artificial lighting and realized they were inside. She blinked past the drops of water in her eyes and could make out a couple of forms coming towards them. She blinked again when She realized it was Alex and Jason. 'The lab? How did we get back here?'

Hayley watched Ally's confused look and knew it mirrored her own. "How did we get back here?" Hayley asked as she looked at Alex and Jason approaching them.

Alex grabbed Hayley's hands and helped her out of the pool while Jason grabbed Ally. Jason didn't account for how light Ally was and ended up with Ally on top of him.

They all stood gathering as much dignity as they could.

"Nice day for a swim, huh?" Hayley joked as she began to wring the water from her hair.

A mischievous smiled played on Jason's lips as he watched the drenched sister. "I could always give you a tour sometime." He offered politely.

"That would be nice," Ally smiled back.

"Jason or Riptide, was about to introduce me to some of the others." Alex smiled

Hayley began to let herself get very warm todry herself off and moved next to Ally to dry her as well and as she became closer to Ally they exchanged dubious looks.

Justice sat in his father office across from Oliver in a leather easy chair. Oliver watched his son from his desk with a coffee cup in his hand. Oliver's baldhead held the sunlight of the morning as it poured in through the window as it crept higher and higher into the sky.

Justice watched his father with mixed emotions. He was nostalgic for his old carefree life but couldn't stop thinking about what his father was really capable of.

"So, you are now aware of the lab and the experiments." He lit a cigarette and blew his smoke in Justice's direction and then crossed his leg over the other as his studied his son's reactions carefully. "How do you feel about working with the 'new' mutants?"

Justice felt ill and the idea of it sent involuntary chills and waves of nausea through his strong body. He forced a controlled smile. "Fine." Justice leaned forward onto his knees, "If you were to explain a bit more about the experiments."

Oliver cocked his head at Justice's inquiry, "What do you want to know?" He asked skeptically.

"Who is funding this?"

"Another mutant." Oliver tapped his cigarette against the ashtray and took an appreciate puff.

"You mean Magneto?"

"Yes," Oliver drawled, "How is it you are aware of Magneto's affiliation with the experiments?" He lowered his gaze challengingly at his son.

"We have been jumped more than once by the brotherhood."


"Magneto claims we belong to the brotherhood; paid for with a receipt, I suppose." Justice gave him a hard look.

"Yes, Eric funds some of the experiments but not our home. I have made our home with my own money." Oliver gave his son an earnest look; "You have never lived on blood money."

"I should hope not but it doesn't justify the ones who didn't survive." Justice was getting close to losing his temper now.

"No more than an army who loses soldiers in battle." Oliver smiled meekly, "Are you still interested in working here?"

"Of course," Justice smiled weakly as he sat back in his chair. He hated this.

Many other lives were on the line and he knew he needed to swallow his pride and push forward no matter what his personal beliefs. Justice had to keep it in check and he knew it.

An evil smiled crept across Oliver's face. He knew he had his son where he wanted him. Oliver cleared his throat and picked his cigarette up. "I have a surprise for you son."

Justice sighed and he remembered his car and the other familiar objects he and his sisters had found around the house.

Oliver took his cue at Justice's baited silence, "I know many years ago we parted under ill circumstances but we have all grown since that." Oliver took a long drag on his cigarette. "Chloe……" he began slowly.

"What about her?" Justice flew to his feet before he realized he was standing. He marched over towards his father's desk but he went flying back into the chair by an invisible assailant. He knew it was his father was using telekinesis when his legs were forced into a 'proper' sitting position against what Justice's legs wanted to do.

"Now," Oliver said firmly as he stood to face his son, "Chloe was abducted and did not die in childbirth."


"I wanted to spare you the pain of my brother," Olive looked at Justice sadly, "He took her years ago."

"Brother? I thought all of our relations had passed on."

"We all have tales," He laughed a little, "Chloe was abducted right after giving birth. Your daughter I never knew, she may still be alive."

"I have a daughter?" Justice gasped. He had always imagined what his child had looked like and mourned her death and to know now that she existed still was as sad as her supposed death had been to him. He was close to calling his sisters telekinetically. "Who is this brother?" Justice snapped and his eyes began to glow a little.

"He lives in New York," He paused watching his son's emotions become evident on his face, "I believe Charles Xavier has a school in Westchester."

Justice tried to stay calm remembering how much of a liar his father truly had been in the past. "Xavier?"

"My half brother and a very strong telepath. Possibly the strongest in the world." Oliver grinned knowing he had an ace in the hole over Charles right now.

"What about Chloe? Was she mutated? Is that why she was hidden from me?"

Oliver nodded, "Chloe agreed to the experiment, she wanted to be like you."

"I don't believe that." Justice hissed but he kept his calm even though he wanted to pull his father's head off. "How long were you going to keep this from me?" Justice asked as he felt his eyes become hotter with their intense glow.

"How long did it take Allyson to tell me about her twins? Would she ever tell me?"

'Ah, shit!' was all Justice could think.

"I want them here." Oliver said slowly and measurably as he pushed his cigarette hard into the ashtray and it's cherry red light faded into ashes.


"You will stop me?" Oliver's amused gaze took over his face.

"They are safer hidden." Justice choked, he knew he had to do a better acting job. His father was beginning to figure them out and they had come to far to fail now, especially now that he knew he had a child to protect as well as Amber and Michael.

"How is Wolverine? Have you heard from him?" Oliver asked him quickly.

"We have heard from him and he's fine." Justice was concentrating on not gritting his teeth, he knew Oliver knew more than they had expected.

"I am sure he would like to see his sister."

"She is alive?"


'He took our loved ones from us and didn't care if he killed them or not.' Before he realized it, Justice's adrenaline took over and the next thing he knew he had Oliver Adams hoisted against the wall.

"Where is Chloe?" Justice growled at his father and as he reached his other arm up to his father's face with a hand balled into a fist. He was ready to strike his father then he felt his muscles freeze up. 'He is using an attack like Ally.'

The door opened up and Justice's mouth dropped open when Kamikaze walked abruptly in.

"Ah, Bonsai." Oliver smiled.

"Bonsai?" Justice watched the young man weakly.

"Bonsai is my insurance." Oliver said coyly to Justice. All Justice could do was watch mindlessly at Ty's Dopple-ganger. Bonsai removed Justice's fingers from his father's suit as Oliver began to run his hands over the wrinkles in his suit. Justice found he had control of his own body again and Justice held his head up as if he challenged Bonsai to start with him.

"You may stay and learn to control your talents, and your temper." Oliver sighed. "In time I may be able to reunite you with your daughter." Justice felt the familiar pressure of his father's presence in his psyche. "Leave or try to leave and I will still win, with or without you and your help." Oliver made a mock sad face at his son. "I am afraid this 'mutant war' you are thinking about is coming. You must choose sides now but realize leaving now will be difficult."

Justice regained his composure, "We are with you." He said quietly and he turned to walk away.

"Justice there is one more thing," Oliver waited until Justice faced him to speak again, "I want Wolverine and I know you can deliver him."


"Did you really think I would let him get away with what he did to me?" Oliver snapped at his son.

Bonsai stood intently watching the dynamics between father and son with crossed arms waiting for one to make a move.

"I will have you in charge of the experiments once I know you are trustworthy again." Oliver sighed a little bored and gestured for Justice to leave. Bonsai put a strong grip around Justice's elbow to guide him in the direction of the door. Justice jerked away from his grip with a disgusted grunt.

"I am going." Justice told Bonsai, then he looked at his father, "We need to finish talking."

"Soon, very soon." Oliver sat back down in his chair.

Once they were outside of the office Justice gave Bonsai a hard look as he obediently followed him down the hall. "What is you name?" he asked the young man. "Your real name?"





Ty found Wolverine in the nursery with the new nanny. He stared at him for a minute amazed a guy like Logan could even be a father, much less one who was as paternal as he seemed to be. His children meant a lot to him and Ty found that amazing because Ty was told how little time he really had to prepare for the idea of becoming a father. Ty stepped forward he knew Logan could smell him and he didn't want Logan to think he was spying.

"Hey," he called and as Logan turned Ty could see the much larger child in his arms. "Wow, how did they get so big?" Ty knew his mouth was open as he watched Amber bouncing up and down in Logan's arms at the sight of Ty.

"Lotsa milk." Logan mumbled.

Amber let a high pitch squeal in Ty's honor and Ty felt the corners of his mouth turn up in a smile. 'Is this what it's like to be a dad or an uncle? This is easy.' Amber's little hand found her father's growth on his face and pulled hard. Logan laughed a little and turned his head from her exploratory grasp.

"Ally is going to freak when she see this." Ty said as he reached for Amber's hand to distract her from yanking at Logan's face.

"She sure will," Logan sighed at the thought of it.

Ty looked down at the baby who had crawled over to his shoes and began to fumbles with the closures.

"They are crawling?" Ty picked Michael up in amazement and held the child close. Michael's eyes lit up in recognition and he let a squeal go identical to Amber's.

"Some kind of growth thing." Logan grunted.

Ty met Logan's eyes, "Is it me or have you become grumpier since she left?"

Aramis held her surprised look as she joined them, she knew Ty was treading on uneven ground now.

Logan handed Amber to Aramis's waiting hold and growled a little as he pushed a finger in Ty's face. "Look, when your wife takes off to Canada with your unborn kid on some kinda suicide mission, then you talk to me," but he knew Ty was right. He was grumpy and on edge.

"Unborn?" Ty stared at Logan. "You mean Ally's pregnant?" Ty laughed a little, "I mean this soon?"

Jean walked swiftly into the room but slowed her approach when she noticed the uneasy atmosphere and Logan's look made her feel a little taken back. 'Now, what?' she took a deep breath and stifled a laugh. She was getting used to Logan's happier side since Ally arrived and now that she was in Canada he was no prize to be around. He was the touchy loner again that had first arrived at the x-mansion.

"Justice called to say they are safe," she smiled hoping to relax Logan as she did before the Adams arrived. Even Hayley with her craziness could calm Logan a little. She walked into the room slowly watching the children as they bounced up and down announcing her arrival.

Logan relaxed a little, "How's Ally?"

"He didn't say anything but they were there safely." Jean was afraid to tell him she thought Justice sounded funny. She had bad feeling about the phone call and Justice's guarded tone.

Logan wasn't fooled by her omission of the truth. "Something's wrong, Jeannie."

Aramis smiled at Logan but it was evident she felt the uncomfortable silence much more than the rest did. "Premonitions?"

Ty looked at Aramis meaningfully, the professor had called her a bit of a prophet. "What do you know?"

Aramis was taken back at the topic she didn't want to discuss. She knew there would be a death in the next day but wasn't sure who it would be. "The future's what we make it. Nothing is for certain except death." Aramis glanced at Logan hoping he wouldn't catch her mood but he had.

Logan knew something was up and Aramis wasn't going to tell him. He wasn't sure what it was but if she was keeping it from him, it must be about Ally. He shook his head sharply.

"Kim watch the kids," Logan ordered the Nanny sharply and walked out of the room.

Ty thrust the young child into Jean's arm before she could protest and followed Logan out of the room. Jean sighed at Kamikaze's actions; 'He will figure Logan out soon.' She placed Michael into the playpen with a toy and looked at Kim with a rueful smile. 'Kim must think we are maniacs, she is so laid back compared to us.'

"I need to see the professor." Jean smiled at Kim who merely nodded as she set Amber up on the changing table. He would want to know what Logan was planning and Jean didn't have to use her telepathy to know he was going after his wife.

Ty kept up with Logan easily but Logan didn't slow his pace until he got his room and he finally faced Ty's eye.

"You're going after her." Ty took a deep breath, "You are going to sneak out of here the first chance you get aren't you?"

Logan broke eye contact and Ty knew he was right. Logan began to search for a lighter for the cigar he now held in his hand.

Ty sighed and produced a lighter from his pocket and tossed it to Logan.


"You aren't going alone, Wolverine." Ty crossed his arms meaningfully. "Not this time."

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