Allyson was frightened she had no control at all. They brought her here. Logan must think the worst. She held back tears as she thought of her babies, she wanted to be with them. At least they were safe. She knew her sisters knew she was alive. 'What exactly had they gotten from me? It was only brief cryptic messages'

She looked at the woman who she had fought before. Sabertooth scowled over her. He seemed to come in a bother Allyson daily, the stronger she got the more he bothered her. She occasionally saw others she didn't know. If she hadn't felt so bad they may have amazed her.

Magneto came into the room and Allyson felt her muscles tighten. If she could get to him, she would tear him apart. He had caused her and her family so much pain.

He loomed over her. "Do you like the suppresser?" he tilted his head at her. " The steel helmet, It will keep you docile and secure until you serve your purpose." He grinned at her.

"Which is?" She had found her voice through clenched teeth.

"You must be feeling better." He sat right next to her in her face. "We tired to make it easy Ally-cat" He leaned in and kissed her forward and she flinched as she fought a wave of nausea. "We won't hurt you your family or friends, but you must do as told. If you try to leave, we will kill you and your family."

The other telepath now stood over his shoulder. She looked uncomfortable at his mention of Ally and his plans 'Had he betrayed her?'

Magneto looked at her. "Crystal" He caught Allyson's gaze at the other telepath. "Ally-cat, you will teach all you know."

Allyson looked at him. 'Who was he kidding?' Crystal looked surprised too.

"You are still mutating Allyson." He looked a little amused at her confusion when he mentioned it. "Professor Adams and I had a contract. Don't you remember Sabertooth?"

Sabertooth growled a little at this. "Your father made him what he is today, as he did many others. I bought them." He sneered at her.

"Sold?" She croaked.

" You didn't know it? " Magneto looked to crystal as if she would laugh with him.

Ally had suspected it had become a sort of industry as Hayley had told them before but this was much more concrete. She noticed the other who stood silently in the back.. They looked pretty innocent.

"You donít know then that your father is still selling his mutants." He looked at her. "No, my dear you did not stop him. You and your siblings failed. This world will be entirely mutant." He moved to her face and was nose to nose. " The world will be peaceful. There will be no reason to be at war if everyone is the same, if everyone is mutant. You are a peacemaker Ally-cat, you should appreciate what I am doing." He kept his close quarters to her and took advantage of them. He kissed Ally hard as she began to throw the rest of her unrestrained body in protest and get him off of her.

It was Sabertooth who pulled him off of her " You gave her to me."

Allyson felt somebody try to pry into her head she tried to block it but was unable to with the suppresser. It had to be Crystal, but she wasn't sure.

"Adams. She is Allyson Adams? The missing gymnast?" She looked a little scared of Ally now.

"Eric are you crazy? That nutty husband of hers will be looking for her AND the police." Crystal placed a protective hand on Eric as if to claim him.

"Nobody will find her," Then he lowered his gaze at her. "What do you know?" He asked her accusingly.

"Their minds are extremely strong. I have never been against anything like it, very stubborn. They will come for her." Crystal said mindlessly.

" We have no time to loose. You must work together now." He pointed to a young woman with straight blue hair. He also motioned to a tall, young, black man who was clean cut with very little hair. There was another young guy there white with very little hair.

"You three are to learn also, " Magneto said quickly, "If you can." He almost sounded like he was threatening or daring them.

They nodded in unison, as if unwilling soldiers.

"She is still weak." Sabertooth growled as he looked down at Ally.

Ally watched him evenly. 'Why had he pulled Magneto off of her? Was it because he wanted her? Or was it because they had been friends once?

Magneto looked down at Ally too. She felt like a living sacrifice. "She is stronger than you think?" Magneto smiled.

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