Friends or Foes:



Justice made his way to the lab quickly once he shook Bonsai, who followed Justice dutifully, after he left his father's office. Justice knew his father had been trying to use mind control on him and he also knew his father had gotten some information from his mind. He shook his head with a deep breath they had walked into a well-planned trap and getting out was one way and one way only through their father. Justice remembered how strong their father was and knew to take him down or even distract him mentally would take all of Ally's resources plus a couple more siblings. He silently wished they had brought Wolverine for back up, this wouldn't be easy alone.

When he got to the lab he found Jason talking to Alex and a very damp Ally and Hayley. He watched Hayley's wild grin and noticed the wet puddles coming from the pool Jason resided in and shook his head again.

"I really don't want to know what happened do I?" he almost laughed at his comical sisters.

Ally walked over to Justice carrying a concerned look, "What happened?" She hated having their telepathy gone.

Hayley jumped to her feet watching her brother's dismal expression.

'Is Jason cool?' Justice asked them telepathically and sank into a near by chair.

The triplets exchanged confused glances at Justice's mental touch.

Alex merely smiled "What choice do we have?" she asked Justice aloud and Jason glanced around at the verbal omission now lost in the conversation.

Jason smiled; "You talking to me?" he pointed to himself and studied the Adams for answers.

They all gave him reluctant smiles.

"Well," Justice said seriously, "I have a child that was abducted by Charles Xavier." Justice said quickly.

"WHAT?" All three sisters answered together.

"In stereo where available," Justice joked weakly, "Apparently we have believed father's lies." He sighed.

Hayley narrowed her eyes at Justice, "You believe him now?"

Justice nodded.

Hayley went to the chair he sat in and knelt next to her brother. "How? I mean what else?"

"It turns out Amber is alive."

Ally's mouth dropped and she gasped loudly as the rest watched Justice.

Jason sat forward, "I know a person named Amber. She is also called "Wolf" around here"

"Do you know a Chloe?" Justice jumped at the thought of her.

"Yes, Jump." He smiled.


"She is called Jump." Jason explained, "She has been here the longest. She is like a ghost"

"How so?" Alex jumped in intrigued.

"She "jumps" from person to person. "She takes over the body, she had a child too."

"Where?" Justice pushed his chair closer to Jason.

"I don't know and I don't think she knows either." Jason smiled ruefully; "Wolf was here the other day."

Hayley sat up straighter, "Hey now," Hayley smiled, "Jordan, it's Jordan."

The Adams all looked at each other and knew she was right.

Justice jumped up and started to make for the door but Hayley headed him off.

Hayley met his eye, "A little while longer and you can hold her, bro." She reasoned. "Don't give in to him now."

He relented quickly as his temper subsided and started back to the small group. He faced Ally.

"He knows about the twins too." Justice confessed quickly.

Ally's face fell and she started to move for the door now too but Alex grabbed her arm before she could flee.

"He wants Wolverine too," Justice hated this.

Hayley mulled the idea in her mind slowly. 'Jordan huh?' she smiled to herself then her mind wandered to her own unborn baby and she began to panic. "We have to hurry." She ordered and gathered everyone's attention.

Alex smiled at Jason's comical face at the Adams dysfunctional family. "Jason, I take it you hate it here?"

"Yeah, but what can we do?" Jason pointed to his head; "The chips keep us here."

"I can fix that, sir." Alex said seriously and smiled at his hopeful face. "Will you help us?"

"Que?" he laughed. "Sure, I will do what I can." He thought of Oliver's strong control he used over them.

"There was another question," Alex said tossing the words into the verbal center of things. "What does Dad want with Charles Xavier's DNA?"

"What?" Ally, Hayley and Justice shouted in unison.

"Do you always do that?" Jason laughed.

Hayley scoffed, "Yeah, it's an old circus trick."

Justice was reminded of his father's conversation and slumped down a little, "Oh yes, about Charles," Jason and the triplets turned to him expectantly, "He is dad's half-brother and our Uncle."

"What?" Hayley felt her anger taking over.

Ally looked at them unimpressed, "I found out before we left."

"You knew?" Justice looked hurt that Ally hadn't shared her information with them.

Justice laughed he had absorbed so much information from their father he wasn't sure what was next.

Alex leaned back into her chair and sighed, "We wanted answers." She smiled unconvincingly.

"Bloody hell," Hayley scowled, "What are we supposed to make of this?"

"Do our best and play along for now. He knows too much and we need to know more before we go further." Justice stood with new resolve and regained his composure. "Hayl, dad has that helmet from the benefit, you start on that." He turned to Alex, "you need to get started on the lab work." He turned to Ally, "you and I can start on analyzing the data and the subjects." He sighed, "It will all be useful later."

"Somewhere in there we have to get the computer work done." Alex leaned forward.

"I know it's a lot but the sooner we get done the sooner we can be with our loved ones." Justice folded his arms. It was clear he in charge again. "Who ever gets done first can start with the computer work."

'This is not a drill,' Hayley sighed to herself.

"We can start with Jason" Ally smiled at the attractive green haired young man. She eyed his dog tags. "Riptide huh?"

"Start? Wait a minute." He started up in alarm but Hayley pushed him back down.

"The chip, junior," Hayley laughed. "Alex might be able to remove it."

Jason smiled be didn't relax entirely

Alex's face fell a little, "If I can't get the chip out. I may be able to redo the computer system so you can walk out of here."

Jason's happiness was evident. "Que?" he laughed, "This is good. Thank you." Jason nodded.


Logan tossed a bag on the bed as his thoughts betrayed him, 'Why did I let her go alone?' He growled to himself as he shoved a few things into a bag. 'Scott's bike would be the best bet to get there quick.' He knew he could track their scents easily enough but that might take a little time depending on how strong the scent was.

He sighed as he held Ally's phone in his hand. It was something she had held not long ago and it was a sad reminder of how she had left him. He held it tightly for a minute and then pushed it into his pants pocket quickly.

He heard a sharp knock on the door and could smell the professor's cologne.

He sighed again he wasn't in the mood for a lecture, "Come in"

The professor let himself into the room and spied the bag on the bed. "You're leaving?"

Logan raised an eyebrow at him, "You know I am going after Ally or you wouldn't be here." Logan grunted as he continued to open and close drawers.

The professor watched him carefully, "Fair enough. I've come to ask you to at least wait for me before you leave."

He managed to take Logan by surprise, "You?" Logan asked incredulously.

"Yes, they are my nieces and nephew. I need to be there for them now." Xavier explained as Logan stared at him. "He is my brother. I need to help. I am asking you to wait."

"Why wait?"

"I can't very well travel on Scott's bike." Xavier smiled at him. "I am preparing the blackbird for departure."

"Just you?" Logan lowered his gaze at him.

"I was thinking about bringing Jean and Scott." Xavier settled back into his chair a little, "This is dangerous enough and I am skeptical about bringing anyone."

"Can you pilot alone?"

"I prefer not to try." Xavier looked far away as he seemed to struggle with his own internal demons. "I am the heart of the X-men and mentor to many, I need to be back."

"Then, Why go?"

"Because I have to"

Logan lit his stogie and held back a sigh, 'In Xavier we trust.'




Beast sat in the lab hard at work but tried to sing alone with the music that wafted through the cool clean environment. He was fascinated by the schematics for the illusion device that the professor gave him and he began to wonder whose mind it was he could see on the papers before him.

"Remarkable." He whispered to himself and turned the music off. It was no use having it on because it no longer served his purpose of distracting him as the schematics seemed to.

He heard somebody run in and he turned to see Rogue's flush face. Her hair was a little wild and her eyes held their own secret. She looked at Beast with a hopeful glance as she caught her breath.

"Has Logan been here, Beast?" She asked quickly before he could inquire about her disheveled appearance.

"No, I haven't seen him but," he said slowly as he removed his glasses forcing her to wait for his reply, "Can I help you" He stared at her meaningfully.

She shook her head quickly, "No, but Justice called," She smiled as she watched his hopeful face.

"Really? What did he say?" Beast stood up and walked towards her.

"Well, that was it." She glanced to the door anxiously.

"That's pretty cryptic," He sighed. He had hoped to hear they had all they needed and things were going well. He wanted Alex back to him and he knew he was anxious but he had thought the computer virus was pretty simple. Professor 'Adams must be keeping them. How long can it take?'

Before Rogue could retreat to the door Beast cut her short with a knowing gaze.

"Why are you looking for Logan?" He watched her carefully; "You have your own agenda, my dear."

She blushed proving his instincts correct. "I have the feeling Logan left."

"Excuse me?"

She crossed her arms, "I think he left looking for Ally." She sighed. "I heard the professor ask him to wait for him before he went after her but now Scott's bike is missing."

"You 'heard' the professor?" He stared at her and she began to blush wildly. "Well, without Logan's sense of smell the professor's chances are not in Charles's favor to locate them."

"Why are you smiling then?"

"I can find them very quickly," He made his way to the computer that sat on the desk and began to type wildly as Rogue followed him fascinated.

Jean walked in with a determined stride and her eyes were flashing a warning. "Logan's gone, he took Scott's bike." She was noticeably upset.

Rogue smiled at her encouragingly, "Beast said he can find them."

"How, Hank?" Jean looked doubtful. Logan had taken the skullcap Mystique had worn to block other mutants and in her opinion he wanted to block telepaths. She knew he didn't want to be followed and the Adams might be put in jeopardy if they tried to contact them telepathically or otherwise. 'What could he have up his sleeve?' she wondered.

"I sent the lovely Alexandra Adams with a computer program but I revised it before she left. I can contact it from here easily if needed and I will not be detected. I can find her through this and I can easily patch the program into the blackbird's navigational systems." He explained as the computer began to confirm his findings as it jumped to life blinking a lock on the location but not spelling the location out in laymen's terms. Obviously he didn't want just anybody to know where the location was.

Jean's eyes were wider at Hanks' ingenuity but Rogue was already out the door.

"I will tell the professor the news," Rogue smiled as she ran out but the young woman had ideas of her own.


Ty was upset and he began to take out his anger on the innocent floor beneath his feet, as his pace became harder, faster and stronger. His anger had the better of him and he wasn't really paying attention too much else and he felt Rogue's body collide with his. He grabbed her to steady her from falling.

"Sorry," She mumbled and pushed her usual neat hair from her face and smiled a little.

"You found Logan?" Ty smiled hopefully at her.

"No, but Beast said he can," she was pulling away slightly and he grabbed her arm quickly. She pulled away as she cast him a quizzical look and he knew that if he didn't hold her she would run from him.

"I want in Rogue or I will go straight to Beast and the professor." Ty threatened.


"I know what you are planning."

"How could you?"

"Telepathy, Marie." He said quickly using her real name to keep her attention.

She sighed, she had forgot Ty was telepathic. She motioned for him to follow her as they began to walk and talk quickly.


"Shanghai, Hong Kong, Egg foo young, Fortune cookie always wrong." Hayley recited in a melodious tone with a little laugh and put her pen down as her siblings shook their heads at her silliness.

"I" she stood up and stretched, "am going for something to drink" She announced as she made her way to the door.

Justice looked up annoyed, "Not until you are done that work." He ordered.

Hayley laughed at him and walked out challenging him with a whimsical look as she left. She needed a cigarette and some time alone.

Alex looked at Ally with tired eyes and stood as she pulled the knots out of her muscles from sitting so long. She walked over to where Hayley had been working and began to flip through her sister's work wondering where she could help her.

Ally rested her head on her hand as she watched Alex's expression change to one of complete surprise as she fumbled through Hayley's papers. "Alex?" Ally asked her quietly and Justice looked from his pile of papers too.

"Her work is done." Alex couldn't explain it. Hayley was always the last done and always needed correcting. She handed some of Hayley's work to Ally and Justice as they joined her at Hayley's workstation.

"She can't be done already," Justice said in a disbelieving tone, "It must be wrong then."

"No, it looks perfect," Ally smiled a little proud, "Her handwriting is even neat." Ally laughed.

"What?" Justice began to grab the other papers scanning them for errors.

Alex smiled, "Well, we knew Hayley had a brain but who knew it functioned?"

Ally laughed and then felt guilty as she grabbed Hayley's papers from Alex and Justice. "Let's not intrude, she will show us her work soon enough," she began to put them back into their orderly fashion.

Justice sat back down at his own task. "But how? She has never done work this well before."

Alex shrugged, "Let's not question it. She can start on the computer or take over some of my files," Alex sighed. She wished they were done, she missed her freedom and wanted to leave.

Justice laughed at the idea of Hayley outdoing all of them in the lab, "Who'd a thunk?"


Hayley was enjoying a forbidden cigarette in the kitchen. She knew it was a risk but she really needed one. She began to search through the refrigerator for junk food and came up empty as she remembered their father had never allowed them to have anything considered unhealthy.

She looked around to ensure she was alone and began to weigh her options quickly. Would she get caught if he left? She listened to her growling stomach and began to look for keys to transportation but found nothing. She laughed as she remembered that their father probably knew she could fly and made her way to a window. She jumped out of the window feeling herself become a little excited to be in the air. She loved to fly almost more than anything and she did miss it. She marveled at the wind beneath her fingertips and the air as it whipped around her face and hair.

She rose above the canopy of trees and took in the beautiful Canadian view. She hadn't been in Canada in years and hadn't thought she could feel so nostalgic over the sight and smell of its trees. She felt her worries melt away slowly and began to relax as she flew very slowly to take in every detail. She remembered her lab coat and let it fall to the ground hoping to decrease her chances of being spotted.

She felt free again and if she didn't have to land to smoke or for simpler needs, she felt as if she would ever want down. In her mind, she was far from problems and far from mistakes and her thougts began to flow more freely.

'What am I gonna do with a kid?' she wondered to herself. She cringed at the possible thoughts of which the father was but pushed the thought from her mind. 'No matter who it is I will love you' she silently told her unborn baby. 'How can I be as good of a mother as my mom was?' She sighed heavily and pushed the tear from her eye. She had began to miss her mother the minute she set foot in her father's house but she didn't have the chance to think about her until she was finally alone.

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by a sharp noise that cut through the air and Hayley flinched as she felt a sharp pain in her shoulder. She caught herself as she flew back against the force. Her hand flew up instinctively to her shoulder and she pulled it away to find is saturated with blood.

'Shot? What the ..?' She ignored the nagging throb in her shoulder and dove into the safety of the trees.

She made her way through the leaves and found sanctuary in the branches of a large tree. She took deep breaths and concentrated letting her telepathy flow to try to locate her assailant.

She gasped when she felt Logan's mind easily, 'Why would Logan do this? Why is he even here?' She followed her mind's eye and let it find Logan to lead him to her. 'He has some explaining to do.' She tried to call her siblings but found them completely shut off from her.

She began to grow woozy and she realized she was losing blood and she began to apply pressure to the wound. She waited for it to slow and she began to examine it carefully. 'Not a bullet wound.' She decided. She sighed at the sight of it. 'This is what I get for getting sloppy.'

She could fell Logan getting closer and she became anxious for the help. She could see the friendly face and she jumped from the tree before she realized what she did. She grasped her shoulder and felt a moan leave her as she hit the hostile ground. She hadn't been completely sure she had let an involuntary cry until she heard the echo.

She felt a presence behind her and she threw a fireball in the direction sure that it was her assailant.

Logan dodged Hayley's fireball easily as he grabbed for the tree branch above him. He eyed her shoulder and he jumped down as he made his way protectively to her. 'She is hurt pretty bad,' he decided.

"Who did this?" Logan asked Hayley as he looked around the wooded area warily.

Hayley realized in an instant Logan didn't hurt her and smiled at him, "Logan," She walked closer and wrapped an arm around his neck and hugged him tightly. "I have no idea who did this. I was in the air. They could be anywhere." She sighed as she relaxed a little.

He pushed her away at an arm's reach, as he looked her over for any other signs of damage. "Can you use your telepathy? I can't smell anything unfamiliar and we have to get you outta here." He noticed her wound wasn't bleeding nearly as much. Logan popped his claws, as he smelled a familiar scent and he knew it wasn't friendly. He pushed Hayley behind him in attempt to protect her. "Back up, doll"

"What is it?"

After a rustling of leaves and a familiar face came into view as a young black man step skeptically into the small clearing that Logan and Hayley stood. He looked like Ty but this man wasn't Ty he held and angry scowl and large gun. He approached carefully and made not threatening move but Logan kept his claws out and Hayley tucked behind him. Logan let the young man's scent wash over him and knew he wasn't Ty but he was the same henchman from the benefit.

The man watched them carefully and directed his gaze to Hayley. "You can't leave" He ordered Hayley as he came closer to the duo.

"Who are you?" Logan grunted at the Ty's twin.

"Bonsai." The man said lightly he was within arms reach of them and surprisingly that he was not afraid of either of them.

Hayley's temper flared as she eyed the gun he held. "You could have just said "stop" or something" Hayley pushed past Logan and put her hand on her hip, "You hurt me you dumb Minion."

Bonsai looked at her with mixed emotions. She was brave all right and she didn't even seem scared of him considering he just shot her. Then he felt the gun become increasingly warm until he needed to let go of it. The gun melted quickly into the ground into a puddle of warm metal.

He looked at her a little regretful, "I was sent to retrieve you and if we don't leave now, he will send others after us."

"Okay, let's go." Logan said as he withdrew his claws and braced Hayley on his shoulder to walk with him.

Bonsai waved his hand in protest at them. "I was only sent to retrieve Fire-cat."

"Well, your boss an' I are old friends kid."

"I know who you are Wolverine." Bonsai said with his face bare of emotion.

"Why do I get the feeling that this is against your will?" Hayley moved closer to him hoping that the closeness would make it easier for her to use her telepathy in her weakened state. She reached for his face in an attempt of an intimate gesture to secure his friendship and baring her own defenses.

He kept his barren face and grabbed her arm roughly, "None the less." He jerked his face away before she could touch him and his eyes flashed a warning. "Don't"

"You touched my mind telepathically," Hayley said softly. She knew his tormented thoughts. "Let me help you." She said softly hoping to win his trust.

A bright and wild flash of light came out of no where and caught everyone's attention. Hayley was the closest and watched it with fascination. There stood a woman who was transparent in the glowing aura of light, with an evil smile. The woman looked at them and finally her eyes rested on Hayley.

Hayley gasped at the site of the woman and was mesmerized by the woman's fabulous glowing energy and most of all her familiar face. In Hayley's enchantment she reached for the transparent woman realizing she was Chloe, Justice's wife. She reached towards Chloe slowly and before Hayley knew it Chloe clamped one of her hands made of her brilliant light upon Hayley's wrist.

"No," Bonsai screamed as he reached for Hayley to stop her from touching Chloe but before he could reach the two Hayley's face turned to horror as she understood her mistake. Chloe and Hayley disappeared in another flash of brilliant light.

Logan moved quickly pushing Bonsai aside, just like Hayley he had been mesmerized by Chloe's new appearance and brilliant aura and he now looked at the vacant spot they had stood.

Logan pointed to the ground at where his sister in law had been. "What?" he shook his head and looked to Bonsai for answers, "Where are they?"

"They jumped, that is what she does. Jump, jumps from place to place using energy." He gave Logan a venomous look; "You're both are going to get us killed."

"Her name's Chloe not Jump," Logan shot back at him.

"You know her as her former self." Bonsai sighed he knew what it meant to miss a loved one, "She is Jump now and Fire-cat's trip won't be easy while she is injured."

Logan was quickly losing his temper. "Take me there."

"No, he isn't ready for you." Bonsai shook his head defiantly.

The both raised their defense as Logan's metal claws became unsheathed and Bonsai raised his fists, they heard noises coming through the wooded area. The rustling of leaves and the sharp snapping of twigs and branches had Bonsai on edge as he waited to see who it was.

Bonsai stood unmoving as his own face came to view and finally found himself shaking his head s if to clear the vision. 'I must be losing it.' The identical person came closer to him and Bonsai came to the conclusion this wasn't a mirage. The dopple-ganger's face went ashen as he swallowed hard and joined Logan's side.

Wolverine with drew his claws watching the mirror images close as they each seemed to take in each other's every detail.

Kamikaze finally looked at Logan with a small grin, "I wasn't about to let you go alone."

Bonsai walked to them closely eyeing his twin with a small smile now. "Tyler?" he asked Kamikaze and Ty nodded.

They finally threw their arms around each other's back hitting each other affectionately but hard.

Bonsai and Kamikaze looked each other up and down again. "I thought you were dead," Bonsai crossed his arms with a grin.

"I thought you were too until I found out you were schlepping for the mad man." Kamikaze said half jokingly.

"What choice do I have? This guy's got some chip in every mutant's head and keeps them under control with a push of a button." Bonsai almost looked betrayed.

Logan felt a chuckle of irony leave his throat. "Family?"

They both gave him rueful smiles and nodded.

"Logan, this is my twin brother Tyrone," Tyler smiled and Bonsai made no effort to shake Logan's hand or acknowledge Logan's presence.

Logan gestured to the large house he knew held his wife and in-laws but before he could voice his opinion of going in. They heard another noise.

Logan almost smiled at the familiar face with the lovely brown hair and white streak but he looked at the other youths and only shook his head at the idea of another kid to look after. 'Great, with all these kids all we need is some kind of dancing vegetable and we could have show.'

He tilted his head and looked at Rogue with a disgusted grunt. "What are two doing here?"

"We stowed away on the blackbird." Rogue said quickly.

"X is here?"

"Yes, and Beast and Miss Grey." She smiled.

"C'mon, I need to put you kids in a safe place," He looked at the large house again feeling anxious to get inside. He was afraid of the condition of Ally and the others if Hayley looked that bad.

'How the hell was that Chloe?'



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