Logan woke up from a restless sleep. He smiled at the thought of Ally. He was happy Ally was okay but was worried about what they were doing to her. He was going after her. He knew Alex and Hayley were most likely to know where to find her, which put him a little at their mercy. He would have to feel them out and hope they would agree to help him along.


He arrived at breakfast and found Hayley, Alex, Justice, Beast and Jean talking to the professor.

"This is proof she may be alive." Charles agreed.

" It was her." Justice said in unison with his sisters.

Logan raised an eyebrow. " I heard her too."

Jean and the professor looked at each other surprised.

"Plus," He took her dog tag from around his neck and threw it at Hank, who caught it easily. "I found these," Logan explained.

Hank's mouth was open as he stared at the bluish tags he now held all he could say in response was "Indeed." Then he silently passed it to Jean. Ally's siblings only nodded they knew the tags well and could recognize it from a distance.

"This proves it." Justice barked. He was dressed in an expensive suit for his office. Alex was wearing a simple tee shirt and shorts while Hayley wore a halter that was a little too small. Jean wore a simple dress, like Ally would wear. He wondered how she was doing now.

Rouge came in. "We need some help with the babies." She smiled at Logan and the rest and ducked out. She seemed much more like herself now.

"I will go. " Jean offered. Then she smiled at Logan. "They are angels." She brushed past him as she walked out.

He walked over and picked up Ally's dog tags from where Jean had put them down. He slipped them over his head and sighed at her familiar scent.

Hayley stood up with her bottle of soda in hand. Logan noticed it was another soda and beef jerky breakfast for her and he smiled a little.

"You are not going alone, now." She ordered. She knew he was stubborn enough to try to leave them behind.

"Hayl, back off." Alex ordered. "He is not going anywhere." Then she faced him with a determined grin. "At least not with out us."

He met her look and turned and walked out the door. He sighed and went to look at the children.

He found himself at the make shift nursery that they had put together. He could see Jean Scott and Rouge talking. Jean was holding one of the twins and was feeding it with a very small baby bottle. Her red hair tumbled to her shoulders and she began to hum a lullaby to the small baby. She reminded him of Ally. 'Ally should be the one with them. The redhead holding this child.' Scott walked over to Jean and kissed her on the head. He was looking at her very intensely and he talked softly to her. Rouge was watching Tyler crawl on the floor. The sight if Scott, that close to his child like the father made Logan want to take Scott's head off. He turned and lit a cigar and left before they could see him.


He found himself outside the kitchen on the steps. ' Too early for a beer? Oh well too bad.' He could hear the conversation from the kitchen.

"Justice you don't need to do that." The professor argued.

He could hear Justice answer him back, "No, sir. We always clean up our own messes." Justice sounded a little guarded. Logan could pick up the meaning behind it. He knew if he didn't stick close to them, they would be going after her with out him. Their strong bond between the triplets and Justice made it hard for anyone to get close. He was in their 'mental loop' but he wasn't one of them. He hoped Hank knew what he was in for.

He looked in his pocket for his cigar. It wasn't his style to wait for them but they could find her much quicker than he could if he tried to sniff her out.

He remembered how Ally had looked the first time he had seen her. They had all been young. 'Did he remember calling them kids? No he didn't.' Nostalgia washed over him as he remembered a long time ago at a country western bar, where he had remembered two young girls named Hayley and Ally and guy named Justice.

Justice had gotten into the bar with his sisters and a couple of clean cut friends. He kept his distance from Logan who sat at the bar as he danced with his friends. Hayley couldn't keep her eyes off him. As she danced she stared at Logan and his friend and they almost laughed at her not so subtle come on. Ally stayed back, she seemed like she didn't want to attract attention to herself.

Justice was pretty well drunk. He was listening to the jukebox and the rock and roll that poured out of it.

Logan had spilled his drink on the guy next to him.

The man next to him yelled some curse words as he attempted to brush the beer from him

" Sorry, Bub," Logan mumbled

The guy with Logan raised an eyebrow at Logan. They began to gather some attention as the very drunken man got to his feet and stood menacingly over Logan, as he remained seated. He tapped Logan on the shoulder and Logan stood a little reluctantly. The man with Logan raised an eyebrow and barked at Logan. "Sit down runt."

Logan stood his ground. Hayley watched them with fascination. She seemed to fall for bad guys. Ally and Justice rolled their eyes at each other as Hayley moved closer.

The large threatening man threw a punch at Logan and Logan countered easily. Logan's friend stayed seated at the bar. He seemed to yawn as if with bore confidence in his friend. The large man jumped up and faced Logan again. Logan rolled his eyes at the large drunk who could hardly stand and turned his back on him to face his friend.

The large drunk faced him again. " I aint done with you." He mumbled.

Hayley came closer, "Why don't you pick on somebody your own size" She shot at Mr. Drunk. He stood even taller against Hayley's small frame but she stood her ground.

Logan looked over his shoulder at his friend who finally stood up alarmed at the girl. ' Who was this kid they thought?'

Logan's friend moved to get Hayley out of the way.

Everything happened so fast, Ally and Justice didn't have enough time to move.

"Hayley." Ally said in a low tone. She glanced at the men Hayley had jumped in the middle of. The one looked kind enough but the other could barely stand. When Mr. drunk produced a knife, The kind one's friend moved to get Hayley out of the way.

"Oh." Ally yelped. She jerked forward holding a hand out. The drunk stopped as she motioned her hand and flew in the same direction she had motioned to.

Logan raised an eyebrow. Ally felt his gaze and grabbed Hayley's arm. "We have to go." She said quietly to Hayley.

"Sure" Hayley agreed reluctantly. She turned to say something to Logan and noticed blood at his shoulder. He had been hurt. She turned to Ally. "He needs help."

The bartender started to call for help and Logan refused quickly

Justice was now very much awake and had shaken his beer buzz partly to the adrenaline. "We will take him." He offered as he grabbed car keys, then he glanced at Logan and his friend who looked uncomfortable at the prospect. "If you want to go to the hospital." He asked Logan.

"No," Logan said and his friend nudged him to leave.

Allyson was already staring at the place his cut was. The bleeding was gone. Even though he had performed a minor miracle on himself, everyone was staring at her.

"Suit yourself." Justice called. His friends waved their good byes and left. He grabbed Ally and Hayley by the elbows.

"Bye." Hayley waved at them. To her sister she said, "Weren't they cute?'




Logan's and his friend were right behind them as Logan followed. "Vic, I am okay." He mumbled.

His friend gave him a quick look. "We have to move quickly."

"Yeah sure we will." He mumbled and looked at the jeep, it had four flat tires. The brunette came running up to them.

"You guys need a ride?" She smiled at them.

Logan and Vic smiled back at her. She smelled great. She was very sexy and was obviously going out of her way to get them alone.

"Sure." Logan mumbled as he glanced at where she gestured. The redhead she had been with was standing with the parked car and the other guy.

Vic and Logan got in the back of the car. Hayley had jumped in between them. " I am Hayley." She said brightly to Logan.

"I am Vic." His friend said with a big smile and almost laughed. All he saw was the back of her head.

"Hi" she smiled as she turned around to greet him and turned back to Logan.

"Logan." He gave her a crocked grin. 'Did she want something in particular from him or just sex?'

"Are you twins?" Vic asked.

Ally sighed from behind the wheel. "No"

The guy in the passenger seat smiled. " They are triplets. There are three of them." He gestured to his sister. "That is Allyson. "I am Justice, their brother." Then he noticed where Logan had healed.

"Hey how." Justice almost yelled. Then he noticed Logan's uncomfortable look. "Are you mutant?" he said a little quieter now. It was Logan's friend who took charge though.

"No more than your sister." He gestured to Allyson. "We know that was you, Doll."

"Ally's good at that sort of thing." Hayley beamed looking at her sister. "Are you both mutants?" she looked back and forth at them.

"Sort of," Logan smiled. It was hard to be unhappy this girl was like a cheerleader.

"So where is the third sister?" Vic asked a little bored.

"The third triplet? "Hayley asked. "She had to work. She looks like us. He name is Alexandra." She sighed.

"Are all of you mutant?" Vic asked.

Instead of answering they heard the Justice's voice in their heads. 'Yes, we are mutant and just like you we hide it.'

Logan and Vic were confused.

"Who are you?" Vic asked.

"Nobody special." Justice answered quickly.

"You Japanese or something?" Vic asked as he lowered his gaze at them.

"Why our eyes slanty or something?" Hayley laughed.

" You look Asian," Logan said politely.

"Our mom was Japanese," Hayley smiled at them.

"Where can we drop you?" Ally asked quickly. She wanted to get rid of their guests. "Since you don't need medical attention." She added as she glanced at the backseat in the rearview mirror.

"There is a hotel just down the road." Logan motioned to the direction they were headed.

"Hotel?" Hayley squealed in surprise. "Why not stay at our house? We have plenty of room."

Justice and Ally sighed. "Hayley" Justice said slowly, "I don't think that…" he began.

"What? That dad wouldn't want to meet them?" She glared at her brother then she turned to Logan and Vic. "Our father studies mutants."

"We work for our father." Justice mumbled when he noticed the curious looks they were getting. Then he looked at Ally. "She might be right. Dad may not know of any other mutants who heal themselves, he could use the info."

Ally tossed a hand in the air as if in defeat.

"Nope, drop us at the hotel. "Vic said. He wasn't too keen on somebody asking him questions about mutations or being studied.

"Vic," Logan looked at him, "You sure?" They seemed kind enough to Logan and it was just one night.

Vic sighed and tossed Logan a warning look. 'This runt is going to get somebody killed.' He sighed when he noticed Logan watching the brunette and redhead and the brunette was clinging to Logan.




They all pulled up to the 'house'. It was a Very old, huge home with manicured lawns and a pool and tennis courts were visible as they sat in the back of the house. This was no house it was a mansion.

Vic gave a low whistle as the piled out of the car and Justice began to explain their father's theories and work. They began to move into the home.

Hayley hung back. She gave him a smile. "You like me, don't you?" She was right in his face now.

He smiled back and she kissed him before he could say anything. He was willing to return it as she pressed her body against him seductively. She gave off a scent that was like sex itself and it smelled good to him. She opened his coat and found his shirt and pulled it up so she could explore the hair on his chest. With her other hand she began to explore his jeans and she found the zipper as she began to fumble with it.

She moaned slightly as she pressed herself closer while she started to undo his zipper.

He pushed her away. 'Wow. What did she want to do have sex right there?' He visioned a jealous father coming after him with a gun. "What are you in heat or something?" He laughed. She was very beautiful and very hard to resist.

"Sorta" She giggled and kissed him again.

"Hayl," A voice said from a distance behind her and broke them apart. They turned to see Allyson staring at them with arms folded. Hayley kissed him quick and ran past her sister like a deer.

Logan followed her but was looking at Ally. 'They are pretty enough.' He thought to himself. They did look a lot alike except for the hair color. He faced her as he looked at her deep blue eyes. He expression softened.

"I am sorry she gets like when she drinks." She sighed and looked at him. He was cute to her in a dangerous sexy sort of way.

"There are a lot of mutants here. Mostly telepaths." She looked at her feet. "Dad says telepaths are pretty rare but ….."

Logan took out a cigarette and lit one and offered her one too. To his surprise she took a lighter form her pocket and lit the cigarette.

"My brother and almost my whole family is full of telepaths." She took a deep breath, "Hayley sometimes gives off a scent and it attracts men like a bee to a flower"

Logan looked away as he blushed a little, "Yeah." He mumbled.

"What do you do? Do you have a profession or just a wandering mutant." She smiled at him

"I heal really quick, so does Vic" He looked at her. He was interested in her she was easy to be around and didn't need a scent to catch his attention. He liked the fact she was laid back. "Vic and I like to fight" He took a puff on the cigarette. "You know boxing Karate, or martial arts." He shrugged. "What do you do?"

"I am studying to be a gymnast. " She smiled as she headed towards the door.

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