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A Few Good X-men

All characters are M3E 2001

A Mutated Way of Life
Please read A Mutated Way of Life First, A Few Good X-men will make a lot more sense. I hope you enoy all of it. Feel free to email us

Few Good X-men

Get to know the other characters.

One: Torn
A major face off

Two: AfterShocks
Everyone has their world's shaken

Three: Logan's Sister
Logan and the X-men say goodbye

Four: Oliver Adams
Logan and the rest find the news interesting

Five: Flashbacks
More Memories pour back

Six: Hayley
Logan remembers Hayley and Creed in the past

Seven: Gaining Strength
Plotting a rescue

Eight: Uderestimate
Waiting on Justice to leave

Nine: Bait
Justice gets his point across

Ten: Kamikaze
Making new friends

Eleven: Holding Secrets

Twelve: Death Angel
Not an easy time of it

Thirteen: Discoveries
Josh and Aubrey muttle through

Fourteen: Accused
The new visitors are not comfortable

Fifeteen: Confidant
Bonding; get out the crazy glue

Sixteen: Resting
Things are dormant

Seventeen: Plans of Mice and Men
Justice has plans to shut his father down and not eveyone agrees

Eighteen: Rogue's Lonliness
Alex wakens; Rogue and Justice hang out.

Nineteen: Unleasehed
Josh Aubrey and Ty are free.

Twenty:Identical Sister
Do blondes have more fun?

Twenty-one:Non-pyschic Link
Leaving for the benefit

Twenty-two:Baited Breath
Facing Oliver Adams again.

Mystique joins the party

Twenty-four:Brother Xavier
Logan finds the truth

Twenty-five:Night Before
Restless night

Twenty-six: Aramis
Stumble Over Another Mutant

Twenty-seven: Cajun
Gambit joins and Logan and Hayley argue

Twenty-Eight: Departures
Time To Go

This Ends A Few Good X-men, CAT'S EYE is NOW HERE!

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