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Familiar Faces:



      Deanna strolled down the hallway a little lost. She took a deep breath and realized she was a little lost in the unfamiliar halls. She hated being uprooted and salvaging her research like this but she had no choice, she had to go where they told and where the funding was. She finally gave a sigh and turned around hoping to catch her bearings. She realized she was with the mutated projects and became a little afraid of them recognizing her but lifted her head higher determined not to show her fear. She marched forward hoping she put on a good show of her expertise of this dwelling. She saw a pair of eyes staring at her from a door with a barred slot and she gave no sign of emotion as she strolled away.

          Finally a familiar face met her as the lovely woman came closer. The woman was indeed older than Deanna but she had the face of a woman just in her mid twenties. Deanna had more than once wished she could age so well. The woman’s face contorted in a pale smile of amusement and she shifted her weight on   to one leg as she played the game waiting for Deanna to admit she needed help. She tossed her curly brunette hair over her shoulder showing off her muscular build and her uniformed one-piece lab clothing.

         Deanna refused to give in first as she came closer to her and she felt the woman’s eyes narrow waiting to be questioned.

          Wolf finally laughed at Deanna and her sparkling white lab coat, perfect hair, make-up and her glasses as they stood atop Deanna’s pert nose.

          “You’re lost, just admit it,” Wolf laughed at the logically based scientist. “Or I’ll leave ya and you won’t find me.”

          “Can you find our way back?” Deanna said in a non-committal voice. Deanna watched wolf with her dark brown hair and piercing brown eyes. She hated to let this young woman think she put anything by her, but Wolf had been with Adams and the labs much longer than Deanna had.

           “Yeah,” Amber said as she began to spy the others in the caged rooms beyond the barred doors. “I should let you rot.” Wolf threatened. “But they want you now, and I hope you have some good explanations on why you left the other experiments.”

           “What?” Deanna asked in a low voice. ‘Since when am I judged here?’

           “The other mutants, they are now with some school in Westchester and it pissed a lot of people off.” Amber watched Deanna for a reaction, but Deanna denied her of the pleasure and kept her even temperament.

        “They were the ones I was told to leave by Sidney.” Deanna mumbled, but why did she feel she had to explain to Wolf.

         “Sidney is on to higher things, Jonesy!” Amber taunted her. “I guess he left you holding the bag.”

          “Sidney said they were not strong enough, wouldn’t be of use and would weigh the craft down.” Deanna protested.

          “Somebody thought they would be of use because they aren’t at Adam’s any longer.” Amber mumbled as she pushed Deanna in the direction of the office and not the labs.

          Deanna took a deep breath and sighed at the thought of explaining herself to them and fell back a little to regain her composure as Amber pushed the hard metal door open.





        Ally ran past Xavier’ stately pace in his chair and Hayley took to the air as she buzzed past his ear. Xavier watched the sisters racing towards the infirmary and sighed a bit.

       ‘They were so much like Oliver in a lot of ways.’ He thought and then he felt his now warmer head and smiled ruefully to himself. Hayley threw him a quick apologetic smile before she turned to disappear down the halls. ‘Well they were in NO way exactly like him.’   

        He realized he really did miss Oliver now that it was final and he was dead. He knew his brother could do no more harm and he only wanted to hold his fond memories of his sibling now.

       He hoped at least Alex would stay behind for Henry because he would hate to loose such a prominent X-man and niece at once. As he reached the infirmary’s doors he realized he was having a slight form of ‘Empty nest syndrome’ and he found it a little amusing that they had won his loyalty and respect so quickly much less his heart but they were his relatives after all.



       Ally met Jean with a smile in the infirmary and Jean returned her smile grateful she would have some help.

      “How are the patients?” Ally said brightly and jean made her way to her happy for the diversion until Hayley came dancing in.

          Jean looked at Hayley as one would when they were scolding a child. “Shouldn’t you be lying down.” Jean crossed her arms at Hayley and looked at her expectantly. “Shouldn’t you be resting for somebody else’s sake,” jean gestured to Hayley’s abdomen.

         “If I needed to I would,” Hayley shot at her and Hayley began to wonder why Jean just didn’t come straight out and say ‘take care of the kid, it could be Scott’s.’ Hayley narrowed her eyes almost warning her to start.

        Jean raised her finger to Hayley to present a well thought out medical reason that Hayley should take it easy but Professor Xavier came into the room and both woman backed down.

        Ally shook her head at the two as she read Afterburn’s charts and then touched Jean’s mind. ‘Might as well be talking to yourself.’

        Jean let a giggle escape and began to help Ally changing Afterburn I.V.

       Ally caught her breath with a gasp as Alex and Justice touched her mind. “One Mutant down and isn’t responsive to TREATMENTS they have used.” She mumbled in a daze.

       “Treatments?” Xavier asked Ally.

       “Alex didn’t go into detail,” Ally’s eyes finished their soft glow and she turned back to I.V.


         Afterburn looked up at them surprised to see people there at all and then closed her eyes again seeming grateful and secure of where she was.

        “Look at that.” Hayley mumbled. ‘Sometime people are stronger than we think’ She thought as she smiled to herself.

         Rogue and Kamikaze wandered in with Bobby in tow, and they seemed to know something was going on. Ally looked up at Rogue and Ty and assumed they had picked up on part of Alex’s telepathic message.


         “Are you both accustomed to eavesdropping?” Ally said quickly to them and watched their faces turn crimson.

         Jean sighed, “There is a certain amount of honor among telepaths.”

         “I didn’t eavesdrop Bonsai contacted me,” Ty said quickly. “Rogue eavesdropped on me and not anybody else.”

         Ally smiled a little she didn’t entirely buy the explanation because she could feel Ty in her mind a little while ago. She was sure Bonsai had alerted Kamikaze to his arrival but Ty wanted the inside scoop from the adults as did Rogue. Jean gave Ally a knowing look and Allyson knew that Jean had picked up on it as well.

        “This would not be an appropriate place for you now,” Xavier addressed his students. “I am sure you are aware there will be a lot of activity here soon.”

        “Hayl, can you relieve Aramis?” Ally asked quickly. “We need her here and she can’t get away.”

        Hayley began to protest but thought better when Xavier and Jean also looked at her with an expectation. Hayley challenged Allyson’s innocent gaze because she knew Ally wanted her away from Jean.

       ‘Old Red can’t work with distractions, huh?’ Hayley thought smugly to herself.

       “Yeah, sure.” Hayley mumbled and cut Ally a hard look before she left.


       Rogue stared at the door Hayley left and then looked at adults. “Sorry, we will leave you to your work.” Rogue apologized quickly.

      “I will send Bonsai and the others to meet you in the rec room.” Jean said as she began readying the rest of the equipment.



        Bobby, Rogue and Ty made their way out of the infirmary, a little more humble now.

        “I wonder what has gotten into them,” Jean said and behind the younger people.

        “Curious,” Charles smiled. “Just as curious, as you were once,” and then, he looked pointedly at Jean.

      Riptide rolled in still taking in the new surroundings, and then looked at the faces, that now seemed familiar to him.

      “Jason, what do you need?” Ally asked.

      “I wanted to wait,” Jason looked his sleeping friend, Afterburn, “I wanted to be here, for the other’s who were left there. They might need to see somebody they know right now.”

      Ally nodded, and Jean smiled at him.

      “That might be a good idea,” Xavier agreed.

      Jason gave a smile, glad he had an idea the professor approved of.  He found an abandoned seat and sat down, hoping he was out of the way.


         The infirmary’s doors shot open, as Beast pushed a whiskered mutant on a stretcher into the room. Others came in a little slower, but it was obvious this mutant, was the one who needed the most care.

         Logan came in with a young girl curled up in his arms, and a much smaller mutant that flew up to Allyson in amazement. The small, winged mutant looked at Alex and back to Ally again.

         Aubrey and Josh walked in and spied Riptide and gave him a smile, glad to see another familiar face.

Aubrey was still clutching the blanket they had given her, tightly around her shoulders. The sight of Jason’s face reminded her of Ty and she wanted to go find him, but knew Xavier wouldn’t go for it, not right now.

        The scowl on Josh’s face was evident; he didn’t want to be back here. He looked in Xavier’s direction with a challenging glance like he was telling Charles he wasn’t afraid.


       Ally had a quick pace to her husband and the young child he held. Ally brushed the girl’s hair from her eyes gently.

        “Now, what do we have here?” She said in a low voice.

        Khaki turned to meet Ally’s eyes but flinched back against Logan at the sight of Ally.

        Ally looked at Logan confused, “What is it?”

        “Look like your old man, Al,” Logan sighed as the child clung to him harder now.

        “Is she hurt?” Ally asked, and then stepped back so Logan could comfort the child.

        “Just dirty, needs some clothes and food.” He huffed as he placed the child on a bed, and forcing her to face Ally a little.

         “Who is she?” Khaki demanded of Logan as she stared straight into his eyes.

         “That’s my wife.” Logan announced with a rueful grin.

          Khaki did a double take. ‘This lady can’t be all bad then.’ She finally decided to herself.

           Ally held her hand gingerly forward to her to shake Khaki’s smaller hand, “I’m Ally,” She smiled to the dubious child.

          Surprisingly, Khaki took her hand but kept her cautious look with an eye on Logan, as if asking him if it was all right. “I’m Khaki.” She said shyly.

          “That’s pretty,” Ally said with a little smile, glad she was opening a little. “Can I look you over?”

         “Are you a doctor?” Khaki demanded.

         Ally laughed, “No, but I do know what I am doing. Okay?”

          Khaki agreed as Ally began to flash a light in her eyes and began looking over her arms and legs for any injuries. Khaki seemed to trust Allyson more and she seemed to relax during Ally’s brief exam.

         Jean touched Ally’s shoulder, “Need any help?”

         “No, like Logan said she just needs a meal, some clean clothing and a bed.” Ally said scribbling on Khaki’s new chart. Jean smiled at went back to help Beast and Alex with Rayne.

        “How did you get there?” Ally asked Khaki.

        “I ran away from the orphanage.” Khaki looked at Ally and Logan with un-shed tears. “I had to go, if I didn’t they would keep beating me. I went with that man, the one with your eyes.” Khaki with held a shudder at the memory. “He was friendly to me at first too, then…..” Khaki looked at her feet.

        “We won’t hurt you,” Ally assured her.

        Khaki nodded not convinced, and looked to Alex and then to Justice. She kept her eyes on the one called Gambit he had been friendly to her. He was holding that one girl’s hand and his eyes really didn’t wander from the other mutant. She felt a small pang of envy as she watched them because she had never had anybody care for her like that.



        Hayley sat in the nursery chair, and she began to doze as she held her nephew but jerked awake. She hadn’t realized she was that tired. She stood up to clear her head and put Michael in his play pen.

      “Sorry guy,” She laughed lightly, and then her hand went to her own belly. She began to speculate what her child would be like.

        ‘Al’s lucky to have it together.’ She thought to herself, taking in the pretty nursery and the idea of help with the kids.

         A shadow fell across the doorway, and Hayley turned suddenly to find Scott looking at her with a little smile. “Getting excited?”

        Hayley crossed her arms at him, “Not really.” She scoffed at him.

        He invited himself into the room. “The twins are huge.” He mumbled, not quite sure how to approach Hayley.

       “What do you want?” Hayley cut to the chase.

       “A role,” he crossed his arms as well, ready to face her head on. “Allow me that.”

       “You’ve done enough.”

       “What do I have to do?” Scott said hoping to appeal to her.

        Hayley relented a little, she wanted to run but there were too many eyes on her and she wouldn’t get far. “Give me time, this is new to me.”

       “Yeah, but….”

         Hayley cut him off as she held up her hand. “I won’t try to make things uncomfortable for you and Jean.” She bit shifted her weight slightly. “I will keep my distance.”

        “No, that’s not it.” Scott said quickly. “Are you sure?”

        “Woman are often sure of a pregnancy,” Hayley felt herself involuntarily cringe at the word.

        “I mean if ‘I’ am the father.” Scott hoped he would pound this into her head.

        “WHAT?” Hayley shook her head. “Why wouldn’t you be?”

        “You are saying there ISN’T other possibilities?”

        “Anything’s possible.” Hayley mumbled as she thought of her father’s funeral in the morning.

        “What kind of answer is that?” Scott was losing his temper.

        “I don’t have to give you ever detail of my life because of a quick fling.” Hayley jumped in his face. “You are the strongest possibility and that’s all you need to know.”

        “Fine, then let’s get a D.N.A. test.” Scott tossed his hands in the air.

        “You were there.” Hayley felt her body getting warmer as she lost her temper. “That should be enough.”

        “Are you sure?” Scott repeated. He didn’t want Hayley flying off the handle right now, and she was better calm.

        Hayley clenched her fists into tight balls and knew her eyes were glowing, but didn’t care. “Look,” she hissed, “I told Beast everything, and he told me you were the strongest possibility.”


        “Go ask him.” Hayley challenged as she made her way to the door.

        “Why won’t you tell me everything so I can make up my own mind?” Scott protested. “You told Hank.”

        Hayley tossed her hair over her shoulder, as she looked back at him, “Hank is a much cooler guy, than you are.” She quickly disappeared out the door leaving Scott with Michael staring at him.




         Rayne felt someone near, and opened her eyes.  Her brother stood next to her, holding her hand.  "Remy, are yo’ real?"  She looked at his face.  He smiled at her, and gently kissed the back of her hand.
         "Ah t’ought, maybe, it was a dream."  Rayne searched his face, for anything that would indicate to her, that this was a figment of her imagination.
          Remy brushed  a lock of  hair off her face. "S’really me chere.  Not a dream."
          Her whiskers twitched as he spoke.  "You’re all grown up."  Rayne said as she drank in the site, and scent of her brother.  
          "So is ma petite, Rayne."  Gambit couldn’t believe, that this was really his sister.  He saw joy in his sister’s face, and it reminded him of when they were young, and carefree.  He leaned over, and kissed her forehead.   "Ah’ve missed yo’ girl.  Ah never t‘ought ah‘d see yo‘ ‘gain."
          A dark cloud passed over Rayne’s features as she remembered too, and her hand slightly trembled.  "Remy, da guild code."  She tried to sit up, but her brother eased her back down.
        "Don yo’ worry none ‘bout dat, petite."  He tried to calm her, but she fought again to get up.
         "No, Ah mus’ leave.  Ah mus’ not be seen wit’ you. You know dat!"  She was nearly frantic now, and pushed against her brother’s arms trying to break free.
        "Ssshhh, sssshhh, Ma brave Coeur.  Now’s not da time at worry yo’sef ‘bout t’ings like dat."  He allowed her to sit up, but wrapped his arms around her shoulders to keep her from jumping from the bed.  "T’ings have changed a bit, since yo’ left."
         Rayne looked into his eyes.  She used to be able to tell when he was lying to her.  This time, she wasn’t so sure.  She shook her head sadly,  "Yes, t’ings have changed; but de guild, has been ‘round a long time, non?"  She watched him carefully now.
        Remy knew, that what he said now, would have a great impact; so he carefully weighed his answer.  On the one hand, he could tell her the truth; that the guilds laws still held true.  He knew that her response to that, would be to get away from him as fast as she could; and he didn’t want to loose contact with her again.  The other choice he had was, to lie to her, and tell her that she didn’t have to worry about the guild anymore.  He wondered if he could lie well enough, so that she wouldn’t see through it.
         Rayne sighed, she knew full well, that since her brother was thinking things over, he was probably trying to come up with a story to make her stay.  "Remy, don worry.  S‘alright."
         Gambit started, He now realized, that it didn’t matter what he told her.  She was going to leave anyway. And he knew how stubborn she could be.  That infuriated him.  What had happened to them years ago was not their fault.  He hated the guilds for their part in separating him from his sister.  "Rayne," He growled  "Yo’r not leavin’ ‘ere, and dat’s final."  He moved to lie her back down, but she gave him a look, that told him this contest of wills, was not over. 
         "Yo’ know ah love you mor’n life itse’f, Remy, so please, leave dis matter alone now."  She looked at his arms that were still holding her in place.  "One way or ‘nother, ah’m leavin’."
          Remy yanked his arms away and glared at his sister.  "Am ah gon’ have ta knock some sense inta yo’ fool head, girl?" He squared his feet, slapped his hands down on the table where she sat, and his eyes were blazing red with anger.
         Undaunted, Rayne hopped cautiously off the table, and gave her brother a look of defiance.  "Yo’ ken do whatever yo’ wan’, but ah’m still leavin’."  She took some steps away from the table, and then her knees gave out.  She landed up on the floor, looking up at an angry, and exasperated Cajun.


        Ally began to move to help her, but Logan held a hand up. “He’s got it.”

        Ally watched the duo carefully, but made no attempt to mask her concern for the young woman. Other eyes began to watch Gambit and the curious new addition but stayed respectfully back, not to intrude in a family matter.      

        Gambit, picked his sister up, and lightly tossed her on the bed.  He was through being Mr. Nice Guy.  He pointed his finger in her face, "You will stay ‘ere, and yo’ will let dese people help yo’.  An no argument Rayne, or so help me ah’ll …"
       "Yo’ll what?"  Rayne snapped.  Her side hurt from the jolt of falling on the floor, and she gritted her teeth against the waves of pain.  She knew that he had her best intentions in mind, and she loved him all the more for being so valiant.  However, it was also her love for him that urged her to leave.  Clearly though, he was not going to relent, so she laid her head down on the pillow.  Rayne would have to wait a bit, until she could figure a way out.
       Remy narrowed his eyes at his sister.  He knew her well enough, to know that her apparent concession, meant that she was only going to bide her time, until she could escape.  He made up his mind, that he would, at all cost make sure that she didn’t leave the mansion; and there was an entire complex of people here that would help him do so too.  He looked at Rayne again, only this time he grinned.  "Yo’ get some rest now ma petite, ah have some work ta do."
      Rayne watched him as he left the room, and felt torn in two.  She loved her brother so much, and it had been nothing short of death to her, when she had left Louisiana, years ago.  Her eyes welled with tears.  "Mon Dieu, ah can’t go t’rough dis again."  Rayne stared up at the ceiling, and let the tears run from her eyes to pool in her ears.  She squeezed her eyes closed, and cried.

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