As False as Water



Jason sat by the pool and looked at the inviting water longingly. He would be in it but he felt an obligation to the Adams and he really wanted his chip removed. He wasn't used to staying this still this long though because Professor Adams usually kept all of his mutants very busy in tests or work. This worried Jason as well because it was uncharacteristic of Oliver to let them roam unattended. 'What was he up to?'

Jason held his impatience and looked at the two remaining siblings hard at work. Ally and Alex were pushing pens across papers furiously making faces as they worked. Alex looked up at him and gave him a little grin and then walked over to the computer and began to tap the keys bringing the computer to life.

Jason followed her and watched her run the 'sick' computer.

"Do you want to meet the others now?" He asked politely as he put a hand on Alex's shoulder lightly to get her attention.

"Mmm hmmm." Alex mumbled as she began copying the files to several disks. She looked up at him. "I would like to see your chip first if I may?" She gestured for him to bend down to her sitting height.

"Can you take it out?" Jason asked impatiently as he felt her fingers explore his head.

"No, but I can disable it with the computer," Alex let his head go and faced his eye sadly, "It will allow you to walk out of here but it will not stop any of father's hand held devices. They travel on a different frequency."

Ally stood up and stretched. "I am very ready to meet the other mutants" She smiled as Jason.

Justice walked in from his errand of fetching drinks, since Hayley hadn't thought to ask them if they wanted anything.

Justice began to hand out the drinks to each with a look his sisters knew well. "Hayley was no where to be found." He frowned at them.

"If she went exploring without us," Ally's look turned to one of horror as she thought of what trouble her sister could stumble into.

Jason began to shake his head and back away form the trio with a frightened look. His face finally went blank and he began to become smaller and smaller as his body broke down into water.

Ally, Alex and Justice stood over the puddle that had been Jason a few minutes ago and Alex bent down to investigate the liquid careful not to touch it and Ally and Justice stood there with mixed looks of awe and concern.

"Did he die?" Ally whispered.

"I'm fine." A voice called that resembled Jason's.

They all three exchanged curious looks at Jason's ominous voice.

A brilliant flash caught their eyes and the trio immediately took defensive stances not knowing what to expect next.

Ally's mouth fell open slightly and she tried to keep herself on guard but she felt her defense at bay as her fists dropped to her sides as she watched the beautiful aura. 'Have I died? Is this the celestial light that they speak of before you die?'

The bright flash became softer and lighter slowly and once it did Ally realized she had been mesmerized by the light. It evolved into a soft glowing shape almost resembling a human form in many different ways. It looked like there were a thousand people dancing around in the light in different directions. Finally another bright flash and the light was gone leaving only residual sparkles in the air above a human form lying on the ground which was Hayley's injured body.

Alex, Ally and Justice ran forward to attend to their sister who was smeared with blood. Upon examination her siblings could see the cut had been days old. Alex began to take her pulse and check her for signs of other injuries.

Ally looked at the few sparkles that held in the air. "What was that?"

Hayley began to move slowly and opened her eyes at her sibling's confused gazes, "That was my ride." Hayley moaned as she joked weakly. She saw Ally's eyes and remembered Wolverine. "Logan's here."

Suddenly a squishing and squashing noise behind them caught their attention. With the exception of Hayley, they all turned in time to see the puddle on the floor jump to life. It flew into the air and became the liquid shadow of Jason until the form turned into the green topped surfer they knew. His concerned face stared at Hayley and then he glanced around the room anxiously.

Alex eyed him over; "You can break your body down into entirely water?"

Jason made his way over carefully to them and he knelt down to Hayley.

Justice kept his glance on his injured sister. "How did you get here?" Justice asked her and she looked at him with a million answers in her eyes as he gave her a hand to stand up. "Hayl, what happened?" he asked softly.

Before she could speak Jason jumped into the conversation, "Jump, brought her here." Jason looked around the room again and it was clear he was spooked.

"Chloe. It was Chloe," she breathed the words above a whisper.

Jason shook his head, "Yes, Jump and you can not go near her unless she is whole or she is controlling it." Jason warned them. "When she appears human, she is of no threat."

Justice's face went blank, "Chloe, that flash was Chloe?" Justice looked from person to person but only Jason gave a nod.

"There is one that can help," Jason stood with a deep breath. He had new determination.

Hayley stood on wobbly feet and looked at the rest, "This is a trap I was shot because they thought I was escaping or something. We have to get out of here. We have to at least get outside."

"Not as long as Jump can bring you right back here," Jason shook his head. "There is no escaping."

Ally eyed Hayley's wound and then met her eye. "You need to take it easy Hayl," an idea took form in Ally's head and furrowed her brow at her sister, "Can you sleep?"

"No, don't even think about it, Al," Hayley's face held a little alarmed look. She knew at the first chance Ally would heal her, like she had done before. She lowered her voice for Ally's ears. "Logan told me about the kid." Hayley's face didn't hide the fact that she was in pain.

"Still, you need help for you own little bundle," Ally smiled a little indicating she was aware of Hayley's pregnancy.

Hayley sighed as she made her way to a chair. Justice watched his injured sister and then gazed at Alex. 'We need to go, even if we have to fight our way out of here. Dad will kill Hayley before he thinks about it.' He looked at Jason and wondered how many mutants there were but he was sure they were out numbered and if they all had awesome powers like Chloe, they were in trouble.

"Alex, did you get all of the data you need?" Justice asked impatiently. He sighed at the thought of Logan's assistance outside of the house.

"Most of it." Alex watched Justice's guarded expression.

"Get the rest of it because we are out of here." Justice ordered.

Alex ran to the computer and began typing wildly at the idea of freedom.

"I would like to go but we will need help there are many others." Jason stared at Justice. "There is another who can help us. She escaped before Adams could put her chip in. Willow will help us."

Jason threw them a smile and started to the pool but at the sharp noise of the lab door stopped him.

Oliver walked in with quick stride and grabbed Jason mentally tossing him into a chair next to Hayley with his strong telekinesis. His angry demeanor was quite evident as he looked expectantly at his children.

He looked at Hayley accusingly.

"Hayley tried to leave?" he raised his voice and walked over to Hayley sizing up her wounds. "She is very rash" he hissed in Hayley's direction.

Justice jumped in between them, "Who do you think you are, old chap?" Justice yelled and his eyes were glowing.

Hayley could feel Justice's anger through his telepathy and her own eyes began to glow wildly. Justice was on the edge and the all knew it. There was no holding back his or her abilities now, there was now reason to hide any longer and Hayley stood up easily and surprised everyone. She looked at her wound that was now gone and let felt her sister's minds ease into her own. They all watched their father to make a move.

'Here we go,' was the only message they heard from Justice telepathically.



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