Wolvie * Femmes

Exit Wounds






      Bobby looked up to see Fire cat laughing at the fire mutant as she absorbed Pyro’s flame and Alex kept throwing ice rings. 



     Hayley looked at the young man and threw her foot back to get his attention.


    “Get out of here, kid,” she yelled, “Or you’ll be melting like a snowman in July.”


     Hayley was glad to see he listened and went running to the school and then Hayley stood in front of Alex.


     They began a double team on Pyro until the Rockman showed and they were both knocked to the ground.





    Justice slammed into the Rockman who bowled his sisters over but stayed behind Hayley with Pyro’s attacks.


   He smiled at the Rockman and Pryo because he knew they were getting weaker by the minute.


     Xavier screamed in their heads and the trio knew the priority wasn’t to defeat them but protect the younger mutants.





Ally smiled at Warren’s help until Warren shot her. She grabbed her shoulder and screamed loudly and then she noticed there were two Warrens.


      ‘Mystique,’ she thought. She saw Alex had Pyro frozen and saw Hayley was coming to help them.



        Hayley saw Ally’s injury and took the direct route fire-balling Magneto.


       Magneto gave Hayley little attention when he had the new mutant throwing explosives at him.


       Hayley landed a good shot on him and loved hearing him yell her name in vain.







    Wolverine chased Quicksilver’s moving form but once again the Scarlet Witch was on the move.  Logan saw her making her move for Xavier and the students ran to protect him the mentor with their various powers.  Logan felt somebody touch his shoulder and he knew it was Justice because he could smell that fancy cologne a mile away.


    “Their going after X,” Wolverine said as he took another shot at Quicksilver.


     Justice raised an eyebrow at Wolverine; “Need help?”


     Wolverine challenging look cut Justice to the quick.


     Justice reached out for Quicksilver and missed and smiled at Logan, “Like Fishing, huh?” He tried to grab for the speed terrorist as he circled them like a shark.


      Logan sighed and knew they were both going for a ride in Quicksilver’s cyclone and he only hope Al or Jean would catch them in time.


      Justice laughed at Pietro’s blurry shape and stuck his foot out. Sure enough Quicksilver tripped and hit the ground face first. Justice used his own speed and grabbed him quickly.


      “Problems there, flash?” Justice asked as he hauled him into the air and held him face to face with him.


      Pietro was not as quick to produce a witty or coy comment this time. He felt ashamed and wiggled to get out of his grasp.


     Kodiak morphed into a bear and met Justice and Logan. “I will make sure he doesn’t go anywhere.”  Brian said and he laid his powerful form on top of Pietro.


    Logan and Wolverine couldn’t help but to laugh at the site.


    “Uncle Xavier has other attackers and we need to get Gambit to safety.” Justice said quickly summarizing the situation.


     “You get your family kid and I’ll grab, Gumbo,” Wolverine grunted and Justice ran off.


      Wolverine didn’t get very far and he felt a sharp searing pain in his shoulder. He looked over to see his sister digging her claws in his shoulder as she jumped past him.


      Having used Wolverine as a trampoline she landed easily on her feet but watched him with a coy stare.


     “Amber you don’t want a piece of me,” Logan snarled but then he looked into eyes he hadn’t seen in a long time. “I won’t fight you.”


     “Sucker,” Amber laughed. “Then you’ll die.” Then she lunged at her brother with her claws out.


      Logan dodged her easily and realized she didn’t have as much fighting skill as he did.


      She lunged at him again landing one of her claws on his thigh.


      He growled at her in attempt to back her off but she spun around again and landed another blow on his arm.


     She backed up and cocked an eyebrow at him watching his wounds heal.


    Logan grunted and threw his hands to his side as his claws flew out. “Glad you have a healing factor, SIS!”


    Amber stood still and cocked her head at him. “What?”


    Logan drew his claws back in, “Amber, don’t remember me?


    “Logan?” Amber asked but as she moved forward to examine him better and angel grabbed her under her armpits. She was pulled so quickly and she was so bewildered by her brother that Amber didn’t have time to react.








     One boy made many copies of himself making it difficult for Scott or Jean to pin point the witch.


     “Hey,” Scott called to the younger boy who (and all of his copies) looked back at them.


    “I am sorry I panicked,” the young man shrugged.


    Their attention was caught by the calvary in the air Warren joined Ally and the other females mutant after magneto.






    The newest of the mutants were finally in play but the lack of training showed through


    Tyler and Tyrone had the Rockman’s attention from Justice and his sisters. Giving Justice the opportunity to help Logan as Alex began to catch her breath.


     Kamikaze produced a rope and they began to bind the man but he quickly broke his straps as if they had been thread.


     Kamikaze was losing his breath trading shots with the man.


    “How do we stop him?” Kamikaze said as he dodged another on going attack.


    Bonsai Shrugged and when the Rockman came at him this time, he raised his robotic arm and landed it across the man’s head.


    Kamikaze shrugged, “That’ll do.” He grabbed a metal chair from the funeral and began to wrap it around the man’s body. Bonsai joined him with another chair, proud they had a prisoner.







        Kitty phased Sassy through the glass as she watched the mutants with Sabertooth.



       The Nanny who had cared for the twins and the other children walked back up to Sabertooth slowly and to their amazement he didn’t hurt her.


      Aramis touched Creed’s face gently and kept eye contact, “You will go now,” Aramis said quietly.


       Sabertooth only nodded and left the way he snuck in.


       Jubilee crossed her arms at her. “What did you do, use a jedi mind trick?”


       Aramis lowered her eyes. “I gave him a new emotion but it was a trade.”


       Beast caught on as he realized she traded one of his emotions for hers. “We will watch you.”








        Magneto took another hard hit and grabbed his Brotherhood up in Magnetic force air.


      “A pity Charles that you won’t be able to catch us today,” Eric called to Xavier as her began to rise higher above the others.



      He watched as the ‘phony’ Warren grabbed Ally from behind but Hayley and the Angel pulled Mystique off.


     The clone of Warren flew down and grabbed Amber up from her battle with Wolverine.



      Logan could only watch his sister being hoisted away from him, as Magneto seemed to pull the duo closely towards him as if to claim her as his own.


      A low growl escaped him as he watch his sister become smaller and smaller. He saw Hayley Warren and Ally after them in the air letting off futile attacks that seemed to bounce off.





     The other woman stayed in the sky no longer attacking but she merely folded her arms and watched Magneto and the brotherhood run away. Once it was evident they were gone she noticed the other air bound mutants began to make their way to her.


     Deanna knew she didn’t want to let them in on who she was and she panicked letting off explosives right by her but giving her cover enough to get away with out being seen.