Evil and Innocent Minds:     




 Two people stared hard into the others eyes as if waiting for one to blink and show who was the stronger one. The dapper one sat back into his seat but his eyes didn’t leave the other man. It was easy to see they didn’t trust each other.

      “So, Oliver has met his timely end?” Magneto said and continued to meet the older man’s eyes. “Are you sure?”

       “I was there Erik.” The man hissed, “We quickly evacuated before we were discovered.”

       “Why didn’t his children discover you then?” Erik accused

       “Many of them were hurt and no doubt their father’s death effected their judgement,” The man adjusted his specs. “Don’t ask questions you know answers to. You are wasting my time.”

       Erik chuckled lightly. “Where are they now?”

      “They are with friends.” The man finally sat back in his chair finally happy with the knowledge Erik DID need his help. He was in the dark. “You need a telepath, Erik.” He chuckled. “How can you fight a family of telepaths if you don’t have one?”

      “Perhaps, Sidney.” Erik pondered. “I would rather take what is mine without much of a fight.” Erik stood. “These CHILDREN are too strong to fight together. We need them alone.”

      “These children, you mean the Cats?” Sidney touched his balding spot in the back of his hair absently mindedly. “Find Deanna, Erik.”

      “Deanna?” Magneto questioned in a low voice.

      “She was one of the best. She and Adams worked side by side.”

      “What of Mr. Dominick?”

      “He is no longer a threat.” Sidney answered and stood to meet Erik’s eyes. He felt surely Dominick was dead by now.

      “Can you deliver this Deanna?” Erik asked quickly.

      Sidney shrugged. Not a wise movement where Magneto was concerned.

      “Then why do I need you, Sidney?”

      Very quickly the door flew open and Sabertooth walked in and towered over Sidney.

      ‘Had he been listening at the door?’ Sidney wondered.

      “I am sure with the proper motivation I could find her.” Sidney said nervously.

       Sabertooth became threatening closer to the little man.

      “Consider yourself motivated,” Erik drawled.

     Sidney gathered up his hat and coat and headed towards the door with a nod. “Yes.”

     “Doctor?” Magneto called to him and Sidney turned to stop his retreat. “Do NOT fail me.”



         Sabertooth watched the little man cower out the door and felt Erik’s gaze fall on him.

         “You will find this woman and you will find her quickly.” Erik said pointedly.

         “What about the little man?” Sabertooth hissed.

         “He is expendable enough.” Erik started towards the door, “Oliver Adams is dead.” Erik paused for reaction from his comrade. “Soon I will take what is mine.”

          Mystique slinked into the room and gave them both a coy look.

          Sabertooth gave him a questionable glance.

         “Wolverine’s children,” Erik said impatiently, “Of course the unborn children are of use too.”

          “How?” she asked quickly.

          “With your help my sweet friend.” Erik smiled as he came close enough to smell her bodily fragrance and almost touching his nose with her neck.

          “We will take them when they are least expecting it. We need them alone.” Erik sighed as he left them alone.

          Mystique stood for a moment as she watched Sabertooth. He looked far away and she wondered what he was thinking. She knew both Erik and Victor fancied themselves the father of Fire-cat’s baby and they would stop at nothing to get it. Mystique had other ideas.






             Gambit smoothed his hair and thought of his poor sister on the black bird and once again he sighed.

            “Looks like I am not the only person missing somebody,” Minnie said from her small seat on Justice.

             Gambit merely nodded but Justice looked down at the little lady.

             “You are perceptive.” Justice smiled at her.

             Warren looked ahead and noticed Scott, Jump and Bonsai looking at yet another suspicious door.

             Scott crossed his arms and looked at them with a small smile. “So, you lost our little firefly?”

             “Actually,” Justice stepped forward and held his hand out. “Say hello.”

             Minnie stood up for inspection. “Firefly? Is that what they made me?” she fluttered her wings lightly as if a nervous habit.

             Scott shrugged. “Let’s get you some medical attention and some food.”

            Minnie glanced at Bonsai and Jump nervously. “Ok,” she mumbled happy to get away from Jump and Bonsai.

            “I will take her,” Warren said quickly and gathered the tiny person into his grasp.

            “Shouldn’t we stick together?” Justice sighed as Warren stared at Minnie. “ Let’s just get finished here and get out.”

            Wolverine joined them with a serious look. “Bad vibes, kid?”

            Justice looked at the door with the lock and sighed as he grabbed the lock tightly and broke it in his grasp. “You could say that.”

            Jump looked at Logan, “Any sign of your sister?” She sympathized with Logan’s defensive cockiness.

            Logan was taken back that Jump understood what he was doing but Jump was also looking for someone and could probably relate, no matter how different the reasons were. He turned his attention back to his brother in law and they new door.

          “Let’s see what’s behind door number two!” Justice called heartily as he began to pull the heavy door open. This door was much heavier than the others and Justice looked at the metal door wondering what would be contained in such a secure room.

          The noise was not much more than a bird would make but everyone jumped to defense positions. Justice’s eyes began to glow and Gambit began to charge a card while Jump ran through everyone and into the dark room.

          Scott glanced at Jump’s rash nature and looked at Justice for an answer. Justice shrugged in his noncommittal way with a small grin as if to say. ‘Whatcha gonna do?’

        Logan held his hand up to Gambit and Justice to back their possible attacks down. “I smell fear.”

        Justice and Gambit dropped their arms to the side in a non threatening way for whatever they would find.



       Jump made her way simply through the dark as she shook her head at the men’s attempts.

       ‘Why didn’t I insist Alex come too. She could have kept one of these guys in check’ she sighed and hear a small scurrying in the tiny adjoining bathroom. She looked around the corner enough to see a small foot hanging out from under the pedestal sink. It was small like Dom’s or Minnie’s but smaller than any of the away mission.

       She stepped into the bathroom and looked under to see a small child peering back at her and her heart jumped at the thought of Jordan. Her sympathy went to the small girl who kept her knees folded to her chest and Jump knew she had been through the torment they had been. The little girl had matted hair and it was hard to find a clean spot on her face to make out her features but her green eyes shone back at Jump with fear and pain.

       “We won’t hurt you, honey,” Jump said sweetly.

       The child said nothing but sniffled to hold back tears.

       Chloe could hear the others coming up behind her and decided she might be happier with somebody normal looking. Warren not with his wings, Gambit had red eyes and Scott’s visor could be scary. Bonsai was too new. She sighed it would have to be Justice or Logan, if Logan could keep from growling at her or popping claws.

        Jump turned to meet them before they could overwhelm her.

        “It’s a small child,” Jump said catching their eyes and instantly she saw sympathy wash over the men’s rugged features. Scott started forward to retrieve the child but Jump looked at him.

        “She is scared. Let her see somebody who doesn’t look threatening.” Jump insisted.

         Warren stood there with little Minnie in his hand and watched the scene, “you mean normal?”

          Justice stepped forward his eyes glowing with his telepathy.

         “Justice dim that light.” Scott motioned to his eyes. “That could scare her too.”

         Before Justice could get into the bathroom something flew past his face and he recognized Minnie’s pink wings.

          Minnie knew what it was like to be scared and she knew she was the least threatening mutant there. Maybe she was different but she wasn’t harmful. Minnie landed on the child’s knee and looked into her frightened eyes. The little girl looked at Minnie in amazement.

          Justice turned the corner slowly hoping not to spook her. The little girl looked at Justice with a now smiling face.

          “Look at it.” The child said quietly. “Isn’t it beautiful”

           Minnie sighed and sat on the little girl’s knee. “I was used like you.” Minnie smiled and she knew the child was captivated by her, “Don’t be afraid of us because we won’t hurt you.”

          The little girl stared at Justice for answers at to why this little person was talking to her and in reply he knelt down to her.

         “How about we get you out of here?” Justice smiled at her and she nodded as he felt his heart go to the tattered looking adolescent.

         “My name is Justice.” He said as he offered her a hand.

         “Who is this?” the child asked as she scooped Minnie up into her hands.

          “I am Minnie.” Minnie said as loudly as she could as she was being toted off.

          Justice pulled the girl to her feet slowly and she spied his Dog tags. She gasped and quickly produced her own set for his inspection.

          “I am Khaki,” she said holding the tags to show their affiliation.

          “Are you hurt?” Justice looked her over.

          “No, just hungry.”

          “We can fix that.” He smiled. “I have some friends to help you but some look rather strange. Give them a chance and we can get you some food and some clean clothing.

           “Can I hold the firefly?” Khaki asked with a smile.

           Minnie laughed and sat comfortably in the child’s palms. “Sure.” She called and was pleased to see the young girl smile.

          Khaki gasped when she saw the people just outside of the metal cell she inhabited but looked down at Minnie who nodded reassuringly.



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