Wolvie Femmes * Epidemic





         Rayne woke up in a cold sweat and sat up in bed.  She was tired of having these nightmares.  For once, she thought, she would like to sleep soundly the whole night through.  Not wanting to go back to sleep she got up, put some clothes on and left her room.  She felt Justice’s mind tugging at hers and she trundled down to the infirmary.


   The infirmary was very quiet, so Rayne stealthily made her way to Justice’s side.  Dr. Grey was busy tapping on a computer keyboard and didn’t notice the girl enter.  Rayne put her hand over Justice’s and felt a tingle in her mind that told her Justice knew she was there with him.  His mind tugged harder at Rayne’s and she whispered in his ear to stop.  “Be still Justice, yo’ need ta rest now ma chere ami.” 


   The tugging stopped though she could feel that Justice still wanted to communicate through telepathy.  Rayne could hear his voice in her head but she didn’t want him to be fighting his body as it was trying to heal itself.  “Non, don’ talk, just rest.  Ah’ll help yo’ but you must be quiet now, alright?”  She whispered softly in his ear and he stopped trying to talk to her mind.


  Rayne took a few deep, quieting breaths then placed her right hand on his forehead.  She continued to hold his hand as she closed her eyes in concentration.  Tension from her own body dwindled away as she sent soothing, healing thoughts to her injured friend.


  Jean Grey heard a voice and she was shocked when she saw Rayne standing next to Justice’s bed.  It’s not very easy to sneak past a telepath.  Jean wondered if she needed to work more with her powers.  She saw that Rayne was speaking very low and rhythmically, and she strained to hear what the girl was saying.  It sounded somewhat like a chant or prayer.  The hand that was on Justice’s forehead lifted and Rayne waved it in a pattern above his head.  Soon her other hand was making similar gestures above his chest and the chanting continued.  Jean found herself swept up in what was happening and she began to feel very calm and relaxed.  So relaxed in fact, her eyelids drooped.


  Jean’s head dropped to her chest jolting her awake.  She looked over at the bed where Justice lay and there was no sign of Rayne.  She walked over to check on Justice who was resting peacefully.  Previously, she would have to ward off his mental intrusions, but now his mind was as still as his body.  Jean wondered if it was due to what Rayne had been doing.  ‘What did she do to him?  She looked for evidence of Rayne even being there and couldn’t find any so she considered the possibility she had been dreaming.







  Rayne wandered through the halls until she was exhausted.  She stopped in front of Hayley’s door and could hear her brother’s rhythmic breathing.  ‘You’re a fool Remy.  But Ah love yo’ wit’ all my heart an soul.’  With that said she walked back to her room.








      Remy woke uneasily, feeling as if someone were watching him.  Hayley snuggled closer to his body as if she were too cold.  He rubbed his forehead and stared at the door.  He sat up straighter, “Rayne, petite?”  He could have sworn she had just told him she loved him but she was nowhere in sight.


       Hayley lifted her head up and looked at Remy’s spooked expression.  He wrapped his arm around her reassuringly.  “What’s wrong?”  She rubbed her eyes and squinted to make out his silhouette in the moonlight.


       He sighed, “nothin’, chere.”  He kissed her head and eased Hayley’s head back down.  “Ah just think Ah need ta talk ta Rayne tomorrow.”


      Hayley sighed confused, “ok” She quickly fell back asleep and the child’s kicking didn’t even wake her.


      Remy slid back down into the bed, felt the kicks against his hip, and smiled.  Now, if only it was his child, things would be almost perfect.  He thought again of Rayne and how she would probably never accept Hayley.  Well, almost perfect’.  He shoved his face into the soft pillow and fell asleep.






      Jordan woke to find Storm smiling at her and blinked awake looking at the weather witch curiously.


      “Good morning,” she said in an even tone, “Would you like breakfast?”


      Jordan nodded, “Where’s Daddy?  Is he still sick?”


      Storm nodded sadly, “Yes, he is but I thought we might do something today.”


      “Watch cartoons?”


       “No, something peaceful,” Storm smiled, “like gathering some leaves that have fallen.”




        “Because it is the autumn now and we could make a wreath from it for your father.”


         Jordan jumped fro bed a little more awake now, “Can we color him pictures too?”


        “Certainly,” Storm said taking Jordan’s clothing from the dresser and handing it to her, “your summer clothing is packed away now.”


         Jordan nodded.  She remembered that Storm usually did for her every season and as long as she could remember.


         “Just winter and fall things now right?”  Jordan said taking the clothing to the bathroom to change.


       “Exactly,” Storm smiled.




       “Yes, Jordan?”


       “Are you my mommy again?”


       “Why do you ask that?”


       “Because my real mommy seemed to want me but she left me again,” Jordan’s little chest heaved in threat to start bawling.


       “I will be here for you, child.  As long I can,” Storm held her tightly, “As long as the fates allow because like many others here, I love you.”


        Jordan sighed, “really?”


       “I thought you could cheer Gambit up too because he loves you too,” she smiled.


       “Not his sister,” Jordan crossed her arms.


       “She is his sister and I think she is a nice person,” Storm smiled, “She just might need cheering up too.”


        Jordan sighed thinking of it, “ooooookay, then.”


       “Thank you, Jordan,” Storm smiled ushering the child into the bathroom to change.







      Alex woke next to Beast and moved closer pushing her head on his chest.  She couldn’t remember when she had been so confused about men.  They had never clouded her mind as they had now and she hadn’t slept well all night.  She closed her eyes thinking of the memory Justice had taken from her.  Everyone now knew she had been very gullible and somewhat responsible for what had happened in the labs.  She wasn’t sure she wanted out of bed yet.  Hank made a small moan and pulled her close in his sleep.  She was glad he was there and happy to have his reassuring nature especially after last night.


      She couldn’t deny running into to Remy she found she was attracted to the enigmatic Cajun and hardly could take her eyes off his lips or his mesmerizing eyes.


     She pulled the covers over her head and thought of her last kiss with Bobby.  She had put up a good front telling him she was sure she in love with Beast but she couldn’t deny she had her doubts.  She touched her lips almost feeling his kiss again.  Alex shook her head and pushed herself closer to Hank.  Maybe she just needed to rekindle things between them and remind them of the sparks.  She smiled knowing this wasn’t like her or Henry and began to slide out of her nightshirt.


     She giggled to herself as she thought of how little sex or romance the two of them required, unlike Hayley, Gambit, Ally and especially Wolverine.  She shed her under clothing quickly, ran her hand under Hank’s nightshirt, and began to unbutton it quickly.


    She smiled as he moved in his sleep but didn’t wake.  She kissed his lips lightly but he didn’t respond.  Alex sighed rubbing her leg along his and finding no reaction at all. She took a deep breath, rolled her palm over his pajama bottoms, and still did not find him responding to her.


    She closed her eyes feeling a little rejected but snuggled closer with her legs wrapped around him but fell fast asleep.





    Logan growled at the simulation in the danger room and felt fatigued but still had anger to work out.  He found the simulation of the robot an unworthy adversary and finished it off quickly.  He quickly moved to the control panel and started another program letting his real enemy come forward as Oliver Adams and Omega Red came forward.


     Logan’s mind flashed to the battle against Oliver and Omega Red. He thought of how he had been denied Allyson for so long because of this man. A snarl formed as Omega whipped at him, much like he had during the battle at Oliver’s. He watched Oliver loom closer. Fighting a telepath was not much when it was only a simulation but Logan enjoyed the feeling of digging his claws into the phony Adams. He pushed a strong arm into the man and let his other arm tear him in half with his claws. The simulation screamed and disappeared. Logan grunted wishing he could have saved Ally that delima, he wished he had killed Adams.



    In Logan’s mind, Allyson and her siblings were his life but their father and how he treated those four made him furious. Adams wasn’t a good human much less a good father. At times he couldn’t believe that Ally was his daughter with her peaceful nature. Being in between Alex and Hayley seemed to make Ally the true peacemaker.


    He thought of the memory he had seen of the day he had been mutated, from Alex and Justice’s views. He growled loudly at Omega Red and leaeped past his reach.  He thought of the bloody body of Amber as she was carted away, his only known blood relative. His mind raced until his thoughts were almost completely carniverous and he dove past the simulation of Omega Red tapping on the controls again until another Oliver Adams stood before him.


     He leapt at them with new strength and energy with a loud growl. He couldn’t kill Adams enough.







     Hayley blinked awake hearing the shower in the bathroom on and the seeing the sunlight pouring into the room.  She looked to the empty place Remy had shared in her bed and touched his pillow lightly.  She pulled the cover up to her feeling chilled and sighed as she attempted to make herself warmer with her ability.


    After a few seconds, she remembered why nothing happened and shrugged. She moved to sit up in the bed and get some warmer clothing and felt a familiar throb in her chest as she remembered their lovemaking.  She collapsed back against the bed and sighed.


    She chuckled feeling the soreness as proof that she had finally felt comfortable with their intimacy and would never feel the pains Sabretooth had left now.  Remy’s love had replaced that to her.


     She looked to the bathroom when she heard the shower cut off and saw Remy’s wet, naked form coming from the bathroom. He looked to her and smiled as he caught her appreciative look at his body.


     He chuckled wiping some of the water from his body, “like what yo’ see?”  He arched and eyebrow challengingly at her.


     Hayley’s playful nature surfaced and she sat back looking bored, “not sure from a distance.”


    Remy’s mouthed turned a corner of a smile as he dropped the towel and marched towards her, “yo’ need a closer look?”


   Hayley shrugged her clothing off quickly as her heart thumped feeling as if they had rediscovered one another. She jumped to her feet quickly and let him take her naked body in slowly.  “Closer.”  She breathed, as they became nose to nose.


   “Any closer an’ Ah’d be on top of you,” He said wrapping his arm around her waist quickly.


    Hayley ran her fingers along his back but sat on the bed pulling him down with her.  “That’s the idea.”  She purred grabbing the evidence of his arousal.


    He groaned feeling their naked bodies pulling together and feeling her breath along his ear.  He knew she wanted him and he wanted her but he had a nagging feeling he wanted to talk to Rayne.  He found his mouth on hers hoping she would understand if this was quick but she already had him pulled into her and arched her hips to meet his.


    He reached forward touched her breasts lightly as he sat up a bit with a moan. “Ma chere amore.”  He liked sex but he found Hayley to be a temptress and he loved being inside her.  They seemed to be matched spiritually and bodily.


    He rolled his deft hands down her breasts and onto her round belly and finally to her buttocks pulling her closer to him so he was completely with her.  He rocked his hips to meet her need and feel on top of her as he felt her begin her waves of pleasure and he could hold his own no longer.  He pushed his forehead into her neck line listening to her ragged breathing and felt her pick his head up and kissed him sweetly as his own pleasure subsided.


    Hayley smiled never having felt so complete with any man before. She felt something tug at her mind and was pulled into a vision of a swampy but beautiful place.  She saw a younger Remy sitting with a beautiful blonde and the words “Je t’aime, ma chere amore.” could be heard as if the whisper had been spoken. The couple kissed passionately as they sat by water and Remy began moving quickly tugging against the blonde’s clothing around her shoulder. Even thought she had more clothing than Hayley ever wore, he removed them quickly and began kissing her neck shoulders and breasts expertly. The blonde gave in to his charms quickly and reached to her waist removing her pants and underpants in one swift moment.


     Remy responded and let his ungloved hands dance over her body eagerly but before he could explore too much she was tugging at his fly, releasing his manhood.


     Hayley gasped lightly and tried to look away but she could and was forced to watch as the now naked blonde gave him oral pleasure slowly. Hayley didn’t understand the movements and the inconsistent nature of what he was doing and why she was being shown.  She watched the blonde stop, leaving Remy at the point of orgasm and playfully tried to run from him.  He pulled her back removing his pants and the woman rolled to the ground willingly.  Remy climbed on top of her kissing her neck and ears as he began to move with in her.  The woman knew Remy inside and out and that was evident as she began to touch the base of his manhood in places that seemed very familiar to him and he moaned loudly and began to spasm as the woman smiled knowingly.


     Remy grabbed the woman tightly as his body tensed up and finally relaxed. He didn’t remove himself from her but lay there kissing her body, “Oo Belle, Ah love yo’, girl.” he moaned into the blonde’s ear and the blonde smiled knowingly at him and whispered back,  “You’ll always have my heart Remy.”  To which he quipped,  “Ah know chere.   You’ll always be mah girl.”


    Hayley watched the male’s body she knew very well as Remy lay there ready to make sure his lover was satisfied as well and Hayley sighed as the image went cloudy.



   Remy looked into Hayley eyes, found tears, and squinted in wonder, “Hayley?”  He touched her cheeks, “yo’ all right?”


  She nodded not wanting to get into the truth and turned her head.


  He rolled off her and began to kiss her body.  She tried to sit up but he held her arm. “Hayley, did yo’ see dat mem’ry?”  He held onto her as she pulled a sheet around her body and pulled from his grasp.  He had seen it as well.  Justice’s powers did not discriminate.


    She shook her head holding back tears not able to look at him and ran to the bathroom.


    He jumped from the bed to follow her and found the door locked.  He toyed with the idea of kicking it open but retrieved a small kit from the dresser and quickly picked the lock.


    Hayley turned seeing the door open easily and the still naked Cajun standing there.


    “Hayley,” He said advancing slowly, “Dat was a long time ago.  Me an Belle.”


     She pulled the sheet to her as if to wrap it tighter around her frame.  “I’m fine.  Don’t worry about it.”


    “Ah don’t believe dat,” he moved closer to her but she shoved a towel into his hand. “Yo’ want me to put dis on?”  He looked at the towel offensively as she nodded finding her toothbrush.  “Not ‘til you talk ta me,” he said holding the towel tightly watching her put toothpaste on her brush.  He stepped back and gestured to his nakedness, “dis never bothered yo’ before, chere,”


    Hayley didn’t even get her toothbrush to her mouth but only looked at him disgustedly and threw it in the sink and marched from the bathroom.


    Remy looked to the ceiling for help and sighed pulling the towel on.  They had just had very good sex and now she was acting like…He ran from the bathroom.


    “Chere,” he said and looked at her putting her clothing on quickly, “Dat mem’ry hurt you?  It was a long time ago.  Things have changed.”


     Hayley shook her head, “I just need to be alone, Remy.”


    He had heard these words before and knew it meant trouble, “No!”  Then he took a breath, “Ah just got you back,” She seemed to be taken with the sincerity in his voice and let him pull her into his arms.  He touched her face lightly, “talk ta me.”


     Hayley’s eyes flashed the warning neither of them heard, they both found themselves rocked with Hayley’s own lightning, and both fell to the floor.


     Remy rocked his head trying to clear his thoughts, “A simple ‘No’ would have done it,” he groaned as he pulled himself up.  He noticed she didn’t move but simply lay there on the floor.  He wrinkled his brow in wonder, ‘de lightning hurt her?’  He pulled her into his arms and she opened her eyes slowly and coughed catching her breath.  “Yo’ all right?”


    She looked confused but nodded, “I did that?”  She groaned and sat up.  Remy pointed to the lightning floating at her fingertips.


    “Ah think so,” he pointed at her glowing hands. Hayley stood quickly, moved from Remy feeling the lightning jump through her body again, and screamed.  Remy came as close as he could as the lightning wrapped around her body but he wasn’t sure how to help her.


    He ran to the hall for help and found it empty so he quickly moved back to her.  When he came back in, she had stopped again and was lying in the floor. He moved to her and kissed her head trying to stir her.


    She opened her eyes and stood taking a deep breath as she saw Remy pulling on his pants, “Where are you going?” she squinted her eyes at him.


    “Yo’ need ta see Beast,” he said waiting for her to start a fight.  He grabbed her hand as his other hand zipped his pants and he tugged her to the door but she tugged back.


    She freed her hand, “Remy, don’t touch me or you’ll get shocked again.”  She turned and pulled her first choice of clothing off and pulled a form-fitting suit on.


    “Dat’s not flattering,” he joked weakly.


    “Safer though.”


     Remy nodded realizing it was a rubber suit from her labs days and it barely fit her. He reached for her but she moved away quickly.  “What?”


    “Don’t touch me, Remy.”


    He sighed, “I thought that suit would protect us.”


    “It will but I don’t want you touching me.”


    He watched her moving away and closer to the window, “Hayley,” he reached his hand out.  They both knew her ability was back and he knew she was going to escape out the window.  “Talk to me,” he said quietly. He loved her and it hurt because he knew how hurt he was when he saw the Memory of her with Logan.  “Ah don’t want yo’ ta leave.”


    Hayley narrowed his eyes thinking of what he did and thought of the image of Remy and the blonde together. She came closer to the window and jumped hearing Remy’s footsteps as she felt the wind under her and sighed, until she realized she wasn’t flying.





     Alex smiled as the silver haired man laughed at Alex’s playful nature in the pool.  She watched his bare chest and moved shyly closer but Pietro didn’t need more to advance.  He pulled her closer to him and a lover’s embrace he undid her bikini top and Alex tsk-ed him with a chuckled but her persisted and she found his hands at her bottoms.


     “I want you,” the silvery voice rang in her ears as her guided her hands to his body and she found her hands rummaging into his swim trunks and they both gasped as she round his erection and she marveled at the sight of it. She felt him scoop her up and onto the patio chair, and she began heady at the strong emotions.



    “Alex,” Pietro moaned as his fingers danced at her waist and below. She found herself at a loss for words and simply enjoyed the touch.


    “Alex,” he repeated and did again until she opened her eyes to see Hank.


    His smiling face was the first thing she saw, “Was I asleep?”


    He smiled pulling her closer, “Yes, but you were not shy my dear.” He indicated to her hands on his body and one in his groin area.


     She pulled back as if she had been burnt and blushed, “I’m sorry.”  She began to move from the bed but forgot her latest escapade left her without apparel.


    “I suppose this was part of a plan,” he smiled at her usual shy nature.


    Alex laughed remembering her earlier actions and moved closer to him rubbing her leg against his.  She found his body was already responding and pulled him on top of her.


     “Alex,” Hank found his passion taking over.  “Are you sure?”


    Alex nodded and began pulling at the remainder of his clothing, “Henry,” she panted closing her eyes and pulling his mouth on hers.  She loved him and she felt her body and mind needed to be reminded of this.


     Henry couldn’t put his finger on it but knew she wasn’t acting much like herself but in the heat of passion who was? He tried to remember she wasn’t quite used to his size or even love making and trembled with effort to take it slow but Alex’s grasping and pulling on him made it hard as he became lost in their passion


     She couldn’t remember wanting this more and even the pain felt good to her.    She gasped loudly and groaned feeling him shudder within her and she was lost in a hurricane of pleasure.


     She grabbed onto the bed as she her body did things she had not been prepared for, “HANNNNNNNNNNK!”


     Henry would have laughed if he hadn’t had a reputation to protect and serve as a calm and steady force of the X-men.  He gently clasped his mouth over hers to keep her from announcing her pleasure to anyone in the hallway.  He continued to move with her hoping she felt as good as she had made him feel each time they had made love.  He held her tight as she subsided.


    She clasped her hand over her mouth remembering her yelling and pulled the sheet from the bed as she went to the empty chair embarrassed.


    Beast pulled the blanket to him and rested his head on his hand as he watched her.  He pulled the pajama bottoms from the bed onto his body quickly.  He moved to her side and knelt to her eye level.  “Alex?”  She raised her head and tears fell as she met his eye.


    “I was sooooo,” she gestured to the bed, “I was so loud and I also had an…”  She trailed off.


     “They are perfectly normal, Alex,” Beast smiled and then he remembered and held her.  “I keep forgetting this is your first time for all of this.”


     “Oh Hank,” Alex looked into his eyes and pulled his mouth on hers.  She kissed him hard and with more passion than she had kissed him lately and felt as if she wanted to carry her back to the bed for more, “This is new still but,” she giggled, “I was VERY loud.”


    “You still need time to explore this,” he smiled, “We have plenty of time to understand each other and what we will expect of each other.”


     Alex stood letting the sheet fall, “Hank,” she said huskily and climbed into his lap wrapping her legs around his midsection as she kissed him furiously.


    He laughed, “Alex,” He smiled kissing her back.  He knew his limit and he wouldn’t be able to appease her again so quickly, “There will plenty of time for this.”


    She grabbed the sheet to her feeling as if she had been rejected, “I just thought that you would…” She trailed off feeling stupid.


    He stood and picked her up with him.  He kissed her sweetly as he cradled her to his chest like the treasure she had become in his heart.  “I love you.”


    She looked straight at his chest not able to meet his eyes afraid he was turning her down.


   He sighed and sat her on the edge of the bed and sat next to her, “I am not one to be led by my loins,” he looked at his knee and the fabric of his pajamas.  “I would love to make love to you again but I am afraid it would need to be body permitting.”  He touched her face sweetly and pulled her face towards his until their eyes met.


     “Hank,” she blushed, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to expect too much from you.”  She remembered Hayley’s telepathic broadcasts of Logan’s lovemaking and the hours he would eventually wear her out.  “From our mutant findings I guess I assumed you might be able to achieve an erection as quickly as some of the others.”


    Hank chuckled, “My stars and garters,” he kissed her head as he stood.  “I am afraid I have to wait like many normal men in that aspect.”  He stretched feeling better than he had in days.  “I hope this is not disappointing to you.”


    Alex smiled and stood next to him, “No, sweetheart.”  She said kissing his ear until Henry began to laugh.  “Alex, my love, I need to attend to the infirmary.”




    He with held still, “Alex.” He pushed his hand to his head realizing how much he had taken leave of his senses.


    She sat up quickly, “Hank?”


    He didn’t answer her but started to the bathroom until she grabbed his hand.  “Alex we should talk before we go further,” He sighed feeling as if he had taken advantage of her and had done something as stupid as his comrades had.


   “What?”  She said gently pulling him back to her.


   “Protection.”  He said simply.


   “Alex,” sighed, “Hank, I have taken those precautions and we have both been tested for anything.”  She felt a little hurt, “You are my first.”


   “Alex,” he sighed.  “You went with out any birth control when you were captive.”


  Her mouth dropped, “Hank,” She felt dumb and he was now looking at her with sympathetic eyes.


    “Exactly,” he sighed, “We do not want to increase the chances.”


    Alex sighed finally feeling nude but then looked at him as she bit her lip.  “SO?”


    Beast was taken back, “what?”


   “SO?”  She repeated and looked in his eyes deeply, “is there any doubt we would do this eventually?”


    He shook his head, “Alexandra!”  He was taken back, “this is very sudden.”  He smiled looking at the naked blonde who moved closer and began nibbling at his ear and pushed him back to the floor. “Are you sure, my love?”  The emotion he had for this woman, the physical nature had come to a complete match, and he found himself yelling her name.  He had met her body on a level where his heart knew he had found its soul mate.



    Alex smiled and nuzzled against him lovingly as she heard him sighing and looked at her with tears in his eyes.


    “A child?”  He said softly.


    She smiled, “If it doesn’t happen now, Hank let’s plan it for the right time.”  She kissed him.  “I can chart for when we should make love and take tests to tell us he optimum time too.”


     He laughed as she seemed every bit professional again and rolled off her and he walked to the shower and turned it on, “there would be one flaw in that Ms. Adams.”


    Alex looked startled and got up and sat on the bed looking for her under garments, “What would that be?”


    “I would not like to have a bastard child,” he frowned and walked over to his dresser removing his clothing.

    “Ok,” she sighed feeling put back, “Well then….” she felt tears begin to form, “I can start to medicine again and we will have to have a back up plan to make sure.”


     He sighed, “that would be better, my dear,” she heard him say softly from next her as he gently touched her shoulder, “but this would be better, my love.”


     She looked at him to meet his eye but he was no longer standing next to her but kneeling in front of her.  What caught her attention was the ring in the box he had in his hand and the smiled he held.  She tilted her head confused, “Hank?”


      “I have wanted this for while, Alexandra,” he said with he voice wrought with emotion.  “You have never seen me as a ‘Beast’ but as Henry McCoy.” He found a tear of his own and swallowed to keep his voice steady, “Alexandra, Nothing would make me happier than if you would be my wife.”  He sighed, “I am not a rich man but I love you dearly and I believe we could truly be happy if we stayed together to see what transpired.”  He almost laughed, as she didn’t seem to understand for a minute, “I know this is quicker than I had wished but I would be the happiest man in the world if you would concur.”  He cleared his voice, “Alex, will you marry me?”


      Alex laughed, nodded, and threw her arms around his neck, “Yes,” she screamed and began to kiss, “I love you too and I don’t think I could live without you.”  She found yet more tears, “You are my first because you are my heart, Henry.”  She saw him smile and they hugged tightly.  He pulled her back and placed the ring on her finger and she laughed.


    “It’s official,” he smiled standing up and kissed her.


     She stood up trying to regain her composure but laughed and jumped into his arms.  She stopped and stood back.  “You better hurry to relieve, Jean.”


      He looked over at the clock, hoped Jean wouldn’t be angry, and that nothing had happened she needed him for.  “You are right, my love,” he said and rushed to the shower.


      Alex sat back down looking at the ring flabbergasted, ‘Mrs. McCoy,’ she thought to herself. She jumped as Henry popped his head out of the bathroom and smiled.


      “We shall have a dinner and set the date and celebrate properly,” he chuckled, “complete with clothing.”


      Alex nodded and jumped up feeling giddy for the first time she could remember and she kissed him before he disappeared behind the bathroom door.


     Alex had to find Ally and Hayley and tell them everything.  She held her hand out and smiled to herself, ‘love is hard to come by,’ she told herself and then looked at her flat abdomen, ‘a child,’ she touched her stomach. She began to gather her clothing and ran to the shower.


     Hank was lathering when he found Alex opening the shower doors and stepping in with a sly smile, “I know our chances this month are not very good but would could increase them.”  She giggled, “or at least practice more.”


    He chuckled, “Is this what it will be like once you are my wife?”


   “I will probably be sick of it by then,” she joked and kissed him under the waterfall.


   He laughed, “I really need to get to the infirmary Alex and you would be great help if you would ready yourself.”  He kissed her back, winked, and added with a whisper, “my love.”


    Alex began to speed things up by helping him lather the mountains of fur on his back and chest.  She smiled, “Let’s be prepared and have names and everything ready.”


    He chuckled loving the help he was getting but he felt the shower grow cold and opened an eye to see what she was up to.


    He saw her eyes glowing and ice shooting from her body, “Alex?”  He grabbed her to steady her but his arm began to freeze and he was forced to let go of her.


    Alex hurt but she knew she had to get away from him before she froze him completely.  She felt Hank toss a robe around her in attempt to help her and/or warm her but it didn’t help either way.


     Henry watched her knowing she was in pain from her own ability and he had to help her but she moved from him and stumbled from the shower.


     “Don’t touch me Henry,” she screamed and stumbled into the bathroom door as it froze completely when it touched her.  She fell to the floor as it became as ice and she shivered inside of the robe as it began to freeze to her.


      Henry watched the floor under her creeping towards him as the ice began to threaten where he stood.  He leapt from the shower that had turned cold and to the wall.  He used his agility to propel himself off the wall and past his frozen fiancé in the doorway.  He looked at Alex who was no longer conscious and the spreading ice around her and quickly realized she wasn’t controlling her ability and it could kill her.  He grabbed his now cold pajama bottoms and pulled them on as he ran to the hallway for help.