Wolvie Femmes * Diversions






     Hayley knew she had gone farther and faster than she had in a long time and felt winded as she landed. She took in the familiar surroundings. The Bonsai tree and her red sports car caught her eye as she touched the hood a little lovingly and then sighed remembering a car seat wouldn’t fit in there.


    She was home and smiled seeing the house locked up as she and Logan had left it last time. She produced a key from her shoe and popped the lock open. It was hot and stuffy and she turned on the some fans to rid it of the stale air.


    She hit the answering machine noticing the blinking light. She listened to the possible dancing jobs and some inquiries for Justice and Alex about their work, it seemed like a lifetime away now.


    She turned on the stereo and techno music poured out and she smiled. She made her way to the kitchen and got a glass of water once she had seen most of the food they had left had since expired.


    She felt better once she had a drink and leaned on the counter thinking of what had happened between her and Remy. They told the other they loved each other she frowned a little as she drew with her finger in the moist circles her glass made on the counter. The only people she had only said that to were Justice and her sisters.


   She was confused as she thought back to how Remy’s words spurred her to defend her against Vic. He meant a lot to her and she didn’t want to be out of his life. In the little time she had known him she had become found of him. She didn’t care if he had been a thief or was poor.


   She felt the child kick her and touched her stomach thoughtfully, ‘Would the baby matter to him?’


   She collapsed against the counter with her head in her hands trying to hold her tears back. ‘Did he say so she would fight back? Did he mean it?’


   She took a long drink and looked out the kitchen window and the gardens that had become overgrown from lack of care. She smiled knowing if Alex saw that she would go nuts.


    She heard a noise behind her and kicked her leg up to protect herself. She locked at Remy who merely smiled and caught it easily.


   “Shoul’ lock de door if yo’ don’t wan’ company,” he joked. “Yo’ ok, Chere?”


   “Well, if you let go of my leg,” She smiled as he released her leg quickly. “And I did lock the door.”


    He gave her a knowing smile and showed her had nothing up his sleeves to cheer her up but he was still worried, “Why yo’ run?” he said he eyes a little sad and then he looked around, “Wha’ is dis place?”


    “My home,” she smiled.


    He nodded with a smile looking at the décor a little harder now. He turned to her and touched her hand. “Yo’ run from me non?”


   “No,” she said quietly. “I just wanted to give you some space too.” She leaned against the counter.


   He moved closer watching her carefully for signs that she disapproved but she only lifted her eyes to his. He took her hands in his and pulled to her. “Wha’ yo’ runnin’ from, chere?” he whispered.


   “I’m confused, that’s all.” She met his eyes again felling like she would melt against his charms and she felt tears sting her face but Remy pulled her closer and she wrapped her arms around his strong chest.


     Remy pulled her back and studied her hard. “’bout wha?”


    “What did that mean?” she pulled away from him but she had to know.


     He narrowed his eyes at her realizing she meant the words it had taken them so long to say, “Meant, I love yo’.” He lit a cigarette watching her and it dawned on him that she might have been using him like many women in his past. He felt like somebody had knocked the air from him. “T’ought yo’ felt de same.”


     Hayley exhaled, “I do, but it’s all new to me.” She watched his hurt face looking her up and down as he took a long drag from his cigarette.


     Remy chuckled as he rested his cigarette against the sink and came closer to her and dipped his head to her and found her lips. “We take it slow den.” He said softly and he held her hand.


     She smiled a little but didn’t want to let go of his hand. His touch was exquisite to her. She wasn’t uncomfortable with him at all but found herself looking in his eyes as if she was rediscovering him. She touched his face as a few tears fell but Remy’s thumb wiped them away gently. She kissed him fully and with the wave of new emotions through them both, the kiss deepened leaving them both a breathless as they parted.


    She took a deep breath and found her hands under his shirt as she kissed him again. “I do love you, Remy.”


    He heard her words and kept control and pulled away, “Yo’ sure yo’ wan’ dis?”


   Hayley nodded but she wasn’t sure. She occasionally felt like she wanted to push him away from her but she was afraid he would run this time, from her. She knew she loved him because she never looked in anybody’s eyes and felt this way before. The black and red dancing stare was wild and carefree and they were the most beautiful things she thought she had ever seen. She pulled him back to her ignoring the feelings of fear that she had in the back of her mind. She told herself it would go away but the tears continued as Remy kissed her neck lovingly. She kissed him back but Remy pulled her hands from going further in his pants.


    He looked down knowing she felt she needed to do this for him. He touched her face kissing her tears away and she smiled weakly. “Yo’ not ready,” he brushed hair from her face. “I can wait for yo’,” he bent down to her eye level and swallowed. “I’m not going anywhere,” he hugged her to him, “ not with out you.”


   Hayley nodded, “Remy, I ‘do’ want this but something stops me.” She fell against him. “I have never wanted to be with anybody more but this…..”


   He hushed her and kissed her head as she trailed off. Once she calmed down again he stepped back, “we go’ each other now, dat’s enough for me.” He touched her hand and retrieved his cigarette finishing it off with a hard drag.


    Hayley looked at him amazed, “I’ve never been in love before.” Was what she said but her eyes were almost pleading ‘don’t hurt me.’


    “Hurts a little, non?” he smiled trying to lighten the mood, he soon realized she was scared and decided to open some with a loud sigh. He went to her and picked her up in his arms. “Trust me?” She nodded quickly. “I love you, chere. I don’t care who de bebe’ poppa is.” He felt her sigh. “We deal wit’ it together.” He clutched her to his chest. “I’m not gon’ hur’ yo’.”


    She heard his reassuring words and knew it was hard for him to do, “Remy, I don’t care who you were or what you have or don’t.” She saw him relax a little more as he let her feet hit the ground carefully but he crossed his arms.


     “Even though de Angel t’inks yo’ need a man lik’ him wi’ money,” he challenged. “Yo’ don’ know abou’ de past I had, Hayley.” He felt a little ashamed. He knew all to well the guilds might even come looking for him or Rayne.


      “I don’t care about your past,” she sighed, “And I am ‘not’ in love with Warren.” She scrunched her nose. “If your past brings something we will face it together.” She touched his face knowing it had been bad. “I may not have been in love before but I can see somebody who has been. If an ex comes for you or something else, then I will be here no matter what you decide.” She saw him relax a little.


      “Might no’ say dat if yo’ knew,” he touched her face.


      “If we’re in love,” she watched him smile a little at the words. “That’s all that matters.” The both regained their composure. “Besides, you know of what my father did and it will always haunt us.” She sighed.


       Remy nodded and held her around her waist. “Let’s get yo’ back before yo’ sisters skin me alive.”


      She still wanted to be alone with him but knew he was right and they needed to take it slow. “Do you want to see the rest of the house before we leave?”


      He shrugged, “Sure.”


      He let her lead him back to the living room he had silently crept through when he had gotten there and she led him to the upstairs and began showing him their rooms.





     Alex tried to keep up with Ally in the air but she lost sight of her and began to run at her own pace to her Uncle’s house.


    She could feel Hayley’s mind going through turmoil, happiness and sadness and Alex sighed. ‘She must have found Remy and be working it out.’ Out of breath a little she slowed down looking at the turning leaves and the sunshine. They didn’t get the time to see much of that in the infirmary or constantly being bothered by the Brotherhood.


     Alex felt she was the ‘safe’ triplet. Magneto wanted Hayley and Ally for their stronger powers and their unborn. Alex sighed once again in her sister’s shadows but it was fine by her. Unlike her limelight siblings she was happy to sit back and make her quiet contributions.


     She wondered how Rayne and the new X-man were doing and she began to pick up the pace to help Beast.


      Alex heard a noise and jumped back she let her telepathy go and knew it was trouble. She began to run to take cover and turned in the opposite direction to hide but slammed into the body of the Pyro.


      He laughed readying his fire at her, “Ready, love?” He teased in his cockney accent.


      Alex dodged his fire already winded from the earlier battle and her tiring run. “For what?” She challenged as he threw several ice rings at him.


      Pyro avoided them easily but kept a coy smile as he kept her busy.


      She knew she was wearing down easily but wouldn’t give in. Suddenly she found something clasped to her head and she turned to see the Scarlet Witch smiling at her.


      “Got you.” She cooed at Alex.


       Alex tried to freeze her but nothing happened then she began her fighting stance but Wander ducked her kicks and throws easily which seemed to be too weak to acknowledge.


        Wanda smiled regarding the weak Cat. “This is for my brother.” Then she brought her fist into Alex face hard.


         Soon Alex saw the ground coming at her and she tried to call for her sisters.