Aubrey and Josh were moving slowly towards the people coming towards the battle with Sabertooth. Josh remembered what Ally had said about others and they looked dangerous.

Josh jumped at them letting his poison fly at the blonde as he grabbed her arm. The large guy with her moved quickly and grabbed Josh by the neck. Aubrey ran to her brother's defense and screeched at them and they stumbled back.

Alex caught her balance against these two as she and Justice grabbed their ears. ' She has to run out of air some time.' Her eyes started to glow as she froze the blue hair girl. She caught her breath and noticed the stare the guy gave her from Justice's feet.

Josh looked at his sister. 'Frozen? Oh no.' he looked at them with a somewhat surprised expression. "Are you Ice-cat?"

Alex was moving towards them as Justice started to his feet too. She nodded with a determined stride as she continued her approach. Justice started to uppercut the clean-cut boy as he stood.

"Stop," Alex yelled at her brother as she held her hand up like a command.

Josh scrambled to his feet before the big blonde guy could try to upper cut him again. He met the beautiful blonde's eyes. They were glowing like Ally's had and she looked just like Ally except for the hair color. Why hadn't he seen it before? " You are Ally-cat's sister?" She nodded at him again. 'Damn that meant they had attacked Alex Adams and the blonde guy was probably Justice Adams.' He was immediately grateful that Justice's powerful punch did not connect with his jaw. "We are on your side."

Justice stood next to him with his arms crossed, "Prove it." He narrowed his brow at him.

"Help Aubrey first." He pointed to his frozen sister; "We can take you to her."

"I can find my sister on my own" Alex said bravely as she crossed her arms but she felt sick.

"If you ARE telepaths like your sister, then contact her. She needs help." Josh was as worried for Ally as her was Aubrey.

Justice and Alex exchanged a look and sighed. They both felt for their sister. He was right. Alex released her grip on the pretty blue hair girl and she looked to Justice to help balance her.

Justice felt Alex's grip on his shoulder and looked at Alex's pale face. " Are you okay?"





Hayley smiled as she landed next to Ally. It was good to see her even if she looked rough.

"He looks good in red." Hayley joked. She looked at Ally with the young man, "You look like shit, sis."

"I have been better," Ally gasped she held her side tightly. She hurt but she couldn't rest now.

"You're Fire-cat?" Ty asked her

"Who's he?" Hayley turned to Ally.

"A friend," Ally was watching Creed pull himself up slowly.

"You and your sisters are legends in the lab." Ty said breathlessly.

"What?" Hayley laughed at him. 'Was he for real?'

Ally was annoyed at his star struck attitude. She felt his mind 'Pay attention, Ty,' she scolded him mentally.

Ty looked at her with his smile gone. He nodded as Victor was on his feet and approached the three.

"Burn me up," he purred as he stared at Hayley, " You've set me on fire before, Hayley."

She scowled at him. He rushed her and she ducked using her back to let him go flying over her. He pounced back at her holding her from behind.

"After our little encounter," he breathed in her ear, "I am sure I am still with you."

Disgusted she tried to jerk away, he tightened his grip and she turned hot to touch. He finally let her go.

"You have nothing left, Vic?" She laughed. "You are just trying to play with my mind now."

He slapped her knocking her back. He burnt his hand as he hit her and he clasped it for a moment instinctively. She kicked him hard, square in the chest. He went down but got right back up. Hayley glanced at Ally as Sabertooth started towards them slowly.

Sabertooth went flying back as Logan leapt out of the air. He sat on top of him slashing as Sabertooth tried to counter. He kicked Logan off and started to get to his own feet.

Ally's heart jumped at the sight of her husband. She knew to keep back and keep the others back when he was like this.

"Like picking on women?" Logan growled as he took a summary glance at Sabertooth. Sabertooth knew he was in trouble.

Hayley eyed Alex and Justice walking up from behind the trees. They had two other people with them.

Crystal was shocked at the scene as she arrived. She threw Logan a mental slap trying to help Sabertooth out. Logan staggered back slightly.

Hayley eyed Crystal, "oh no, this Bitch is mine." Hayley mumbled as she jumped into the air. Ally walked over and hugged Justice and Alex before anybody else could attack them.

Justice made a face, 'Ally looks bad.' He noticed some of her blood on him. 'She's bleeding.' She started towards Hayley to help her. Justice grabbed her arm lightly to stop her. " I am on it, Al." He said earnestly.

"Justice she is a telepath," Ally walked slowly away determined.

Hayley kicked Crystal and Crystal looked very scared. 'She fights hard like Mystique.' She thought. Crystal knew she couldn't hand to hand fight like that. Crystal jumped in Hayley's head before Hayley could realize what she had done. Hayley screamed and jumped back. She felt blinded and shook her head trying to clear it. She breathed deep trying to center. She let her fireball her and Logan screamed in pain. Hayley watched Logan writhing in pain trying to put the flames out. Hayley looked at Crystal's smug expression. ' How had she confused her so badly?'

Ty watched the two women then he rushed Crystal knocking her over with a strong running force. Ally came up behind her.

Logan panicked as he saw Ally going after Hayley's combatant. Ally looked pretty bad. He sat on top of Sabertooth and before Creed could take advantage of Logan's distractions, Logan hit him in a hard rage and knocked him out.

Ally kicked Crystal in the back trying to get Crystal's attention. Crystal smiled weakly at Ally as she noticed the crimson color flowing freely from Ally's side.

"Too easy," she cooed at her opponent.

Ally gave her a weak grin. She had been inside Crystal's lower caverns and thresholds of Crystal's mind to know how to bring her to her knees.

Ally's eyes began to glow as two soft pools of blue as she found the deep resource in Crystal's mind. Ally unwillingly floated into the breeze as her she let her ability float over her like a soft cloud. Ally touched her presence before Crystal could start her mental probe at Allyson, Crystal went flying back against a tree with a loud thud.

Alex followed her sister's cue and placed a prison of Ice around Crystal. Then Alex turned her attention to Vic as Victor found himself in the same cube of see through bluish white squares. Alex walked to Justice on borrowed feet. She held on to him uneasily as the world spun slightly and Joshua found her with a concerned glance.

"Alex?" Justice whispered with his eyes full of worry.