Ty had an idea what was going on, he thought it would only be a matter of time before the Adams would try to infiltrate their father. He was sitting by the basketball courts while he watched the students play. He had played against them until he was too sweaty and they were too easy for him to beat. He had hoped to let the exercise take his mind off everything but it didn't work.

He saw Aubrey's blue hair coming towards him slowly in her school gray shorts and shirt. He met her eyes with a smile but she looked too serious. 'Uh, oh. Did I do that?' He laughed to himself.

She gave in to his infectious smile. "Beat everyone on the courts already?" she smiled as she gestured to the other students on the court playing basketball.

He shrugged, "Not really in the mood to play, I guess,"

She smiled at his modesty, she knew he was the best player there and Ty wasn't one to boast but she found him for another reason. "Ty you might want to pack," she sighed, "We are leaving soon."

"What?" He blinked at her. "You and Josh are Casper?"

She noticed he hadn't added himself to his statement. "You are staying here?" she wasn't sure what was going on. "Why, Ty?"

"Why do you want to go?"

"Josh and I donít trust the Professor."

"What about Wolverine? Or Ally? She helped us escape."

"She isn't an X-man."

"Wolverine is." He shot back, "I know you trust him"

"Allyson is out of here today." She sighed. She loved Ty. She always had and she didn't want to fight with him but how could anybody be so blind. Or was it she that was blind, obviously he was in love with Ally.

"Wolverine is staying," He looked over at the other students suddenly he had a lot of energy and wanted to go play basketball.

"Ty did you see that woman?" She waited for him to look at her. "I saw her in Adam's lab and he didn't experiment on her." She lifted her dog tags for inspection. "She has no dog tags."

"Who Aramis?" he laughed. "Alex helped her escape." He sighed loudly, "Decibel, think for yourself, Josh has you too suspicious."

"After all we have been through Ty suspicion is only natural defense."

"Yeah, so is relaxing," he stopped as he saw Storm coming towards them. He tilted his head in the direction she was closing in on them from. Aubrey turned to see the white haired teacher almost upon them.

"I hope I am not interrupting," she smiled.

"Not really," Ty smiled but Aubrey folded her arms.

"The Professor was hoping to see you both," she realized she had interrupted something.

"Sure," Ty started away quickly and motioned to Aubrey, she sighed and followed him.




Scott looked out the window past the pool where Justice was getting the car ready for their trip, Everyone knew they would be as far north as Canada but nobody knew anything more not even the Adams, that was very peculiar to him but then he wasn't telepathic. Scott had a bad feeling about the whole plan. He did like the Adams, even crazy Hayley, and he didn't want to see them taking on their dad alone. He heard somebody move behind him and turned quickly to see Jean smiling.

She noticed his scowl, "Why so pensive?"

"I wasn't entirely sold on that crazy plan about the benefit and I am not sold on this either." He sighed as he continued to look out the window. "It's not a good idea, Jean."

"We can't make them stay," she looked out the window to see what had his attention and saw Justice fumbling with the luggage in the trunk of the car. He seemed to be having a time of it and was doing everything but jumping on the trunk lid. Jean smiled at the sight. Discouraged Justice reminded her a lot of Hayley. 'Since when did Scott trust the 'Cats', Justice or Logan. I thought Scott would be glad to see them go.'

"How is Jordan?" Scott asked interrupting Jean's thoughts.

"She is doing well, Ally healed her earlier," Jean smiled. They didn't know she could transfer her power to somebody she wasn't related to but they were all in agreement that she shouldn't weaken herself before the trip. Allyson had a long road ahead with her father.

Scott shook his head silently; "Ally's as crazy as Logan."

"Have you met the nanny the Professor and Allyson hired?"


"She is a mutant." Jean said slowly, "Some kind of Empath" Scott faced her surprised.


Jean nodded, "It turns out Alex help her escape from Professor Adams. She is also telekinetic."

"What is she like?"

"Her name is Aramis or Kim," She smiled "She took Jordan's pain but she couldn't heal her, that is just part of her gift." She continued to watch Scott's astonished face.

"Well I met Remy," He smiled as he looked back at the window.

"He seems nice," she laughed, "A big flirt." Then she suddenly remembered, "Oh, the Professor has Remy scheduled for the danger room with Logan on the low levels. He wants to see what he can do."

"How about Aramis?"

"She wouldn't be good in battle" Jean shook her head, "Her gifts are more of a defense but the professor would like for her work on it." The last thing they needed was another person to protect and Aramis had the promise to be independent. She glanced at Justice still struggling with the numerous suitcases. "So many coming and going."

"How about Ty and his friends?"

She shrugged, "They are invited to stay."

Scott looked out the window as Justice threw a suitcase out of anger and a smile crept to Scott's face, 'A lot of changes going on.'

Ty knocked on the Professor's door. "Come in" was the greeting the heard through the door.

Ty looked dubiously at the large office, "You wanted to see us?" he asked as Aubrey followed him.

"Yes, Perhaps we should wait for Joshua." Xavier suggested from behind the large wood desk. He was holding a mug and put it down as he gave them a small smile. The room was elegant and impressive, like the professor. It was an overwhelming environment and obviously Xavier was trying to compensate for it with his warmth.

They heard another knock and Ty could see the professor looked a little surprised, "Scott, Come in." Xavier called.

Cyclops walked in as Ty and Aubrey sat down.

Scott smiled, "I don't mean to interrupt. Do you mind if I wait?" Scott knew the professor was going to ask the trio to stay and he wanted to be there in case Death Angel got out of control He didn't want to let that on but what could you really hide from the professor?

Xavier must have known why he was there because he gave Scott a little annoyed look; "This is not a private matter you may stay." Xavier watched Scott as a father would a reprimanded child. Then he turned to Ty and Aubrey, "Unless you would rather not."

"Doesn't matter to me, "Aubrey shrugged.

Ty gave a big smile, "More power to ya," he laughed a little at Scott.

Another knock at the door told the professor that Josh was there and Scott was already on his way to open it.

Josh stood there looking at Scott as though he owed him money. Scott raised an eyebrow and Death Angel brushed past Cyclops. 'Enough attitude in that kid,' he thought then he realized he was right to be present. Josh found a place to sit next to Aubrey.

"Thank you for coming so quickly," Xavier smiled at the motley crew. He placed his hands on the desk in front of him. "I wanted to extend welcome to you to feel free to stay on here. You could stay on as students and learn to control you abilities. In time rejoin society with new eyes or stay on and teach or become an X-man."

Josh looked like a man on trial as he began to cross and uncross his legs and arms. It was Aubrey who spoke up though, "No, thank you." She said sweetly.

Charles didn't look surprised. "I understand"

Ty's head turned for the Professor then back to his friends and back. "Hey. No, wait." Ty jumped up. He looked at Aubrey and Josh. "Look you guys may want the one way ticket out, cool, but don't speak for me." Ty looked at Xavier, "Chuck," he shook his head. "Xavier," Then he closed his eyes and took a deep breath and didn't notice Scott's and Charles' amused looks. "I mean Professor Xavier, I would like to stay here," Then Ty met the Professor's eye. "That is if you don't mind if it's just me?"

Scott held a chuckle 'Chuck?' No student had done that before.

Josh had been listening to Ty with horror and then he jumped to his feet to meet Ty face to face. "We are a team" Josh shot at Ty with a hurt expression, "We always have been a team."

Scott began to make his was to the young men slowly in preparation of a fight.

Ty held his ground, "Josh, I am not joined at the head with you guys." Ty looked over to the professor, "I trust you, Logan and Ally, I would like to stay."

Aubrey was on her feet now. "Ally and the rest of her family are leaving too."

"They are coming back," Ty said quickly, "I want to stay, I want to help."

Aubrey positioned herself in between her brother and her friend, "We want to help too." She said quietly. "We can't help here though, We aren't comfortable here" she smiled uncomfortably at the professor.

The professor watched the young woman, he wished he could have gotten to know her better. "The invitation still stands and I wish you all the best, if you stay or leave."

Josh scoffed as he stared at him, "Thanks, but no." he said coldly then he reached past Aubrey to push Ty hard causing Ty to take a step back. Then Josh gave Ty a hateful look as he stormed from the office.

Aubrey grabbed Ty to balance him and sighed, "He is just being an ass. It must be all that poison he carries." She laughed a little uncomfortable. "Thank you" she turned to the professor, "but my place is besides my brother."

"Aubrey think for you," Ty said in a tone that sounded a little desperate.

"I have, I have to go with or he will get himself killed." She smiled at him as she tilted her head and leaned up on her toes, then she kissed Ty on the lips.

Scott and the professor looked away quickly a little surprised, then Scott cleared his throat.

Aubrey looked at them not the least bit embarrassed and smiled. "Bye, Ty." She whispered as she started away.

Ty was taken back, 'How could anybody be so blind?' he looked at Aubrey with new eyes. "Aubrey," he grabbed her arm and stopped her but he knew he could stop her from following her brother now more than Logan could Ally. 'Some times separate paths are needed,' He thought.

He sighed, "Take care, decibel." He smiled ruefully and gave her a quick hug. 'What more could anybody say?' He was afraid for them to go with out him but he didn't want to go with them.

Aubrey touched his face gently and smiled, "Bye" she called as she walked out quickly. She brushed against the tall red headed man as she walked out of office. She gave the man a quick apologetic smile and ran off in search of Josh.

Gambit smiled at the sweet young woman with the soft blue hair and he followed her descent with great interest. He heard somebody calling him and he returned his attention to the office.

He laughed, "Dis too young fo' Gambit?" he smiled at Scott and stared back down the hall.

Scott lowered his gaze, "Yes, she is," Scott watched Gambit closely, he has the same spirit as Logan or Hayley.

"Come in Remy, " The professor smiled, "This is Tyler. Tyler this is Remy," He gestured between the two.

Ty Grabbed Remy's hand and pumped it enthusiastically. Remy jerked it back and began to swear in French as he shook his now sore hand. "Strong, eh?" Remy cocked a grin at Ty. He produced a card from seemingly no where. He held the glowing ace up in mock threat, showing off. "Dis Gambit." He smiled as he gestured to himself.

Scott watched him, 'What a show off.'

Ty smiled at Gambit and shrugged, "Just call me Ty or Kamikaze."

"Gambit" the professor said in a tired tone, "I would like for you to train in the danger room with Wolverine, You may be what he needs to take his mind off a few things." He smiled.

Gambit gave them a cocky grin, "female, no?" he laughed at his own guess of what the professor meant.

"Tyler, I am glad you decided to stay," the professor came forward from behind his desk. " I hope you will feel welcome here."

Ty just nodded as Scott came over and offered a welcome, Aubrey left him very confused.





Allyson smiled with new pride as her baby and spoke reassuringly to it in another language Logan couldn't make out even with his heightened senses; he stood in the doorway watching her a little closer now. He wanted to go with her and ensure the well being of the child she carried. She was stubborn, as was he and he knew that could lead to problems. He wasn't hiding the fact he was watching Ally but he didn't want to interrupt either.

"If I have to dance with devils or kill angels to get back to you, I will," she whispered to the infant. The small child gurgled at her as it settled down in her arms as she sat in the rocking chair and she wiped a tear from her cheek. Her hair tumbled down past her shoulders shielding her face and the baby from Logan's view like a red curtain. Logan watched her with awe, he never knew a mother to love her children more and she seemed to be a natural mother. He walked over to her slowly and put his hand on her shoulder.

"Hey you," she said sweetly without looking up and the child in her arms began to kick it's feet upon sight of it's father. Logan could feel himself smile as the baby made a little chuckling sound. He was a proud father if nothing else and he knew he would stand by them as much as their little stubborn spirits would let him.

"You'll be back before you know it," he forced a grin on his face as he knelt down to her side. He realized she was holding Amber. He knew his children meant more to him than anything that also made them his weakness. He worried for Hayley and her child she would learn this all for herself and by herself.

"Hayley," she looked at him confused. "What about Hayley?"

'Is she in my head? Does she know Hayley's pregnant?' he worried

"Hayley? Pregnant? Come on now," she laughed

He looked at her a little hurt that she would invite herself into his head. "Why are you in my head?"

"You weren't talking?" she looked very surprised as she faced him and he realized she didn't understand either.


Her mouthed dropped open.

Logan watched hear worried now. "You aren't controlling it?" he watched her shake her head, "Maybe you ought to talk to X."

"We are leaving any minute and what do you mean Hayley's pregnant?"

He shook his head, 'Women' he laughed and then he filled her in out what he knew. "She doesn't want anybody to know yet but you know how Hayley gets, so keep an eye on her if you can." He looked at her hard trying to memorize her features. He was going to miss her. She leaned over and kissed him and he could feel her kiss him but it was different, it was sad and unpassionate, empty.

"Is that all I get?" he laughed. He pulled her closer and pushed her against his mouth hard and needy. This time there was no sadness or teafullness to it just passion, until a small child began to laugh in Ally's arms.

Ally kissed the baby tenderly as she stood to put the child to bed. Once she put Amber in her crib another look to her face.

"I have to go," she said as she pushed her lips together and folded her arms, then she looked sadly at the cribs.

Logan put a hand on Ally's shoulder, "Take your time," he was walking out as Aramis was walking in.

Ally smiled at Aramis, "I have a schedule for you of their routine but they may change it before I get back."

Ally unfolded the paper she had retrieved from her pocket and handed it to Aramis and they briefly brushed hands. Ally felt a shock as if lightening had struck her but she realized she couldn't feel sad anymore. Then she realized what had happened, Aramis had taken her emotion. 'Had she done it on purpose?' Ally wasn't sure how to react or if she could, she wasn't even sure if she had done it on purpose.

Aramis met Ally's eye; her thoughts became transparent to Ally, she had meant to do it to make things easier on Allyson. With Ally's sadness gone, she gave Aramis a blank expression she ran out of the room. She would have to decide later how to deal with Aramis.

Alex kissed Beast and sighed, she would miss him. 'Parting is such sweet sorrow,' she laughed to herself. She felt him tuck something hard and flat into the palm of her hand. It was a computer disk. She glanced at it confused, 'Hadn't they perfected the program?'

As they began to walk Beast smiled, "I made some adjustments to the program," he smiled at her. "I wanted to be sure you were not detected."

She nodded and slipped it into her bag.

Ally saw Alex and Hank ahead and she realized they were already walking towards the car. Alex turned and smiled at her.

"Have you seen Hayley," Ally asked Alex, she didn't want to risk using her telepathy, it was going crazy and about to take her with it.

Beast looked at the sisters and laughed lightly. They both had the same tank dress in a different color and with Ally's hair still a little blonde; they looked like twins again.

Ally sighed, "Oh ha, ha Hank," she felt Justice touch her mind. "Justice has the car all packed. He is ready."

"What about Hayley?" Alex asked them.

Ally nodded, "We leave her." Ally said seriously then laughed, "I will ask Logan to collect her, he isn't far from her."

Alex and Hank both noticed she located Hayley and Logan with no effort. "Ally, you seem to be using your telepathy at alarming rates. Are you worried about this at all?"

"It has gotten stronger lately and yeah it seems to come me very easily." She shrugged. She really didn't want to analyze it right now.

"Is the professor concerned?" Beast watched her nonchalant attitude carefully.

"I don't know," Ally said plainly.

Alex and Hank exchanged a worried glance; Alex was worried now and would have to talk to Justice.



Logan sighed at Ally's mental request to get his sister in law. 'Didn't I see enough of her already? What was she up to anyway in the students industrial arts section?' He could hear somebody using power tools and he could smell Hayley's scent before he opened the door.

He found an amusing sight, Hayley was still dressed in her dress and had her hair piled on top of her head and her make-up was still perfect. She looked like a model that had stepped into wood shop for a photo shoot. She stood amidst of a pile of sawdust as she examined a large piece of wood she had in a vice. She worked skillfully putting grooves into the wood and stopped at sight of Logan. She had a cigarette dangling from her lip that didn't quite fit in with her model like exterior.

"You gonna quit smoking?" Logan called to Hayley, as she looked up a little annoyed. She must have known he was there.

"I'm trying okay?"

He walked over eyeing her work, "What are you making?"

"A crib," she sighed, "kid's gotta sleep some place."

"Not today, Hayl, they are ready to go."

"I know, " she puffed her cigarette, then put it out, and then she released the wood and put it aside carefully. "Ready," she started with him out the door and she finally reached up and pulled the restraint from her hair letting her raven waves fall around her shoulders and back.

"Can't very well dress in spandex and braids around Oliver, huh?" he glanced at the now professional looking Hayley.

"I did when I didn't care what he thought." She smiled, "but right now it is better not to make waves with Olly."

They found the car quickly and Justice, Ally and Alex waiting for her. Logan gave Hayley's arm a quick squeeze. "Take care of yourself, Hayl." Then he made his way to Ally.

"Over the river and through the woods to Poppa's house we go" Hayley was butchering the old song, Logan shook his head. Justice laughed and pushed Hayley into the car. Justice winked at Ally and Logan as he jumped into the driver's seat.

Alex gave Logan a hug and tossed her small bag into the back seat and she followed it into the car.

Hayley began to fumble with the radio controls and hummed to an old Beatles tune.

Ally folded herself into Logan's arms and she could hear his heart beating as she relaxed against his warm chest. She missed him before she even left but she refused to cry about this.

"Watch your back, Al." He said as he pulled her away to look at her eyes. "I won't be far if you need me."

"I know."

He pulled her into a kiss and enjoyed the closeness and held her tighter.

"I GET KNOCKED DOWN," Screamed the radio as Hayley began to howl along with it.

Ally laughed and Logan kissed her head with a small smile but his eyes were full of concern. She touched his hand and then she got into the car. Logan closed it and waved to the rest

"He takes a whiskey drink, He takes a vodka drink," Hayley yelled with the radio oblivious to all else.

Justice pulled the car away as Logan watched his wife and unborn child taken away from him again.

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