Death of an Icon:

“Charles,” Oliver smiled to his half brother slightly amused as Oliver watched Xavier lying helpless on the ground apart from his chair. “You can not win.”


         Jean began to help Xavier into his chair and Jean felt her own anger take over slowly. She centered her mind and she threw Oliver with a hard telekinetic throw. Jean surprised herself with the strength she used and then she realized that Ally was helping her.


       Ally-Cat was in the air to avoid any ground attack as she now worked with Jean to push her father back from the professor.  Ally found her place next to Jean when she landed but kept walking forward towards her father pushing Oliver away from Xavier.


       Charles began to push a mental attack at Oliver as well and Oliver realized he wouldn’t last long against all three of them. His eyes went to Omega Red as he concentrated at the giant man. Jump stood slowly from his body, separating herself from Omega Red. She looked at them with the same dazed expression she held before. Jump flashed as her body dissipated and she reappeared next to Xavier dutifully.


      “No,” Jean said quickly as she realized why Jump was there.


       Xavier and Jean turned their mental attacks to Jump in a blind attempt to stop her but she kept moving to Xavier unaffected. She became one with Xavier quickly as she sat in the chair with him and very quickly Xavier donned a blank expression.  Xavier turned his attention to Jean’s attentive stare.


      Jean kept trying her mental attack on Jump but could only watch as Jump took over the Professor’s being. She only could weakly hope he wouldn’t be effected by this mutant but he turned to look at her with the same blind look that the others had carried. She felt the Professor’s familiar thoughts in her mind but there was another and it brought pain.

     ‘Scream’. It said to her. All she could do was fall to her knees bellowing as she writhed in mental anguish.


     Logan and Justice were beginning to feel the raw wrath of Jason’s powerful water blast. Each drop of water felt like a needle into their skin. Logan and Justice edged slowly forward against the force of the liquid. Justice found he was almost on top of Jason and Oliver was distracted by the on going battle with Xavier. Justice got with in arm’s reach of Jason but Jason flowed into a puddle onto the floor as he had before and the water attack was released quickly. Justice now realized the scream that was coming from Jean and began to try to counter the attack that left her disabled.

    Logan stood straight and shook the water quickly before he lunged for Oliver. Logan realized Ally had him distracted with her mental attack, as she stood unmoving with her eyes softly glowing. Logan leapt for Oliver and scored a blow to Oliver’s shoulder, gaining his attention fully.


   Oliver grabbed his shoulder as he pushed Logan and Justice back, holding them both mentally. Oliver looked down at his injured shoulder and felt his temper begin to take over as he watched the two men he now held at bay. He wanted to push Wolverine and into to the pool and hold him below the water but he knew he needed Wolverine alive. Oliver looked at the scarlet blood that oozed over his fingers from his shoulder’s jagged knife wounds and felt the sacrificial need. He grabbed Justice and threw him into the pool that Jason frequented and held him below the water thrashing about.



      Ally watched her beloved as he took control and impaled Oliver with the adamantium reach but Logan was denied his second strike as Oliver held him mentally. Ally realized that it was on her as she inched forward slightly until her father held her still. She watched as Oliver threw Justice into the pool like a rag doll and began to drown her brother. She watched Logan’s impatient face and he jerked involuntarily against the invisible hold and let herself concentrate on her father’s hold on Justice.

    You are coming home with me Justice,’ she fought against her father’s powerful grasp and pulled Justice’s head above the water. She took a deep breath and jerked him free so quickly he went flying into Logan.

      Ally knew her father would have killed Justice and knew she had to stop this now. She glanced at her Alex and Hayley’s sleeping forms as an idea formed in her mind quickly. She Began to let he ability take control of her as she tapped Alex and Hayley’s strength and ability. Her eyes began to glow slightly the sky blue they were and finally began to become giant sapphires as she continued her intense look of concentration into blankness.

     Ally groaned as she realized the professor was also probing her mind but she realized that it gave Jean the opportunity to push back as Ally did.

     Hayley’s eyes flew open as she felt her sister racing through her brain and then Alex began to wake as well. They both gasped, as they understood what was happening to them.


     Ally began to glow with a new aura as Alex and Hayley’s ability’s fell over Ally-cat. Ally felt overwhelmed with having it all at once. She rose off the floor feeling light and hot with Hayley’s heat and she manage to float evenly above the floor. She felt Alex’s ice fill her fingertips and began to shoot little shards of frozen crystals towards the floor. She suppressed the elemental gifts as she used the extra telepathy from her sisters to break her father’s telekinetic hold from the Logan and her.


     Logan jumped to his feet realizing he was free of the mental grasp. He was held back by Justice strong hand on Logan’s shoulder. Logan grew angry with him but waited for him to offer a quick excuse.

    “Wait,” Justice took a deep breath obviously pained, “Ally has this”

    “What?” Logan growled shaking Justice’s hand off his shoulder.

    “She has shared ability and might not be able to handle them. We can’t get in the way and distract her ”

    Logan did follow Justice’s lead as they moved closer to her for back up. Logan refused to be far from her side.


      “Fancy that,” Oliver drawled and smiled weakly at his daughter, “Three mutants in one.” Oliver’s look softened as he came closer to her with his hand outstretched in a gesture of compassion. “Allyson, I am your father.”

       Ally flew closer to him leaving Logan and Justice on her heals. Hayley and Alex slowly began to join the motley crew. Ally hovered close to her father trying to control her flight.

      “Ally would I hurt you?” Oliver played the last act of a desperate man.

      Ally felt Hayley’s consuming anger for Oliver and Alex’s compassion. She also carried Alex’s new knowledge of the experiments and fought to sort her thoughts.

      Willow watched slowly she knew she wasn’t as stronger as the rest of them but she wouldn’t let Oliver walk out of here. Willow had been living among the animals waiting for her chance to rid the world of this menace now she was frightened Oliver might convince Ally-cat he was genuine. Willow felt her own anger begin to as her face and hands got hot. She began to move as everyone else’s attention stayed on the father and daughter confrontation.


         Ally felt her hands clench into fists as she slowly proceeded. ‘Hayley was right. He had never cared about them.’ Ally thought as she watched her father’s pathetic acting. ‘Was he begging for his life?’ Ally felt a coy look overtake her face, all too much like Hayley. Ally watched her father’s look change as she held out her flat hand to him and blew on it gently. A fireball began to slowly dance on Ally’s hand as it formed into shape and became bigger. Ally used her other hand above it to gather more heat to push it further. She felt it being pushed back by her father and began to use her telekinesis to push it with the heat to him.

        Willow stopped short as she noticed the man become engulfed in flames. She was unaware of her open mouthed smile as she watched her mentor and tormentor fall to the ground and put himself out. She realized he would get away through Jason’s pool, when she saw him run towards the water. She wouldn’t let him go. She couldn’t let him do to others what he had done to wolf or the countless others she had heard of. She shape-shifted in a wolf and ran past Logan and Justice. She felt Logan and Justice grabbing for her and winced when she felt them pull clumps of hair from her back and tail in attempt to stop her.

       ‘Wolf would be proud,’ Willow thought to herself as she got closer the man she wanted to stop.



       Ally watched her father getting closer to the watery escape whole and she realized he would get away.

      “Oh no you don’t” Ally mumbled as she began to chase after him. Ally couldn’t keep up with his head start and threw one of Alex’s ice rings in a last attempt to stop him. She had not anticipated that a wolf with an aura would attack her father.  Ally watched the wolf she realized was Willow as she was hit with the ice ring intended for Oliver.

       As Willow jumped for Oliver she found herself hit with Ally’s attack and her joints began to freeze and muscles halted. Willow’s wolf features froze as the she let a scream in mid-air from the freezing effects.  The wolf fell to the ground as it became ice and thudded apart into several colorful pieces of flesh and fur.

      Ally’s face fell as she watched the wolf hit the ground into an icy corpse and became a potpourri of pieces around Oliver’s feet.

     Oliver began to smile as he watched the attack miss but he fought to regain his footing among the rubble that had flown there from the damage done to the room. Oliver stumbled back and reached feebly into the air to grab something to prevent his fall. In a last impotent attempt he tried to break his fall with his telekinesis and pulled his mental attacks back to focus.


      Ally took advantage of his momentary weakness as she felt him pull from her mind. Her anger was already spiked as she viewed the remains of the young mutant frozen and bloody in pieces across the floor. She spied his attempt to stop his fall onto the jagged remains of wood and debris with his telekinesis. Her anger grew and she pushed him with telekinesis off his balance. She pushed him over on top of the rubble and moved slowly towards him as she watched him fall.


    Oliver’s face portrayed every emotion that spelled fear, betrayal, rage and pain. Oliver looked at his now impaled body and the wood the protruded from his abdomen. Oliver reached his hand towards the bloody object but didn’t touch it. He looked at his children and their mystified faces as they began to move closer to him. Ally knelt beside him with a small look of compassion but he knew she wouldn’t relent even if she could. Oliver watched Hayley, Alex and Justice over Ally’s shoulder as they stood idly by with blank expressions.  Hayley seemed sickened by the sight and Alex kept her helpless stare. 



           Allyson Adams knelt beside the man she had once called father and in his helpless state he did seem frail. She realized the amount of blood and the position of the object could mean eminent death. She felt Logan’s hand on her shoulder and she knew her siblings were behind her. They had wanted the menace to stop but the realization of his death almost seemed too terrible to bear. Memories of a young Oliver Adams flew into their minds. Ally could see her father on Christmas morning sitting next to their mother with a loving smile when they were very young. She felt her sibling’s memories that filled her being as well. Hayley’s memory was of a young Oliver sitting among an audience as she danced on stage. Justice remembered his father’s place next to their mother as they taught him his colors.

     Alex had many memories of this man, some were of the first day of school and some were of the experiments they did even latest memories. Ally sighed as she felt Alex’s memories and they melded with her own. Alex always felt things deeply and kept things dear to her and their father was one of them. Ally scooped Oliver’s head to her lap and watched him suffering to speak to her. She felt a pang of sadness for this man who had only made some bad decisions in life and the man she had known as her mentor.


       Logan watched Ally take some pity on the dying man as she brought his head into her lap and stroked Oliver’s head as he struggled to speak to her. Ally made quiet reassuring sounds but offering no claim that he would live and they all knew at this moment Oliver was questioning his mortality and life.


     “Can you help me, Allyson” Oliver gasped at his daughter’s concerned stare.


      Her features softened and she looked at her father sympathetically, “I can only take your life painlessly father but you will die this day.” She felt the tears sting against her cheeks as she watched her father nod wordlessly. Her eyes began to glow softly as she concentrated in invitation to become one with her father’s mind. 

       Ally found his mind torment of pain and confusion and understood a little more why here father had been so misguided.  She couldn’t let him die in the misery that was his mind but she led him to a recess with in her own memory of him.

      She found him in his mind and took his hand gently. He offered no words but followed her lead into his mind and found a memory of the brook that as children the children had played.

      Ally guided him to a rock and he sat back against it gently and smiled at her grateful she would do this for him after what he had done to them.

     She met his eye, “You will feel no pain here. You will only remember the best of yourself.” She smiled and pointed to the small bonsai tree on the grave. It was the grave they knew contained her mother.

    Oliver smiled at her but he seemed to weaken as his life began to let go slowly. He began to glow slowly and Ally watched as he closed his eyes. Oliver sat by the brook in his mind and gave his daughter the only solace he knew he could provide her. He glowed an aura of an angel but the aura rose from Oliver’s body and slowly became a floating orb or celestial light.

     Ally watched the orb slowly end up in front of her and she momentarily wondered if she had somehow fell into a trap. She watched the orb float to her and her father smiled softly as he opened his eyes once more.

     “I think I shall take my leave now.” Oliver said slowly and he nodded approvingly.

     Then the orb moved into Allyson’s body and she jumped from her father’s mind in the shock of the orb’s strength.

     Allyson found herself staring down at her father from the reality, which was to sit and watch him dying in her lap. He opened his eyes and stared at her with a painless but weak expression.

     Oliver looked at his daughters and his son as lovingly as he could and only hoped they knew how he had wished he could have changed things and to convey how much he had always loved them. All he could do was to focus on Ally’s tearful eyes.

     “Thank you,” Oliver said in a breath just below a whisper. Then he closed his eyes and he let go and his hand slipped from Ally’s


       Ally felt Logan’s hand squeeze her shoulder but she only wanted to retreat into tears. She was very unsure of what they had done now and she stared down at Oliver aware this reign of terror had ended. She let his head drop to the ground easily and silently said her prayer for him. Then she stood silently.

       Ally’s mind was reeling and she realized she needed to return something then maybe she could think clearly.

       “Alex. Hayley” Ally said as she faced her sisters, “You ready?”

       Hayley looked confused, “You have all of our abilities?”

       Ally nodded and took her clue from what she had seen her father do, knowing it would also be the last lesson Oliver Adams would teach. Ally shut her eyes and concentrated on what belonged to her and what did not.

     Calmness, ice, and memories of medical studies she knew belonged to Alex. They became a glowing blue sphere above Ally’s head as the spectators gasped at the sight.

    Fire, passion, disobedience, and stamina she knew belonged to Hayley. Once again a sphere materialized from Allyson’ body except it was a fiery and untamed in comparison to the perfect blue orb. The fiery orb floated above Allyson and Ally opened her eyes slowly with a look relief.


       The ice blue orb flew at Alex almost unexpectantly and she smiled feeling energized and charged with her returned ability. Alex smiled and understood that it was not just Ally that had stopped their father but Ally had carried all three of them with in her when she had battled.

       The Second fiery orb went crashing into Hayley and she gasped not expecting it to affect her so oddly. In her weakened state from the battle she found the ground become closer as blackness fell over her like a blanket.

      Justice grabbed Hayley before she hit the ground and held her to his chest. He knew they were all each other had now and he held his sister close to his chest not only to keep her safe but as a term of endearment.

      Chloe stood next to Justice and let a small smile and that was when everyone realized that Jean had stopped screaming and Xavier sat next to her. They realized that they too must have watched Oliver’s death.

      “Is he gone?”  Chloe said with a hopeful expression. She knew it seemed ghoulish but she had to know he was stopped. She watched the saddened faces and realized he was no more.

      Xavier took control of the silence. “Rogue, We will have to find Rogue.

      Ally’s mouth dropped as she could almost hear Rogue’s thoughts from being in her father’s mind.  Ally pushed past them and she ran to Afterburn’s side.

      Other mutants began to waken from their mental attack. Jason appeared unharmed and found Oliver’s body next to Chloe. Soon Kamikaze and Bonsai were standing over him as well.

      Chloe flashed and appeared next to Allyson.

       Ally tried to comb through Afterburn’s mind as she tried to find her friend.  She felt more tears and realized she was losing both mutants slowly. Chloe now stood by her and touched Ally’s hand lightly.

     “I can help her.” Jump smiled and then she disappeared into Afterburn’s body. Leaving Ally no choice but to stare numbly after her. With in few moments Chloe appeared next Ally with Rogue standing there with a bewildered expression on her face.

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