Death Angel




Justice was driving and the other three passengers couldn't tell if he was thinking of his driving or arriving at a plan. Hayley was next to him playing music nervously.

Logan was only comforted by the thought that he knew he was getting closer to his wife. 'These three knew their telepathy or something.' They could find one another easily enough. The told him one time they could find anyone easily if they had ever been in their head before. He jumped a little when he noticed Ally's scent. He tried to remain calm and play this they way they did. He had to trust his in laws one day.

Logan noticed Alex's far away stare out the window. "So," he said and Alex turned to him still with her thoughtful expression, " Just how IS Hank?" He smiled at her.

Justice caught this and stared out the rearview mirror at his sister with a concerned expression.

She threw a warning look at Logan " Screw you Logan," she yelled at him and she hit his arm. Logan laughed heartily.

"Alex," Justice looked serious. This was his little sister. He touched her mind quickly. 'You okay? It was Hank? Do you need to talk about it?' He flooded questions at her mind and she cut him a look but didn't answer him telepathically.

" My life is on CNN or something?" She growled at them.

Logan looked amused at her. 'What was the big deal?' He wondered.

"Seems it" Hayley looked forward at the road ahead.

Alex and Hayley jumped. "She got free." Alex said quickly and started smiling.

Logan stared at her. "Where is she?"

Logan felt the heat from the front seat and before he could grab her Hayley jumped into the air. 'Shit she can't go alone, now.' He thought to himself.

"Shit!" Justice yelled as he also missed the grab to stop Hayley. ' Why did she have to be so rash about things?' Her couldn't reach her telepathically. "HAYLEY!" he called after her.

"Follow her Justice, "Alex said as she leaned forward in the seat. "We can't help two sisters at once."

Logan couldn't hold back, he could smell her, and he knew fireball would lead him right to her. He ran from the car and popped his claws; he could smell Sabertooth everywhere. Alex made desperate grabbed for him before he ran. She tried to freeze him but he was moving quickly and she kept missing him.

Justice sighed and parked the car.

Alex started to climb out. "I am going to freeze Logan's hair when we get back, then you knock it off so he has a new do." She sighed. Justice chuckled at the idea of Logan bald.

They made it to the woods Logan had disappeared into, even if they didn't agree to his running off they had to back him and there was no trace of him. They looked at each other and sighed, all they had to find the other three were links now.




Hank sat alone in the lab. He was trying to sift through the data. He couldn't stop thinking about Alex. 'How could she not tell him she was a virgin?' He felt awful about how it happened but he couldn't help to be happy that she had shown him she was that serious. He hoped it meant she would really trust him in time as they all trusted Logan. He had sexual relations before and he was not a common person. To think a blonde, blue eyed girl like Alex had never……. He sighed for the thousandth time, She was special and he knew he loved her. He felt different though. She had been in his head since they made love. He knew he could easily live the rest of his life with Alex, if she let him that is.

He took another deep breath and began to ready the infirmary for Ally and whoever else may need it. He was sure Ally would need it, after all she has been through. Plus she seemed to attract trouble.


Ally was weak but thoughts of her babies waiting for her and kept going. She looked at the peaceful woods and sighed. If they weren't running should consider it picturesque. They were wild flowers and the scents of them were heavy. She hoped it would help cover their scent if Sabertooth got up.

Ty stopped her, "We can help you too Ally," he motioned for her to sit down. "Sit down a minute." He held his had towards a flat rock as if he were a host.

She did not argue and sat down, "Let me see your chip again. I think I get it out." She held her hand out for him to sit next to her. He sat next to her and held the back of his head to her.

Aubrey and Josh looked around; "We will keep watch." They smiled at Ally and Ty and walked off.

Ally was working carefully on Ty and as quickly as she could. She sent Josh and Aubrey a quick mental message to keep attackers at bay.

She smiled at him. "So, how do you feel?"

He shrugged, "Fine why?"

She put a sliver of a piece of metal in his hand. 'The chip!' His mouth dropped open. "You are amazing." He said in awe struck tone.

"Just to you because I am older", She laughed.

Ty genuinely seemed to like her. "Even after all my father did. Do you still think I am so great?"

He smiled at her and looked back at the chip in his hand. "Yeah," He shook his head, "You are nothing like your father." Aubrey and Josh joined them again.

The woods started getting very quiet. They all seemed to notice.

"If anybody comes at us poison them." She ordered Josh.

He nodded. He hoped he would be able to get close enough.

"We should get moving" She started to her feet slowly.

Aubrey looked doubtful, "Are you okay to move?"

"Can you fly?" Ty asked. "Get out of her and come back for us." He meant it; She could be the difference in this war and he knew it.

" I am not leaving you." She was determined and they could see that as she set her jaw to try to hide her pained expression. "Sabertooth is not going to be far behind," She sighed. She hoped it would be a while before anybody caught up. She jumped she could almost hear Sabertooth.

"What?" Josh asked.

"Get down," She whispered as she started to crouch. Sabertooth came flying at her knocking her over.

" You going somewhere?" He hissed at Ally while she lay pinned beneath his huge frame. He was still poisoned by Josh but he was overpowering her easily.

Ally looked around she hoped these kids could fight. She took a deep breath and threw him back with her legs, enough for her to get up. She jumped up and kicked him the mouth. He spit up blood as he backed away. He ran at her pissed off. He grabbed her in mid flip, as she tried to jump out of the way. He snagged her hair and yanked her to him.

"Is that all you do is pull hair?" she yelled.

Ty ran at him knocking Ally free from his grasp. Aubrey and Josh moved closer.

Sabertooth cut them a look; "You kids are in trouble." He pointed a finger at them accusingly. He reached them and hit Josh hard in the mouth. Josh hit the ground in a hard and didn't get up right away. He got back up with his mouth full of blood. In a quick motion Sabertooth slapped Aubrey and sent her flying.

Ally stood next to Ty as they started after Sabertooth to help out Josh and Aubrey. "It is just us, Ty."

She touched Josh's mind mentally. ' Back out we can't protect you. Watch out for others.' She could not fight for them right now. They were better off being an alarm. She sighed and looked at Ty, he could make the difference right now. She threw Sabertooth mentally as he made movements to go after Josh and Aubrey again. He went flying against a tree.

He stood up and looked at Ally with a laugh, "You are too weak." He hissed at her.

"Not with help. " Ty stood by her side like an old friend. He raised his fist showing that he was with her.

" I will knock your robotic head off." He charged at him.

Ally and Ty dodged him quickly. He turned his attack and leaped at Ty. Ally grabbed him mentally. Sabertooth floated in the air right above Ty. Ty looked at Sabertooth from beneath the mammoth man relieved and started to smile as Sabertooth continued to hang in Ally's mental grasp. Ty grabbed him from underneath and threw Sabertooth into the trees. He went flying much higher than Ally had expected.

"Thank you, " Ty smiled at Ally. She stared at him hard; he might be as strong as Justice. What else could he do?

Sabertooth had landed in the branches and caught his balance, then leapt at them from the tree. Using the force and momentum, he landed on Allyson feet first. He growled at her and clawed her side with his powerful claws. She screamed loudly in pain.

Ty ran moved quickly yanking him off her and faced Sabertooth. He swallowed hard, forgetting how big Sabertooth really was. Ty landed punches directly in his chest knocking his back. Sabertooth smiled and dug his claws into Ty's robotic arm. Sparks flew and he pulled the synthetic flesh and circuitry flew from TY's body.

Sabertooth looked at Ty as he started to come for him again. "Piece by piece," he snarled at Ty.

Ty's eyes grew wide like a scared rabbit; suddenly Sabertooth went flying back away from Ty. As Ally got groggily to her feet, Ty sighed and moved to her. He noticed her head bleeding badly.

She continued her stare at Sabertooth. He was weak but still had more strength than she did. Sabertooth must have known that as he got to his feet and growled as began running at them.

Something bright from the sky caught their attention. A fireball caught Sabertooth and he went up in flames, he started to roll around on the ground to put him out.