Deanna Jones



Eyes: Violet

Hair: Dark brown

Height: 5’1”

Weight: 110 lbs.

Occupation: A scientist who worked under the direction of Professor Adam’s



       Deanna was intrigued by science but found the field boring for her and soon became drawn the mutations she became a party to.

       Enamored with the financial gain with in the mutations, she found herself pushing further beyond what Oliver thought possible of her. She did unprecedented experiments that turned out a lot of unusual and strong mutants.

       She became involved in a quiet competition with scientists in the experiments as the mutants began fetching higher prices.

       Deanna came from a normal background and carries her own secrets much to everyone’s surprise. Being born to favor life she became bored with her silver spoon life style and went in search of something worthy of a challenge to her. Oliver took her on as an apprentice and they both found that she passed her teacher with ease.

      Follow Deanna as she materializes in Cat’s Eye and her cruel and callous treatment of her subjects.

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