Eyes: Green

Hair: Red

Height: Less than a foot tall

Weight: 2 lbs


Ability:   Hexing, bad luck spells and/or good fortune. Being only a foot tall he fits just about anywhere but Dominick “is not a fighter” and often runs from battle.



              Dominick Matthews once worked closely with Professor Adams as an assistant. He joined his staff after Adam’s children left, Dominick turned out to be a quick study and quickly caught up to the others working for Adams.

            Once Dominick had lived with his small family in MA. But he yearned for more than what his provincial life brought him. Following a classified add for ‘help leading to a full time position he met the other wonderful scientific minds in the Adam’s collaborative efforts. He found that he threw himself into the work and the competitive atmosphere he had until he met a young lady who took her work too seriously.  Deanna befriended Dominick and his excellent mind quickly and found his ideas new and innovative and in turn Dominick found her intriguing with her years of experience.

           In due time Dominick could see through the façade that Adam’s and a few others had displayed for the ignorant of weapon X and of the experiments. He found some of the mutants and befriended most of them. He tried to organize an escape and was found by Adams. Adams greatest anger was shown when he knew Dominick had turned on him and Dominick was used in Adam’s mutations as well.

          Dominick finds his world quite different from under a foot tall and still has problems controlling the odd urges he gets to make and shine shoes much less work with his new found mutation or a cure to it.



          Follow Dominick in his smurf like world through the books……………..

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