The sides were chosen until Adams gained the upper hand. A pretty young woman walked in from the hall with the same dazed expression that Jason wore and she joined Jason next to Adams. Her hair was fire red and her she had no cornea, pupil or iris just sockets for eyes that were glowing flaming red.

They heard a large splash from the pool where they had met Jason and they saw a very large man emerging from the water. He stood extremely tall, taller than Justice or Beast and as he moved to Oliver like a lost guard as he eyed the siblings with a smile. He did not carry the same blank expression that Jason or the girl with the red eyes did but he seemed to laugh at the whole situation as his own private joke. It was hard to distinguish whether his silver-coated armor was skin or he was robotic. This man, if he could be called that, stood menacingly, looming over all of the Adams siblings as his head brushed the ceiling. He made a show of his excellence by thrusting his long arm like whips about and landing inches from the Justice and the triplet's feet.

"Please meet, Afterburn," Oliver said as he gestured to the redhead and her look remained unchanging. "And Omega Red." Oliver laughed a little as he motioned to the silver and red man. Omega Red smiled evilly as he heard his name and he kept his eyes fixed on the unmoving Adams siblings.

'Oh yeah,' Hayley thought to herself, 'we're gonna die." Hayley kept herself planted waiting for the first move.

"Once again you have betrayed me," Oliver frowned at them as if he was hoping win their pity.

It was Alex who took control as she looked at her father with hurt eyes and pointed a finger accusingly at him, "You weren't going to experiment on us this time?"

He was taken back at this clearly he hadn't considered that he would be found out, "To help you, my dear." He cooed at her soothingly. "You are my child, I wouldn't hurt you." He smiled as if trying to avoid a confrontation now.

"I don't believe you, "Alex screamed and she could feel the tears began to sting her face against her will, "I have proof this time, father."

Oliver knew he had no more cards to play now that Alex wouldn't listen and he lost his temper, "Omega Red, Afterburn and Jump, subdue them." He said hatefully as he motioned to his children.

Much to the Adams Sibling's surprise the first attack came not from Afterburn, Omega Red, Jump or even Jason but their own father. They had not been expecting the attack by Oliver much less the amount of force he used to throw them with his telekinetic attack. They went sailing towards the wall and they felt their minds being probed as their father tried to overtake their psyches.




Xavier and Jean could hear the triplets and Justice's screams echoing in their own minds. Not only was it very overwhelming but it told them that they were open to telepathic contact and they knew the charade had been dropped and the gloves were off.

"Charles," Beast said he noticed his psychic friends had stopped with a far away look.

Xavier exchanged a knowing glance with Jean, "We are fine but we need to hurry."

Jean met Hank's worried eye; "Professor Adams has friends there."

"Who?" Wolverine called from the protective covering of the bush.

They turned to see Logan reveal himself from in between the building and the bush.

Charles looked surprised but knew he must have not detected him because his mind still held the screams and horror his nieces and nephew.

Logan waited for Jean or Charles to answer him but gave up quickly and turned back into the bush only revealing slightly that there was a small door hidden by the trimmed shrub.

Beast shrugged and followed Logan after he watched Xavier and Jean safely through the portal.




Of course they had all agreed to do what the professor said and stay safely out of sight but what they did once they were left alone was another story. Willow, Rogue, Kamikaze and Bonsai made their way slowly off the black bird. They had their own agenda and had planned to be some help.

Kamikaze and Bonsai cold hear the cold screams from the minds as their telepathy opened up almost devastatingly quickly. Both brothers stopped in the tracks.

Bonsai, was the one he was frightened as he understood the gravity of what was happening.

"He has called Omega Red," Bonsai turned from face to face and then found Willow's eyes echoing his own horrified expression.

Willow tried to keep her composure, "Come on." She called as she began away on shaky feet.

Rogue tried to grab their attention; "This is bad?" She looked from Bonsai to Willow for answers.

Bonsai and Willow nodded together.

Bonsai grabbed Tyler's arm, "I take it you do have robotics too." Bonsai demanded of his brother and Kamikaze merely nodded a bit dumbfounded. "Then come with me, Your friend will be safe with Willow and she can get her in."

Tyler glanced over at Rogue not very comfortable leaving her but he heard Bonsai begin to run at top speed.

"You better hurry you crazy wannabe android," She said bravely but she knew he was as afraid as she was.

"Stay safe, Rogue," Kamikaze called and sprinted after his brother.

"We really have to hurry," Willow said with a warning in her voice.

The two young women with startling streaks in their hair faced each other. Willow took a deep breath and it was evident she was afraid. Willow began to glow again as she changed forms and Rogue watched her with fascination. Willow became a horse but she made no animal noise or no animal actions. Much to Rogue's surprise she seem more human than animal.

"Get on my back. We need to hurry along," Willow said in her own voice through the animal's mouth.

'I guess stranger things have happened,' she thought to herself. She wasn't sure how to climb aboard a horse and had to do so with out touching Willow's skin.


Bonsai and Kamikaze made it there first with Bonsai's inside knowledge of the Oliver Adam's home. Before he opened the door to the labs Bonsai took a long breath afraid for consequences and wrath of Professor Adams.

Kamikaze was not as hesitant he threw the door open and witness the chaos within, He could see the triplets and Justice flying back towards the wall by a man he recognized all too well. When he saw the giant of a man and the others standing next to Professor Adams he realized why Bonsai and Willow were afraid.

Oliver's small group of mutants by his side began to take steps towards them. Oliver turned his head to see the intruders, as he spied the identical brothers and he felt a new rage at the sight of them. Oliver raised his hand and the approaching mutants stopped.

"TRAITORS!" Oliver yelled accusingly and his eyes flash a quick blue glow. He whipped his hand into the air in the direction of the twins and they felt their bodies go for the unwilling ride. They struck against the door and splintered the frame upon impact.

Kamikaze knew this gesture when he raised his hand with a glow in his eyes as an attack Ally had done before. He took a breath and prepared himself for the telekinetic attack but was astonished at how strong it was. Both brothers felt their minds cloud a little as the pressure in their minds increased a little.

Kamikaze had expected the mental attack to be very powerful but then he realized he was holding Ally and her siblings at bay with another psychic attack.

Both brothers snapped their backs and hopped to their feet with little effort, 'Can't handle too many pyschics?' Kamikaze thought to himself and he realized he was right when he noticed Adams had a second line of defense upon them. Kamikaze watched Ally and Hayley sail into the air easily now that Oliver was distracted but Alex and Justice had hit the wall and were now making their way to their feet. He knew by the look on their faces that they had every intention on trying to protect the Bonsai and Kamikaze as well.

Kamikaze and Bonsai were not to be pitied and began to inch towards Adams but Jump moved too quickly and disappeared and everybody stayed still a little anxious of where she went.


Willow rode into the room with Rogue but Rogue made her way off Willows back very quickly at the sight of the all her friends. Rogue looked at the identical brothers and realized something was amiss.

Willow saw the uncertain scene and Bonsai's blank, evil, expression and realized Jump had him. She didn't see Rogue's concern until it was too late. As Rogue reached for Bonsai hoping to snap him out of it his expression turned callous and cruel then he caught her by the throat and lifted her off her feet.

Kamikaze became immediately alarmed for Rogue and Bonsai. He knew not to touch Rogue and could imagine what she could do to her brother, he had heard stories of what she had done to Wolverine. Kamikaze threw himself at them in a hard tackle to separate them.

Willow could only watch as the trio of Kamikaze, Bonsai and Rogue went flying closer to the triplets but Kamikaze brought Rogue and Bonsai apart. Willow walked over slowly wondering who she could help first but Kamikaze bounced up with his eyes still wild.

Kamikaze was panicked he knew Rouge and Bonsai had connected skin to skin. Kamikaze checked Bonsai for a pulse he had heard stories of what she had done to Wolverine. He sighed satisified at his brother's pulse and breathing and then turned his attention to Rogue quickly as he heard the triplets and the Professor resume their lock of wills.

Rogue felt somebody touch her gloved hand and she began to move slowly. She felt eyes open and knew Kamikaze was staring at her with a strong look of concern. She could hear Bonsai thoughts coursing through her mind and she felt his telepathy. What scared her was that she could see through her own hands and didnít understand what was happening to her. She could hear what seemed to be a thousand minds. She reached for Kamikaze and he flinched away from her touch instinctivly.

"It was Jump. Jump took over Bonsai," Willow told Kamikaze slowly as she realized exactly what Rogue's mutation was now. Willow watched Rogue carefully and she was frightened for her. Willow faced Rogue. "You have Jump's power and you can use it?"

"How?" Rogue said from a voice that sounded hollow and faint. She wasn't scared of the telepathy because she had used it before and she felt confident about it. Then she took a deep breath and let Bonsai's telepathy read Willow's mind. His telepathy wasn't as strong as Hayley's but it served the purpose.

Alex ran for Rogue as her siblings tried to keep the rest busy. Alex didn't know Jump's mutation but she knew enough to know this was bad. She knew that Jump had a power that left many scared and she could hear her father's laughter over the chaos but refused to be distracted by him.

Logan ran into the mayhem and he noticed Rogue's transparent body and scared look as she looked to Kamikaze and Willow for help.

'What are they doing here?' Logan growled as he noticed Professor Adams fighting his wife and in laws. He slowly tried to survey the scene and knew he had to help Rogue. 'Ally and hers can handle themselves but these kids are gonna need help to get outta here in one piece."

Logan saw Alex running for Rogue but Alex didn't seem notice that the young woman next to Oliver had a fireball flying at Alex's head. Logan leapt for her and they both tumbled to the ground.

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