Hayley tried to stifle a yawn as she noticed her brother sleeping on the lab table beneath the pile of data. It was very late and most respectable people were sleeping now. Alex and Ally were sleeping in the infirmary's beds a few feet away from the lab's doors. They both held blank expressions on their peaceful faces. Hayley could hear the door open from the infirmary and she tried to look out the lab's doors to see who it was. She began to let her mind wander as she felt to the presence.

Beast carried his tired body into through the infirmary to Alex and looked at her with a sad expression. He paused enough to watch her breathing labored and pained. He shook his head and walked into the lab. He felt a smile creep to his face as he spied Justice's sleeping form.

Hayley cocked her head at him, "Did you sleep at all, Hank?" she asked.

He merely shook his head at her but his attention was on Justice's comical sleeping form. "Looks like Justice couldn't take it." He sighed as he gestured to Justice.

She smiled at her brother, "It has been an emotional roller coaster, Beast." she looked past Hank and gestured to Alex. He walked back over to Alex and held her hand solemnly.

Hayley followed him. She watched him with interest, as he seemed to be struggling with his own conflict.

She shifted her weight on to one leg as she met his eye. "You love her huh?" He nodded as he looked at Alex again.

"I just hope she lets me in."

Hayley was surprised by this, "What do you mean?"

"It's not the four of you against the world you know?"

She nodded and met his eye and she gently touched his arm. "Give her time, blue boy." Then she smiled at him.

"How is the anti toxin coming along?" He said as he let Alex's hand go gently. He wandered back into the lab and looked at the work she and Justice had been up too. He knew they wouldn't ask for his help but he was interested in what they were doing.

"Great," She was still worrying about her own test she was running and she knew she sounded far away.

"Is it something I can assist you with?" It didn't take a psychic to see she was upset. Hayley's expression softened and she looked like she might cry.

"I fell from the air, Hank. They tried to catch me in the net but I burnt right through it" She met his eyes with a crestfallen expression. " I hit the ground hard."

"Are you all right?" Hank glanced at Hayley for evidence of the fall. Hayley was different; just because she was walking around didn't mean she wasn't injured.

" I don't even have any bruises." She sighed. She felt like she could confide in Beast. He seemed trustworthy enough and she needed to talk.

He blinked at her. "How?"

"Let's just say I am running my own test right now." She turned her head when she heard the quiet timer sound.

"Would that mean to toxin is ready?" He knew he wasn't able to mask his anxious face.

Hayley looked away, "No, it's for my test."

She found the simple test under some papers on the counter. She held a hand over her face then she held it out to Hank.

" A pregnancy test?" Of course it was but all he could think was 'uh oh' "Oh dear," he sighed "I take it Scott's the father."

She gave him a sharp look of anger then turned away, "I hope" she sighed loudly trying not to lose her composure in front of Hank. "There are other possibilities."

"Might I ask who?" He asked gently as he put a consoling hand on hers.

She jerked away from him and it surprised them both. Staying away from most people seemed to almost be a habit now. She put her head in her hands then pushed her hair back off her face. "It's bad Hank," She whispered. She looked close to tears. "When Magneto had us, well Sabertooth….." she could feel the tears fall against her will. Then Hank enclosed her in his strong arms and Hayley leaned against him gratefully.

"Does Justice or your sisters know?" he asked quietly.

"No, they can't" She pushed away and met his eye. She couldn't let them know somebody had done this.

He looked at her hoping she wouldn't retreat into herself and hide. "It could be Scott's" he offered. "He should know."

"It could also be Magneto's or Saber…." She put her head in her hands again. She was too embarrassed to face Hank. She felt his arm around her shoulder and she didn't shy away. He pulled her closer and touched her head gently. He could feel her relax a little against him. He was starting to become angry that this happened to her. 'How could she go through this alone? How could anybody be so strong?' He felt genuine awe and compassion for the woman in his arms. He also felt closer to the woman called Hayley as she met his eyes.

" I am here for you. No matter what." He said earnestly.

She finally managed a smile. "Thank you" she whispered. ' How could any man be so kind?

She jumped a little when the other timer went off. She smiled hoping to forget such an awkward moment on her part. She didn't have time to be so emotional. She grabbed the timer and stopped the beeping.

With Hank's help she started slowly into her work again. They needed to keep their minds busy right now. They moved deftly and quietly trying not to wake Justice. The silence was soon broken as Justice began to snore loudly. Hayley and Hank both had a much-needed laugh.






Josh sat with Aubrey and Ty not far from the spectacular pool. They all wore serious expressions.

"Can we trust them?" Josh was leading this conversation with a determined scowl.

"I have a feeling we can" Ty said with a small smile. "She took my chip out and her husband is Wolverine."

Aubrey nodded on agreement, "They DO seem nice." The she grabbed her cup and took a drink.

Josh had an angry concentrated look, "What about Xavier?" he looked between them "I don't trust HIM."

"Ally-cat IS related to Adams and she want him stopped" Ty was trying to get through to Josh but it wasn't exactly working. He was determined right now. Ty took a breath he didn't give up easily. "Ally-cat put herself in danger to help us. We all know she could have flown off and left us but she stayed and fought for us." Ty found his words striking a cord with Aubrey but Josh kept his callous stare as his took a puff of his cigarette.

Aubrey looked at Josh, "Help us escape and her family brought us to shelter." She looked at Josh. "Honestly, What a Bitch, Huh?" she laughed. "I trust them"

"Me too." Ty added.

Josh was pissed his sister would side with anybody else and gave Ty mean look. He would have to talk to Aubrey alone. They continued to look at him for an answer. He finally mumbled an "MMMhmmm" as he flicked the ashes from his cigarettes. There was always a time and place to pick a battle.





"Professor, I don't know," Scott watched his mentor with crossed arms. "Why are they accusing you of so much?" He sighed as he continued to look at the man for answers. "They poisoned Alex."

The Professor smiled at the thought. Scott didn't realize what he had said. He inadvertently claimed Alex as one of his friends. "They also helped Ally escape" he try to cover a chuckle, " Do you trust Justice and his sisters now?" Xavier was staring out of the window intensely.

Scott's looked changed too. "Yes I trust them but…." He trailed off and smiled. "Not Hayley." He joked.

"Trust only comes in time, Scott." He said tentatively as he continued to look out the window. The Professor could see Logan and Allyson in the morning sun with Amber and Michael. "People can surprise you." He said in such a low tone that Scott had to strain to hear him.

Scott walked over to join him at the window. He was also uncharacteristly curious at what the professor was looking at. He was surprised slightly to see Logan standing by the pool with one of his children lying on the ground with him. Allyson sat in a lounge chair with their other child. Logan and Ally were talking excitedly to the infants. Logan stood up with a child in arm and brought the baby close to Allyson and it's sibling in the chair with her. He brought the child down to its sibling in a mock kiss and everyone began a new wave of laughter. He held the child next to the chair with Ally as she kissed the child he held. Logan touched her fire red locks letting his fingers linger through her hair. He let the child he held sit on his hip as his reached down and kissed Ally. The children didn't argue as their parent's mouths met, they watched in silent commentary.

As their kiss grew more passionate, the Professor came back to reality and realized he had been staring. He almost laughed at Scott's gaping mouth and almost laughed. He cleared his throat politely and Scott jumped a little. Scott had enough manners to look somewhat embarrassed.

"Do you think they will stay on here?" Scott asked as they moved from the window.

"Yes but not until Adams is accounted for." Xavier sighed, "I would like for them all to become XMEN."


"They are an asset Scott," He looked at Scott then his desk. "I cannot live forever."
"Allyson and Jean are strong telelpaths." He sighed again. "Allyson is one of the strongest telepaths I have encountered and she knows how to fight by hand. Jean also has great potential but I hadn't realized how great her potential could be until Allyson motivated her."

"Are you trying to find a replacement?" Scott looked furlong at the man he thought of as his father.

He looked at Scott fondly hoping to console him. He gave him a rueful smile and simply said. "Eventually, Scott."