Wolvie Femmes * Coming Home Again:









             Hayley watched Remy eat heartily but every so often he would look over his shoulder and she wondered why. “Are you looking for a waiter?” She teased lightly but knew he felt uneasy about something. All during the meal he would tell her sweet romantic things and then he would look over his shoulder. He would merely say he wanted to speak to the waiter or he wanted to see where the bathroom was. Hayley sighed, “Remy, what’s wrong?”


             “Nothing, cher;” he stabbed more of his steak trying not to meet her eye. He watched Hayley fingering her bracelet and grabbed her hand, “No need for dat chere.”


             “Then tell me.”


             “Ah jus’ feel like Ah forgot somethin’,” Remy sighed hoping she would buy the ruse.


             “I know you were talking to Justice,” Hayley sighed, “About Rayne no doubt.”


              Oui, Ah just wanted him to know she got off on her date ok,” He hoped that would pacify her.


              Hayley smiled and reached across the table snatching him by his collar. She drew him close to her, so close she could feel his breath, “you had better not be lying to me Mister;” She watched him smile coyly and pull her closer until their lips met.  She knew there was something he wasn’t telling her but for now she would let it go.


             They broke apart to the sound of somebody clearing their throats and they looked to see a man standing there with a wine glass, “Must be something in the food. I’ll have to try some later.”


             “Must be,” Remy snorted lightly seeing Hayley blush.


            “Have you saved room for desert?” He said as he placed the wine down and gathered up the old one.


            Remy and Hayley swapped looks. Remy responded, “Ah believe we’ll have our desert at home.”


            The man smiled, “Well have a good evening and come back to see us soon.”


            The glow from the kiss still lingered and was beginning to fan hot embers elsewhere when the waiter came up and placed the bill on the table. Remy pulled out some cash and set it down before the waiter walked away. “Here, keep the change.”


            Hayley knew what he was up to and she giggled, “Down boy. You have wine to finish yet.”


            Gambit gave out a little whimper then smiled, “But Chere, it’s not good ta hold da horse in the gate for too long.”















          She walked quickly with determined and careful steps. She wasn’t sure why she had sided with these people because she was sure she could have gotten even with Justice on her own. She wasn’t sure she could keep him from finding her without Magneto. That was true he was protection.  She still felt like she needed away from the lunacy that was held in the walls there. She ran her fingers along the walls as she walked balancing her pregnant abdomen. Letting her fingers ‘phase’ through the walls as she did. She had a problem of controlling her powers while she was pregnant and could only reason her unborn was the reason why. She sighed inwardly and looked to the brilliant sunlight that poured in. She longed to be among normal people because it had been too long.


       Chloe thought about how she cold stay solid now and wanted to be with people, she needed it. She looked at the metallic walls and cold halls and knew this was a far cry from being normal. Did she really want to bring her baby up in this? She had to and she knew it. She needed to know that the child would not be taken from her and raised by Justice and the weather witch. She hoped that Justice would defect for her and the child. She would not give up on Jordan. She loved her daughter even though she barely knew her.


     She touched the door to her room and like the rest of this ‘lair’ it was cold and clean, like a museum. Unfeeling and hard but Chloe looked to the simple touches she had added to her room. A simple rocking chair and crib sat in the corner by her bed. She sat in the chair and smiled as she patted her belly. They were identical to ones Justice and Chloe had bought for their baby. She wanted those days back now, she needed them and she needed Justice. She rocked slowly making a silent vow to reunite her family and kill the weather witch.















    Quicksilver watched Chloe and he knew she would try to leave. He knew his father lacked in the hospitality department. He knew his heart longed to be elsewhere too. He thought of her, he permitted himself that.


    ‘Alex,’ he thought with a glance at Jump’s door, ‘how can I love anybody so pure?’ He thought about what his father had ordered him to do and if the truth would ever come out of it. He knew the crisp autumn weather had them all stir crazy but he felt it most of all. He used his speed to get into his room quickly and looked around the tidy room. It was perfect, it was clean, polished, and efficient but it also showed nothing of his personality. His father wouldn’t allow it. Unity, it meant keeping everything the same at the same time, from everybody’s rooms to every test tube in the labs, to the bushes outside and even to each cup in the cupboard. He knew he had opposed his father by not raping Alex but he couldn’t, he couldn’t have her like that because he loved her. He knew she loved Beast but once again he wondered why? Beast was covered from head to toe in blue hair and resembled a monster in everyway. He knew he was by far the most handsome of the two so why was Alex with a mutant that would give her furry blue children?


      He sat in the chair by the computer and wondered if Jump would be an ally. He heard a knock at the door and answered it swiftly. To his surprise he saw Wolf; she stood there as tall as she could for her small frame. Her jaw set as she tossed her chin at him challengingly.


       He narrowed his eyes at her, “What do you want?”


       “It’s what you want,” Amber laughed, “I can smell you want sex from down the hall.”


       He began to shut the door on her but her reflexes and strength pushed the door back at him before she could, “What?”


      “You don’t want to be here,” Wolf crossed her arms.


      “No shit,” He sighed seeing her make her way into the room. Then he looked at her again, “You’re a prisoner Wolf.”


      “To be used and abused,” Wolf grit her teeth, “I don’t fucking think so.”


      He pointed to his head to remind her of the chip in her head, “What else can you be?” He laughed heartily, “You can’t run.”


      “Who am I?” She looked a little sad, “I know you know.”


       He was taken back seeing the killer with the adamantium claws soften, “I’m not really sure.”


        He moved to the window and looked out at the mutants training in the bright day outside. He found she moved with him and peered out the window.


      “He doesn’t care if you’re his son,” She sneered a little, “He’ll kill you and not have any regrets.”


     He silently wondered if that was indeed true but he couldn’t falter and he turned pushing his finger in her face, “That’s a lie!” He was surprised to see she didn’t flinch as he invaded her personal space. “Aren’t you afraid of anything?”


       She laughed, “Everybody is afraid of something.” She popped her claws out of her right hand and cocked her head at him. She lifted her shirt to expose a well chiseled abdomen but drug her claws across it. She laughed as he did flinch when the ugly gashes appeared, bloody and deep but they healed as quickly as they bleed. “Why should I be afraid of physical shit?” She looked to her completely healed stomach and laughed.


       Quicksilver watched in amazement, true he moved so quickly that nobody could usually get a shot on him but it did happen. It was an ability he would love to have. He didn’t think and touched the new skin on her stomach. She quickly snatched his hand from her body.


      “Do you like that hand?” She growled.


       To her annoyance he merely smiled, “Emotional, Wolf?” He laughed, “You’re afraid to fall in love.”


       She stepped back affected by his words as if she had been slapped. “No.”


       “No?” He moved quickly and kissed her softly before she could stop him. He watched her surprise when all she did was touch her lips. “Hasn’t anybody ever kissed you?”


       She didn’t answer but he could only guess he was right and then it dawned on him. “Or you don’t remember being kissed?”


       He touched her cheek gently while she was still stunned and brushed it with his fingertips, “everybody should be kissed,” he let his lips touch hers but she pushed him back before he could deepen it.


        She pushed her claws into his face and cocked her head at him, “Not by no accounts like you,” she grunted and pushed him hard away from her, “I know what you’re used for boy,” she walked to the door and turned, “don’t do me favors by trying to make me a girlfriend.” She watched his crestfallen look and almost felt sorry for him. She knew his father wanted him to help father the next generation of mutants and Amber didn’t know who she was. She knew she couldn’t handle a child much less a relationship. She flipped him off with a smile as she left.


       He sat back in the chair and looked at the ceiling and once again wondered why Adam ever gave up a rib for Eve.














          Hayley and Remy sat on the couch trying to contain their feelings as they heard the opinionated news cast. Remy shook his head feeling the room heat up.


         “Where dat bracelet?” he looked to see it had fallen off by him and he grabbed it as Hayley kept watching the new with a venomous look.


         “They can’t keep that shit up;” she scoffed, “When will they stop attacking mutants?” She tossed her hand out carelessly and lightning trickled at her fingertips.


       Remy jumped away a little and made a mad grab to shove the bracelet on and missed as she was gesturing wildly, “Cher, yo’ don’t make t’ings easy.” He reached for her and missed her wrist again but Hayley seemed oblivious to his plight.


        “They make me so angry, Remy,” she turned to him with glowing eyes and noticed the surpressor then his desperate look.


        Yo’ tossing lighting,” he wasn’t as in fear for himself as he was for her because he was sure he could get away if he needed to.


         She looked at her fingers and then noticed Remy was sweating, “I didn’t know I was doing it,” she held her wrist out and let him snap the contraption on her.


        Yogon’ hurt yo’self,” he kissed her head noticing it was still warm.


         Hayley bit her lip and fell against him as he changed the channel but much to their surprise found Justice on the television. The new reporters chased him into a bathroom much to the other news men’s amusement.


        She shook her head but was truly tired. She settled against Remy and sighed, “Don’t worry they won’t get anything on Justice;” she smiled. “They tried before.”


         Oui,” Remy watched intensely as his friend was speculated about. He watched the news going over Justice’s other cases, “Dey don’t tire of him do dey?”


         Mmmmm,” was all she could say comfortable and tired against him on the couch. He didn’t complain but wrapped his arms around her as he let his fingers entangle in her hair.


       “If you tired, Cher,” he smiled, “we can go upstairs;” he winked.


        “What about Rayne?” Hayley said softly letting him kiss her, “Don’t you want to wait for her?”


         Remy turned up a corner of his mouth, “We could come right back down.”


        Hayley woke up a little at that, “Remy!” She wasn’t sure if she should be insulted or take him up on the offer.


         They were both cut short as they heard footsteps to the door and a small knock caught their attention.


         Hayley jumped to her feet but Remy was at the door quickly watching Remy pulled the door open impatiently.














         Rayne jumped back even though she could smell Remy through the door she was still shocked by how sharply he opened it, “Rem, Yo’ trying to give me a start?” She pointed her finger at him scoldingly.


         “Why yo’ knock on de door cricket?” Remy lowered his brow confused, “Yo’ live here now.”


          Rayne shrugged, “Ah didn’t feel right just walking in,” she finally came in the house slowly, “Yo’ probably having sex in front of de door.” She half teased them.


         “We weren’t going to do dat,” Remy protested but Hayley had a guilty look and then she sniffed the air, “Rem Ah can smell yo’ want to.” She gave him a disgusted look.


          Remy pointed a finger back, “We didn’t;” he assured her and crossed his arms knowing something was amiss. “How de date go?”


       S’alright,” She walked away.


       Dat it?” Remy followed her into the kitchen.


       Oui,” Rayne said grabbing a glass from the cupboard as Hayley slowly made her way into the kitchen too


       “She doesn’t have to tell you everything,” Hayley said quickly.


        Remy maneuvered around to meet Rayne’s eyes, “Dat’s not it,” He finally caught her eye, “Der is somet’ing else isn’t der?”


         Rayne avoided his question and looked away, “s’nothing Rem.”


         Remy narrowed his eyes, “Yo’ need me to get Hayley to fin’ out?”


         Rayne set her jaw and turned to Hayley, “Don’t t’ink of it.”


        Remy steadied her by her shoulders forcing him to look at her, “Cricket, Ah’m not trying to pry but Ah got a bad feeling somet’ing wrong happened?” He lowered his voice, “Dat homme try to touch you?”


        “No!” she pushed him away and sighed knowing she couldn’t hide anything from him.


       “Cricket?” He sighed and looked to her worriedly.


       Rayne crossed her arms and pulled her to him remember how nervous she was, “s’ok, Rem,” she looked to her feet; “Ah just had a bad feeling Ah was being watched is all.”


        Remy’s eyes flew up in surprise and he looked to Hayley to see if she made the connection too but Rayne did.


        “You got somet’ing to tell me Rem?” She looked at him expectantly.


        He played with the idea of not telling her but knew it would only enrage her, “Ah t’ought de same thing,” he offered.


        Rayne’s eyebrows flew up, “Rem, were you going to tell me?” She was a little hurt but she knew he would do anything to protect her.


       It’s not’ing petite,” he brushed it off, “We both just worried ‘bout being followed.”


         “We have a top notch alarm and we are all mutant,” Hayley reasoned. “It will take an army to take all three of us.”


           Yo’ don’t know him,” Rayne shook her head.


          “We jus’ being paranoid petite,” Remy sighed. “He ain’t gon’ come here is he?”


          “Ah don’t know Rem,” Rayne didn’t bother to hide that she was worried.


           “We’re all tired,” Hayley sighed. “Things always look better in the morning.”


            Oui,” Remy agreed, “Sleep will help.”


             Rayne poured her drink and swirled it before taking a sip, “Ah guess so.” She sighed, thinking of Hayley and Remy keeping her up.


             Hayley seemed pacified and looked between the two, “I’m going to get a shower.” She kissed Remy’s cheek but he didn’t seem to completely notice but he squeezed her hand.


           Ah’ll be up soon,” he mumbled and almost laughed at Rayne’s sneer. He watched Hayley walk out and knew she wanted to let them talk.


            Remy walked to Rayne and put his hands on her shoulders, “Petite, Ah won’t let anyt’ing happen to you,” he sighed. “Dat homme aint gon’ bother us here.”


           Rayne nodded taking a hard long swallow of her drink, “Ah just felt like somebody was watching me de whole time, Rem.”


          Oui, so did Ah but Hayley’s a telepath,” he shrugged, “Ah’ll ask her to search around here before we go to bed.” He shook his head, “Petite, not’ing gon’ get past dis t’ief.”


           Rayne cocked an eyebrow, “Yo’ felt de same t’ing, Rem.”


          Oui,” He sighed and he knew he would get little past his sister, “Ah thought we would wit’ all dis talk of Essex.”


          Rayne thought about it and it could be the reason but it still didn’t sit with her intuition, “Oui Rem,”   She sighed hoping she was just being overly cautious.


         “Let’s get some rest,” He hoped she was calmer and would sleep now.


          Rayne nodded but felt as if somebody was watching her again and she wondered if Remy felt it too. When he went to the back door and locked it she was she he felt it. She watched him set the alarm and she never remembered seeing him take such precautions. She could remember when they were younger of him saying that, ‘only a fool would try to rob a t’ief.’  He was even cocky about leaving the door unlocked but their poppa made him lock it. She could only wonder what else he was hiding. “Tomorrow t’ings will feel better.” Rayne wanted to hope and when her brother kissed her head goodnight she almost convinced herself of it.











         It was a quiet night and the air was crisp and clean, so Remy had the window open a crack. He looked at the woman sleeping partially top of him and sighed. Hayley was fast asleep on his chest and for the past 20 minutes he just watched her sleep. He hoped she would forgive him but he had to protect the women he loved. He let his sensitive fingers wrap around her silky, raven locks and missed her before he was even gone. He wondered what power this femme had over him. Was he procrastinating because of her? He sighed moving slightly under her hoping to stir her just enough to get out of the bed but not wake her.  He was relieved when Hayley only made a small sound and moved away slowly as he wiggled from under her.


       He pulled the blanket up to her shoulders and kissed her head hoping he was making the right choice. He grabbed his pants and put them on quickly looking for his boots. He looked for his duster and his cards. He knew he should be prepared for anything and with Rayne sleeping down the hall he would have to be stealthy. He took a last look at Hayley cuddled in the blanket and wished he was still in bed but this was something he had to do. If his hunch was right then Rayne was in trouble and Hayley wasn’t safe either. With regret Remy disappeared into the shadows, as a thief in the night should.












            Hayley woke and touched Remy’s pillow with a little smile. When he wasn’t there, she got up and checked the bathroom but didn’t see him. It was nearly dawn and he usually slept later than this. Then she saw that his boots and duster were gone.


            She grabbed her robe, ‘Did he go out to get breakfast?’ She made her way to the kitchen and didn’t find him there. A feeling of dread came over her and she thought of how he pushed everybody to go to sleep early. She pulled her bracelet off and began to search for his mind. He wasn’t difficult to find but trying to focus on his thoughts was.  She always found his mind to be very slippery, but she did make out something.


           ‘A plane to New Orleans?’ she crossed her arms angry and looked at the back door. The sun was nearly up and so Rayne would be. She could feel the girl sleeping soundly and did not want to rouse her. ‘He’s not doing this alone.’ But how was she going to get out of here without Rayne finding out and coming too.


          In minutes she had tossed on loose clothing to hide her pregnancy and shoved her wallet in her pocket. She wondered if she needed to pack a change of clothes.  She thought about Rayne and how to keep her from following them. An idea came to her and she commenced activating the alarm system so that Rayne would need a code to turn it off. Otherwise the police would come and she would have to deal with them. She wrote a note for Rayne explaining what she did and for her to stay there and put it on the kitchen table.


           Hayley removed her bracelet and tucked it in her pocket with a sigh. She hadn’t flown in so long that she wondered if she remembered how.






            Gambit watched the sun rise from the plane window and shifted uncomfortably in the cramped seat. He could still smell Hayley on his hands and lamented having to leave. His only consolation was that his two favorite women were back at home and safe. This matter had to be taken care of before Sinister could hurt either of them. He wondered why that madman asked Rayne to spy on Adams for him. Surely he could have found any number of people. Remy held his breath as the thought occurred to him that he had wanted her there for some other reason. The blood ran from his head then and he felt sick. What was that bastard up to? What did he want with his sister and why, and would he find the answers in Louisiana?


          He felt Hayley in his mind then and he quickly concentrated on keeping her out. He finally sighed when she stopped and hoped that she didn’t pick up on where he was and what he was doing. He hoped Justice would find out and keep both women under his watchful eye.  Duct tape and gag them if he had to.


Remy looked at the other passengers on the plane and wondered what they would be doing once the plane landed. How unorthodox his life was. It had always been so and would probably continue to be so.  His mind reeled thinking about all the familiar faces he would see in the Bayou, and he pressed his lips together wondering how many people still wanted him dead there. He shrugged and tried to stretch his aching legs. He hoped to get a little shut eye before he arrived. He was flying into a very dangerous situation and needed to be at the top of his game.










            Justice felt commotion in his head and it woke him with a start.  He sat up and looked at the window for a clue of the time. He noticed there was light starting to peak through the curtains and sighed. He looked over to see Storm was still sleeping soundly. He touched her lightly and hoped she would forgive him for getting involved. He could feel Hayley’s turmoil and he guessed what had happened. Remy left, and now so did Hayley


            He got out of the bed letting his bare feet hit the carpeting and he grabbed his robe. He pushed his arms into it roughly and sighed again. He felt out for Rayne to see what she was doing and she had just woken up. ‘Oh brother’ He knew it wouldn’t be long before she discovered what had happened and would be in hot pursuit. After sliding his slippers on he trundled to the kitchen for coffee.


         He started the coffee pot as he found a pen and paper and began to write a note to Storm. Before the phone rang a full time he snapped it off the hooked.


        “Yes, Rayne,” He exhaled.


       “How’d you know it was me?” Rayne seemed shocked.


       “Hayley’s my sister, remember? I knew when she left this morning,” he continued writing, “And, I knew it wouldn’t be too long before you were chasing miss daisy.”


        Rem’s goin’ into danger Justice and it’s because of me. I can’t let him do that. Ah have ta stop him.” Rayne said quickly not wanting to match wits with him this early. “Listen, Hayley left a note saying dis alarm will go off if Ah don’t have de code.” She paused, “Justice, you’d better give me de code if you don’ want da security place and cops ta be all over dis place, ‘cause Ah’m leavin’.”


         “That won’t be necessary.” Justice chuckled, “I will be there personally to disarm the alarm.”


        “Why?” Rayne wondered, “Just tell it to me. Ah can turn it off.” She sniffed, “Ah can disable it now but it would most likely need ta be fixed later. Just tell me de code”


        “Hayley is my sister and I don’t want her to go into danger either. I know you are going after Remy but you’re not going alone, capish?” He looked pleased at the finished note and hoped again that Storm would forgive him. “Besides chere, I have something that can help you. And, there is strength in numbers you know.”


        “But…,” Rayne hesitated.


        “Rayne,” he said with a stern voice. “I’m a telepath. I can find them quicker than you. I’m going to get my sister and bring her back, and I know that there is no way that I can make you stay there, so you can go with me or I will drag you to my Uncle’s high security school and have them hold you there.” He listened for a moment and when there wasn’t an answer he stated. “I’ll be there shortly. Be ready.” As he hung the receiver up all he could think was, ‘I must be crazy.






         Rayne mulled over the options in her mind and knew Justice would be going with or without her anyway. It was true that he could help track Remy and Hayley with his telepathy and he would make the trip a lot easier.  She recalled what Justice had said about strength in numbers and hoped it wouldn’t come to that.














         Storm woke up to an empty bed and sighed. She looked around the room and the adjoining bathroom but didn’t see Justice. She padded out of the warm bed looking at the sunlight and rubbed her bleary eyes. She stepped into the bathroom to make sure and cross her arms feeling a sudden chill. She couldn’t shake a feeling of dread and rushed to Jordan’s room and opened the door quietly. She felt relieved at the sight of the small child covered in her lace comforter.


         She knew there was something missing and a feeling of longing knew it was Justice. She shut the door slowly and gently and headed for the living room only to find it empty. She looked to the corners of the room and the looked in the kitchen only to find a note.








            I’m sorry I wasn’t up to meet you. Take Jordan to Uncle Xavier’s and don’t leave until I return.  It’s a Remy, Hayley and Rayne emergency. Remy took off, Hayley followed and Rayne wants to follow suit so I have to go with her to bring the other two back here.  I will return to you as soon as I can Ororo.






     Storm held the note and sighed. She could only wonder what the emergency was. She knew if he told her to take Jordan to his Uncle’s then he must be worried about more then just bringing them back. She ran her fingers across the note and wished she was telepathic. She watched the sun get higher in the sky and wondered where Justice was.












          Alex walked swiftly down the halls with Beast still smiling from their date. She loved the opera and she loved the man Beast had programmed himself to look like but she still didn’t bring herself to ask him why that man.


        “Something perplexes you, my dear?” Hank interrupted looking at her again with a familiar blue furry face and eyes filled with concern. “Is something amiss?”


       “I meant to ask you something last night,” she stopped to face him. “The face you used last night,” she bit her lip lightly, “why that face?” She had thought there would be something familiar about him that he would use a famous figure or an icon.


     “Was there a problem with it?” He wrinkled his brow wondering what she was getting at.


      “No, I just wonder why that face,” she smiled remembering how handsome he was, “but you seemed to have such a unique look so I assumed it was somebody known.”


       “Indeed, he is known very well,” Henry reached into his pants pocket, “that is what I looked like before my mutation completely emerged.” He placed a photograph in Alex’s hand.


        Alex’s mouth dropped in surprise, “I hadn’t expected that it would be you.” She had to admit he was very handsome as a normal man.


        He merely shrugged and began walking with her again as she gazed at the photo, “I did not believe a disguise was our motive for the night therefore I merely presented you with myself.”


        “You are handsome in either form, Henry,” Alex smiled and handed the picture back.


         In their way was a duo that they recognized all too well. Storm walked hand in hand with Jordan as they looked tired and worried.


        Alex traded a worried look with Beast and walked faster, “It’s a surprise seeing you here Ororo.” She could only hope it was a surprise visit.


        “Yes, it is Alexandra,” Storm let Jordan’s hand go and the child bolted for her Aunt, “Your brother would be in pursuit of his sister.”


         Hank nodded with a exasperated sigh, “Hayley?”


         Storm nodded and looked to Alex, “I do not know the nature of this emergency so I am sure he would prefer to reach us.”


         “No telepathy?” Alex looked worried at the idea of not being able to tap her brother’s mind.


         “Perhaps he does not know yet the turmoil Hayley has created,” Hank touched Alex’s shoulder, “How are the elegant Cajuns reacting to the news?”


        “I believe that they have departed as well,” Storm sighed. “Jordan I have been asked to seek shelter here until Justice’s arrival.”


        Alex crossed her arms, “I don’t like this.” She looked at Hank, “Hayley’s pregnant and trouble is attracted to her like a magnet.”


         Hank set his jaw, “No, we will not chase them. Justice has left instructions to and since your brother is of sound mind we should abide by his will.”


         “He’s not dead, Hank,” Alex snapped.


         Jordan rolled her little eyes, “He’s not dead he’s going to the booboo with the Rat.”


         They all looked to Jordan who looked sleepy and Alex put her on the floor, “Where is the booboo?”


         “Where Remy and Rat are from,” Jordan yawned, “Remy left and Aunt Hayley followed him.” Then she pointed her finger, “daddy told Rat she couldn’t go alone.” Jordan smiled, “he’s big and strong and will protect her.” She held that thought and looked at Beast, “I’m sleepy.” She tumbled into his warm welcoming arms.


          “We were up very early,” Storm agreed.


          Alex had a vendetta to make sure her siblings were safe, “did your daddy tell you this, Jordan?”


          “Yes, but not with his mouth,” Jordan yawned and looked to Beast. “Can I use my old room?”


          “By all means,” Beast held the child to him, “I shall accompany you, Jordan.”


           “I don’t want company I just want to sleep,” Jordan placed her head on his shoulder and was asleep as soon as she felt his soft blue fur against her face.




         Storm and Alex watched them leave and Alex’s frown was evident, “Why do you look so sad Alex?”


         “She’s used to Hank but not me,” Alex smiled ruefully. “She knew all of you long before she knew her real family,” Alex silently cursed her father for separating them for so long, “this will always be her home and you will always be her family.”


         Storm nodded and placed a sympathetic hand on Alex’s shoulder. She knew she made things easier on Jordan being with her and her father but it was still a transition for everybody. “This will pass in time and you are her true family, Alex.”


        Alex silently wished she felt like it.