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Ally sat on the bed on Logan's room brushing her curly hair. She heard the ringing and followed it to her cell phone in her purse. She sighed she was already in night clothing and really didn't want to be bothered. "Hello?"

Logan was brushing his teeth and turned off the water. He could hear her talking softly. 'Who was she talking to? He wondered.

Ally rushed in and kissed him. She was dressed again. "Ally, what the hell?"

"Justice needs some files at the office." She smiled weakly. 'Why worry Logan too?'

"This late?"

"He is catching up." She walked into the bathroom with Logan on her heels. She began to search for something then she remembered. "Justice has my keys."



Alex was signing for the package from the delivery man. Why would anybody send her something at the X-mansion? He handed her the package he smiled politely and ran back to his truck.

She opened it to see photographs of a dog tag and it said 'Justice'. She gasped and looked at the other photo it was a photo of Hayley's dog tag. The note fell to the ground and Alex scooped it up.

Look for them and we will come for your last sibling. The note read. They had to go for Hayley and Justice. 'Ally couldn't fight, not right now'. She tried to contact Hayley and Justice because this couldn't be true. They never got caught. She tried to contact them and found nothing. She was alone, she couldn't tell Ally right now. This was the first time Alex was ever alone like this. She held the photos silently.



Ally was putting her shoes on as Logan watched her. She sighed, "I have to go. I want to know why he broke contact."

"He what?"

"I haven't felt him or Hayley for hours now." She looked at him, "Look, I didn't want to worry you. I also wanted to give them the benefit or doubt. They had private things to do and they may have wanted privacy but never this long." 'Neither would leave so long without contact with the babies so close.'

"Why didn't you just ask him while he was on the phone?" He knew Hayley had broke contact because Alex had told him after their workout but with Hayley's lack of respect he hadn't worried until now.

"It wasn't Justice. It was an aide from his office."

"Ally it's a set up." He protested.

"Gee, Ya think?" she shot back. She wasn't always this much on edge.

He knelt down to face her. He met her eyes. He was worried. He knew she wanted to go find them and would the first chance she got.

"I will go with Alex. You are to close to your due date. The babies need you healthy now." They both knew he was right, she couldn't fight right now. "It is too risky for you go," he kissed her lightly, "to go alone." He knew if he didn't keep her close she would run after them. He kissed her again and she pushed herself closer.

She smelled him and wished she could smell his scent the way he did her. She put her hand in his hair and he responded fully to her touch. It was like being in touch with the most passionate side of herself to be with Logan. He made her feel care free.

Logan wanted her. He needed her. It was like catching the wind. She felt good in his arms. He had to hold her so she couldn't leave. Suddenly a simple kiss turned to passion, raw passion as he felt new need to hold her. He growled lightly as he began to kiss her neck. He knew where this was heading and he was surprised, not complaining but surprised. He pulled away gently at her to see if she was feeling it too.

Her gently features stared at him, her face was soft and warm. "Logan." She looked at him like she would cry. He touched her face hoping he could make whatever it was go away with a single touch. Her looked changed and her face was hard and cold. Her face contorted in a silent cry. He tried to hold her but she put her foot in his chest and sent him sailing back against the wall.

He shook his head. It was like being hit by Justice, maybe because he hadn't been expecting it. He looked at her and she was staring straight ahead with her teeth clenched.

"Ally are you okay?"

She screamed.


Alex was about to knock on the door when she heard Ally scream. She ran in and her eyes began to glow. She looked at her sister as she held her belly and Logan's helpless stare.

Logan relaxed a little, he had been about to call for help. He was glad Alex was there. He knew she could help Ally.

"It's okay Ally." Alex whispered, Then she went into her sister's head and talked to her calmly. She bent down beside her.

"Is this it?" Logan asked Alex.

She smiled ruefully. "I guess so." She helped her sister up to her feet, as the contraction seemed to end.

Ally went back down yelling again. Logan and Alex knelt beside her. Logan glanced at the sisters, he knew Alex was in Ally's head and she knew what was going in on. Alex looked at Logan and shook her head. "This is very close very quick." She looked at Ally; "I am getting Hank."

A crowd of worried students had gathered at Logan's door. Scott and Storm ran in.

Ally sighed she looked okay again. "Alex get out of my head" she wiped at her eyes. "I mean totally, I don't want to spike your mind."

Alex nodded "I will tell Jean and the professor."

Logan scooped Ally off of the floor; he didn't want this to be a sideshow. "Let's get you to Hank." She put her head into his chest and he gave her a quick kiss on her head. He could feel her body tighten up. He looked down at her. "Ally why are you all wet?"

Scott and Storm stood by pushing the students away from the door. Scott wanted them to get of there quickly he walked out to clear the hall.

"This is it guys. Jean will meet you with Hank." Alex sighed. "Logan run."

Hank met them outside the infirmary. "Dr. Fletcher is on the way." He walked quickly into the room and pointed Logan to a bed for Ally. Logan set her down. He looked a little scared. He glanced at Alex and Hank for answers.

Beast didn't notice his stare. "I am afraid Professor Xavier has had a mental overload." He grinned at Ally as he started making her comfortable.

Logan gave him a rueful look smile; "They didn't get to him in time?" Logan looked at Ally.

"Sorry," she mumbled. She wasn't in the mood to be very pleasant.

"If Alex can disarm her telepathy from you, I will need her help." He smiled at Logan and Ally proud to be a part of something this big. "It will be okay, dear." Then he noticed the trash can. Dr. Fletcher had left a mess in the trash can.

"They are really close, Hank" Alex looked at them.

Logan caught Hank's eye as Hank began hooking her up to the baby monitors, "Are you going to be here?" Logan asked hopefully.

"I hope so."

Logan pointed his finger at Hank; "I am not leaving her." It was almost a hiss.

"Neither am I " Alex echoed.

Dr. Fletcher came running in. He carried a small simple bag again. Hank was looking at his work this far and didn't notice him.

Ally screamed as a new contraction took her by surprise.

Dr. Fletcher smiled at the sight. "Not far off huh?"

Alex and Logan exchanged a look of caution.


Hayley opened her eyes slowly it was blurry. She blinked to make things clear. Every muscle seemed to hurt. As her sight became clearer she could see Justice sitting across the table, he was slumped over in the chair he was tied to. He was wearing a metal skullcap over his strawberry blonde hair. He looked bad. She struggled to get up for the chair she sat in. She realized she was tied too. Like Justice an ankle was tied to each leg and she would guess that his hands were tied to the chair behind him as were hers. She felt the restraints they were metal clasps not rope. She could melt metal. Nothing happened when she summoned her flames. Her hands were not hot; she didn't even feel feverish. 'What the?' She thought.

She looked around again and tried to notice her surroundings. There was just Justice there across the metal table that separated them. A few metal chairs but not with in reach. She sighed. She tried to wake Justice mentally but he lay dormant. Her plea never reached his mind. She shook her head as if to clear it again. Then she felt something on her head it felt like a hat. The cap on Justice, she studied her brother's chapeau, it had to be what was holding her back. She tried to push it off with her shoulder and by shaking her head. After she was sore and dizzy she realized it was stuck. Then she thought about the other link, the one they were born with. Could the skullcap stop that or was it just her mutations? Justice wasn't a triplet so she couldn't wake him. She calmed down and took a deep breath. The birth link wasn't something they could control easily; it usually pointed itself out to them. It might not be accurate like telepathy but was the only thing she had.

She closed her eyes and reached for Alex. She gasped in astonishment; there was nothing there. 'Was it a wall? Was Alex dead? They had Justice did they have Alex?' She felt for Ally instinctively. She was in a little pain. 'Did they have her?' Ally screamed in her head. Through the small link Hayley could tell she was now in more pain than a minute ago. ' Oh no, not now.' She thought. Then she felt her pain through the weak link. Hayley screamed loudly. She broke the contact.

Justice moved slowly. He raised his head; it was like a splitting headache. What was he doing here? He was in his work suit. Then he remembered slowly. 'That blonde bitch; she spiked my mind' he sighed. He blinked so he could see more clearly. He saw Hayley watching him. Her face showed the concern she felt for him. He reached for her Mentally; nothing happened. He couldn't hear her or any of his sisters in his head. Then he shook his head it felt heavy. 'Did somebody shave my head?' He wondered. He tried to reach a hand to his head; they were belted. He strained to break the restraints. Nothing happened. He struggled again as he began to loose his temper.

"Just, save it." She sighed, "It's the hats."

"Where are we?" He blinked trying to see the room more clearly. He noticed the metal table in between them and the metal chairs but no other furniture.

"Metal chair, metal table." She mumbled.

'Magneto', he thought. "I can't her you Ally or Alex." Clearly it hurt him not to see his other two sisters.

"Alex is totally shut." She whispered "Ally is in pain."

His face could show his anger but he felt as if they were being watched. "How?" he asked her but his word was no more than a breath of air.

Hayley forgot Justice could read lips. She began to mouth her words. 'Not telepathy' she flashed him a warning look 'we have to find Allyson.'she mouthed.

Magneto observed them smiling. He looked at the beautiful woman and then Sabertooth.

"You did as I asked you too?" he asked Sabertooth.

"My pleasure." He remembered her scent and holding her hair while she was not moving. There was a slight smell of Wolverine and of her siblings. It made him want her more. She was Logan's friend and so much like him. He wanted her before she became friends with Logan. She had scorned him years ago, now she had no choice in the matter. "Give her to me" Sabertooth hissed.

Magneto was a little surprised and laughed at him. "Partner or wife?" he asked.

Sabertooth growled at Eric.

Magneto turned to the woman, "How are our other friends?"

"She will have the children soon." She smiled. "Do you want her dead?"

"Not unless she gives me a reason to kill her." He was intent that Ally would join them. "Children, eh? She is going to have two babies?" She nodded ad he rubbed his jaw. "What luck."

"How is it she is still using telepathy?" she watched them.

"What?" Magneto asked.

"Ally-cat felt her for a moment. I heard it." She kept watching them.

"They are triplets." Sabertooth offered. He watched this woman. She had long blonde hair and eyes that were so brown they looked almost black. Her body was rounder than Mystique's or the triplets, not as sleek but nice none the less he decided.

" A twin-link?" she guessed. They hadn't counted on that.

"Silence her for now. We can not have her warning the others." He ordered Sabertooth.

Sabertooth marched out to deal with them. She watched his powerful stride disappear.

"Why did you tell Sabertooth to take her?" She shuddered at the idea. She would never understand Eric or Victor.

He laughed at her. "If I cannot get rid of the X-men quickly, I might have to breed them out."

She was taken back a little scared of the carnal look her gave her.




Logan sat next to Ally she almost seemed hysterical to him. She called for Hayley and threw Doctor Fletcher back with a telekinetic throw.

Hank helped Fletcher to his feet.

Dr. Fletcher shook himself off and began to knock invisible dust from his shoulders. "We may have to knock her out."

"Try it and I will knock out your teeth" Ally hissed between her own clenched teeth.

Jean who had joined the group dropped her mouth astonished. Ally was usually so quiet and polite.

Logan Beast and Alex exchanged amused looks.

"What happened to our little Ally? " she laughed to herself.

Fletcher began to approach hear with a needle.

Logan felt Ally in his head pleading 'Don't let him, Logan. I don't trust him' He got to his feet ready for him.

Alex stopped him before he could reach Ally and Logan. "Do you really need to do that?" she asked, "She is almost ready to push, you told us that." Her eyes were glowing slightly as she began to loose her temper.

Beast stood next to her. "Alex" he said calmly. Under his breath he said "No."

Alex stopped. Her eyes were full of concern "Hank." She whispered.

Fletcher continued towards Ally.

Beast put a hand against his chest. "She wants to stay awake and unless you have a good reason to perform a cesarean section you should put your needle away." He spoke like a doctor but there was a low growl behind his words.

As Logan watched Fletcher retreat, he felt Ally grab his hand hard. He grinned at Ally. 'Good ol' Hank.' He thought.

Ally wasn't paying attention any more. She had a look of intense concentration on her face. He tried to catch her eye. "Al?" he said lightly.

Alex looked over. "If you are done trying to drug my sister," she said pointing to Ally "Maybe you could help."

Hank ran to her. "Ally, trust me." He moved her feet into a better position for her to use the bed as stir ups. He tossed up the sheet and soon everyone could see what was going on.

Logan watched Fletcher do nothing to help them.

Beast took control, "Ally when you feel you have to, push."

Jean went over to her and took her other hand. Alex walked past Fletcher, since he stood still, to help.

Ally began to curse under her breath. Jean was slightly amused at the sight of Ally totally out of her persona.

After a while of pushing, Ally seemed to deliver the first baby easily. Hank looked alarmed as he held the infant.

Ally watched his concerned face as he suctioned the newborn's mouth and nose out. "What is it?" Ally asked hank. Then another wave of contractions hit her; they felt like they would rip her in half.

Logan could hear Ally touch his mind. 'If it's the children or me, itís the children. I love you.' His eyes clouded. He wiped his eyes before anybody else could notice.

Hank handed the baby to Alex and Fletcher took it from her to the baby warmer, Hank had 'secured'.

He held his little stethoscope to it's little body. Alex went with him.

Logan looked at Ally and Hank. Hank motioned for Jean to go help Alex and Fletcher as he continued to guide Ally. 'Ally was right, Something was wrong.' Logan thought. "Hank, What?" he asked.

"Your baby is very small for it's age." He was preoccupied with Ally and her progress. Hank had a lot of trust in Alex, Jean and Fletcher but his greatest amount of trust was in Logan's healing factor. The children would certainly need it. He sighed as Ally started to push again.

Logan nearly jumped as Alex put a hand on his shoulder. He tried to smile at her in apology but his attention was in different places. She knelt to his ear. "You have a daughter, Logan."

Ally was tired and it was showing. She was full of sweat and was having a hard time catching her breath now. She was losing her energy but kept pushing anyway. She knew something was wrong and she wanted them to get out safely.

Hank looked at the child that emerged into his arms. He grabbed the aspirator and suctioned its mouth and nose. The child was very tiny in Hank's very large hands. It fit into the palm of his hand with room to spare. He saw the baby breathing easily despite the age. They were lucky to have Logan's genes; it might be the entire reason the child was doing so well. He then looked at the child as a man not a doctor. The little person blinked at him and didn't cry. The newborn was totally dependent on him and the other adults around him. The children were born during this mutant war; their parents were hunted and toyed with right now because of them. These twins could be the difference in the balance of power of the two bands of mutants. They could hold more power than their parents, but all the little boy in his arms did was look at him and cry. He was one of the most beautiful things Hank had ever seen. He was very proud of his friend's children.

Hank looked at Logan and Ally; "This would be your son, Logan and Allyson." He smiled at them but didn't present the child for inspection, he was afraid to worry them.

Logan stood up and looked at his little son. He looked frail. His legs and arms were very bony and his belly and head were the biggest part of him. His eyes were open as he blinked at the lights.

Ally sank back against the bed she looked pale and tired. Logan kissed her head lightly. Then he whispered in her ear. "It's only been you Ally." And winked at her. He heard a slam from the same direction the baby warmer was.

Alex was the calmest sister Logan knew this. He knew she was the one who kept Ally and Hayley straight with rules and guidelines. He knew she lived in front of her computer and buried herself into her work and working out. She was indeed the sanest. She was also the one who had Fletcher jacked against the wall by his throat.

"You are doing splendidly" Hank told Ally as he pulled the sheet back over her for privacy. The healing factor was still doing wonders for her and making Hank's job light with her. He basically watched her healing herself after the little boy was born. He sighed and smiled at her. "Soon it will be difficult to tell you even gave birth."

Logan squeezed Ally's hand as he watched Fletcher shivering as Alex questioned him. The room was getting colder."I will be right back." He said quietly to Ally. She was falling asleep fast.

Hank brought the other child to the warmer where Jean was waiting with the little girl.

Alex dropped Fletcher and cold cocked him hard and left him lying at her feet like a wounded dog.

Logan stood next to her. "Alex?" He tried to keep his calm because he was afraid Alex would tear the doctor up. She looked at him and her eyes stopped glowing and the tears started to flow when she looked at him.

"They are premature, Logan." She whispered. She felt like she helped Fletcher betray Ally somehow.

"What?" He growled and popped his claws out.

She seemed sane again because she stopped him. "Ally and the babies need you right now. Don't make me spike your mind and put you to sleep." She wiped her eyes.

He retracted his claws and turned to look at Ally and the babies. He knew she was right. Ally was sleeping. He sighed. He knew Alex would keep him at arms reach. Hank was with Jean and the children.

Logan walked over to meet the children he had heard so much about, his children. They were both in the same warmer because Hank could only get one.

They both had black hair. 'Like his or like Hayley's?' he wondered to himself. They were both very tiny. One was asleep and the other cried lightly. When he saw the baby's eyes he could see the same intense blue eyes the triplets shared. He wished Ally were awake. He looked at Hank with a many questions on his face.


Hank stood next to Logan. "They ARE premature Logan but they look excellent. Lungs are good and healthy. Despite their size you wouldn't know they are preemies."

Logan winced at the word preemie it sounded like something that happened when you got your dick stuck in your zipper. He didn't want the word used to describe his children.

Hank winked at him. "Once again your healing factor helped them greatly."

"How about Ally?" He asked quietly as he looked at her breathing very slowly with her eyes shut. She still had some machinery hooked up to her.

"What can I say? She did great and I saw her body healing herself. I am not sure if she will keep the healing ability or not. She may have only had it during her pregnancy. I need to take some blood and other tests to be conclusive." He slapped Logan's back. "You can hold you son and/or daughter."

Fletcher got up slowly and tried to compose himself. He looked at the bassinets.

Logan looked at the twins. Jean had moved them to separate little bassinets and they were both awake now. One baby cried and he put his hand in the bassinet with the little baby. He touched the child's cheek with his finger and it began to suck on his finger and quieted down.

Jean looked at him and smiled, "That one is your daughter."

"Hey there." He called to the small baby and both babies looked at their father. His eyebrows registered the surprise he felt, 'They know me'. He smiled at them and looked to see if Ally was awake yet?

Beast ran from the room very quickly with something in his hand he had hidden.

The little girl let go of his finger as she fell asleep. The little boy looked at him, he didn't cry. He only coo-ed and blinked at him as if to say 'look how cute I am.'

"Hey little guy." He put his hand down to him. He started to pick the child up, when Fletcher stopped him.

"Don't pick him up. " He snapped at Logan.

"What?" Logan growled at the little man.

Alex and Jean looked for Beast. They could spot him in other room; he looked like he was running a test. Alex ran over to Fletcher 'Who does guy think he is? Logan will bite his arm off' Alex thought to herself.

It was Jean who took control. "Why can't he hold his son? I don't know APGAR scale but he looks wonderful considering you were the one who messed up the due date." She gave him a challenging look. "Now why can't her hold his son?"

Alex looked at Michael he looked healthy considering it's size

Fletcher changed his mind. "Fine." He said in a huff. His look was pure venom.

Jean wished the professor were here, so they could tell this guy to take a hike.

Logan picked the baby up gently. He was so small and his big blue eyes stared at him. His eyes had a faint Japanese look to them, as did his sister.

Alex got Logan a chair to and he sat down with his son.

"Hey Michael." He held the baby very close and he just stared at Logan.

Alex knelt down to the infant and coo-ed at Logan. The baby turned his head in the direction of her voice. She looked at Logan shocked. "He knows me?" Logan smiled at her and she laughed. "This is so incredible."

Logan nodded in agreement.

Hank came back into the room. He smiled at the sight of Logan with the newborn. "I need to talk to you Logan." He looked serious.

Alex followed him as Jean volunteered to wait outside. They made their way into the small lab room.

"Alex, can you please read Dr. Fletcher?" he asked quickly.

She shrugged, "Okay." She agreed.

Logan and Hank waited for her to finish

"He is scared of us. Very scared and there is a big wall around most of his thoughts. I wish Ally was awake she could nail this quick." She sighed.

"Can you call the other X-men here, Alex?" He asked Alex.

"Hank?" Logan looked at him.

Hank produced a needle; "I found the needle Fletcher gave Ally her vitamin shot with."

"Yeah?" Alex wondered what he was getting at.

"It was Potocin." He looked at them hoping they understood.

"What is that?" Logan asked.

Alex closed her mouth to speak and realized she had dropped her jaw at all. "It is used to induce labor." She mumbled.

Logan had his claws out. "The due date, you had it right Hank? That son of a bitch."

He left to room to settle this with Fletcher. He saw Jean in the floor gasping for breath. He knelt to her side. "The babies", she choked "I am fine but he took the babies."

Logan felt his heart jump and ran out after Fletcher. Alex was on his heals as he ran. Beast helped Jean to her feet.

Logan and Alex caught Fletcher in the long halls near the exit. Alex froze his legs so he couldn't run.

Logan moved slowly towards him. Jean came up behind them with Beast. Scott, Storm Rouge and Bobby were behind waiting to help.

Fletcher smiled evilly at them and gave up the charade. The old man became the vibrant blue woman holding the twins. She was wearing a metal cap over her Bright red hair. Logan grabbed the closest child at the first opportunity. She smiled at his full hands. She clasped the other baby to her chest like a football and she began to lunge at Logan. Her lower body would still not respond because of Alex's mental freeze.

Mystique's confused look became and evil plan. It was her freedom or the child. She threw the child in the air. She seized the opportunity run as Alex's attention wandered.

Logan retracted his claws to catch his child, but the baby floated in the air and safely towards Alex's waiting arms. Logan handed her the other child quickly and turned to deal with Mystique, but she was gone. Nobody had seen her leave.

Logan growled. He held the offered infant again. Despite what had happened he found himself smiling at the little baby. He never had a weakness before, something for somebody to hold over his head.

Alex had her telepathy opened while she was battling. She looked at him. "Don't worry these kids will protect themselves in a year or two," She said quietly. "Look what they did to Hank before they were born"

Hayley watched Sabertooth glide in. She was repulsed at the sight of him. He strode up to her and looked into her face. He raised a hand to her and she flinched instinctively. She couldn't go anywhere so he ran a claw down her neck towards her breast. She started to kick and scream with in her restraints against the chair. 'Oh my God no not here, not now, don't let Justice pity me.'

Justice watched in horror. He was powerless to help his sister. He knew Creed and he knew by his manner 'What he was hinting? Had he raped Hayley? Or was he going to?' Justice took some breaths to calm down. Sabertooth looked at Justice as if to brag, then he hit Hayley hard in the face. Her lip started to bleed. He brought his hand up again to connect to her face as she raised her head. He continued the assault until Hayley didn't move.

Hayley lay on the chair unmoving. "You shit." Justice yelled. 'Why had he come out here? Just to attack Hayley?'

He thought if he could just antagonize Creed enough that he could get him to do what he wanted him too.

"Pick on somebody your own size." Justice yelled to him.

Sabertooth got into Justice's face. "I already PICKED on her Bro." He snarled at Justice.

Justice lost it. He began to flail around and struggle against the restraints. "I have touched her," Creed echoed. He wanted his hands on him; it wouldn't be the first time he and Victor had come to blows over one of his sisters. Justice had met Victor the same time he met Logan. Victor and Justice had never gotten along. Thinking a little about this Justice took some deep breaths. He couldn't let him get the best of him.

He settled down and became calm "You have to pick on women, when you are nothing but a pussy yourself" Justice hissed at him.

Sabertooth picked Justice up by the shoulders as he sat in the metal chair. Then he threw Justice chair and all.

"Ugh." Justice mumbled as he and the chair landed against the wall in a heap. Well, he had managed to piss Sabertooth off. He shook his head and felt that the metal cap was off. He smiled at Creed who seemed surprised by this. "Come on, you wanna play with the big boys now, Creed?" Justice came at him with his speed and tackled Victor to the ground. As if he was fighting Logan, he had to remember to watch out for his claws.



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