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      Kamikaze put on his swimming trunks and made his way to the pool. He found a few other people there but most said it was too cold to swim now.


     'Pansies,' he laughed to himself and then jumped into the deep end. He came up sputtering.


     Aubrey's amused face came into view, "Too cold for you hot shot."


      Ty ignored his chattering teeth, "N-n-n-no."


      Aubrey giggled, " I was looking for Josh."


     Ty lowered his brow as he watched her, "WHY?"


    "I am to try to train in the danger room," she shrugged.


    "Last time I saw him he wandered off talking to Jump," Ty climbed out of the pool.


     "Jump? What did he want with her?" Ty grabbed his towel and looked at her, "I think it's more like she was looking for him."


     Aubrey looked worried but Ty feel into a lounge chair and smiled, "He’s a big boy Aub."


    "No he thinks he is older and bigger than he is," She sighed.


    Ty found his sunglasses and pushed them on his face, "Want to swim?"


     Aubrey laughed, "I am not crazy enough to swim in this cold water."


      "Yeah?" Ty looked at her and stood up again. He grabbed her making sure that she was as wet as he was as he held her. He kissed her then laughed and pulled her into the pool with him. She surfaced right behind him smacking the water and sending little waterfalls his way.


      Ty started squirting water back but the both stopped when they noticed Storm and Gambit running out with worried looks.


    "Wonder what's up," Ty mumbled and grabbed the side of the pull to get out. Aubrey shrugged and he helped her out.


     Storm saw them and came closer as Remy continued to search in bushes and under chairs. "Tyler, have you seen Rayne or Imp?" Storm asked quickly.


    Aubrey and TY shook their heads.


    "Imp must be found," Storm looked worried.


      Ty shrugged, "Did you try Justice?" Storm hadn't considered the possibility of Imp running to her father because the kitchen was pretty far from his room, and she didn’t think Jordan could have gotten that far.

     Ty stopped in his track as if he were listening to somebody speaking another language in his ear.


     Storm recognized a telepathic message and hoped it was Jordan, "Tyler?"


     "Ally said she needs help immediately," He swallowed hard, "Hayley and Rogue are both hurt. They need you and Warren to help."


     Then he looked pale. Storm touched his arm, "What is it?"


    "Ally said Hank might want to cross match their blood types and be ready," Ty said quickly.


     "Why Warren?" Storm said.


    "Both off them are stuck in some trees," Ty said plainly.


     Remy walked up noticing the serious tone and looked at them expectantly. Storm looked at him and didn't want to be the one to tell him Hayley had been hurt.


     "Is dere a problem mes ami?" he asked, wondering if Tyler had upset Storm.


     "Hayley's injured, stuck up in a tree, pretty far from here," Tyler blurted out. He was upset and excited.


      Remy’s mouth dropped open, "How injured is she?" he asked quickly.


     Storm gave Tyler a cross look as he explained, "She's bleeding from some explosion."


     Remy took a deep breath, "Lets go help. Depeche-Toi!"







      Justice smiled at his work, 'Haven't lost my touch.' He had to admit that he missed it. He couldn't wait to show Ororo after she had helped him that one summer night and she had been interested enough. He looked at the now empty pot of coffee and ran to the bathroom. He hadn't realized how long he had sat there without relieving himself. He laughed at the idea of getting caught up in work again but how would that balance with Jordan.


    Would he have to hire a nanny for Jordan when he had extra work or would Storm move in with them? He sighed at the thought of it and smile followed. He loved the idea of the three of them away from all the trouble and grunted to himself as he thought of Chloe's visit. He couldn't explain it but he had felt violated and powerless to stop her because of the background they had shared. Her kiss opened a flood-gate of happier memories with her. Happy times when he would ask her how she was every 10 minutes and she would laugh and tell him the baby would be born when it was ready Or her first big dinner for entertaining Justice's partners and clients.


     They had happy times but he thought of her touching him after he had been with Storm and he felt dirty. He sighed and sat back down to his work. He grabbed the bottled water he kept in his little fridge and had a long drink before a small knock on the door grabbed his attention. His shin ached slightly at the thought of Dominick kicking him again.


    He put his water bottle down, "Always when I am busy." He opened the door quickly and looked down this time to see Jordan's tear stained face.


     He grabbed her from the floor and looked around, "What happened?"


     "That girl tried to bite me!" she cried, "Uncle Logan chased her away but she might be following me."


     "What girl?"


    "The one with the-the-the," Jordan stumbled for the word, "Whiskers!"


    Justice pulled her to him then looked her over for injury, "She didn't get you?"


    Jordan shook her head. He said a little thank you to Wolverine and hugged her tightly. "I think your ok," he smiled at her, "You want a drink? You can stay here with me for a while."


    "Okay," she finally smiled. Then spied his little fridge and produced a little orange juice, then she jumped on his bed.


      Justice smiled at her, "I have to do some work ok?"


      "Can I watch the T.V.?"


       "I have books," Justice offered.


       She made a face, "I want to see Powerpuffs"


       Justice laughed, "Really?" The irony struck him and he laughed harder.


       His eyes started turning blue as Ally contacted him and so did Jordan's. He realized Ally must have been reaching for every telepath she could. He could hear Bonsai's lack of concern and Tyler's upset tone.


        He tossed down his files and looked at Jordan as their eyes stopped, "I have to go."


       "Aunt Hayley's hurt," she cried.


       "Yes and I have to go help," He grabbed her off the bed, "I am going to go really fast so hold on tight ok?" She nodded and Justice let his worry set his fast pace.





       He flew past Storm, tyler and Remy and backtracked.


       He handed Jordan to Remy, "Can you watch her? Storm and I have to go."


      "No," Remy put her down, "A’m goin' too."


     "No, you're staying here," Justice pointed at him.


      Remy narrowed his eyes, they would not keep him here.


     "I will watch Imp," Aubrey offered.


     Alex ran out and headed towards the garage. She couldn't fly to keep up with Storm or use Justice's speed. So they saw her coming out on Cyclops's bike.


      Remy was surprised to see one of the triplets on a bike but remembered how fast that bike could move and jumped on before she could leave him behind. She turned around shocked to have a passenger but nodded and took off.


     Storm floated into the air. "If you have their location I will follow you from the air," She told Justice.


     Aubrey watched as Tyler struggled to keep up with Justice and sighed, "You want to go to my room and play a game?"


     Jordan nodded but looked onto where her family had gone and grabbed Aubrey's hand concerned.


     "They will bring them home," Aubrey smiled, "Want to find some nail polish?"


     Imp's eyes lit up, "YES!" she shouted, "I mean yes, please." And she followed Aubrey into the big doors.


     Remy smiled as Alex handled Scott's bike with ease. 'Wha's all da fuss Ally made over drivin’ ma bike?' He wondered. It would seem they were competitive enough to match each other's talents. Why didn’t Alley drive a bike like her sister did?  A broad smile hit his face as they flew past Justice.  Hayley‘s brother was always touting his abilities.  It was funny how insignificant his speed looked now against the raw power of the Harley. Gambit suppressed an urge to wave as they sped by.


     Instead, he reminded himself that Hayley was in trouble and needed help, "Much further?" He yelled over the bikes growling engine. Alex shook her head and dirt flew as she skidded it to a halt.


       "Get up," She yelled at Remy as he still sat on the bike. He wasn‘t sure what was going on. Then it hit him they were at the place. His eyes flew up as she spoke to him again in a comanding tone, and he scrambled off the bike. He wondered briefly when Alex had developed a tiger spirit?


     ‘Not from Hank,‘ he snorted inside. She pulled at the seat and produced a medical kit. He realized then why she had wanted him off the bike.


     Alex looked up, "There they are." She took a deep breath, "They’re caught in the vines." It was easy to see Ally’s bright hair against the trees but Hayley and Rogue blended in. Justice met them quickly.


     "Where’s Hayley, Alex?" Remy asked not quite seeing what she saw.


     "See that black mass there." Gambit nodded, then realizined it was Hayley’s hair as she hung from the tree. She offered no sign of life.


     Justice looked panicked, "I am not getting anything from her." He saw Storm and Warren arrive.


   Storm got close to them with a worried look as she looked back at Ally and began to struggle with the ropes.


    Warren's wings didn't permit him to get in closer Alex swallowed hard, "She better be alive or I'm not going to be able to get up there."


     Justice sighed. "I can start to climb," He offered. Alex felt into Hayley's mind and tapped into her abilities.


      "No," Alex stopped him, "Ally's afraid you might shake the tree."


     Hayley's unconscious body slipped sending her further towards the ground but other vines stopped her fall. Storm grabbed her foot and held it tightly.


     Remy kicked the biked feeling helpless as Tyler brought up the rear.


      Alex sighed and folded her hands together as she finished tapping Hayley's talents and her body became light as air but she began to control it.


     "Key awau!" Gambit exclaimed at the sight, "Ah didn't know Alex could fly too."


     "She can't, normally," Justice sighed, "They can tap into each other's talents when the one isn’t using their power. And once, somehow they all used them together." He smiled a little at Remy.


    "She's borrowin’ Hayley's power?" Remy stared at Ally's place in the air holding onto Rogue. "Why didn' Ally fly dem down?"


     "They are tangled in the vines," Justice sighed, "She was afraid that by trying to get one out she would cause the other to fall. Ally isn't strong enough to keep both from falling now because her unborn child is tapping into her energy." Justice was worried and didn't try to hide it, "Like Hayley's baby drains her energy."


      Remy swallowed hard, because he hadn't considered that.


    Alex looked at Rogue who struggled in the vines. They were as tough as rope. Ally came near her.


    "Rogue seems fine," Ally nodded at Hayley hanging upside down bloodied and unmoving, "Rogue told me that when the explosions went off,  Hayley shielded her and took the brunt of the explosions."


     Storm looked down to Hayley and looked at the pitiful sight she was. Her face was bruised and the one-piece jump suit she wore was torn where little cuts of blood shown through. She couldn't help but to feel a little protective of the woman because Justice looked helpless below.


     Alex flew down to Hayley with Ally and Storm, "Don't move Rogue. We‘ll get you out," they called together.


     Alex looked over her unconscious sister. "I don't think her abdomen was hit," Ally said gesturing to her sisters swollen belly where the baby was. "Her arm worries me though,"


     Ally gingerly touched her sister's arm exposing the injury where the majority of her blood loss came from, "And these head wounds."


     Alex sighed as she began grabbing things from the medical pack. "We never thought she would live past eighteen did we?" Alex joked weakly, "Don't worry there aren’t any main veins or arteries involved."


      Hayley's face had dirty smudges, which made it hard to see any bruising. Alex wrapped gauze pads to her sister’s bleeding arm with pressure in hopes it would slow or stop the bleeding.


     "Can you cut Rouge down?" Ally asked quickly, "I couldn't get through that maze of vines or break them."


     Alex sighed and used Hayley's fire to carefully burn through the vines and caught Rogue easily. She pulled her up to Warren's waiting arms above the canopy.


     Ally and Storm stayed with Hayley, as Alex flew Rogue to the Angel above them. Warren held the girl tight and quickly flew off to the mansion.


     "I am going to need help getting Hayley to the ground," Alex sighed before cutting her vines, "Can you use your telekinesis?"


     "We can fly her down, Alex," Storm offered quickly. 'When would the Adams accept help?'


     Ally nodded. She was going to try and help Hayley with her telekinesis if her sister had fallen, and she also played with the idea of trying to fly her to the ground, but the vines were just too thick.


     Alex took a deep breath and used Hayley’s fire to cut through the vines.


    Storm and Ally supported Hayley's weight and would keep her from falling.


    "Ally she is going to be coming loose soon," Alex was worried about Ally's unborn, and how taxing this was for her sister, "Grab her with your telekinesis until I can help Storm out. We‘ll try to do this quickly so you can rest."


      As Alex cut the last vine Ally and Storm held Hayley tight. Alex had her feet and Storm held her around Hayley’s armpits, and they slowly lowered her to the ground.


      Justice ran over and knelt by his injured sister and took in the sad sight. He stood up quickly grasping Hayley to his chest, "Can I run her in, or should we wait for Warren?"


    "What happened?" Ty asked as he watched Remy push forward, his face full of concern.


    "Rogue was flying around, settting off explosions," Ally caught her breath, "Rogue said she had gotten trapped in the vines.  Hayley didn't have enough time to get her lose, so she shielded Rogue with her own body."


     "Mon dieu," Remy said as he touched her battered face. Justice looked down at his blood filled shirt, "She is bleeding badly."


    Before Alex could come closer, Justice made his decision, "I am running her in." And he took off.


    Gambit climbed on the Harley as Justice ran off, "Right behin’ yo’ homme." Before he could leave, Ty jumped on the bike behind Remy and they sped off. Ally and Alex traded a tired look with Storm, and they all took to the air. Alex called Beast telepathically and told him what was to expect.