Logan brought Ally to the TV room and pointed to a little girl, who was jumping up and down on the leather couch against Bobby’s protest. The child spied them and bounded over to Logan with a big smile.

"This is Imp"; he gestured to the blonde child with the big wide eyes.

"Her name is Jordan." Bobby offered with a smile.

Allyson looked at the child with big smile. Big wide set eyes, a blonde head full of curls and a mischievous smile, she could make anybody smile. She certainly seemed to love Logan.

"I like your kids" Imp smiled at Ally. "When can I play with the little girl? The little boy isn’t so much fun." She kept shifting her weight from one leg to the other.

"What," Ally asked as she knelt down to talk to her a little more.

Imp tapped her belly, "When will the little boy and girl come out? I want to play with them."

Ally looked surprised but smiled at Logan and Imp. "Not for a while,"

Logan’s face was lit with pride, it wasn’t often he was proud of anything like that. Allyson’s pregnancy seemed to bring Logan a few unexplored emotions.

"They remind me of you," Imp mumbled as she looked from Logan to Ally. "The little girl smiles a lot and the little boy is grumpy like Logan." She laughed at them

"Am I grumpy?" Logan smiled at her.

"Not right now," Imp looked at Logan.

"So, you think we are having a boy and a girl." Ally asked her.

"Yes." She said somewhat distracted.

Logan saw it and ducked. A nerf ball came flying at him from no where. Imp loved to pick on Logan.

Ally caught it with a quick mental tug and sent it flying at Imp. The foam ball hit Imp in the head gently.

Imp looked at Logan, "How did you do that?"

"Ally did it" he was amused at the child’s confusion.

Imp sent several other toys flying and Ally intercepted them mentally again holding them in the air, then she sent to them flying towards the toy box. Imp’s mouth dropped as she watched Ally control the toys with her mind so easily. Clearly the child gave up the telekinetic attack.

"How did you do that?" she was in awe of somebody who fought back. Jean never did.

"I have been doing it a long time now." Ally sighed. "How do you know I am having a boy and a girl?"

"I have been talking to them." Imp was getting bored of the questions. She seemed to loose fascination with their company when she heard Elmo singing on the TV. She ran towards the red muppet singing along.

"I guess we need names now." Ally’s eyes looked slightly cloudy and she looked towards Imp.

Neither noticed Jean come in with Tyler. She sat down next to Bobby who was listening intently to the exchange. Jean looked at Logan, he seemed very happy around Ally and she couldn’t remember when she had seen him smile so much.'Is this the way he had always been around her? Or was the effect of her pregnancy or their reunion?' Jean’s heart went out to them. She knew they had so much more to go through before they could relax and enjoy each other.

Logan helped Ally stand up from her crouched position, she was off balance.

"Top heavy?" he teased her.

Ally looked over at imp who was jumping in front of the TV talking to Elmo. "She’s sweet."

"Our daughter will be too." Logan grinned as he wrapped and an arm around her waste and kissed her. They seemed oblivious to the others for a moment. That is until Bobby cleared his throat loudly.

They broke apart slightly and looked over to them. Bobby’s face was a little red and Jean was playing with Tyler. Imp was leaning on the back of the couch watching them with her head in her hands. She seemed to be enjoying the show. Ally felt her face get warm.

Logan raised an eyebrow slightly as he guided Ally out of the room.


Alex, Justice and Hank ended the tour by pool. They each went to a seat in the lounge chairs.

"You seem very handy in the kitchen," Beast said politely.

"Our dad always had money, but we were always at the lab or prefer to be alone," Justice shrugged. "We are just used to doing everything for ourselves, we are a team." He smiled

"I guess Logan is part of it again." Alex looked at Justice.

"Again?" Hank asked Alex.

"He and Ally got really close and really quick," Justice looked at the calm pool, "Having a common enemy didn’t hurt any."

Beast wondered if they would forge any strong bonds with the X-men. They seemed to have an exclusive bond they didn’t invite many people to.

"We only had each other to count on." Alex looked thoughtful.

Justice laughed, "Ally loved housework."

"Ally loves anything that is normal, she was never very happy being any kind of mutant." Alex said.

"None of us were, especially Logan." Justice sat forward slightly

Beast raised an eyebrow at them.

"Ally is embarrassed she is going to slip in front of ‘normal people’" she sighed, she knew secretly every mutant was afraid to slip up and be discovered. "She always acts like she is wearing a scarlet letter."

"At least Ally can move in society at all." Beast said. With his giant frame and blue fur he was hardly considered acceptable.

"I guess we all have our scarlet letters." Justice sat back against the pool chair.

"Hayley’s should be ‘S’ then." Alex scowled studying her nails.

Hank looked surprised at them.

"She is always in trouble," Justice added. Then he wiped the sweat from his head.

"Perhaps you would like to swim?"

They nodded enthusiastically. He stood up to find them bathing suits to wear as he watched them running towards the pool. Alex did a simple dive as Justice did a cannonball, which soaked Hank. He shrugged since he was already soaked; he jumped in the pool after them. There were a few students around the pool who found Beast very amusing as he was doing the backstroke.

Scott and Jean were passing the pool and laughed too. "Do you want to swim?" Scott asked Jean.

She squinted her nose as she shook her head. "You go have fun." She smiled at him. He ran off and tossed her a smile over his shoulder.

Scott looked at Hank’s big form lingering in the way, as he stood on the diving board. "Move or die" He yelled and then jumped in.

Jean stared before she turned around to walk away. This might be a time to get some work done in the lab she thought. She wanted to see the results of the healing factor from yesterday’s accident.

She walked the long halls as she thought to herself. 'Ally had taken damage and helped Hayley too? Was the factor increasing?'

When she walked in she found the professor going through some of the notes at the desk. Jean sighed; it was hard for anybody to be alone in the X-mansion.

He looked at her. "Just bringing myself up to date. I believe we are correct about Magneto’s interest in Logan’s children." He looked a little alarmed. She told him about Jordan and her contact with the twins.

"Fascinating, so we have some proof of some telepathic abilities." He stared at the papers on the desk hoping something would jump out at him with an answer. "How about any solid proof on Logan’s adamantium frame?"

"Nothing solid but Hank’s notes suggest that at least one baby has it." She looked at him. "Hayley seems to have a theory that perhaps his skeletal frame was part of his natural mutation." She looked at him closely. "You seem very interested in them. Is it personal?" She looked at the ground; right after she said it she regretted it.

"I would rather not speculate over anything I am not completely sure of myself." He gave Jean a small smile.

She found the data. "Well, it seems that the healing factor doubled in a day. If we do another sonogram, we can find out if it’s because of the children’s growth."

He looked at her surprised. "This is groundbreaking research." He said mindlessly. "Hank will have to write a paper on this, considering he has more research."

"Well Ally seems willing to help." She looked at him as a daughter would a father. "They are very friendly." She smiled at him expectantly. "Did you know that Justice is a lawyer." She could hardly believe it herself.

He was not impressed. "Partner to his firm." He mumbled as he looked at the papers she had put down.

"Wow, who would have guessed?" she gasped.

"Why would you say that?" Charles looked at her quietly.

"He seems like a big obedient dumb dog." She shot out before thinking. She shocked herself at her own words.

He saw she upset herself. "We can’t think that the four of them make one person. They are all intelligent people and they try hard to separate themselves from each other, so people see them and not a unit. They each have different careers and lifestyles. They also seem to strive for normality, especially Allyson. She is stuck in the middle of her sisters."

"How do you know them so well? Did you read them?" she marveled.

"No, I listened." He told her calmly.



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