Wolvie Femmes *Cerebro







††††††† Logan tucked Jordan into her bed and smiled at her a little, he still loved the child.He had given her the nickname 'Imp' and had been like an uncle to her before she even knew she had family.He would miss her when he and Ally left.


†††††† Imp yawned, "Why do I got to go to sleep when it's not dark yet?"


†††††† "You tired?"He raised an eyebrow at her.


†††††† She nodded.


††††††† "Then you sleep," he pointed at her with a grin.


†††††† "When are you leaving?"She asked sadly.


††††††† He was taken back but berated himself for forgetting the five year old was a strong telepath, after all Charles was her uncle."Not until your father is better," he sighed.


†††††† "Daddy will be fine won't he?"


†††††† "Hey," he turned up a side of his mouth, "Your the telepath kid."


†††††† "Yes," Jordan yawned, "but it's just my little psyche that wants to be reassured."She said plainly as her lids drooped.


†††††† "Your psyche?"Logan Chuckled, "Where did you hear that?"


†††††† "From Storm," Jordan sighed, "I am gonna miss her."She thought Storm would go with her but she didn't want to ask and pretended to pout.


†††††† "You're a lousy actor Jordan," He got up from the side of the bed, "You want to know if Storm is going to live with you?"She nodded quickly."Then ask your dad."He shot back."That's between him and 'ro."


†††††† "S'not fair," She fully pouted now.


†††††† "S'not fair?"Logan stopped his retreat from the room."You talking like the swamp rats now?"


†††††† "No, not Rat just Remy," she settled into the bed more."Rat doesn't like me much."


††††† "Storm will have a hard fight ahead kid."He sighed."She likes the use of proper English around the others."He shook his head, not wanting to admit that seeing Imp imitating Remy didn't bother him, because it did.


†††††† He stepped on the other side of the door as his eyes shut slowly, and he was sure he heard a 'Goodnight, chere,' followed by a giggle.


††††† He ground his teeth at the thought of that Cajun taking care of Hayl, and Imp imitating him.He could see she liked Remy a lot but Logan wasnít prepared for the Cajun to become one of Imp's favorite people so quickly.


†††† He sighed heavily as Charles moved his chair quickly into the hallway and Logan just avoided him.The door was tossed open and Imp was big eyed as well as Charles.


†††† Logan sniffed the air for any threat, "Chuck?"


†††† "Allyson is in trouble," Charles swallowed hard.


†††† Imp even began to look uncomfortable, "she wants to use Cerebro."


††† Logan began to run past them both.






†††††† Reg smiled staggering away from Justice and hit the bed.Justice jumped up trying to steady the valiant mutant.He felt much better and now that he had his previous condition as a comparison, he was sure of it.He caught Reg and placed him on the bed the rest of the way with a very compassionate expression.


††††† "This isn't right," Justice sighed watching the man sleep now.


†††† "He will heal much quicker than you would have Mr. Adams," Hank scolded Justice looking over his glasses at him."You will not be able to leave here tonight either."


†††††† "I feel great," Justice lied.He still had to catch his breath and felt lightheaded but he wanted to find Storm.He missed her and he ached for her.


†††††† Jean finished looking at the now sleeping mutant."I can call Storm if you would like Justice."


†††††† Beast pushed Justice to a clean bed without as many monitors and Justice sat on the bed with a sigh.He was still wearing the hospital gown they had put on him, "I can call her Storm."He looked sadly at the gown and "but may I have something less feminine to wear?"


†††††† Jean walked over to the closet and retrieved a pair of School sweats."I had these ready after you and our Cajun friend were in the infirmary last."


††††† Justice smiled and pulled the bottoms on under his gown and then pulled the strings to loosen remove the gown from his neck then quickly pulled his sweatshirt on.He sat on top of the covers watching the Jean and Beast as Jean froze in place. He knew why she was at a halt.He only waited for their eyes not to be on him so he could slip past them.Ally needed him right then.


†††††† "I have to get to Cerebro," Jean went a little pale as Beast held her eye."The professor is on his way as well."


†††††† "Oh, dear," Beast turned the beds, "Justice I need to have you on the heart monitor again."All Beast could see was the crumpled sheets and empty bed where Justice had sat.


†††††† "Do any of them listen?"Jean grumbled."I'll get him Hank."


†††††† "I do believe he has gone to his sister's aide," Beast almost questioned.


††††† "You don't have to be telepathic for that one," Jean grinned lightly before she ran out hearing Reg's loud snore.





††††† Remy was moving slowly to the infirmary slowly thinking of the things that had happened in the past few days.His head still bothered him and he was surprised Rayne hadnít bugged him about it yet but then he knew she was upset with all that had happened with Edval, he also felt responsible for that.


†††† He saw a flash of red hair as somebody tried to sneak past him.He almost chuckled who could sneak past a thief?He slowly kept up with the red blur until he saw it was Ally, 'she like Hayley all right,' he sighed and wondered what she was up to.He watched her make her way quickly and quietly to the lower levels despite her large stomach. He narrowed his eyes as she took the elevator but he made a last minute run for the doors and they shut quickly.He heard her in his head, 'Sorry Remy, not this time.íThen he knew something was wrong.He ran for the stairs and he almost was positive where she was headed as he made way for the next set of doors.


††††† He watched them open only to find them empty but caught something out of the corner of his eye.He had an awful feeling about this, Ally wasn't usually sneaky. He ran for her to see her disappear inside of Cerebro's doors and he stopped just short of the doors snapping on his nose.He saw Ally turn around with a finger to her lips and he heard her in his head again, 'Shhhhhh, please.'


††††† He had been told this was Cerebro when he had stumbled upon it before.Hayley had told him that it was something only her Uncle used, a less experienced telepath could be dangerous with it.


††††† Panic gripped the Cajun and he began to search his pockets for something to charge.He found his belt buckle a quick resource and undid his pants folding the belt.He wedged the buckle as far as he could in between the doors and grabbed the end of the buckle as he began to charge the buckle and doors together.When he realized the doors would blow and he ran for cover himself.






†††††† Ally was almost shaking, she knew she wasn't experienced enough for this.Remy followed her and she was sure others knew too.She quickly put the helmet on her head and took a deep breath.She was greeted by many different voices and emotions, it was overwhelming She inhaled wanting to control this and wanted to know for Justice's sake.She concentrated on Chloe and the secret she held.


††† All had cleared except for one mind and Ally felt more answers than she had wanted. She heard an ear piercing 'boom' from behind her and all went black.







†††† Justice was winded and had to stop.His chest felt like it would explode and he grabbed at it wondering how healed he had been.He knew he was pushing it but he had been still long enough.He watched Logan run past him as he leaned on the wall.Logan gave him a curious expression but kept his vigorous pace and left his brother in law.


††††† Justice ran after Logan after he took a deep breath only to follow him to the doors known as Cerebro.


†††† Justice looked at the red glowing object wedged in the doors but Logan knocked his hand from it."Don't smell right Junior."


††† "Ally's in there Logan," Justice argued.


††† Wolverine knew she was but the glowing belt was bad news, "Take cover kid."A quick snikt and Logan's claws sprang free.Out of the corner of his eye he noticed something move.


†††† When they saw Remy's panicked face, they both knew that they needed away from that door.


††††† Justice turned on his speed to take cover but Logan could not move as quickly and the blast sent him against the wall in a loud splat.


††††† Remy found Justice crouched next to him during the blast and looked to him with an arched eyebrow."T'ought you were still sick?"


††††† Justice coughed from the dust that used to be the door and grabbed his chest with the pain that remained there, "I'm better now."


†††† "Sure yo' are homme."Gambit sighed watching him doubtfully.He looked over to Wolverine who lay there unmoving.


†††† Justice looked at Remy and felt sorry for the Cajun, "He's going to be plenty pissed when he gets up," Justice sighed and crossed his arms."I speak from experience."


†††† Remy saw the smoke clear and hoped they had been in time as the duo made there way slowly into the room. Remy's vision seemed sharper and he saw her first.He ignored the pounding in his head, knelt to Ally, and scooped her to his chest.


††††† Justice sighed seeing his sister, "I'll take her Remy," He wrapped an arm around her but didn't find Gambit relenting the hold.


†††† "You aint well enough," Remy challenged and ushered him out of the room pushing Justice backwards.


††††† Justice sighed and moved out of the room slowly.


††††† Remy looked down at Ally who opened her eyes slowly and Justice pushed forward to see her."Yo' all right chere?"Remy asked as she slowly seemed to understand what had happened and looked around.


††† Justice touched her cheek gently."Are you nuts?You don't have enough control for this?"


†††† Ally narrowed her eyes, "I had to know for you Justice."She looked like she might be sick.


†††††† "Know what?"Justice attempted once more to take his sister but Remy kept his grip and rolled his eyes at them.


†††††† Ally suppressed a burp and tried to wiggle from Remy's arms, "I had to know if you were going to be a father?"


††††† Justice grinned a cocky grin, "Am I?"He hoped Storm just didn't know herself. He loved Storm and knew they would be happy no matter what.


††† Ally nodded sleepily and both men smiled.Ally sat up a bit, "Justice, Storm's not pregnant, Chloe is."


††††† Remy heard it click in his mind and felt deeply for Justice. Giving him a forlorn look.


††††† Justice stared at him blankly, "what does that have to do with me?"He felt a little sad for the love he and Chloe used to share, and Imp was proof of that.


††††† Remy knew his gut instinct about Justice's attack was right."Your chile, Jus'ice." Remy said evenly.


††††† Ally jumped to her feet as Logan made a mad grab for Remy.


††††† "Problem, mon amis?" Remy tried to smile his way out of the situation as he quickly continued to dodge Logan's reach.


††††† "Healing factor or no, that hurt," Logan cocked his hand back once he had a hold on Remy but a smaller hand held him back.He looked to see Ally's gentle eyes and his own expression softened."You all right?"He folded her into his arms and enjoyed the feeling of her that close.


††††† Justice still stood there dumbfounded and touched Ally's mind, 'It's not possible, Ally.'


†††††† Ally moved from Logan, "Justice and I have to talk."She watched him suck a deep breath and look at Justice sizing the situation up.


†††††† "You feeling better, kid?"Logan looked him over.


††††††† Justice nodded but kept the link to Ally's mind as she revealed Jump's Pregnancy and Josh's possible involvement.


††††††† Logan growled a little, "Then we are leaving."He looked pointedly at the other males.


††††††† Justice only caught part of the meaning, "Where are we going?"


††††††† "We," he gestured to himself and Ally."Your sis and me."


††††††† Justice sighed, "Just as well, Jordan and I are leaving too."He only hoped Storm would still want to go with him once she knew of Chloe.


††††††† "Ah wan' to take Hayley out of dis place too," Remy stood firmly.


†††††††† Ally looked worried at the thought of Remy's meager means of living, "Where will you go?"


†††††††† "Ah'll take care of her, chere," Remy said looking the redhead in the face."Don't worry none."


†††††††† Justice caught Ally's lead, "I'm going to my apartment which leaves the house free."


†††††††† Remy looked at Ally and Logan, "We're going further north."Ally admitted with a small smile."It's been arranged and waiting for us to say go."


†††††††† "What about Beast an' Alex?"Remy wondered slowly.


††††††† "I think Henry will not leave the school so quickly," A voice called from behind them and they all looked to see Professor Xavier with Jordan on his lap."I hope he will stay on because he is certainly needed here.


††††††† All looked guilty as if they had been caught in the cookie jar.


†††††† "So you will all leave so suddenly?"Xavier said evenly.


†††††† "We have our own lives," Justice sighed taking Imp into his arms."I have other matters to pursue and resemblance of normality is needed with children near."Justice stood solidly.He might look tired and stood in gray sweats but his tone was every inch the lawyer he was."We have jobs, careers, families and lives to pursue but we hope to always be welcomed back."Justice moved closer, "We came in pursuit of Wolverine but we made strong bonds here and will always consider this a second home.Until then, we would offer a hand if needed."


†††††† "Very well," Xavier smiled."Ororo has already told me so but moments ago."He looked at Justice in particular who seemed relieved."I will insist that my nieces are kept until released from the infirmary."That includes you, Allyson."Xavier gave her a scolding look."Please do not try to hide the fact your head is pounding or the impending sleep you feel."He sighed."You need to be seen by Henry."


††††† Logan nodded and looked to Ally a little upset, "On her way."He began to push her to the infirmary and as he passed the Professor he mumbled, "Thanks, Charles."


††††† "Justice, the fact you are standing astounds me."Xavier sighed, "I am sure it amazed Dr. McCoy as well since you were not formally released."Xavier invited Imp back to his arms."I would like to see the four of you leave as healthy as you were when you arrived here."


††††† Justice exhaled and nodded feeling scolded by his uncle. He looked at Jordan, "I will be back for you."He ruffled her curls playfully.


††††† Remy remained with the Professor feeling a little superior to the ailing Adams and couldn't resist a jib at Justice's expense."Dat's right homme you need to get healthy like de Cajuns."He winked at the professor.


††††† "Actually Mr. Lebeau," He sighed once again."I believe some rest might do that headache a world of good or I will send you along with Justice."


†††††† Remy turned slightly pink as Jordan laughed.He nodded and followed Justice who only began to laugh lightly.


†††††† Xavier was sure he heard Justice chuckling but knew he heard Justice say, 'BUSTED!'He enjoyed the playful nature and he loved his nieces and nephew, he would miss them a lot, even Rayne.