Cat's Eye

Look out Oliver the "Cats" are going to get you.


Nominated for Best Fan Fict and Creativity!


CAT'S EYE is dedicated to them.

Please read a mutated way of life and a few good xmen first and this will make much more sense. Thank you.

One: Road Travelled
Getting there is half the fun.

Two: Where Angels Go
Warren finds many things on way to the X-mansion.

Three: New Mutations
Warren speaks to Xavier and the twins hold a surprise.

Four: Mind's Eye
A possible set up for the Adams siblings

Five: Riptide
Getting into the labs again.

Six: Jubilee
Logan meets Rogue's friend and Scott becomes wiser.

Seven: God's Unwanted Children
Justice finds out a lot from Oliver, Alex talks to Riptide.

Eight: Friend or Foes
Hayley is injured and runs into Logan.

Nine: As False As Water
Oliver confronts the siblings

Ten: Willow
Logan realizes Rogue is a stow away and sides are chosen.

Elven: Coup
A battle begins.

Twelve: Inside Out
Rogue's first battle does not go so well

Thirteen: Death of an Icon

Fourteen: Bad Interpretations
Is it over yet?

Fifteen: When Tomorrow Becomes Today
Trying to deal with Everything

Sixteen: Others
More from the experiments

Seventeen: Gatherings
Scott is enlightened

Eighteen: Lab Rat
Scott talks with Hayley and The away team makes a discovery!

Nineteen: Little Men
A peek at Gambit's past and a new friend

Twenty: To Each His Own
Ally sees her children and Rayne is treated

Twenty-one: Chasing Ghosts
Jump looks for revenge and YET another mutant is found.

Twenty-two: Evil and Innocent.
Finding a little friend or two.

Twenty-three: Sparkling
A new Friend from down under and Khaki shows what she can do.

Twenty-Four: Wild Animals
Rayne wakes up and the away team makes another discovery.

Twenty-Five: Running Free
Aubrey and Josh are back and the last mutant found.

Twenty-Six: Abandoned
The Newcomers realize why they were left behind.

Twenty-Seven: Familiar Faces
Remy talks to his sister

Twenty-Eight: Life Guards
Remy shows what he's made of an the others are debriefed.

Twenty- Nine Rough Starts:
Hayley meet Rayne and Storm and things setlle down.

Thirty: Strangers in the Night:
People shuffle.

Thirty-one: Spirits:
Hayley see an old friend and Scott needs facts.

Thirty-two: Past Lives:
Hayley is redirected and people ready to say GOOD BYE.

Want to find out what's next? Out of Reach is FINALLY HERE.

Out of REACH! the New book is here!
When all is beyond your grasp.



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