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Well I hope you like the site. I have really worked on the characters and the rest of it. I get a lot of my ideas from my family and friends. Yes, these nutty people really exist. For example Imp and the little boy were patterned after my own children. Some Characters I have developed on my own attributes.

I have my family and friends involved in the site and most of them are mutants in these books already. Danno, Bri, Bear, Deb, Trey and Kim, to them thank you. They have been here from the beginning and their support has meant the world.

We have all taken time to make sure everyone is original (that we introduced) and that they are believable. We have read comics and tried to do our homework. We are also trying to learn more to refine the writing in the story, so please be patient there. We are still learning and thriving and if nothing more ever comes of our web site, we still have this. We are a tight knit of friends and everyone has contributed to this web site and to one person's obsession with Wolverine.

I have done my best to write the story in an ominous point of view and to be objective and I hoped I have succeeded. I hope you find all the characters like able and unlike-able.

A special thanks to my husband with out whose understanding I would have ever come this far. To quote my husband, "When you stop looking at the opposite sex then worry for your mate." Thank you Sweetheart for never being jealous of untouchable Hugh or Wolvie. He is also my inspiration for a lot of how my Logan acts. In my nephew's words, "He is just as cool and as bad as Wolverine just minus the healing factor and the claws."

Special thank you to all of my new on line friends for their support and help. (I will not interupt their on line privacy by disclosing their names)You are all wonderful generous people who seem to share the same enthusiam for life (and Hugh) that I have. I feel grateful to have met these people and only hope others have friends such as them.

A very special Thank you goes to a special Rat who helped edit and Crit. I have to say a big ol'HUG there. She has helped but still comes back. Plus the advice of a wonderful artistic eye. THANK YOU, TOON!

By request I have made this page for the readers and I will get to the requested summary pages soon. By other popular requests I have started adding photos to the Profiles and will have a picture page for the story soon.


To all who have read the book and keep coming back for more, THANK YOU.








I hope you all like the site and the books. Please feel free to email me about and comments or questions.


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