Wolvie Femmes * Cajun Cuisine








      Beast walked with Allyson slowly as the two talked about many things.  He let a heavy sigh, "I would rather you didn't tell Hayley of our engagement until Alex is about."

     Ally smiled, "sure," Then she felt Hayley pulling at her mind for an instant and it was gone, "Hayley’s ability has gone haywire again."

    "Oh dear," Hank took a deep breath.

    "I need to get to her," Ally looked flustered and moved from Hank slowly.

    "No," he grabbed her arm, "Alex truly is the voice of reason here isn't she?  She is ill and I won't let you run off after her when there are plenty of able body people to do so," he reasoned, "and I think that Remy would like to know where she is too."

     Ally shook her head, "She was with Warren and I think Remy would like to punch him in the nose."

    "I could retrieve her, Allyson," He offered as they pushed the door open, "she will need to be evaluated anyway."  He heard Ally gasp and then he looked at what she was staring at, the kitchen.

     "Oh my stars and garters!"  Hank said staring at the mess.  There was a horrible mess in the usually spotless kitchen.  Flour carelessly spilled  along the floor, red beans were caked everywhere, even the ceiling The cabinets were hard to find under the colorful splatter of food and the smell was of spices and starch. How long would it be before that smell became one of rotting food. Beast was amazed never having seen the kitchen look so haphazard. He sighed looking for a clean place on the floor at all. He stepped in carefully trying not to make the floor worse or cake the food on his shoes.

     "Remy and Rayne did this?"  Ally floated above the mess the broom closet and got a broom and she levitated one to Beast, "let's get this clean before my uncle sees it."  She knew Rayne was new and Remy had a reputation to not remember such things.

    Beast began to clean a path to walk through and made his way to the sink to fill the bucket with water.

    Ally was laughing and he looked at her to find the hilarity in the situation and dropped the bucket noticing red beans on the ceiling.

    "Our Cajun friends do not stop amazing us," Beast stared at the mess as Ally floated above to remove it.  He felt Jean tugging at his mind telling him Hayley and Warren needed help.  Soon he heard Charles telling them he had sent Nightcrawler and Scott to help.

      Ally stared at him expectantly, "who was it?"

      Hank cleared his throat afraid to tell her because she would go after them.

     Remy was smiling when he knocked on Rayne's door and when she didn't answer he tried the knob.  He eyed the vacant bed, instinctively looked at the window and sighed with a rueful grin when he found it was closed.  'Hayley got me lookin’ for my own sister ta jump out de window.'

     "Petite?"  He called softly but when there was no answer he said louder, "Rayne girl, where you at?"

     He heard a shuffling behind him and looked to see his sister under a desk with a pillow and blanket just waking up.  He could see her eyes peeking out from the folds of the blanket.

     "Ah hear yo’ Rem," she groaned, “where’s da fire, hahn?”  Then she considered where she was, “Non, never mind Ah said dat.  Don’ want any bad mojo.  Lord knows dere’s enough around here already.”

     He bent down and looked at her as he shook his head, "What are yo' doin’ under dere?"

     "Sleepin' Remy!" she rubbed her eyes, "What’s it look like?”


      He shook his head again, “It looks like de fool under da hill.  Don’ sleep under a desk chere.   Not when yo’ got a nice bed over dere.  People gon’ think your crazy doin’ things like dat, non?”


      Rayne’s eye’s flashed amber, “Ah don’t have somebody ta hold me in de night and tell me it's gon' be all right like yo' an Hayley.  Ah have ta find comfort where Ah can.  If it’s under a desk den dat is where Ah’ll be!"

      He gasped at the comment, "Sorry girl.  Ah’m sorry Ah can’t be dere for yo’ lik dat.  Ah wish yo’ did have someone.”  He ran his fingers through his hair, “Petite, dose experiments still botherin’ you?  Yo’ got upset last night when we saw dat memory of Alex’s."

      "Ah’ll never get over dose experiments Rem.  Dat has changed me forever, jus’ like leavin’ you an Papa and New Orleans, but it’s not jus’ dat.   Ah saw another memory dis mornin’," She crawled out from under the desk as Remy steadied her.

      Gambit felt horrible that his sister had no one to be there for her like Hayley was there for him.  "Petite, if Hayley an' Ah were jus’ sleeping den Ah'd ask yo’ if you wanted ta sleep in de room wit' us," he grinned.

      "Ah’ll pass on dat one," she snorted, "Don’ forget Ah slept next ta all de time when we were kids."  She thought about those fun times and her heart sank.  She sauntered wearily over to the bed dragging her blanket and pillow.  She sniffed the air and rubbed her nose.  "So you an' Hayley been havin’ sex again, hanh?"  She sighed, "She mustn’t have minded dat mem’ry much den."

      "Did you see it too?"  He said sitting in the chair next to the bed.  He propped his feet up and lit a cigarette lazily.

      "Hey!  Put dat nasty thing out in ma room.  How many times do Ah have ta tell you how bad dose are for yo’.  Ah don’ want you smokin’ around me Remy." she said exasperated.  "De memory of you with Belle."

      "Oh dat one."  He tamped out the cigarette and flashed her a crooked grin.

     "Ah bet Hayley loved dat one," she frowned watching his face drop.

      "What about, Belle?  What kind a mem’ry?  What all did yo’ see?"  He said, sitting up straighter.

      Rayne almost laughed at his sudden change, "about you and Belle having 'relations'."  She couldn't help but cringe at the memory.  She didn’t want to think about her brother having sex with women much less see it in her mind.  Moreover, this vision was very explicit.  However, she laughed aloud because it was so absurd she couldn’t help herself.

       “Hayley saw it too, eh?" he sat forward.  “Saw what exactly?”  He had been caught up in the moment when he was making love with Hayley and he wasn’t sure about the content of what was in the memory that they saw.

        She nodded, "You and Belle together."  She held her hand over her mouth trying to restrain the laughter.  “Probably others saw it as well.  But don’ worry, dey know you’re not shy about such things."

       "Merde' Rayne, what was de mem’ry of!" he wasn’t sure he wanted to know, but if there was a possibility that others saw it, he should know what it was they saw.  "Was it dat bad?"  Although, he hoped he was worried for nothing, "Hayley did get upset dis mornin’ and left."  He rubbed his jaw and was glad that at least it might not have been something he did while they were making love.

       Rayne laughed again thinking of how mad Hayley would have been to see Remy and Belle together.  "Rem, it was bad ‘nough dat if Ah was your femme Ah don't know if Ah'd talk ta you again," she snickered and jumped out of the way as he made a grab for her, "especially after seein’ what Belle did!" she squeaked as he kept pursuing her.


        “What did you see?  What did Hayley see?”  He was intent now on getting the information if he had to wring it out of his sister.


        Rayne hopped on the desk and made a kissy face, "Yo' told Belle how much yo’ loved her."

        He was getting angry now, he didn’t like this game, "What else?"

       "Rem," she sighed, feeling like telling him she didn't want to discuss his sexual exploits, but he knew Hayley had seen this too and couldn’t help but want to make him squirm a little for the aggravation his relationship with Hayley had caused her.  "Yo' were both at de swamp down by old Aldus Doucet’s place.  You were makin’ love ta her."


      ‘Dat’s why Hayley got so upset,’ he thought.  It made some sense now what happened earlier.  She must have seen that memory as they were making love.  ‘Remy, yo’ stepped in it dis time.  Damned telepaths!’  He growled and flopped into the chair.


     Rayne then recalled the vision, from Remy’s point of view, of Belle giving him oral sex and she burst out laughing.  "An' Belle was doin’ things Ah’ve never seen before!"  Rayne became lost in thought and stood quietly on the desktop.  It was such a weird experience and a unique point of view.  Through the memory she could see, feel, smell, and taste a man having sex with a woman.  The only vaguely sexual encounter she ever had was when Edval raped her.  She had no idea what it was like otherwise.  The vision was both disturbing and fascinating. 

      He watched his sister evolve from laughter to giggles to complete silence and he too thought of that time long ago.  He remembered then the time he and Belle had gone out for a picnic lunch, and what had transpired there.  He dropped his head in his hands wondering just how many people saw that memory.  It was bad enough that his sister now had that in her head.  He knew he was never going to be able to live this down.


       He groaned inwardly and wished he could take a drag on a cigarette.  He heard Rayne snicker again, "Glad your enjoying dis, petite."  He rolled his eyes up to her.  She was looking at him with a mixture of curiosity and revulsion.  "Ah got ta find Hayley."  He sighed and stood.  "If she feels lik’ Ah did after seein’ da mem’ry of her wit' Wolverine..."

      Rayne jumped down and gave him a hug, "Ah understand, Rem," she remembered how upset he had been after seeing that vision.

      "Allons, Memselle," he motioned her to get ready to leave the room.  "De yanks need some food now petite."

       She eyed him warily noticing yet another change in his demeanor.  “What’s wrong?”

       Remy pulled out a cigarette and put it to his mouth, "Alex an' Hayley had somet’in’ go wrong wit' their powers an' Alex is in de sick bay," he sighed looking sideways at his sister who he knew was waiting to pounce on him the moment he made a move to light it.

        She grinned at his attempt to behave himself as she grabbed a fresh change of clothing, "What happened ta Alex?"  She asked as she ran into the bathroom.

        "Alex froze her entire room and almost turned de Beast into a Popsicle."  he whistled low thinking how he was glad that Hayley didn’t fry him with that lightening.  It was a narrow escape though.  "Hayley must have seen dat vision and got upset.  Dat’s when the lightening hit us both.  She thought she could fly again and jumped out de window to get away from me," he said.

      Rayne heard the sadness in his voice, pulled her shirt on, and walked from the bathroom.  She swallowed hard looking at him because she knew he really thought he loved Hayley.  She walked up to him and buried her head in his chest and he pulled her into a gentle embrace, "It’s alright Remy.  De femme was jus’ tryin’ not ta hurt you, s’all."  He nodded knowing Rayne truly did feel badly for his problems with Hayley even though she didn’t like her.

     He smiled and kissed her head, "Poor Beast," he said and was again glad that he fared better.  "His femme is in de sick bay just after he asked her ta marry him."

     Rayne's eyes grew wide, "he did?"  She smacked his arm and laughed, "Yo’ lost your chance now you silly fool."

     Remy smiled, "We need ta get dose people downstairs fixed up with some Cajun cookin’ ta warm their bellies."  He sighed then,  "Den Ah got ta find Hayley."

     "Leave her be for a while, Remy.  A femme like dat needs runnin’ room.”  Rayne added happily, “Lots a runnin’ room!"

     "Chere, she couldn't fly when she jumped from de window and de Angel grabbed her an flew off," he frowned at the thought of his woman around that seducer.  "Ah'm gon' track Warren an Hayley down in a bit, and make me some angel pâté if Ah find out he touched her."

      Rayne looked at the ceiling, "Man, if you keep tightenin’ dat rope Remy, she’s gonna break free and bolt."  Then she smiled thinking that might not be such a bad idea, “Den again, if yo’ don’t keep her close she might leave yo’ for someone else. Maybe she’ll go for a guy with wings.  He’s awfully cute.”

      He shook his head not happy with the scenario of his woman with Warren, "Beast an' Ally are waitin’ for us in de kitchen.  We’re gon’ celebrate Beast an Alex getting’ engaged with some fine Cajun cookin'."

     Rayne stopped dead in her tracks, "Remy, did yo’ clean up when you were done with your red beans?"  She felt ill thinking of the others seeing the mess they had made.

       She suspected that when he looked alarmed that he hadn't, but when he ushered her out of the room at a jogging pace, she knew for certain the mess was still there.  She groaned inside thinking about what the others would think of them when they found the mess.  Rayne may have grown up on the streets and lived on the streets for many years, but she prided herself in keeping as neat and clean as possible.  Remy felt a slap on his back and turned to see his sister jogging behind him scowling.


      “Arete sa!”  He scolded, “Yo’ didn’ clean up your mess either.”  He got two more slaps and decided not to say anything more about it.