Jean wasn't prepared for the chaos as she kept fighting Jordan's telekinetic attacks of flying toys. The poor child didn't seem to be able to control her telekinesis right then and dangerous objects were flying at Jean's head as Jean tried to help her.

She sighed as Beast ran in with many people in tow.

"What happened?" He asked, then he ducked a metal pan that was coming at his head. He dodged the flying objects with his agility as he made his way to Jean and Jordan. Then he ducked again, as Jordan's temper seemed to flare; the more the objects flew.

Ally ran in behind Beast "Oh," She cried as she mentally grabbed the bed that was flying at her. She saw the other objects and began to hold them still so Beast and Jean could help.

"She fell, Bobby brought her in. She may have some serious injuries but I couldn't do help her with the objects flying." Jean looked at him then she noticed the brunette with the dark eyes who was now by Jordan.

Aramis looked at Jordan thoughtfully, "Her leg is broken and she might have a concussion." Aramis told Beast and Jean.

"What?" Jean asked her in amazement.

Allyson touched Jean's mind easily; 'It's okay Jean'

Jean was getting more confused by the minute then she touched Ally's mind, 'I can hear you but not feel you, what is going on?' Jean hoped Ally could hear her.

Beast knew Ally couldn't hold Jordan's assault at bay much longer and he got Imp a sedative as he examined the small child. Once Jordan was asleep everyone relaxed a little.

"Her leg is broke," Beast said and he found Aramis by his side.

Aramis reached out with a glowing white hand and touched Jordan with a strong look of concentration.

Hayley made her way across the room past her friend and family's astonished glares. She grabbed Aramis and pinned her against the wall. "What did you do?" she yelled at the surprised woman and with no answer she pulled hear arm back ready to hit her.

Beast grabbed Hayley's arm knowing he was much stronger than she was. "Do you think that is wise?"

"Let her go" Ally yelled at Hayley then she lowered her voice, "She took Imp's pain."

Hayley was so surprised that she let go of Aramis so quickly to face Ally, that she hit Aramis with her braids and left Aramis in a heap on her knees.

"What?" Hayley said quickly.

"My gift," Aramis choked as she held her throat where Hayley had held her.

"You feel too much," Ally said as she helped Aramis to her feet.

"I can only take her pain. I can't heal her, nature will have to do that." Kim whispered.

Everyone stood amazed at the newcomer.

Hayley started out the door; "She's hired." She yelled over her shoulder.

Logan ran in and looked at the crazy scene. "I miss something?"






Hayley made herself a cup of coffee, Justice would be home soon and they had to go. Logan's noticeable bad mood was beginning to get on her nerves. She shook her head as if to clear it and the tiny braids in her hair danced around her shoulders and back. She would have to fly some before they left who knew when she would be able to fly again. 'Did dad know I could fly? It wouldn't be worth the risk. What exactly would she be allowed to do there? Nada, more than likely nothing. 'How can anybody hide a pregnancy?' She knew that sooner or later she would have to tell her siblings, of course they would be supportive. 'Since when did Ally have some kind of stealth reading power against other telepaths?'

Hayley sat in the kitchen enjoying her time to herself when Logan and her sister came in talking animatedly.

"I don't know how I am doing it." Ally shrugged at them. She wasn't nearly as blonde as she had been but still blonde none the less. The consistency of her thick curls gave her away quickly next to Alex, blonde or not.

"How are you gonna keep contact?" Logan lowered his gaze, which now included Hayley.

"We will be okay, we are mutant," Hayley scoffed at him. Then she looked at them with concern, "How is Imp?"

Ally crossed her arms and sighed, "It turns out that Jordan and Justin were playing on the stairs, sliding down the banister. Bobby caught site of her and cushioned her fall with snow." Ally took a deep breath, "It would have been a lot worse if Bobby hadn't been there."

"Kim is they're helping out any way she can with Beast and Jean, she had to tell them more about her head injuries." Alex said as she cast an accusing look at Hayley, "Give her a break Hayley, You liked her before you found out she knew dad."

"Yeah," Hayley said nonchalantly as she took a drink.

"You hired her?" Logan asked Ally a little surprised.

"Yes, the professor and I hired her." Ally laughed.

"After what Aramis did why wouldn't she?" Alex was obviously Kim's greatest supporter

"So, you saved her from the nutty professor?" Hayley sat back in her chair with her arms crossed, "What does she owe you a life debt or something?"

Logan shook his head at the exchange between the sisters.

"Ha, ha." Alex said flatly, "You don't play well with others, Do you Hayley?" Alex snapped back.

Hayley tossed Alex a shitty grin as she pushed her way past her out of the kitchen. She was getting bored of the conversation and the air was calling her to fly.

Alex watched Hayley go then looked back to Ally and Logan and just shrugged.

Ally laughed, "We are all on edge, Alex"

Alex gave them a small smile; "I want to see if I can give Hank a hand." She turned her head quickly to go to hide the blush that was creeping up her face. Alex hoped she could get out of there before Logan began in on her.

Ally looked at Logan they were alone. She threw her arms around his neck impulsively and he gave her a light squeeze back. She had a tear playing in the corner of her eye and Logan wiped it away quickly.

"I am going to miss you," Ally pressed her lips together trying to force a smile

"Don't go then."

"We have been through this. I have to go so please help me to be strong."

He nodded, "One call and I'm there," he said determined.

Ally watched him she knew this wasn't a threat she would have to be careful about how she worded things so Logan didn't come running there. "I know"

He pulled her head to his chest just to hold her close, she would be gone soon and he wanted to make the best of the time they did have. He wanted to keep her close and safe, he knew she could take care of herself but he still felt like he needed to take care of her too.

"I will be back before we know it" She reassured him. "I trust Kim, she will be a lot of help with the children."

He smiled at her, "So do I," 'Kim is certainly a welcome addition to the colorful people here already.'

She looked at him quickly, "I want to see the children," she pulled from him and ran out of the kitchen.

His arms were once again empty and he sighed as he began to make himself a cup of coffee from the pot brewing. Ally was still the elf, there one minute gone the next. 'Now why is she avoiding me?' He began to mull this over in his mind a bit. 'Is she hiding something from me?' Secrets almost always meant trouble.

He found a seat at the table as Justice came into the kitchen with a quizzical look on face. He was sweaty and looked tired and hot in his suit.

Logan watched Justice's careful gaze at the door he had come through and Logan looked at the door as if it would explain Justice's actions.

"Problem, Just?"

"Why is Ally," Justice started slowly as he seemed to be choosing his words carefully, "throwing up in the bathroom?"

Logan raised an eyebrow at this. "What?"




Jean watched Kim as she spoke to Henry, Kim was beautiful but she was very intelligent as well and she made no secret of that when she spoke. Her abilities were very exciting discovery and she was very interesting.

"So, you can take a person's pain but you can't help them heal?" Jean smiled at her.

"Exactly," Kim returned the smile quickly, "I am also a little telekinetic not telepathic."

Alex breezed into the room, "How is Jordan doing?"

Beast looked up happy to see Alex; "She is fine."

Jean began to mark down her data in Jordan's file.

"I thought Kim might want to meet the rest of the children." Alex offered.

"I would," Aramis agreed quickly.

"Mind if I join you," Beast stood to follow them.

Jean stifled a smile; 'He has it bad for Alex all right.'

Kim watched the other two people in front of her and she could feel the flood of emotions between them. 'They're lovers.' She sighed to herself, 'For people who feel so strongly, they don't like to show a lot of emotions here.' Aramis looked at the beautiful woodwork and English elegance of the school trying to distance herself from the emotions she had flooding her from the closed doors. She could feel someone's anxiety over a test, another had a broken heart, One was filled with pride over a basketball game, and another annoyed at the interruptions during their studying.

It was pure coincidence that she had found the Adams sisters, but telling that to strong willed Hayley. Kim needed the job and the shelter pure and simple, as usual. When she saw Hayley in the hall waiting for the interview, she didn't recognize Hayley at first. Hayley had changed her style again and Aramis hadn't expected for Hayley to be pregnant, of all people. Kim sighed at the memory a little, she could feel Hayley's symptoms and turmoil a mile a way.

Kim recognized Alex immediately; she looked the same as the day she left her in the lab. Ally was basically the same but much blonder than she remembered. 'Didn't she used to have red hair before?'

Even though nobody had said anything, Kim knew the handsome dark haired man was Ally's lover. Their emotions were very strong even though they made no show of it. Aramis had to catch her breath at the deep love that had for each other, it was overwhelming, nobody had ever loved Kim like that. She could only assume that he was the father of Ally's present pregnancy. 'How many kids are they going to have me watch?' Kim smiled to herself.

Clearly Kim had walked into an emotional pit and that frightened Aramis because she still had problems keeping people's emotions from creeping in on her.

Alex opened a door that was obviously a nursery for two babies. She could see two cribs one with pink linens and one with blue. The room was immaculate for a nursery and there was a light smell of baby powder in the air. A pretty young girl revealed herself and stood up from the rocking chair as the door opened. She held a computer book and looked to Alex expectantly.

Alex smiled and turned to Kim, "Kim this is Rogue," then she turned to Rogue, "Rouge this is Kim or Aramis." Alex smiled as she gestured to the new face.

Kim shook Rogue's hand but before she even got near the cheerful looking young woman, she was almost overwhelmed with her strong emotions. Kim took a second look at the young woman, she was very attractive with a white streak in her long brown hair, she had a smile that was genuine and she seemed very friendly but her eyes told her true story. This child had been through more in her short years than she had bargain for and been through more than anybody her age should have been, her sad stare told careful observers that. Aramis could feel how she had been hurt and used by others and with out an outlet for her feelings. She was allowed no close contact with another person, something that every person craved eventually. Aramis felt as if somebody had knocked the wind from her. Rogue's curious stare at Aramis's gaze at her brought Aramis back to reality.

"Marie, I can help you," Kim said slowly as she choked back her tears for the young girl. "I may be able to let you release your emotions, maybe you won't miss other's contact as much."

"What?" Rogue blinked at her.

Alex couldn't believe how gifted Aramis was but it seemed to be scaring Rogue, who didn't even know Kim was a mutant. "Aramis is a mutant," Alex smiled reassuringly at Rogue. "An empath, she can feel emotions quite strongly, from anybody."

Beast jumped in quickly, "Aramis, We should really study your ability more before you delve into counseling others." He suggested politely and she nodded as a smile began to return to her face.

Rogue closed the book she had been keeping her finger in to save her page. Then she met Alex's eyes and left quickly with out saying anything else as Aramis's sight filled by the twins.

Alex knew Rogue well enough to know Rogue felt as if she had been violated, as if a telepath had read her thoughts uninvited. Thank goodness Kim seemed preoccupied by the twins; she didn't see Rogue leave.

"They are Allyson's" Aramis said as the pure innocence of the babies washed over her.

Alex found herself smiling at her niece and nephew; 'They are the cutest' she grinned at them and Amber gurgled at the sight of her.

"Logan, the dark haired guy is their father?" Kim asked, "His concern for them is very great."

Alex looked at Hank behind Aramis's back; she mouthed 'WOW.' He knew what she meant Aramis was a total enigma to them

"Where is Ally?" a voice called from the door behind them.

They turned to see Logan standing in the doorway.

'Speak of the devil,' Hank thought to himself. "Logan, this is Aramis" Beast introduced them politely.

"We met."

Kim was more cordial though, "When is Allyson due this time?" Kim asked as she turned to face them.

"What?" Alex almost laughed at Kim positive look.

"Ally's not pregnant." Logan almost growled at Aramis for the intrusion.

"I could feel her nausea, tiredness and emotional turmoil." Kim smiled

"Where is Ally?" Logan demanded louder this time.

Alex looked at Logan unsure, "Logan, is Ally pregnant?"

"Oh my stars and garters," Beast said as his stared vacantly at the floor.

"I can feel her nausea from here," Aramis sighed, 'What have I done this time?'

Hank crossed his arms. "Could you locate her?" he asked Alex.

Alex took a deep breath, "She is feeling sick," she confirmed as she looked at Logan's anxious face, "She is in with Jordan." She whispered. What she didn't tell Logan was that Ally knew he was on the way.





Hayley felt the warm air under her as she brushed the treetops with her hands and felt the sun on her legs and back. The wind against her kept her from becoming to warm but she didn't feel as centered or balanced in the air as she usually did. She landed carefully on the ground and took a deep breath; she felt a little ill. She looked around at the bare spot she had landed she loved the school grounds and she let the smell of honeysuckle make her smile a little. Her mother had always taught them to respect nature and not to disrupt it and that came to mind when she heard a baby bird chirping madly.

She followed the sound and found a tiny bird chirping up at a tree. 'He must be trying to get back into his nest.' She stepped towards him to help him and he hopped from her chirping wilder than before. She held her hands out towards him and hopped further away.

"Poor thing." Hayley whispered sympathetically to the frail little creature. "Let's see what I can do to help you." She jumped into the air to find it's nest and spied it easily as she floated above where she first found the bird, then she landed near him again. He began to hop away from her again and this time she stepped back. 'Still scared of me' she smiled at the bird.

Hayley took a few more steps back as her eyes began their sapphire blue glow and Hayley let her heat take her body. She took deep breaths to control the cloud of warm air she had begun to radiate under the bird. The baby bird kept chirping wildly at the invisible force that was lifting it.

'Concentrate,' Hayley told herself.

Hayley heard a noise behind her and turned quickly on guard but saw nothing behind her. Then she remembered the baby bird and she gasped, 'I must have dropped it.' She stepped forward carefully to find it and when she found it she noticed it didn't move. When she got closer she could see it had caught on fire. She felt tears sting her eyes at the sight of the now dead creature. 'I didn't mean to do this.' She began to say a silent pray for the little innocent creature. She knelt beside it and began to dig her perfectly manicured nails into the ground for it's final resting-place.

She turned suddenly as she heard another noise behind her but this time she was found a tall, auburn guy in a trench coat. She noticed his staff and jumped to her feet in alarm ready to defend herself.

The tall man held his hand up to her in attempt to stop her, "Dey gone, no?" He said as he pointed at the little bird remains Hayley knelt by. "You did dis'?" He asked her but Hayley was still on guard as she watched him in slowly. Clearly he was mutant and he was trying to figure out if she was too and Hayley also took offense at his words over the bird. She jumped up to her feet quickly and taking him by surprise, she turned it into a beautiful spin kick connecting with his jaw.

He took a step back and rubbed his jaw as his temper began to flare but he couldn't help but notice her temper made her seem more alive. He took a step back and drew his staff, if he didn't counter her she might hurt him. With both hands evenly placed he moved his staff swiftly at her legs sweeping her legs from under her.

'Shit, he can fight.' Hayley thought as he swept her feet from under her. She reached for the ground as she fell and turned her fall into a nice flip. 'Al would be proud'. She watched the stranger's astonishment and he stepped towards her. She stood sideways stance ready for his attack.

He shook his head in denial. "No, Mon ami."

Hayley cocked an eyebrow at his heavy accent but she didn't back down. Her eyes began to glow as his staff went up in flames in his hands; he jumped as he let it go. She looked at him a little more, he had no real eyes to speak of, he had the oval sockets that held eyes but they were flames of red that sat in a black void. He had tossled brown hair that mimiced his uncertain demanor and it was peaking out from his leather like crown on top of his head and he had a strong jaw like Justice.

She sighed 'What is he Cajun?' She threw her head back as if to challenge him to mess up. She was speaking his language as she guessed at his nationality, "Who are you? And what do you want?" She knew there was no kindness to her voice but she didn't want to seem pleasant. He looked a little confused and she repeated the phrase in his own dialect. He was taken back but seemed comfortable that she spoke his language.

He hesitated and she was losing her patience as a fireball came flying at his feet and he jumped back to avoid her flame.

He lost his temper completely as he pulled a card from his coat pocket and it began to take the charge as it glowed ruby red and threatening.

She followed the card's path as it came flying towards her and she jumped to the air as she held her hands high above her and a giant fireball began to materialize. Hayley was almost to her point were she was ready not to back down.

A voice broke the silence. "ENOUGH! Fire-Cat! Gambit!" Jean yelled from behind them and they both could feel her mental tug in their minds. They both looked at her dumbfounded.

Hayley landed by Jean, "You know him?" she asked incredulously.

Gambit repeated Hayley's question in French.

"Yes, on both accounts." Jean met their eyes hoping they would calm down. "Hayley this is Remy LeBeau or Gambit. Remy this is Hayley or Fire-cat." She introduced them politely.

Hayley sighed as she noticed his out stretched hand. She gave him her hand politely but he kissed it.

"Ugh," Hayley said loudly, not really caring to be polite anymore.

Remy cocked his head at her with a coy smile, she was breathtaking, but she was a firecracker.

They both broke into stride as they walked towards the school with Jean. Hayley kept her eye on Remy not entirely sure why she should trust him after he snuck up on her.

Jean picked up on her mood, "Hayley, Justice is back." She smiled at Fire-cat.

"Cool," Hayley smiled back as she jumped into to air, leaving them on the ground.

Jean was not sure what to make of Hayley, she had seen what had happened with the little bird and she really hoped that she would stay on and learn to control her mutation.




"There you are." Logan called to Ally as he found her in the infirmary holding sleeping Imp's hand.

Ally met Logan's gaze, "Here I am," she mumbled. She knew he was looking for her and she decided to find out why he. His look was a little more serious than she cared to see. "What is it?"

He crossed his arms, "Why don't you tell me?"

She shrugged, "I am stumped. Do I have to read your mind to find out?"

"About the baby?"

"What baby?" She asked innocently.

He blinked at her. 'Was Kim right? Or Was Ally crazy? Or did she not want to discuss it before she left?' "The new baby, our baby," but Ally still stared at him like he was nuts. "The pregnancy, your pregnancy"

It seemed to suddenly make sense to Ally and she found a chair and sat down as she let go of Imp's hand. Logan realized she might not have known herself yet.

"Aramis said you were pregnant. She said she could feel your symptoms." Logan added. Ally looked at him and smiled. 'She is just crazy' Logan decided. "Are you?"

"It makes sense I am very late and I have had the symptoms." She was sure if she would cry or laugh, "This soon?" Then Ally started to laugh. "You may be the first man to tell his wife she was pregnant before she knew."

"Let's get you to Hank, you should take it easy."

"I have to go, Justice is back," she stopped smiling when she noticed his determined look.

"Like hell!"


"Don't argue with me, Al,"

She folded her arms, "Darlin'," she repeated in a tone he used often as she pointed her finger at him. "You can't stop me."

"I can sure as hell try," he met her eye, "There is another life involved now."

"If I don't go then, there will be more mutants after us, all of us." She gestured to her stomach. "You never backed down." She shot at him.

"I have never been pregnant." He shot back but he knew this was fight he would loose.

She gave him a disgusted look and started to walk out.

Logan caught up to her quickly and grabbed her by her arm. "Al, don’t go."

She didn't turn around but she did reach around and touch his hand lightly. She didn't trust herself to turn around and look into those deep brown eyes for she would melt. "I have to go," She whispered. She was afraid for their unborn child too but she loved it enough to give it a chance at freedom.

'Me and my big mouth,' Justice thought as he sat with his ice water. How could Ally and Logan stay together with his big mouth? He looked at his watch and noticed the time. He sighed as he reached out mentally for his sisters. 'This wagon train's a moving! Come on we have a job to do.' He waited for each to respond before he made his way to the room that had his things.

Hayley almost ran him over, "I heard you already."

"Sorry," he laughed.

"I want to see the bambinos before we go."

He shrugged, "I will go with you." He offered as he remembered how he would miss his niece and nephew.

Hayley filled him in about Aramis and Gambit and their abilities. Justice listened intrigued.

"Gone a few hours and an empath and a Cajun show," he joked.

"Well, the semi Japanese mutants are leaving." She laughed. "Where are we going to get beer at while we are at dad's?"

Justice gave her a playful hit in the arm.



Logan was alone and pissed off in the infirmary with Imp. He stayed watching the sleeping child, she meant more to him than most would understand. He knew Ally would go and he would have to support her choice, she would do the same if it were him. She was getting stronger telepathically and she did have his healing factor to help her but he didn't have to like her decision.

Rogue walked in slowly and precautiosly. "Hi" she called.

He forced a smile for her, "Hey"

Rogue looked at him and hoped he wouldn't leave. She knew that Hayley had a secret from him and it bothered her that Hayley never told Logan, it bothered her so much that she wasn't sure if she should tell him. Every man deserves to know if he was going to be a father, even if she had lost the baby 10 or fifteen years ago. Rogue was afraid he might never know if Hayley left for Canada with out telling him. She kept mulling the dilemma over in her mind as the silence grew.

The infirmary doors swung open and Aramis walked in with her smile in place. She stopped short when she saw the mood she had stepped into. "I hope I am not interrupting." They shook their heads; "I wanted to check on Jordan."

Rogue felt as if she had interrupted, she was still working up the strength to tell Logan about Hayley's lost pregnancy.

Kim seemed to understand her mood as she faced Rogue. "Hayley didn't loose her baby Rogue, she is still pregnant." Kim smiled at Rogue.

"What?" Rogue and Logan said together.

Aramis met Rogue's curious look; "Hayley didn't loose her baby." She repeated. She smiled at Logan; Rogue's feelings were how to tell Logan about Hayley. 'Was he the father?'

Rogue decided to take the lead before Aramis told Logan about the lost baby. "Logan, when I absorbed Hayley's power, I got her memories that was how I knew you were getting married. Remember?"

Logan nodded at the memory with a grin playing at his mouth Rogue was absolutely Hayley then. He looked at the earnest young woman staring at him now she was her own self again and she looked like she really wanted him to know the truth.

"Hayley lost a child she was carrying," Rogue said quickly, she hated telling him but Aramis would if she didn't, "She lost your child and she never told you."

Logan couldn't have looked more betrayed as he stared at Rogue with his mouth slightly open as if he would say something.

Aramis smiled, "Rogue she is carrying her child fine. I think she is very early in her pregnancy though. She is still very small."

"You are all crazy," Logan said as he looked at Aramis but she had been right before and so had Rouge.

Rogue held her head down, "Logan ask Hayley she lost a child while you were dating, She later told me it was yours."

Aramis looked mystified, "Oh," she looked uncomfortable, "I am sorry," She choked as she noticed their faces and their deep emotions filled her being. She felt Logan's concern and curiosity. "Logan, yes she is pregnant now. I am positive."

Logan kept his gaze on Rogue; he seemed more concerned with the fact Hayley had lied to him.

"Hayl, Lost my kid while were dating and never told me?" he asked Rogue angrily.

She took a deep breath and nodded. He slammed the infirmary door open as he walked out quickly.

Aramis stood by Rogue and felt her mirroring emotions.

'Uh, oh,' Rogue thought. She had never him that angry with anybody who hadn't tried to kill him but then with Hayley you could never be sure.

"I am sorry, Rogue. I only wanted to reassure him that Hayley's pregnancy was fine." Aramis whispered.

"Hayley really is pregnant. Now?" Rogue didn't bother to try to hide her surprise Aramis knew everything she felt anyway.

"Yes," Aramis sighed as she felt Rogue's emotion change, again. "She has all the right symptoms and her anxiety would say that she does know this."

Logan found Ally, Alex, Justice and Hank in the nursery with Amber and Michael. They hadn't noticed him and he wasn't in the mood to play around with them.

"Where's Hayley?" he barked and they all turned to see him.

Justice knew when not to keep Logan waiting; "She's in the shower." 'Wow is he pissed' Justice thought and he, Ally and Alex exchanged a worried look as Logan storm off. Hayley had pissed Wolverine off before but never to this point. Ally gave the infant she held to Beast and ran after him. Leaving the other's with confused stares.

Ally caught him further down the hall and she touched his shoulder to stop him. He turned to look at her with a face she had never seen him wear before. He looked hurt and betrayed maybe even angry but there was something about his face that scared her. It reminded Ally of when he found his sister Amber had been killed. His brown eyes kept wandering in the directions he had been walking.

"What did she do?" Ally asked quietly

"Al, I need to talk to Hayl." Then he kissed Ally's head quickly and started off. This time Ally let him go.





Hayley was taking her time in the shower as she worked her braids out of her hair slowly enjoying the feel of the water. She felt like crying at the idea of having to deal with her father in a matter of hours. She was constantly on the edge now and trying to relax became harder for her. She began to hum "Rubber Ducky" loudly. 'Let them wonder if they hear me.' She smiled to herself. Her thought turned to Logan and Ally; 'Ally might be a major factor against dad it would suck if Logan held her back.'

She heard the bathroom door open and felt the draft of cold air rush in her shower. She let her telepathy wander to let her know who barged in. 'Logan, you ass.'

She pulled the curtain back and looked out. Logan stood there leaning on the sink with a stogie.

"Get out!" He growled at her.

'Now what did I do?' she sighed as she watched his angry stare. "I am in the shower, can't it wait?"

"No," he stepped forward and grabbed her wet arm and dragged her towards him. She made a mad grab for the towel and tried to hold it in front of her. With Logan holding her one arm she couldn't hide her body enough but he scoffed at her a little disgusted.

"I've seen you naked before Hayley," he let her arm go and the he noticed her swollen stomach, 'She was trying to hide her belly.'

"Pregnant?" He knew his voice held his surprise.

She finished pulling the towel around her body and tucked it in not saying a word or meeting his eye as she walked slowly into the bedroom. Logan was on her heels.

He turned her to face him with his finger pointed at her. "You owe me an answer."

Her face was void of any feelings, "Yes, Wolvie" she sighed. "I am pregnant" she shuddered at the sound of her own voice saying the words she had avoided for so long. "IS that what you wanted me to say?" then she sat on the bed with her head in her hands.

"Again?" he sat down next to her.

"What?" she pulled her head up somewhat confused. She took a deep breath as she realized what he meant. "How?" then she looked like she would cry but kept calm.

"I know about our kid." He said quietly. "Why weren't you the one who told me?"

"Why should you know at all? So, we could cry together." she shot back then she relented quickly, "It was nature, what could we do?"

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was in pain, Lo. I didn't want you to go through what I was going through." She looked tearful but he knew it was the truth, "We weren't meant to be anyway."

He wasn't angry at her anymore. He watched her go through every emotion she knew. He took a deep breath and kissed her head. Then he hugged her tightly for a second.

"I am so sorry, Logan." She whispered as she hugged him back, "It still hurts me too."

"You should have told me, you shouldn't had gone through it alone," he said gently. Then he pulled away and touched her face gently.

"So, is this good news?" he asked her as he gestured to her pregnancy.

"I am not sure," she looked close to tears again. She stood up abruptly and walked to the dresser and found her clothing. She pulled on a thong under the towel, and then she dropped the towel and pulled her bra on quickly. She was afraid to face Logan with out her clothing, talking about the pregnancy made her feel naked enough.

Logan watched her carefully; naked you could easily see she was pregnant. He felt uncomfortable looking at the body that mirrored his wife's. 'Ally must not be as far, she isn't showing compared to Hayley.'

He cleared his throat. "You want me to go?" he gestured to the door.

"No," she scoffed, "seems like you know everything else."

"Not everything," he laughed a little, "I know this isn't my kid" he nodded at her.

As she pulled her simple tank dress on her face dropped and he knew it wasn't good.

"You want to talk?" Logan offered.

She opened and closed her mouth as if she would say something and stopped.

"Is it Scott's" he raised an eyebrow at her as he walked over to her and leaned on the bathroom door.

"I am not sure," a shadow crossed her lovely features and she sank down into the leather chair by her.

'Damn Hayley,' He wanted to rip her head off when he got there, now he wanted to take her pain away.

"Yeah, I need to talk," her eyes were misty.

He knelt down to meet her eye. "What?"

"You are the only other person I think I could talk to." She said but there was a look of horror on her face and a few tears trickled down her cheek but she turned her face from him.

"Who did this to you?" He was on the verge of losing his temper as he realized what had happened to her. He wished he could read her mind so he could spare her the pain of talking about it. He pressed his lips together trying to stay calm as he watched her wordless expressions waiting for her to talk.

She took a deep breath, "Look, when we were captured by Magneto," she met his eye then looked away, "Well, he and Sabertooth," she trailed off and began meaningless gestures with her hands hoping it would tell her story for her.

"How? Both of them?" Logan shook his head. "You okay?"

"Well, it could be Scott's," she sighed, "but that would cause problems with Jean."

"How can you go now?" he shook his head.

"The same way Ally can go?"

"Ally shouldn't go."


"She has two young babies here."

"Logan," she said as she put her hands on his. "If it was you, you'd be half way there by now. We have to do this, man," she paused. "Ally can take care of herself but we have other people to protect. People like Aramis or Tyler, people who trusted a person with the last name of Adams. We need to fix what he has broken. We will watch our backs."

"Okay, Hayl, you gonna dance for me too."

"We will bring her back to her family." She looked dead serious and Logan knew she would, he knew she would fight even when she could fight now more.

"You better be safe, I've gotta new baby and a new nephew on the line now."

Her mouth dropped, "Ally is? Again?" she was truly happy and it was evident she was happier for Ally than she was for her.

"Look, I know we are putting a lot on the line here but could you deny us a chance to make things right?" She walked past him to the bathroom but continued talking, "We want to win but how can we with your negative attitude?"

'Hayley said all this? Was she that stubborn?'

"Don't tell the others about the kid. I don't want it public yet." She called over the water in the sink's running water. "I would put my life on the line for this kid, Ally would do the same." He could hear her brushing her teeth over the water.

He stood up to go. "You have any bags that have to go to the car?"

"Nope, Justice got them already." She called, and then she heard the door shut.

'We all have tales,' she thought to herself.



Emailing winnie

Emailing winnie