Brother Xavier:


The press had seen Ally and Alex together and got past the security. They began to shove microphones and cameras in the triplet's faces.

"Ms. Adams, Did you fake your own death?" one yelled.

"Was there a fourth sister?" Ally heard as she strained to see the faces past the sunshine and the lights in their faces. The press knew one of these women was Allyson Adams but they were not quite sure which.

Despite the angry accusations Ally kept her composure and perfect posture as she and her sisters faced the hungry media.

It was Hayley who spoke first her eyes holding a warning, "Give her a bloody minute to answer you." She growled at them. Hayley had a temper the press knew of very well because of her dancing and past interviews. Unfortunately the press became excited at Hayley's stepping in, usually when Haley jumped in it made bigger news because she was wild compared to her sisters. The camera flashes became more frequent but the voices began to quiet.

Ally held a hand up to identify herself as she took deep breath ready to face the press. "I don't know the person who was mistaken for and neither does my family. It was a mistake on the police's part," she looked meaningfully at the media. "AND the media's part. Obviously, I was not hurt but thanks to misinformation my family was put through hell until recently. We appreciate you cooperation and respect for our personal privacy."

They didn't take hint as well as Ally had hoped.

"Why are you dressed identical to your sister?" Somebody pointed to Alex, who may have been nobody to the press but Ally and Hayley's sister. Alex had always been insignificant to the press except for the fact that her last name was Adams. To see Ally and Alex dressed identical grew many quick questions. The triplets had never been viewed before as identical because there was such a vast contrast from sister to sister and for Ally and Alex to pass for each other raised many eyebrows.

They exchanged a glance amongst the trio, they knew that Alex would make news for a while now. Ally and Hayley knew Alex never missed the media attention and wasn't used to it so they felt sorry for her, Alex would be a new discovery.

Ally sighed lightly, "For the benefit. I wanted to help out and I didn't want to take the focus off what the benefit was about." Ally kept her voice calm as she met their questions head on.

Hayley stepped in agitated, "We did NOT feel this was the time or place for a press conference." Hayley snapped at them.

Justice heard Hayley's temper flaring and stepped in. "Come on guys respect our privacy and our cause" he took a deep breath as he ushered the press away from his sisters.

Logan watched from a distance, 'What a zoo.' He thought to himself. Logan was on a tree branch watching Oliver as he was ordering someone around on his cell phone. He could make out the conversation but was only half listening to the exchange while he watched the media attack the his wife and in laws. As Justice shoved the press away from his sisters, Logan noticed they asked Justice some last desperate questions. Logan shook his head and began to listen in Oliver again.

"Ready their rooms," Oliver smiled to himself. "I want everything perfect for them." He listened to the other end. "Don't worry about that. They seem trustworthy and if they aren't I will deal with them," He laughed, "I have before," he told the other end. "I am not worried about Hayley at this point," he listened to the cell again. "I want the new ones ready to go I will put Allyson in charge of them." Oliver stopped a minute and Logan listened to the silence. "Have the car ready for Justice and their other belongings in their rooms. I want it done tonight!" he yelled into the phone.

'He is taking Ally to his house, that son of a bitch is taking her from me again.' Logan felt a growl escape as he struggled to take control of his anger before he pounced on Adams. He heard a small baby cry that caught his attention and he forgot his anger as he spied the child. 'Michael?' Aubrey was holding the small boy and Storm held Amber. 'Who brought them here?' His anger vanished as his concern became evident over his children. He saw Adam's gaze go to the fussy infant and Logan almost panicked, until the X-men and the babies moved away from the enemy. 'Let's keep him away from the kids, As little as blood shed as possible huh?' Logan thought as he remembered the professor's words and he wanted the plan to work. Logan reached into his pocket and found some change as he threw one against a distant tree. He used such force that it made a loud sound. Adams looked away as he heard the change hit the tree. Logan tossed another one for good measures and started away quietly, but he stopped when he saw Kamikaze walking up to Adams as if he was an old friend. Logan felt his anger build again, he had trusted Ty. Then he could smell him, he wasn't Kamikaze. 'Mystique? Had this whole thing been planned? Doesn't smell like Mystique though.'

Adams looked some what pleased at the young man who was coming towards him. "Bonsai," he called almost cheerfully, then he turned back to the cell phone, "Just do it, I will there shortly." He hung quickly.

The young man looked concerned, "Professor, you should go quickly," he looked around worried.

"Why?" Oliver challenged.

"I have seen a couple of X-men and I am sure you wouldn't want to risk running into your brother here."

Suddenly Adams looked a little nervous, "I will speak to Justice before I go."

"Are they in danger?"

"No, Justice and his sisters are not wise to him and vice versa," he looked past Bonsai as if he expected somebody to come behind him. "Even if they knew of each other Charles would not hurt them, my brother is Very kind." He laughed lightly as he made kind sound like a new disease.

"Well," Bonsai said evenly "from the little I saw, they can take care of themselves."

"Yes," Adams agreed then he gave the youth a scornful look. "Stay out of sight and meet me at the car."

Bonsai started away slowly.

"Oh," Adams said "by the way Tyrone," he started and watched the Kamikaze's double face contort with pain. He fell to his knees as if attacked by an invisible assailant.

Logan watched closely but could not see any remote controlled device but he knew that he must have a chip in his head. Logan had to keep his anger in check at the sight of a person being tortured.

"My daughters should not have had to protect me at all." He paused and Bonsai stood slowly, "That is why I brought you."

The young black man had new resolve as he faced Professor Adams, "Understood." He said quickly as he walked away.

Logan felt like somebody shook the tree he sat in. 'Brother? Charles? No. It couldn't be. Charles was a good person, kind.' Logan watched Adams leave with his henchman, then he glanced to Xavier and where he sat with the X-men. 'Did Ally know? How could she not know? Her Uncle and her father here? Who was Bonsai? He must be a twin, his smelled was vaguely that of Tyler.' He watched the X-men, Xavier and children and he could see Kamikaze not far away in the line for drinks. Logan shook his head. 'Was the world nuts or was it just mutants?

Alex took the stage knowing very well the press would be watching her every move for a while, especially while she looked like Ally. She would be a new discovery and singing on stage was her last choice of things to do right now with all the media in her face but Hayley shoved a microphone in her hand. 'Hayley called it a fresh new song but what to song was about, who knows'

Alex began to relax a little and began to get into it a little more. "Maybe we'll meet in bar, he'll drive a fancy car. Maybe we'll meet in a club and fall so deeply in love." Alex sang to the people who seemed to be getting down to the music, as if it really was hip. Alex almost laughed at some of the students dancing crazily. The children who had danced on stage before caught the beat and ran onto the stage doing miscellaneous dance moves at Alex and bumping butts with one another. She could have sworn she heard one of the children call her Allyson to another child. Alex felt like she was in a dream.

Ally watched Alex from the wing as she talked to Justice about what she had missed earlier. "So, it's all taken care of then?" Ally asked as she tilted her head.

Justice was getting sweaty as the body heat increased back stage as everyone wanted to see the 'twins', Not that they hadn't been born triplets. All four of them found this very funny. Justice wiped his brow as he looked at his sister.

"I guess , I talked to Jean and she said they called of all plans" Justice looked far away. "By this time tomorrow we should be in dad's new house."

"Canada," Ally whispered softly as she looked at her feet, she didn't really want to go away.

Her tone caught Justice's full attention, "You didn't tell Logan did you?" Ally shook her head at him. Justice stared at her hard. "We could be there long time, Al."

"I know" she looked up at the sky but she looked like she would cry, "I don't want to go but I have to." She thought of their mother and sighed.

"Would you rather dad experiment on the twins? End up bigger freaks than we are, serving Eric?" Justice hissed.

She knew he was right. "Look," she said quietly.

"What?" Justice asked her as he was going over the benefits papers.

"Look at the clouds, Just," She said as she stared at the billowy, soft puff balls that floated by in the radiant blue that shown down at them.

Justice looked up at the sky and he knew what Ally was going to say next, it was something their mother had told them. It meant no matter what, when you looked at the clouds it would remind you not to take things for granted. Her children remembered that every time they saw the clouds.

"If we were blind we wouldn't see those clouds." She finished her thought even though it was one Justice could finish himself. They always finished that saying, it was as if to honor their mother.

Justice understood the relation. "You can't take our freedom for granted huh?"

"Gets so you can't take anything for granted. What we do, we do for the future, Amber's, Michael's and ours." She sighed. "You think mom would be proud of us?" her eyes looked watery and far away.

"Of you, she would be very proud, Ally," Justice said as he hugged her. "Now that the media knows you are all three here you may as well go on and have fun." He gestured to the stage with a smile.

She returned her brother's hug and ran.

Alex and Hayley waited for Ally to join them as Ally filled the empty spot between them. None of them had any reason to hold back now. The three sisters smiled at each other as the song started and they began to move. "Somebody once told the world was gonna roll me, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed." The Local band was now playing behind them and the lead singer started weaving in between them as he sang,

"She was lookin' kind of dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an "L" on her forehead." The singer was mimicking the letter and he started dancing with Ally as his long hair began to flail about while he shook his head to the music. Ally jumped into back flips she flew across the stage. "Well the years start coming and they don't stop coming." She made sure she was in beat as he quoted the words out. It felt good to be herself again, Ally thought, as she ruefully looked at her blonde locks.


Logan walked over to where Aubrey and Josh were talking intently to Jean. They stopped talking as they saw Logan's angry expression as he got closer to them.

"Who brought the kids?" he growled before anybody could say anything else.

Jean looked at him surprised, "Hank and Rogue did, they said Ally called them and asked them to bring the babies."

He cocked an eyebrow, "Why would Ally do that?"

Jean had thought it had been an odd request on Ally's part but she had assumed she wanted them where she could keep them safe. Jean knew something else was wrong though, "What is it?"

"Something's not right here." He looked at his little boy Jean had in her arms. Michael seemed to recognize his father as he began to smile and coo. Logan couldn’t help smiling at his son until he caught sight of Ty coming at them.

"Who is Bonsai?" Logan asked quickly.

Ty had some sodas on a tray and he began to hand them out slowly with an amused expression. "No, me Kamikaze" he said slowly as he gestured to himself, "You Logan." Ty nodded at him.

Recognition lit Aubrey's eyes up, "I have heard that name before," she turned to meet the eyes on her. "Back in the lab."

Logan nodded at her. "This guy looked like Ty." He saw Ty's mouth drop open.

"What?" Jean and Xavier asked in unison.

"He was with Adams" Logan went on.

Ty could have been knocked over with a feather as they all looked over to where they could see Adams talking to Justice alone. Logan shook his head at the thought of the X-men being so obvious. He backed up a little more towards the trees and the rest followed his lead as the crowd concealed them better. They could still see Justice talking to Professor Adams as they finished their conversation.

Justice spotted them over his father's shoulder and panicked a little. His father started off in the direction his friends were until Justice grabbed his shoulder and redirected him, from the press Justice explained. Justice sighed at his friends as he walked over to them.

"I love the hiding spot," Justice teased when he was in ear reach of them. Then he saw his niece and nephew.

Logan followed Justice's worried gaze at the babies, "Why would Ally ask for the twins?" Logan asked.

Justice's face was full of surprise, "What?" he blinked at them, "She couldn't have called anyone, she hasn't had time enough to pee."

"It had to be Mystique," Xavier said softly. "Find Dr. McCoy." Charles felt as if he headache was getting easier to deal with as Adams grew further away.

Justice looked at him. "Are you okay?" he asked Xavier.

"Yes, Justice but I do feel," Xavier took a deep breath, "weak."

"That is odd." Justice watched him as he folded his arms.

"Why?" Jean stared against the sun.

"Dad has done this type of thing before, it usually effected family stronger than others. He would do it to us, until we learned how to shut him out or counter his telepathy." Justice sighed at the memory, "He tried it today too." Justice knew it pissed their father off that his telepathy trick failed.

Logan stared at Xavier with an accusing look as he remembered, 'Brother?' Everyone watched Logan's stare at Xavier.

"Why didn't effect me as much as the professor?" Jean hoped to break the silence.

Justice shrugged, "There could be many explanations for it. Maybe because the Professor is a much stronger telepath making him vulnerable to the attack." Justice remembered how easily relations were effected and how worried he and his sisters had been that they would be an easy target. He was proud they had turned it around on their father. "Perhaps they have a common bond considering the professor knew our father before, he would know how to attack him easily."

Logan nodded. 'Like a relation huh?' he thought to himself.

Storm walked over quickly watching her back as she walked. "It must be Mystique," she said eyeing Kamikaze, then she pointed to Adams in the distance with the young man who looked like Ty.

Ty dropped his soda. "Tyrone?" he breathed as he watched the clone with Adams. "That is not Mystique" he pointed at the Bonsai.

"Yer twin?" Logan lit his cigar. "He smells like you."

Ty didn't answer but started running after him.

Justice moved as he caught Ty's arm. "You want to be his slave too, Ty?" Ty shrugged Justice off and tried to advance. "He can put the chip back in your head, man." Justice warned as he grabbed him harder hoping to knock some sense into him.

Hank, Josh and Rogue made their way over to the group, they slowly began to pick up on the strained mood. Hank watched Ty with Justice and stood between Ty and Adams. "Let us not act hastily, Tyler." Hank said evenly. "The Adams siblings have an extraordinary plan and it will work if we are able to keep our wits about us." Hank smiled slightly. Ty's face relaxed, as he seemed to realize that the older people outnumbered him.

Charles looked at his old friend, "Henry, can you get the children back to the school?"

Beast's surprise was evident. "What in heaven for?"

"Doesn't seem so safe 'round here anymore, " Logan snorted as he took a puff of his cigar.

Beast and Rogue looked to one another as they registered there was problem. "Certainly." Hank held out his hands to take the infant.

Professor Xavier watched the two little people who caused all the alarm. "If Magneto wants the children, we should keep them well-hidden."

At the sound of the name Magneto, Logan felt his anger fire. "I am going with you, Hank."

"Don't you want to wait for Ally?" Justice gestured towards the stage.

"I don't want the kids to end up on a gossip rag and she is never gonna shake that press today." Logan took his child from Jean.

Justice sighed, "I have to stay around and wrap things up." They could tell he didn't want to remain at the park.

Charles smiled at the sight of the children. They were the future but depending on how safe they were kept depended on the part they would play in it. "Jean, perhaps you could go with them. As a telepath the children seem comfortable with you."

"Okay" she smiled. She wasn't sure why the idea appealed to her.

"Tell Al I will meet her back there." Logan told Justice as he kept his eye on the stage.

"Sure," he nodded at Wolverine. He watched Ty, Josh and Aubrey's lost stares, "Hey, I can give you guys a ride back when I am through, that is if you want to wait around?" Justice offered.

"Yeah," Ty accepted for the trio. "Do you need a hand?"

"Another couple of strong guys? Great." Justice smiled and started the younger people towards the stage. "Watch out for the media." Justice called before he left.

Ally sat on the side of the stage, she was tired and hot. She watched the sky as she listened to the local band singing some new song she had never heard. "I aint Happy, I'm feeling glad, I've got sunshine in a bag." The singer went on bobbing his head to the beat. Ally could feel someone watching her and looked up to see Justice walking over with Aubrey, Josh and Ty. She smiled to see some friends until she saw past Justice where her children, Logan and the X-men stood.

'Justice what is going on?' she barked in his head, 'Why in the wide, wide world of sports are my children here?'

Justice sighed at his sister's impatience when it came to her babies. 'It's cool, trust me okay? Too many telepaths to talk.' He shot back mentally.

When he got closer to her he smiled as he looked around. "Where is the media? I thought the were hounding you?"

"As Alex. They got up mixed up so she in interviews." She wiped the sweat off her head. "Where is Logan?"

"If you hurry, with you." Justice smiled. "He is taking off with the kids. Sneak out behind me before anybody notices."

She leaned up and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Thanks, brah." She laughed

"Go to your family," he smiled at her. 'Hayley and Alex could handle the rest of this'

Logan stopped and turned; he could smell Ally getting closer. He saw her in time to feel her wrap her arms around his neck and he grinned at her. "Hey,"

"Hey, " she laughed, "You going to leave the old ball and chain behind?" She teased laughing a little as she scooped up the baby from his arms.

"How did you get past the press?" he lowered her brow at her.

She smiled at him again, "They got Alex and I mixed up."

Logan laughed.

Jean said goodbye to the children as they separated.


Ally and Logan faced each other in the middle of make shift nursery as he continued his hurt stare. "Canada, Al?" Logan barked. "C'mon, right into the jaws of the reaper."

"You want him to get the babies?" She snapped back but she was on the verge of tears. "To end up like us? Or much worse?"

"No," He gestured to the baby's cradles, "But they need you." Logan looked at her soft sad eyes and his mood lightened a little. She moved slowly as if mulling his words over. He watched her long curls wet and damp tickling her back and stomach, still blonde. He grabbed her tiny waist and pulled her to him gently. "I need you, Al." He may as well say he loved her because his tone was one that was of endearment.

She didn't want to meet his face, she was afraid she would give in. "I have to go, Logan. Everything we have done, it would be for nothing if I didn't come through." She sighed and tossed her hair over her shoulder. He put his hand under her chin and gently pushed her head so that their eyes met. She could see his eyes soft and warm and she sighed. "You think I want to go." Her eyes traveled to the cradles holding their infants. "I could take the easy way out and stay but we know they would eventually come for us and Michael and Amber. They will find us, they always do."

He knew she was right, "Let's face them together then." He lowered his gaze, "C'mon." He said challengingly.

"Come on you know I have an in and you my dear, would jeopardize everything." She looked at her watch leaving out the fact that Justice thought their father wanted his hands on Wolverine.

"When does Justice want you to go?"

"In the morning. He has to settle some things at the firm first."

One of the babies stirred and Logan put a hand on her back to push her out of the room, "Let them get some sleep." He knew Ally would be fussing with the baby and he was sure the child would fall back to sleep and he wanted to finish talking to her. Once he shut the door he looked down the hall at what had Ally's attention. Hank and Alex were arguing as they walked towards them. He pulled Ally in the other direction, away from her arguing sibling. "Let's go this way."

Hayley and Justice sat by the pool, they had their feet in and Hayley splashed lightly.

"Why do we like the water so much?" Hayley mumbled.

"Maybe because we are all water signs?" He laughed

She blew her cigarette smoke at him, "Dad still scares me, Just, I feel like I am eighteen and dating Logan again." She laughed at the memory.

"You and Logan were too much alike for it work, Hayl." Justice had hated the way Hayley and Logan could fight.

"What happened with you and that Munroe chick?" She teased as she kicked some water at Justice. It splattered his dark polo shirt like graffiti.

He yanked his wet shirt off impatiently at Hayley, "I swear Hayl, are you sure you're not male? I mean do you have your own set or what?"

Hayley scoffed half laughing. "Are you avoiding the issue?"

He spread back against the cool concrete with his arms above his head and sighed as he shut his eyes. "Yup."

Hayley narrowed her eyes at him; "Do you want me to totally soak you?"

"I am just not ready, I guess Hayley." He gestured with his open hands at her keeping his eyes closed.

Hayley watched her brother, she knew he was very handsome. His hair was short but he had some strawberry blonde curls on top of his head that came down on his forehead a little. 'If he didn't cut the side so close to his head, would he have hair like hers or Ally's or Alex?' He had the same deep blue eyes the triplets shared and he had a strong chin but hairless, unlike Logan's. He was always wearing preppy clothing, shower fresh and iron pressed. People had always told Justice he looked like the country club type but Hayley was told she looked like rock and roll.

"You're ready," she laughed and splashed him well with water as she stood. "You want a beer, sex pistol?" she asked as she bent over, her hair tickling his face lightly. He sat up enough to meet her eye. "No, thanks, sis." And he put his head back down.

Storm and Rogue came out as Hayley walked in. Justice pushed his head again at the sound of the extra footsteps. He could see Storm and her confident glide behind Rogue's quick pace run ahead of her. He sighed and put his head back down.

"Hey Justice," Rogue called.

"Hi," he called and gave a little wave without picking his head up.

"Are you leaving tomorrow?" Rogue came right to the point as she joined him by the pool. He moved over a little to make room for her and Rogue laughed.

"Don't worry, I won't attack you," she whispered, "As long as you don't do that smell," she wrinkled her nose at him and chuckled.

"What smell?"

"The one like Hayley does."

He sat up and met her eye. "I am doing that?" he laughed, he felt better. 'That's why Storm and Rogue…. Great', he thought. Impulsively he hugged Rogue.

Storm sauntered over, "We will miss you around her, you and your sisters." She smiled at him

He gave her a rueful smile, "It's not like we miss Canada."

"Canada?" Rogue whistled.

Storm watched Rogue and Justice chat as she thought about how far away it really was.

Logan was going for a beer when he saw Hayley and Alex coming for him in the hall. They had mischievous grins as they approached and Logan watched them curiously.

"Jean and Hank are waiting for you." Alex smiled as Hayley grabbed him by the arm and started to lead him away..

If Logan had not been so perplexed he might not have let them take him in the direction of the infirmary. The identical blue eyes twinkled at him. He almost laughed, "For what?'

Alex took his hand and started to pull him away quickly as Hayley moved past them.

Hayley smiled, "For me to watch your kids." Then she disappeared into the direction of the room the twins shared.

Logan shrugged and followed Alex

When Alex and Logan got to the infirmary, they found Hank prepping for something and Logan stared hard at the surgical tools.

"Ready Logan?" Jean asked with a small smile.

He was beginning to loose his patience, "Ready for what?"

Ally came around the corner from the lab, "To have your chip removed" she smiled at him.

Hank looked up from his work, "Once the chip is gone you should not be in fear of losing your memory again."

"How 'bout tomorrow?" He knew it sounded lame as soon as he said it but Ally would be leaving in the morning and he would rather be with her than in the infirmary.

"We will need Alex's knowledge of the chips to remove it safely," Hank crossed his arms as if to say 'you are not getting out of this.'

Ally walked over to look face to face, "Logan, this may be your only chance to do this," she whispered.

She may have well told Logan what if one of us dies and we can't remove it later. Logan nodded reluctantly as he remembered Bonsai's face under Adams control. He marched over them his mind made up, he would not jeopardize forgetting his family.

"okay," Logan said as he jumped on the table. "Let's do it."

Ally sat down in a chair near by and hugged her knees to her chest as Jean, and Alex began to hook up monitors to his head. Ally gave him a wink but she looked like she would cry. "I will be right here, stud"

Hank looked up at Ally and Logan as he readied the needle; he wasn't sure who looked more nervous.