Wolvie Femmes * Broken   






     Justice sat in the car deep in his own thought and tried to concentrate on keeping the car on the road. He sighed feeling a little rude when he looked at Rayne huddled up in the passenger seat.


     He reached over and touched her arm lightly and gave her a smile, "You need anything?"


     "Jus’ ma brother," She mumbled and moved her arm away from him.


    "Excuse me?" Justice said trying to concentrate on her words.


    "Nothin’," She stretched, "Ah don‘ need anyt’in’. Ah‘m fine."


    "If I can do anything at all to make you more comfortable just let me know, ok?" Justice smiled but stopped short, hearing Alex's voice in his head, ‘Uh oh. I’m in trouble.’


    Rayne guessed he was being contacted telepathically and started to worry when the SUV veered off the road slightly.


     Justice sighed, pulling the vehicle back onto the road while trying to use his telepathy as well.


    Rayne tensed up more when Justice’s concentration to who he was talking to was still affecting his driving, "Somebody important talkin’ ta yo’?"


    He turned to answer her but his eyes still glowed and it took all his concentration and effort to keep the car on the road.


    Rayne wondered who was in more pain between them. Justice looked dog tired, and she felt like death warmer over. Once his eyes stopped glowing he sighed and looked at her with a little smile.


    "Who called?" Rayne joked a little.


     The phone rang next to Justice and Rayne jumped slightly.


    Justice stifled a giggle and clicked the speaker button and the ringing stopped as the phone call was piped through the stereo speakers.


   "Justice, you idiot! What do you think you are doing? You couldn't even keep your telepathy going long enough for me to finish yelling at you!" Alex’s voice yelled through the speakers.


    He dropped his chin against the steering wheel, "Uh well, at least I can do more than I could this morning," He laughed.


     "That's not the point here," Alex snapped, "We already have two siblings in danger and you’re off trying to get yourself hurt as well. And what do you think your doing taking Rayne along? Have you lost it completely?"

     Rayne snickered, "She really mad at yo’, homme."

    Justice grinned, "Well you were asleep and I didn’t think you would be able to help."

    Alex’s voice grew angrier, "I am fine Just’. Beast, Warren and I will go and retrieve them. You bring yourself and Rayne back here immediately!" Ty's voice could be heard in the background screaming, ‘I'm going too!’


    "Alex, you aren't fine," Justice argued. "You didn't even wake up when I asked you to borrow your keys," He lied.


    "Justice, is Rayne ok? She is with you, right?" Alex asked quickly. Rayne started to speak up but Justice raised his hand to take the blame, "I needed her to find the others so I kidnapped her."


    "WHAT?" Alex screamed, "She’s not there by her own free will? I am not the only person who’s going to kill you now. Gambit will kill you if his sister is harmed!"


   "I couldn’t get my telepathy to work, and I needed to find them," Justice groaned. "That's not surprising," Alex snorted, miffed at her brother.


   "He didn' kidnap me," Rayne said quickly.


   "Rayne?" Alex said hopefully, "Make him bring you back, Please. Neither of you is in shape to be out there."


    "Ah’m goin’ ta find Remy," she reasoned, "He's in trouble an ah wan’ help him."


   "I know doll, but…," Alex sighed, "I wish you two would come back here."


   "What do you mean you know?" Justice demanded.


   "I got in Hayley's mind for a minute," Alex admitted with a sigh. Justice was losing his patience, "AND?"


   "They’re under attack," Alex said slowly.


   "We ain’t far from dem now," Rayne added after pulling her head in from the open window, "Ah can smell dem."


    "Who attacked them?" Justice was losing his temper.


    "All I saw was Sabretooth and the Scarlet Witch," Alex added quickly, "Justice if you don't bring my SUV back right now I am going to be on your ass with the X-men!"


   Justice turned the power off. “Lousy conversation,” he shrugged to Rayne, "You want to go back?"


     "No! Remy needs me," Rayne's eyes were wide as saucers thinking about her brother being in danger.


    "Me either," Justice winked, "direct me faster ok?" He put all his concentration on driving now as Rayne stuck her head back out the window and urged him on.




     Alex slammed the phone down and looked at Hank. The sight of an angry Alex amused him a little because she was always so calm and confident.


     She thrust a finger in the air and began waving it, "I am going to kill him." Then she started out of the lab.


    Beast grabbed her arm, "Wait. You cannot go after them like lost vigilante." Beast glared at her.


    Storm ran in clasping her robe but realized quickly that she walked into something more than she expected, "I am looking for Justice." She smiled at them.


   "It would seem that Justice has gone for a joyride with a patient," Alex pointed to Rayne's empty bed.


    Storm sighed and looked at them.


    Alex began to pace and Cyclops came in quickly. "Do we have a location?" Scott said quickly.


    Alex nodded, "Yes, and  they are under attack." Alex wanted to scream from all the waiting. She huffed and made her way for the door, "I know I can find them, so I am going to. With or without help." Hank stopped her and looked at her meaningfully. "Don't try to stop me Hank," she touched his hand, "All my siblings are in danger and two of their unborn."


    She sighed and looked at Scott, "And two of your X-men as well, not to mention that poor girl. I don‘t know what Justice was thinking taking her along! So I am leaving and if anyone else wants to go fine but if your not, then don't get in my way." She pushed her way to the doors and left quickly.


    "We can't all go and leave the students and children unprotected," Scott mused, "Storm stay here with Jean and Beast." He looked at Xavier's sleeping form and wished he were awake to guide them, "Warren, Tyler and I can go round them up."


   Tyler bounced to his feet, "YES!" He was young and loved the excitement.


    Beast sighed, "If you don't keep up with Alexandra you will not find them at all." Scott and Tyler hurried out finding Warren just outside of the infirmary.




     Ally sat up in time to see Logan running for Sabretooth before he could advance on Ally and Gambit.


    Gambit made his way to Hayley who seemed to be taking her time getting to her feet. Hayley pushed herself up on her palms and looked into Remy's concerned eyes, "I am all right." Then, a look of Horror crossed her face and she jumped to her feet. Remy turned in time to see the Scarlet Witch's attack flying at them.


     Hayley pushed him back as Wanda’s lightening bolt hit but Hayley absorbed it easily. She gave Wanda a smile and pushed her hands together as a fireball danced between her fingers. Wanda stared at her curiously until the fireball came flying at her.


     Wanda wasn't sure what exactly Hayley was doing until she was nearly on fire and then she narrowed her eyes coming closer with another attack.


   Logan leapt for Sabretooth growling but he knew with their healing factors and similar fighting skills, the fight would only end up as a stalemate. He recalled how Sabretooth held Ally in his grasp a moment ago, much like during a fight when he almost killed her, and that anger drove him further into the battle.



     Pietro woke to find a blue face slapping him awake as it insisted he 'get up now'. He blinked and realized it was Mystique.


    "Taking things in your own hands?" She hissed at him, "We need to work together on this."


     He grabbed his head and found some blood. He was angry at the redhead now but turned his anger at Mystique instead, "You weren't doing very much to help get the cats. Are you afraid they will push you out of the Brotherhood?" He stood and watched Wanda dodge exploding cards. And he noted that Sabretooth was in battle with Wolverine, and Pyro was being defeated by Fire-cat with Hayley’s help.


      Mystique ran off towards Hayley. She had a score to settle with the black haired cat.


     Pietro sized Ally up and figured she was easy prey.


     Hayley found that between she and Ally, Pyro was nearly finished. Hayley absorbed his fire and threw back lightening.


     Ally moved to help Logan with Sabertooth, but quicksilver cut her off so rapidly that she lost her footing.


    "Come with us," Quicksilver cooed, "What happened earlier today should prove to you what human and mutant co-existence is really about." She shook her head and tried to get to her feet but Pietro jumped on top of her to keep her down.


    He reached to her belly catching her off guard, "Humans hate mutants and they will kill your child as well as you," he reasoned. Ally felt ill under his grasp and tossed him back with her telekinesis but before she could get to her feet he sat on her legs.


     "Can't get rid of me that easily," He laughed in her face.


     Hayley began to run for Ally seeing Pyro was down but a blue foot found slammed in her hard in the face.


     "We have a score to settle," Mystique grunted. Hayley put her leg along the side of her head to show how nibble she was, but Mystique only looked back at her coyly, "Is that the best you can do?"


    Gambit saw the change of hands as Ally kept struggling against Quicksilver. He dealt a hand of well placed cards at Wanda's feet knocking her back then ran to help his friends.


     Pietro was hefted to his feet and in his confusion found Remy's fist in his face. Ally began to say thank you but saw Wanda back on her feet so she threw her down again with her telekinesis. Then she threw Quicksilver before he could gain his footing.


      Remy turned quickly to see the witch flying backwards and smirked. He turned to Ally giving her a hand to her feet. Switching opponents helped, "We make a good team, non?"


    Ally smiled but pushed Remy out of the way as Pietro came running back bowling Ally over grinning in her face, "Miss me?"


    Ally saw Remy's charged charge and wiggled out of the way as the card hit Pietro.


    A loud growl from Sabretooth caught everyone's attention. Wolverine was winning against the mammoth mutant and scored a beautiful blow to Sabretooth's shoulder.



    Suddenly Mystique's foot hit Logan from behind and they began to double team him. Hayley ran to grab Mystique again but Sabretooth knew he was weak and figured Hayley as the easier prey. He wrapped his arm around her neck holding her securely.


     Pietro smiled seeing the horror filled expression on Hayley's face and her lack of fight. She looked like a deer caught in headlights.


    He ran to Sabretooth happy it looked like they had one of them. He planned to keep her caught. He meet Sabretooth's eye and knew his carnal spirit. Everyone stopped except for Mystique who kept Wolverine busy.


    Wanda joined her brother as Sabretooth grabbed at Hayley's rounded belly tearing the cloth and exposing her pregnancy. Tears filled Hayley's eyes but she only felt paralyzed against this mutant.


     Sabretooth bent down to her tiny frame taking in the scent of her and on her. He could smell the other male on her and growled as he scanned to the other mutants.


    He pointed his claws into her belly as Remy and Ally advanced and he could feel Ally's tug to throw him. She didn't throw him mentally yet because he held her sister and the other mutants knew it. Wanda and Pietro guarded him as he stood there holding the Fire-cat. He gestured to the two side by side to make his point.


    "Move, and I will gut her." He let his claws dig slightly into her belly as Wanda and Pietro's faces filled with surprise. Sabretooth watched her heal as he cut her and he too smiled now sure that the bastard child she carried was his. He leaned to her ear and he realized why she didn't move. She was still sickened of him by the rape.


    He played with her new healing ability letting his claws drag on her flawless skin as her body began to heal the scratches.


    He looked to Remy as he did. "This whelp is mine," He growled at the red-eyed man. He could smell him on Hayley and realized one of the smells was sex.


   His animal nature took over and he wanted to kill the man who had his woman while his child grew within, "I was here first, runt."


    Remy watched Wanda produce a metallic helmet as she approached Hayley. He watched Hayley's face then looked to Ally for a clue as to why the woman he knew as a tiger, wasn’t fighting back. Instead, tears ran down her face. He grit his teeth as he watched Sabretooth stake Hayley as a claim.


     The joy on the witch's face as she walked over with the helmet caught both Ally’s and his attention.


     'We have to move,' Ally touched his mind, 'That helmet will stop her abilities once it’s on.'


    'Why won't she fight?' he asked her back. If Hayley would wrestled enough to break free, they would have a better chance of getting out of there.


    'Because of him,' Ally told him mentally, 'I think he raped her.' Ally became angry as she and Gambit realized what Sabretooth's words meant.


   It was his child yet Sabretooth would gladly kill her. "She reeks of you, runt," he growled at Gambit, "Maybe you bed her but she and the kid belong to me." Sabretooth grew angrier as could smell the other man on her more clearly, "And I can do whatever I want to with them."


     Pietro realized what he would do. "No Sabretooth, we need her alive."


    Gambit wanted to take him apart for what he did to Hayley. But this had to be handled delicately. Remy gave him a coy look, "Me, Ah t’ink yo‘r not‘in but a weak, pat’etic crapaud. Pickin‘ on femmes an bebe‘s." Remy laughed at him, "Sabretooth, da measly slayer of small and weak t’ings. He runs away from any real fight," Remy saw Sabretooth relaxing his hold and he laughed again at Sabretooth to push him over the edge, "Yo’r a pat’etic coward."


    Sabretooth dropped Hayley and ran for Gambit, "I’ll show ya weak, runt." He pushed small trees over to get to Remy causing Mystique and Logan to dodge the trees, as well as each other. He lunged at Remy, knocked him over landing on top of him and prepared to tear him to peices.


     Suddenly, Sabretooth went flying violently back from Ally telekinetic toss. Remy took a deep breath of relief then produced his Bo-staff. He saw Hayley moving slowly, trying to get up, until the witch clasped the helmet on her head.


    He narrowed his eyes and joined Ally, "Let's end dis now, eh chere?" he said angry at the sight of Logan also taking a beating.


    Mystique went flying back as Ally rose off the ground with electricity crackling around her.


    Remy's eyes grew wide realizing she had channeled her sister's powers. He gave a smile seeing Logan was now free and was moving to help Hayley, as he began to run for her.


    Wanda had Pietro over her shoulder, "We have to get her out of here. She's healing herself and might get strong enough to break free. One cat is better then none."


    He growled looking at the restrained Fire-cat. Wanda checked that the helmet was fastened securely as Hayley's hand flew to her head.


    Hayley then realized what had happened. "Not this thing again," She sighed and stood. Putting her palm flat in Wanda's face knocking her to the ground roughly. Pietro was also surprised as she kicked him in the chest.


    "Funny thing is, this helmet doesn't stop my fighting ability," Hayley took a defensive posture.


     Ally sighed, seeing her sister's fight return and with Sabretooth out of her way she looked over at Remy who smiled at her.


    Gambit pointed at Hayley with his Bo staff, "Dat's de tiger ah know." He grinned.


   Ally saw him first and grabbed Sabretooth as he lunged at Gambit. Before his claws touched Gambit she tossed him far away again, "Remy be careful, he wants you dead."


     Logan ran to Hayley before Wanda and Pietro could get to their feet. He quickly cut through the metal helmet and Hayley smiled.


    He pulled her to him, "Let's get you outta here." Wanda's lightening on Logan's metal body stopped that idea quickly.


    Pietro decided to try the other sister and rushed Ally again, "Can’t we change your mind?" He laughed.


   Ally said nothing, but met his eyes linking his thoughts with hers and he froze unable to move. He opened his mouth to argue but no sound was permitted. He reached for something to stop his fall to the ground but he was asleep before he hit the ground.



     Mystique moved to help Wanda and Pietro but was unceremoniously knocked on her butt from a well placed kick by Gambit.





      Justice knew they were close now. He had heard a mental call from Hayley. It was tearful and it brought tears to his eyes thinking that she might fall the same fate Ally had once. He knew Victor Creed would kill her and from the quick message he got he knew she was in dire trouble.


    Rayne touched his arm, "What is it? What‘s wrong? Are they hurt? Is Remy hurt?" She worried.


    Justice brushed his eyes of the tears, "No." Rayne looked at him for a clue. "I heard a cry from my sister Hayley."


    Rayne smiled despite herself.


    "Not cool," Justice scolded, "I wouldn't wish your brother dead for being with my sister."


     "Remy not pregnant," she hissed.


    "He would be if he could be," Justice joked.


    They turned into the gas station and he pointed to his car, "That's my car!" Before he had the car stopped, Rayne leap through the window and ran towards the scent of her brother. Justice took a deep breath wondering why he brought her along. He kept telling himself he had to do this for the sake of them all. But when he saw Rayne leap off into trouble, he cringed. Not only were his sisters going to kill him but Gambit was too.


     He got a quick telepathic signal off to his sisters, "I’m here," He grinned as he ran from the car and followed Rayne, "Time for the strong arm of Justice!" Both weakened mutants raced to find their loved ones.


    Justice overtook and stopped Rayne, "Stay out of the way now," he glared at her, "you promised me you wouldn‘t do anything to get yourself hurt, remember?"


      Then he sped off once they hit the cover of the woods. Hayley laughed as Wanda tossed her lightening and she absorbed it easily. They danced a dance Hayley knew she would win.


     Logan found Sabretooth on top of him suddenly and his claws stabbed him in the thigh. Suddenly something slammed into Sabertooth knocking him off of Logan.


     Wolverine looked to see Justice standing there smiling weakly. He grabbed Logan and urged him to his feet. Warning bells went off in Logan’s head as he remembered Justice's weakened condition, "Go home kid, we got this."


   "That's why Alex and I heard Hayl screaming?" Justice heard an ear-piercing screech and looked to see Rayne was on top of Mystique clawing at her face wildly.


    "You didn't?" Logan growled looking at the small mutant who jumped in her brother's battle with the blue woman.




    Remy knew that Mystique had been toying with him, feeling him out and soon she gained the upper hand. He was as agile as she was and could match her blow for blow but he held back with the thoughts of her being female, remembering how Ally was hit by that man.


    Suddenly a screaming demon jumped on Mystiques back clawing wildly. Remy's eyes opened wide with disbelief as he saw Rayne.


   His sister clawed and screeched, "Don’ yo’ hurt ma brother!"


   Suddenly, he didn't care if Mystique was a woman because Rayne was there now, and he knew Mystique would use her against him. He slammed his Bo staff along the side of Mystique's head forgetting that Rayne was attached to her, and both hit the ground hard. He slid to the ground and gathered his sister onto his lap.


   "Rayne, girl," He said clutching her tightly to him. Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled seeing his face, "You okay, petite?"


    She snapped to life, "Ah came ta help yo’, Remy."


    He couldn't help but to laugh, "I can see that chere, but mebbe yo’ should fight when yo’ feel better, non? Leave dis battle ta Gambit."


     "Don’ worry none Remy, ah feel fine," She groaned as she tried to get to her feet.


     Mystique rose with a chuckle and Remy pushed Rayne behind him hoping she would stay there as he heard Rayne growling.


    Ally ran to them realizing that Rayne was a handicap for Remy. She saw Mystique was on her feet now and so she moved a little faster. She took to the air and landed in front of Remy and Rayne.


    Remy smiled grateful to his friend and he picked Rayne up and quickly carried her away from the fight. He looked for a place to hide her knowing that he wouldn't be able to fight if he had to stay and protect her.


     "How yo’ get ‘ere, petite?" His heart melted thinking of how she came to his rescue. Then he saw Justice swinging weak punches at Sabretooth and Logan trying to push him to safety. He too was a handicap and Logan suffered another blow to the shoulder defending the weaker man.


    "Did Justice bring yo’ ‘ere?" He said angrily, "Ah’ll kill him fo’ dat!"

    Rayne scoffed to displace his anger, " Nah Rem, ah made him bring me. Ah tol’ him ah’d put a gris gris on him if he didn’ bring me along."

    Remy laughed despite his anger, "Bet dat homme don’ even know what a gris gris is Rayne. Yo’ a terrible liar girl, yo’ know dat?"

     She smiled sheepishly and shrugged, "Dat’s cause yo’ do all da lyin’ fo’ me Rem."



     Suddenly a war like cry caught everyone's attention when Justice 'tried to help' again and Logan was tossed to the side like a rag doll an lay unconsious.


    Sabretooth pushed Justice to the ground easily in his weakened state, grabbed Justice up and hauled him into the air. He pulled back for a fatal blow but an invisible attacker knocked Sabretooth back and Justice fell to the ground with a loud grunt.


     Remy was torn between helping his friend and staying to defend his sister. He noticed Ally had thrown Sabretooth down but it had distracted Ally and Mystique gained the upper hand.


    Sabretooth reached for Hayley as she stood over Justice to protect him. The fright on her face was evident but she didn't back down. He seized her by the hair angrily and reached to stroke her face. Hayley tried to use her powers against him but fear kept her paralyzed.


    Remy's eyes became angry narrow slits and even Rayne understood as she buried her face against his chest, he was going to kill her. Remy watched as Sabretooth's cruel mouth twisted with an idea and he began to tear at Hayley's clothing.


     Hayley squirmed in panic and became hot but Sabertooth held her still allowing his hands burn. He relished every squirm, every bit of panic and fear she showed him. She thrust her hands against the stronger man's chest as the tears rolled down her cheeks.



     "Remy, help her. He goin‘ do somet‘in bad," Rayne couldn't say the terrible act she suspected that he would do to Hayley in front of everyone.


   Remy's heart raced, "No, he ain’t, petite." Remy started to get up as he charged a rock but the witch ran at them threateningly. He stood to protect his sister and was shocked when a red blast sent the witch flying backwards.


   They both looked back to see Cylcops, Alex and Warren joining the fight. He watched the Angel fly in to defend Hayley and he was easily knocked aside by Sabretooth. Warren lay next to Logan who was also defeated by the sadistic mutant.


     Alex stopped seeing Rayne sitting on the ground, "Get her to the cars Remy."


     Gambit shook his head no and gathered himself to help Hayley. Alex stared at Sabretooth Hatefully but it was Scott's well place beam that knocked him from Hayley.


    "Get her out of here Gambit," Alex said forcefully, "She’s going to get hurt."



     Wanda retreated as she and Mystique grabbed Quicksilver and ran from the fight. Pyro had been about to attack before the other mutants arrived but stayed out of sight and then ran when the others did.


     Sabretooth snarled at Scott's wanting to protect Hayley and he loomed closer. Sabretooth took another optic blast when he saw the other mutants retreating. He let out a bellow of protest then jumped into the trees dodging the attacks of the angry mutants.


    Justice slowly pulled himself up to see Hayley curled into a ball and sobbing. He grabbed his sister to his chest and saw that her clothes were torn pretty badly.


    He pulled his jacket off and covered her. Scott walked up but Justice waved him away. Whatever was wrong she wasn't going to respond to more than one person about and certainly not Scott Summers.


     Alex began to look Logan over and sighed with relief seeing that he was already healing himself. She looked over at Hayley and Justice as he sat and talked reassuringly to her and forced himself to pick her up from the ground. Alex watched him command his weak body into being strong for his sister.

    Remy breathed deeply to calm himself as he watched Justice struggle to lift Hayley.

Ally moved to them and he frowned at the new bruises he saw already on her. He was sure she received them protecting him and Rayne from Mystique.


    Ally merely looked at him and smiled, "Is Rayne all right?"


   Gambit nodded and Ty held his arms out, "Need a ride, fair damsel?"


   Rayne looked at him and laughed, "Yo’r crazy, yo’ know dat? Ah seen da way yo’ drive." 

     Remy looked at his sister, then Ty, "Yo’ two know each other?"  He eyed Kamikaze suspiciously, "Ah’ll take her to da car, homme. She ma sister."


   Rayne smiled at her brother and Ally looked at Rayne and touched her hand with a smile. Anybody that went through all that trouble for her brother was all right in her book. "Ty, Scott will need help carrying Logan out," She sighed as Justice carried Hayley towards them Ty almost laughed, "Maybe I should carry Justice?"


    "No," Ally shook her head, "Whatever happened to Hayley, I get the feeling Justice knows something about it."


     Ty stood dumbfounded, "Well Sabretooth damn near raped her in front of us all." Ty gestured to where he had been.


     Rayne interrupted, "She right," Rayne pointed to Ally, "He does know. An now we all know dat the chile‘s papa is dat monster," Rayne suspected the truth from her intuition and when she saw Justice touching Hayley protectively she knew her intuition was right.


    She saw that Remy was really upset with the news and her heart broke for her brother. Ally sighed, "Thank goodness Justice is a big guy," She smiled seeing their brother's jacket hanging off Hayley loosely and covering most of her.


    Alex ran to Ally and threw her arms around her neck glad she was safe. Then she pulled back pushing tears from her eyes watching Justice walk slowly to the cars with Hayley.


    Hayley didn't look at anybody but had her head pushed hard into Justice's chest and they heard her gentle sobs.


   Remy looked at Rayne and remembered when he did the same for her.


   "What happened to her?" Alex asked Ally.


    "I am not totally sure yet," Ally sighed but smiled at the sight of Logan groggily making his way to them.


    Ty laughed as he passed. "We couldn't lift his metallic ass," He shrugged, "So Scott slapped him awake."


     They all chuckled lightly and followed them into the clearing.