Wolvie Femmes * Between Brother and Sister









      Rayne was roused from a deep sleep because something annoying tickled her nose.  She rubbed her nose groggily still half asleep.  When the tickle persisted, she swat her hand in front of her face and grumbled.


      “Yo’ awake petite?” she heard Remy’s voice say from close by.


      At first, she thought it was a dream until the stench of cigarettes made her throat feel scratchy.  She forced her eyes open and stared at him confused at first, and then she noticed a small feather being rolled between her brother’s fingers.  “Yo’ rascal!  Ah’m goin’ get yo’ for that.”  She quickly sat up and swung her arm at him.


      Gambit laughed and leaned back away from the blow.  Rayne missed him and with the momentum of the swipe, she fell out of bed and plopped on the floor.


     Remy couldn’t help but laugh at the site of his sister sprawled out on the floor which incited further swings from Rayne.  Finally exhausted, Rayne hopped back on the bed and regarded her brother, “Dere a problem Rem?”


      “Non, jus’ checkin’ on my jolie souer,” He smiled at her as she sat on the bed.


       She took a snif of the air and sighed, “Merde, dat’s a nasty habit Remy, an it stinks!”


      Remy glared at her, “You’ve always had somet’in’ ta say about ma smokin’, an Ah’ve always told you de same answer.  It’s none a your business!”


      Rayne puffed out her chest and waggled her finger at him, “It is too ma business!  Your too stupid ta know dat stuff will hurt yo’, not ta mention affect those aroun’ you.” 


      Remy grumbled, “Why don yo’ jus’ leave it be, hanh?”


      “You try ta leave it be when yo’ got a nose like mine!  Ah smell everythin’ Rem, like it or no.  Drives me crazy too, especially when Ah know dat de person can do somethin’ about dat smell!”  She felt a sudden chill and looked down to see she was wearing a simple but elegant gown with lace around the edges.  She gasped and scrunched her face, “What’s dis here?  Why’d ya put me in dis?”


         He laughed and held his hand up in denial, “Ah didn’t do it,” as he defiantly took a drag of a newly lit cigarette.  “Alex and Ally did.”  He walked to the bureau and removed a sweat top and pants from the top drawer, “Dat’s Alex’s gown an she said it was comfortable enough, but Ally left dese here.”  He shrugged and tossed the clothes to her, “incase you didn’ like it.”


          Rayne turned the sweats over in her hands.  These were different from the ones she had gotten with the Xavier Institute logo on the front.  She ran her fingers across a logo that she didn’t recognize and couldn’t recall ever seeing anything like it.  It looked liked something Alley or her sisters would wear.  They always seemed to wear the ‘height of fashion’ apparel.  She caught sight of her hand and realized that her furred rat claws were gone.


      Remy laughed, “Oui, it’s expensive clothes petite.  Ah don’t think de Adams own cheap anything.”


       Rayne jumped from the bed, ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.  She yelped and ran back into the room.  She shook her head trying to remember, “Did Ah have a bad dream?”  Rayne looked at her body and frowned.  “Ah had turned into a rat, Remy and Ah was tryin’ ta talk ta yo’ only Ah couldn’t.  Ah was at some lab place again and you were there.”  Her face fell and she trembled.  “Wait…dat wasn’t a dream was it?”


     “No, chere it wasn’t.”  He cuddled her into his arms, “it’s over now so don’t you worry none.”  He felt her shudder and held her tightly.  “Shhhhhhhhh now, little one, Remy’s here an he won’t let anyone hurt yo’”


     She continued to tremble as she recalled the events of the day.  She was at some labs that were very much like the one she was found in.  The same people must have run it because that woman was there.  Anger welled up inside her and she growled.


    “Whoa girl, what’s with da growlin’?” 


    “Dat woman was dere Remy!  Da one dat tortured me.”  The growl escalated into a snarl.


    “You saw her at Magneto’s place?”


    Rayne broke away from him and paced the floor.  Her amber eyes flashed with fury as she regarded her brother.  She pointed her finger at him, “ You!  You tried ta help her.”


     “Dat woman under de table?”  He remembered how his sister in rat form had jumped in front of him when he tried to help the woman.  He had assumed that Rayne was trying to protect him.


    “Dat evil T’ing!”  Rayne paced harder, “Ah wanted ta tear her apart for what she did ta me.  All dose times when she…”  The memories were too much to bear.  Before Remy could say anything, she picked up the lamp and smashed it down on the nightstand.  “And she got away!  Ah tried ta tell yo’ who she was. Ah tried ta make yo’ let me go so Ah could get to her.”  Rayne slumped to the floor, “Ah couldn’t get her back Remy and now it’s too late.  She won.”


    Remy had never seen her lose control like that and it scared him.  He didn’t know what to do so he just stood there looking at her.


     Some of her anger spent, she looked at the broken lamp on the floor.  “Ah reckon Ah’ll have ta pay for dat.”  She turned and looked at her brother and was saddened by the look on his face.


     He walked over, picked her up and held her again, “If Ah woulda known it was her, Ah would have killed her myself, girl.”  Then to try and lighten the mood a bit he said, “Next time speak English or Cajun instead of rattese so Ah know what your sayin’.”


    Rayne looked at her hand, “Ah really did turn into a rat den.  How did Ah turn back?”


    “You hit your head and was knocked out.  Guess it made yo’ change back.”


     “So, if Ah change again, Ah’ll have ta be knocked out ta change back? Ah don’ think Ah like dat.”  She hugged him and let him go.  “Did Ah just squeak den when Ah tried ta talk?”  Thinking of how she tried to talk to Remy and the others when she was a rat.


    “Oui, pretty much.”  A sly grin crept on his face, “Yo’ make a pretty cute rat dere girl.”  He whistled, “And dat tail, chere. Oo La La!”


     She threw herself against him knocking him onto the floor.  “Beware da RAT!”  She squeeked in his face then started to laugh.  A sudden sharp pain in her head made her sit back and rub her temples.  “Oh ye yaille.”


     “Told yo’ you hit your head.”  He looked at her with concern.  “Maybe we should take yo’ down ta see a doc.”


     “Ah’m all right, yo’ rascal.  It didn’t hurt none ‘til you started makin’ fun of me.”  She snickered lightly and softly padded back to the bed.  “Ah’m normal again?”  She looked at Remy and her brow furrowed, “if yo’ can call mah life normal.”  She sighed, tossed herself onto the bed and pulled the covers over her head.


     “Since when did yo’ ever wan’ ta be normal girl?”


     Rayne peeped out from under the blanket, opened her mouth then snapped it shut.


     He chuckled and nodded.  “Get out a bed so we can cook some real food for dese yanks.”


     Her eyes grew wide, “Cook!  Really?”


     He smiled and crossed the room to the door, “Oui, mai dey ain’t thinkin’ of eatin’ just yet, but later dey’ll be hungry.”


      Rayne rubbed her nose as she slide out from under the covers, “Ack, ah can smell Hayley on yo’.”


      He turned and looked at her, “Yo’ don’ say?”


      She nodded and looked a little upset, “Ah can always tell, an all dat fancy bubble bath can’t hide it none.”  Her hands flew up in defense of her butting in yet again into the private affairs of her brother.  “Now, Ah know it ain’t none of ma business, but Ah can’t stop ma nose from smellin’ things.  Why you want ta get mixed up wit dat femme Ah can’t reckon.  She’s no good for yo’ Rem. Gon’ break your fool heart sure ‘nough.”


     “Petite,” he sighed, “Ah’m not gon’ pretend Ah don’t love Hayley.”  He walked back to the bed and sat next to her.  “Ah love her, and she loves me, an dat’s a hard thing ta find, non?”  He watched her look down at the bed and he tilted her face so he could meet her eye to eye.  “Ah’m happy with her petite and Ah hope dat someday yo’ll find someone too.”


       “Not likely.  But why her Rem?  Why not… Alex?”  She said with a smile, “She’s a nice person and very pretty an Ah like her!”


       He laughed, “Alex is beautiful, no doubt,” Rayne nodded a bit hopeful, “but she’s with Beast.”  He sighed and decided to lay the cards on the table.  “Ain’t gon’ lie ta yo’ petite, Ah told you Ah love her, and Ah want ta be with her,” he trailed a bit and Rayne’s eyes brimmed with tears.  She knew that he was falling in love; she had seen it with Belle.  However, she also sensed that Hayley would break his heart in the long run and that made her angry.  Angry because she didn’t want her brother to be hurt, and angry because she knew it was his lesson to learn.  Furthermore, she was fearful that such a union would drive a wedge between her and Remy.


       “She don’ like me yo’ know.  We have our differences, or similarities if you will, an dey’re too great for us ta get along, really,” She hung her head and sighed deeply,  “Yo’ll have ta leave me Rem, if you get together with her.  Ah mean, ah guess it is a good thing for you ta be settled with someone yo’ love.  An Ah really want yo’ ta be happy.  It’s just, well…Ah’d miss you.  But, Ah suppose it’s for de best anyway ‘cause of the guilds an all.”


       It broke his heart to see her upset.  “Rayne girl, Ah’m sorry you an Hayley don’t like each other, it would be really nice if yo’ did.  Though, Ah won’t try an force either of you ta like each other.”


       “Ah know you’re serious about dis Remy, but so am Ah.  Your stubbornness gets yo’ into all kinds a trouble despite any of ma warnings,” She shook her head and sighed, “Ah suppose you’ll always do dat, non?  Gotta be your own man.  Even if dat man’s a coon ass fool.”


       He nodded solemnly feeling like he was going to tell her he had three months to live, “Petite, yo’ know how Ah always wanted a fam’ly and a home, an Ah can see dat dream comin’ true with Hayley.”


       “Fam’ly?”  Rayne’s eye flashed an Amber light, “Children?  Yo’ plannin’ on adoptin’ dat chile Rem?”


       “Pooyah-ee!  Le Bon Dieu mait la main.” he said noticing her glowing eyes, “yo’r still a mutant, Chere!”


       She was taken back a minute, “What?  Of course ah’m still a mutant!” she smiled, “Dat’s how ah smelled her on yo’ after all.  Ah look normal again too an Ah’m happy ‘bout dat ta be sure, but,” Then she shook her finger at him, “don’t change da subject!”


       “Oui, memselle,” he rolled his eyes, “Listen girl, Ah know Ah haven’t always heeded your advice, but it never meant dat Ah didn’t know de advice wasn’t any good.  Ah jus’ have to do what Ah do sometimes, regardless of it being good for me or non.”  Remy shifted and stood up,  “Rayne, Ah’d like ta have your blessin’ on dis because yo’ mean more ta me den anybody in da world.”  He turned and met her eye.  “If yo’ won’t give it, den Ah will leave Hayley an go back ta N’Orleans with yo’.  Your happiness means a lot ta me too yo’ know.”


       Rayne nearly fell off the bed, “Why yo’ doin’ dis, Rem?” she said with a frown because she knew that by taking Hayley away from him he would always pine for the dream he had in his heart.


      He sighed, “Ah love her, an Ah love yo’ too.  Only, Ah feel like Ah’m pinched in de middle an dat’s not how love is supposed ta be now is it?”


      Rayne growled then exhaled sharply, “Ok Remy, Yo’ have ma understandin’.  Ah can’t say blessin’ just yet.”  She stared at him meaningfully, “she’s gon’ break your heart someday, dat’s just de kind a femme she is.  It’s her nature Remy, an nothin’ will change dat.”  She sighed and looked thoughtfully at her brother who was staring at the floor;  “Don’ worry none Rem, when she leaves yo’ ah’ll still be here.  Ah promise.”  She watched his face fall, “Ah’ll not say anything more about it or interfere.”  She grabbed him into a strong hug, “Ah love yo’ too, always have, always will, an Ah wan’ yo’ ta be happy.”


      He hugged her back, “Me too petite,” he leaned her back to look into her eyes, “Yo’ know, if Ah married her an got a house, den ah would want yo’ ta live dere as well.”  Rayne looked dubious.  “You’r ma fam’ly, mignon, an mean more ta me den all de gold an diamonds in de world.”  He smiled, looked at her intently and said, “’Sides, Ah will never let yo’ leave me again.”


      Rayne started to cry at his words realizing for the first time that he might have seen things that way.  She never considered that he saw her banishment as her leaving him.  Her head swam with the memory of that day and for a moment, she was afraid that she would faint.  “Ah never wanted ta leave yo’ Rem.  Ah had no choice.”


       “Ah know, neither did Ah,” He hugged her and kissed the top of her head.


      Rayne knew by Remy’s determined stance that Hayley could be a relative soon, but she still hoped with all her might that Hayley would dump him before any marriage.  Certainly before any children were brought into the world!  “Ah’ll try ta get along wit her.” She felt him relax but then realized something else was bothering him, “Remy?  Somethin’ else buggin’ yo’?”


      He shook his head, “Not sure where ta start, petite.  Or even if Ah should. Ah was worried that yo’ had lost your mutation like Hayley and Alex did,” he smiled and touched her face.


       “Lost?”  Rayne’s eyes shot open wide, “Dey lost dere powers?”


        He nodded, “Hayley’s not too happy about it either.”


        Rayne felt badly for the sorrow her brother felt for Hayley, but she smiled inside thinking how the loss might bring miss high and mighty down a few notches.  Rayne admonished herself then and thought about how much she actually did rely on her mutant powers and shuddered to think of them gone.  Moreover, she had to admit deep inside she couldn’t help but feel a bit sorry for someone that was born with mutant powers to suddenly be without them.  “Dat’s what’s buggin’ yo’?”


       “It’s not that, exactly,” he looked at Rayne hesitant about talking to her about his love life with Hayley.  “Maybe ah ought ta talk to someone else about dis.”


       Rayne sighed, “Why?  Ah know yo’ Remy, better den anyone here, even Hayley!”


       He looked at her dubiously and stepped away from her reach in case she didn’t like what he was going to say, “You sure yo’ can keep an open mind, petite?  It’s about Hayley.”


       She nodded, truly wanting to help her brother.


       Remy lit another cigarette, “Ah want a child petite.  Ma own child.”


       Rayne snarled, “No Remy, not with dat woman!”  She hopped up and paced the room in anger.  She wanted to knock some sense into her brother but she also knew that he was serious and it might hurt him if she said or did the wrong thing.  Not to mention that he wouldn’t confide in her again if she hurt him now.  “She’s already pregnant, an with Sabretooth’s child.  What kinda monster could dat chile be, hahn? You don’t know.  It could land up bein’ a murderer like it’s papa.  An what kinda craziness will it get from Hayley, eh?  Her papa was a mad man.  Look what he did ta his own children.”


       He pointed his lit cigarette at her, “See!  Ah’d be better off talkin’ ta Alex or Justice.”  He started for the door.


       “No wait!”  Rayne cried and ran to stop him by throwing herself at his feet.  “Ah’m sorry.  Don’t leave!”  She stammered, “Ah’ll say whatever yo’ want me to, just don’t leave me!”


      Gambit eyed her suspiciously, “Dis not like you, Rayne.”  He wondered why she was stooping low enough to beg like this.  Even though she was raised on the streets, she never lost her pride and would never beg.  Then he remembered that she was at the Adams labs.  It made him sick to think of how they must have broken her spirit.  That was the only thing that would explain her behavior since she came to the mansion.


      Rayne narrowed her eyes at his change of expression and panic griped her heart.  She felt like she was losing him now.  That couldn’t happen.  She wouldn’t let it happen, even if she had to just tell him what he wanted to hear, “She agree ta your wishes Rem?”


       He shook his head, “she wasn’t sure.”  He narrowed his eyes at her and helped her to her feet; “stop lookin’ at me like dat.”


       Rayne turned quickly, walked back towards the bed and fumbled with the sweat pants, “Ah’d love any child of yours Remy, you know dat.”  but Ah’m not sure Ah could love any child of hers.’


       He nodded, “We’ll see what happens when she has dis baby.”


       “Yo’ gon’ need ta talk ta Poppa,” Rayne said pointedly.  “He’s gon’ want you ta get married in N’Orleans.”


        “Ah ain’t sure about dat, chere,” he sighed, “Hayley an Belle might cross paths.”


        Rayne shrugged her shoulders thinking that might not be such a bad thing, “So?  Belle’d find out sooner or later.”


        Gambit knew full well what Rayne was thinking and it made him angry. “Ah can’t believe you’d wish harm ta Hayley like dat.”


        Rayne looked shocked, “Ah never said Ah wished her any harm.”


        “Ah know dat you know dat Belle is de head of da Assassins guild.  And you were thinkin’ dat if she met Hayley dat maybe she would end up dead.”


        Rayne just stared at her brother not believing what he was saying.  Gambit smashed his cigarette in the ashtray and glared at her.  “So, you don’t deny it?”


        “Dat’s just plain stupid Remy.”  She plopped down on the edge of the bed and stared at the floor.


        “Is it?”  He walked over and stood right in front of her.  “Why do you hate her so much, hahn?  She never did anythin’ ta you.  You have a lot of nerve pointing fingers at her, chere.”


         “Tais toi!”


        “Don’t yo’ tell me ta shut up.”  He put his hand under her chin and stifled a cry when she bit it.  He walked to the other side of the room and looked out the window.  How had his life become so complicated?  The room was quiet and he turned to see Rayne still sitting on the bed, only this time her legs were drawn up with her arms wrapped around them.  She slowly rocked back and forth.  It reminded him of the day he saw her in the woods many years ago.  The day she was taken from his life.


        “Ah can’t handle all this crazy femme stuff Rayne girl.”  He looked back out the window hoping that all his troubles would just vanish.


        After a few minutes of silence Rayne stirred, “Ah reckon your right.  Maybe it’s just jealousy.  Maybe Ah am wrong in thinkin’ badly of her.”


        Remy started walking her way and stopped when he noticed the haunted look on her face.  He didn’t understand her animosity against Hayley.  Where had that anger come from?  She hated her before she got to know her.  The only thing she knew about her was that she was pregnant from someone other then him.  Then a thought dawned on him.  He recalled the event in the bathroom in the infirmary.  “You really had a bebe chere?”


        She winced and said nothing.


        He knew then that he had hit a big nerve.  Now, should he enquire further, or should he just drop it?  He sat in the chair and tried to catch her eye.  “You angry with Hayley because of dat?”


       Tears rolled down Rayne’s cheeks, “Go on an think what yo’ want, but Ah didn’t want ta have anythin’ ta do with it.”  She met his eyes and set her jaw against the trembling she felt inside.  “Yo’ think Ah’m a bad person for that? You think maybe Ah should have kept my child like Hayley is doin’?”


       “No chere, Ah don’t.”  He dropped his head, “It’s not de same anyway.  You were a bebe yourself with no one ta look after you.  No Rayne, Ah don’t think that makes you a bad person.”


        Rayne turned, stretched out on the bed on her back and looked at the ceiling. “But Ah was wrong, wasn’t Ah?  What kinda mama would toss her child away?”


        “You said yo’ found a loving home for the bebe.  Made sure it was gon’ be loved and cared for.”


        “Ah guess dat makes Hayley better then myself.”  She continued to stare at the ceiling.


        “Don’t say fool things like that.”


        “Ah wonder what he looks like now?”  She brushed her nose and kept staring at the ceiling.


        “If you want, we can go an find him.”


        She turned her head and looked at him, “No, Ah don’ think so.  No sense in it.”


        Gambit couldn’t help but feel sad.  His sister had a son and neither she nor he would see him or know him.  At that unpleasant thought, Remy moved to the door, “Let’s go cook, hanh?”


        Rayne swung her legs off the bed and stood up, “After Ah change.”  She stopped, “Hold on, why are we cookin’ now?”  His previous words weren’t lost on her keen intuition, “Yo’ said dey weren’t thinkin’ about food right now.  Why’re we cookin’ if no one’s hungry?”


        “Anyt’ing ever get past you girl?”


        “Dats not an answer, Remy.”


        He sighed knowing Rayne and Justice got along well and figured she’d want to know about him at least, “Justice was hurt pretty bad, petite.”


       Rayne swallowed hard, “how bad?”  It would have to be bad if Remy woke her up.  He knew she didn’t like to be woken from a sound sleep.


       “He’s in surgery,” he took the last drag of his cigarette and tamped it out on his hand,  “His sisters are waiting in the infirmary.”


        She ran into the bathroom, “Can we go dere first ta see how he’s doin’?”  She called from the bathroom.


        “Let’s cook dem some food first, chere,” he said standing next to the closed bathroom door.  “Ally’ll call me when dey know somet’in’.”


         Rayne opened the door and stepped out.  She was changed and ready to go but she stood silently staring at her brother.  “Why don’t dey want you dere?  Why’d dey send you away?”


         He sighed at his sister’s uncanny intuition, “Never mind about dat.”


         Rayne was sure that they sent him away and it made her angry.  She no longer wanted to go to the infirmary.  Anyone that treated her brother badly was not worth her time and attention, unless it was to set them straight about a few things.  ‘Ah, ought ta give dem uppity people a piece a my mind!’


       Remy saw the smoldering glow of his sister’s amber eyes and knew that could only mean trouble.  He rolled his eyes to the ceiling and prayed that she would drop whatever it was she was thinking of.  “I reckon we should go to de store for some ingredients first.  Ah think yo’ need ta get out for a bit.”  To his ultimate relief she nodded and followed him, quietly.