Best men:


Logan stood in his room. He looked at his reflection carefully. The dress shirt was tight and strained against his neck. It wasn't tight but it felt confining to him. He put his finger in between the collar and his neck attempting more room for his neck.

There was a quick knock at his door.

"Come in" he called as he continued to fuss and strain against the shirt and the tie he was supposed to wear. Justice walked in and Logan smiled in the mirror at his future brother in law.

Justice couldn't remember when he saw Logan so uncomfortable. "It's just for a day, Logan. Remember I did it for Chloe." Justice put his hand on Logan's shoulder. "You were my best man." Even though he had attempted to make the conversation light, when he spoke of Chloe knew he sounded sad.

Logan looked over his shoulder at him. Justice was staring at his feet now. "Chloe was a good woman, Justice." Logan turned to face him. He remembered Chloe and how close she and Justice were. He felt truly sorry for him.

Justice looked at him a little surprised. "It's okay." He smiled to him half heatedly. "You remember Chloe?" Justice tried to look happier. Logan nodded at him. Justice sighed. "Married and with kids on the way." He laughed

"Yeah," Logan thought about the names they agreed on. The babies were to be named Michael and Amber. According to Doctor Fletcher Ally was much further along than they had originally thought.

"It's good that you are remembering so much on your own," Justice mused.

"I remember everything, Just." He smiled at him. "Not too many surprises now"

Justice looked far away. He knew of things that Logan had failed to remember and he didn't want to be the one tell him.

"How much did Beast up the due date?" Justice was excited too, even if one was a girl. At least that is what he kept telling everyone.

"He didn't that guy Fletcher up-Ed it" Logan found his cigar and lit it. "She only has a couple of weeks to go."

There was another knock at the door. 'Damn, Grand Central Station', he thought to himself as Justice answered his door.

Hank and Scott came in smiling and looking at Logan with devilish grins. He noticed, in Hank's hand he held a small shot glass with what looked like whiskey.

Hank held the small glass to him with a smile, "For the bridegroom."

Logan took it appreciatively. ' Good ol' Hank' he thought to himself as he drank it.

Scott produced a bottle of champagne from behind his back. "For the Honeymoon or what you can make of being stuck here." He gave Logan a rueful smile.

Logan grinned at them. "Before I join the circus downstairs," he started as he looked at them and he hoped they understood their friendship. "Thanks. I mean thank you for everything." He wasn't very good at expressing himself.

"It's okay," Scott slapped him on the back lightly as he walked closer. Then he said quietly, "I know you talked to Jean. Thank you."
Logan nodded. He wasn't sure the little bit he said to Jean counted.

"Well, I guess I have roots. In the present and past." He felt like he belonged some where now.

Scott looked thoughtful, "I thought when you had first got here you had thought you had been on the run for fifteen years."

Logan looked at Justice. "I was with these fools." He grinned and Justice nodded in confirmation.

"They can really mess with your head and they did to Logan to keep him from finding us or Ally." Justice explained as he saw Logan struggling with his dress coat. "They can put memories in your mind as easily as they take them out. They probably gave Logan memory implants so he didn't wander around looking for us." Justice shrugged. Once again he was a little embarrassed to have been a part of the experiments. "They couldn't mess with our heads as much, I guess it's harder with telepaths."

Beast listened taking it all in. It seemed to make sense to him. He hoped he would not have to deal with the chips very much.

Logan looked uncomfortable still. Justice couldn't help but to give him a little laugh. Logan punched him in the shoulder.

The door came flying open before anybody could realize what was going on. Logan had his claws out, Scott's had flew to his visor for a shot and Justice rushed towards the door. Justice backed off with a small smile when he saw whom it was.

Rogue came running in. They all stared at her. She was still on Hayley's terms. They could all smell cigarette smoke. They were crossed between laughing and yelling at her.

At their indecision she took her cue. She pointed towards the door. "They are waiting" She called to them. Then she turned on her heel and ran out the door almost catching her dress in the door as she shut it.

Logan sighed at the sight of her. Justice laughed He knew he was worried about the young girl too. "Don't worry. We will take care of her."



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