They found him by the VCR in the clubroom. He sat there with a remote control in his hand. He heard them and turned to face them dirty and a little exhausted looking. He sighed at the sight of them and the news he had for them. "You might want to see this." He clicked the remote and the TV jumped to life. The news came on.

"Why does everything always happen on the news?" Scott joked.

Then everyone saw Justice on the TV pushing past the reporters.

Hayley sighed, "Why do we always have to see our family on the news?" She mumbled "Couldn't he just call and tell us?"

Justice looked calm and cool considering there were a lot of reporters in his face, and the weather was hot and he a was in that hot looking suit. He was still wearing the same suit he had earlier. The reporters cornered him and he stopped to face them.

"Have you any word on your sister's killer?" a nameless voice asked.

Justice stood his ground and removed his sunglasses. He wore a stern expression everyone knew was not his normal demeanor.

"We have not heard anymore from the police on any suspects, one way or the other." He said flatly.

"What are your feelings on this?" some rude hand asked him as they shoved a microphone in his face.

Almost everyone was surprised at the lack of compassion and some rolled their eyes.

"How would you feel if someone dear to you was ripped away for reasons unknown?" He almost snapped at the rude hand.

"How about the restoration for our parks? Your firm is one of the major contributors to this charity." A quick faceless person shoved another microphone in his face.

"We will be continuing business as usual with my firm. We don't stop charity because of a tragedy. It makes us strive for charity." He started away from the flashing bulbs and nameless voices calling at him. "If you will excuse me" He was pushing past the faceless hands with the numbered microphones now. Another voice yelled out, "Do you think your sister's killer will show at your park benefit?"

Justice slowed at this but didn't stop, "If they do, it will be the last thing they do," he mumbled under his breath.

The professor stopped the tape and it paused on a bald man standing by in the background.

"Dad" Hayley gasped.

The professor looked at Hayley and Alex. "So he IS your father?" he asked them with an anxious look they nodded at him slowly not taking their eyes off the TV.

"So you know him. "Jean pointed out at the TV, obviously convinced he did.

"Yes, I know of him." He sighed. "I also know of him and his affiliation with Magneto."

"What?" Alex kneeled down, " You know our dad, don't you?" She whispered.

"Yes, I do." He looked upset. " I wasn't completely sure until now about anything. Everything is much clearer now." He smiled at them a little. "It's hard to believe you are his children."

"What about our father's affiliation with Magneto? Was I right about selling the mutants? Was I right about selling us?" Hayley asked quickly as she lit a cigarette.

It was clearly hard for him to talk about this. "Your father experimented on mutants and made super mutants from them. He could be cruel and callous."

They nodded silently.

"Eric used to purchase people from your father; The ones who survived. I believe he is still doing it."

Scott nodded. "Magneto would pay big bucks for an army of super mutants to oppose us."

Alex and Hayley felt a cold shiver as they looked at each other. This was something that usually happened to Ally when she had a premonition and that was not often.

"Like Ally." Alex gasped "And the twins. He was never going to kill them." She was talking to everyone but stared at her feet.

Logan looked at Charles, "Are the kids going to be THAT powerful?"

"They have shown extraordinary signs of it" He looked upset at the ideas.

"Why would they want Ally? She would not fight us." Logan shrugged.

Hayley nodded in agreement. "She would die first."

"A teacher perhaps, or bait for a bigger fish." Jean guessed.

Xavier looked up at her. 'Please, let her be wrong.'

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