Bad Interpretations:

      Rogue looked down at her now solid hands and felt her own body take a deep breath even though she was fatigued. She looked at the shadowy woman who had retrieved her and wondered why she didn’t become whole. Rogue watched her and knew her secrets now. Rogue knew she would carry various gifts from the mutants she had absorbed but this woman was the one who frightened her.

      Rogue finally became aware of the pressure on her gloved hand and looked to see Beast watching her cautiously. She sighed and realized the Beast would be studying her for a while now.

      “Are you okay, Marie?” Beast asked concerned.

      She nodded touched by the genuine fatherly tone to Beast’s voice. She finally gave him a reassuring smile and then she noticed the bloody pieces around Ally’s feet and Ally’s furlong expression. Rogue felt a tear escape for the other mutant.


     Ally moved among the still frozen remains of Willow scattered about on the floor. Ally felt sick at the sight of the frozen wolf and broken wolf. Ally felt responsible. She crossed her arms over each other suddenly cold. Logan put his hands on her shoulders and rubbed them a little and fought the smile his closeness brought her. ‘How can anybody smile after hurting young soul like her?” 

      “Hey.” Logan whispered in her ear. “There are some other people who could use some help right now.”

       Ally followed his gaze to the mutant that Rogue had inhabited as she began to weakly push her head off the ground slowly. ‘Let it to Logan to keep me in check,’ she rushed over the younger mutant.

        Ally sat by Afterburn watching her carefully but she seemed very strong. Afterburn’s eyes were still entirely red but she looked at Ally and seemed to see her.

       “How do you feel?” Ally asked her quickly.

       Afterburn flinched a little at the pain she felt in her mind and being as she moved, “I have felt better,” Afterburn gave Ally a rueful smile.


       Jean found her mentor and looked professor Xavier over as protectively as a mother hen would.

       “How are you?” she asked but her eyes flowed from his head to his feet.

       “I am fine, Jean but I should be asking you the same,” Xavier worried about the strong attack he knew that Jump had used. “She is a very strong mutant” he sighed, “Perhaps we can help her.”

        Jean smiled but worried not only was Jump a strong mutant but helping her would be a challenge and the memory of the attack she had given Jean ran through her mind.


       Bonsai and Kamikaze stood next to each other curious about the enormous man that lay there in the heap Jump had left him in. The twin brothers stood over Omega Red and watched him for movement but also filled with a ghoulish curiosity.

      “You think she killed him?” Kamikaze asked.

      “No, Jump’s not like that but he will be feeling it for days.” Bonsai knelt down to him but felt no pulse. “I hope she did kill him” he said a little louder now that he was confident Jump had done more damage than he had originally thought.

       “Why,” Ty eyed his brother carefully wondering what he meant

       “He volunteered for this.” Bonsai said in a quieter tone as the thought itself sickened him.

       “Why?” Kamikaze asked and knelt down to join his brother inspecting the mammoth.

       Bonsai turned to meet his brother’s look and in that split moment Omega Red moved very quickly and snapped Kamikaze up by his throat.  Omega Red shook Kamikaze threateningly and stood with the boy in his grip.

      Logan moved quickly with his claws ready and landed one claw in Omega Red’s chest but drew no blood. He threw his claws at the arm that held his young friend but his reach was too short.


      Bonsai and Justice went sailing back as Omega Red threw Logan back into them. The trio got their feet quickly and started at Omega Red for another attack.      

      Justice ran at him and began to pound at Omega Red’s chest, where Wolverine had struck him. Justice distracted Omega Red enough that Bonsai and Logan began to wrestle Kamikaze from his grip. Kamikaze fell gratefully to the ground.

      Omega Red used his two free hands to grab a hold of Justice and head butted him.

      Ally, Alex and Jean moved as Logan made his way to his feet and shook his head to clear it. Ally started a telekinetic attack that threw him back a little and everyone looked at her surprised she could move him. She pushed her lips tightly together feeling guilty because she knew the difference in her ability was due to her father. Jean tried the same attack but he wouldn’t budge and Alex’s ice rings fell safely on him like snow as he deflected it with his metallic body.

    Justice and Logan took the direct approach and they both seemed very comfortable as a duo. Justice grabbed Omega Red from behind straining with his strength as he held him in a head-lock and left Omega Red open for Logan.

    Logan wasted no time as he tossed his clawed arm into Omega Red’s side with a low growl.

    Omega Red laughed as he threw Justice over his head and sent Justice flying into Jean and Xavier. Omega Red looked down at Logan who seemed small in comparison to Omega Red.  Omega Red threw his arms back and as he brought them forward to crush Logan he stifled a laugh.

   Logan began to defend himself as he realized he was the attack and defense against this “man”. He struck one of his arms powerfully and Omega Red seemed to disapprove as he pulled back from his “tiny” attacker.

    Omega Red grabbed his arm that held less armor than the rest of body and looked at this man in a new light and became angry.  Before Wolverine could score another blow, Omega Red threw his powerful leg into Logan’s body and sent him back by Alex.

    Beast stayed by Hayley’s unconscious body and Bonsai as he made his way to his feet. He was more than hesitant to leave them open for an attack.

    Ally grew more confident as she moved closer pushing the man back mentally. She realized the professor was speaking to her mentally.

   We would be better to attack him through his mind. Focus Allyson with Jean, and the rest.’ Charles told her.

   She only caught part of his message though because Omega Red caught her up by her arm in her distracted state. Omega Red was tearing into her arm as he hoisted her into the air. Ally gulped hard and managed not to scream.

    Justice rushed up to him and tried to free her from his grasp but Omega Red pushed him back.

    Logan growled and snapped his neck with new resolution and leapt at Omega Red’s arm with his claws ready to strike. He landed both claws directly into his arm and let his adamantium reach work.

    Ally was released and she fell to the ground and grabbed her arm. She let her eyes glow and concentrated on Omega Red’s mind. She could feel the presence of Jean and Xavier already. Together the trio was pushing him into the blackness easily and he must have realized it because he turned to Jason’s pool to escape.

     Omega Red staggered into the pool and Justice felt alarms in his head and ran in after him with Jason not far behind.

      Beast watched this as a spectator sport but refused to leave the mutants to injure of weak open for this mad metallic beast. Alex knelt by him with a concerned look on her face but he looked at her twice as he noticed her expression had indeed change. Alex seemed free now he eyes seemed to hold an open look of happiness.


    “How are you?” Alex asked as she gently touched his blue fur.

    “Apparently better than your sister is at the moment.” He sighed as he felt Hayley’s body grow slightly hotter.

     Kamikaze ran to Ally and knelt next to her and Logan. Jean and Bonsai joined them. Logan grunted lightly as he watched Justice going after that monster. Logan ran after him but was cut off short as he saw Justice and Jason emerge quickly with dismal looks.  Jason stifled a laugh and gave Justice a sidelong glance as Justice’s chest pumped up and down while he caught his breath.

     Rogue and Afterburn watched curiously from behind Beast’s protective stance. Rogue sighed as she watched the scene.

    “Can we leave yet?” Afterburn and Rogue asked together. Everyone’s attention turned to the two mutants and some even laughed at them as Rogue and Afterburn stood with the arms crossed in identical gestures.

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