Aubrey AKA Decibel

Real name: Aubrey Collins

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blue

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 125 lb.

Ability: Sonic Scream

She can use her mutated voice for many different reasons.

Occupation: Student (on/off)

Aubrey Collins was a typical school student when she learned she had an extraordinary voice. She and her brother found a professor who told Aubrey he could help her. Professor Oliver Adams used Aubrey and her talents to claim her in the war against humans. Professor Adam implanted chips in Aubrey's head to keep her from running from his cause and when Joshua Collins became curious he was mutated too. Since their fateful meeting the Professor Adams, their lives have never been the same.

Aubrey and Josh are now in a search for the rest of the family, which were told that Josh and Aubrey died. Aubrey and Josh are close friends to Tyler also known as Kamikaze. Kamikaze befriends the siblings not long after they are mutated, he feels for the pair, as his twin was lost to the experiments of Professor Adams. Or so he thinks. Aubrey and Josh don't trust many people but Kamikaze is one of the few people who earned their trust as well as Aubrey's heart, which Kamikaze is unaware of.

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