Wolvie Femmes * Assassins:





    Jean wasn’t in the lab when Logan got there; however, Dr. McCoy was sitting on top of a desk chair with his chin on his foot and he was staring at a computer screen. 

     Logan gently but quickly laid the semi-conscious mutant on a table, "Doc, this kids really bad off."

   Hank turned the chair around with his other foot,  "What have we here?"  Then he saw that it was Rayne and he looked at Logan.  "Oh my stars, not again."  Wolverine shook his head,  "She collapsed Hank and she’s burnin’ with fever."

   "Ok, let’s have a look," Beast gracefully hoped off the chair, adjusted the glasses on his beastly nose and felt her forehead.  It was very hot, as Logan described.  Dr. McCoy went over the logics.  A fever meant infection.  Where is the infection? 

   Beast lifted her sweatshirt on the side of the previous wounds.  He noted that there was still an old bandage there.  Hank sighed and began to peel the old bandage off when an offensive odor assaulted his nose.  He took a step back. 

   Jean entered the med-lab,  "I got a message from Tyler that I was needed here."  She looked at Hank who was standing there rubbing his nose. 

      Beast pointed at Rayne, "It appears that Rayne has developed an infection."  Jean looked skeptical.   McCoy gestured her over to the table.  She walked to the table and was taken aback by the malodor.  Gingerly, she peeled the bandage back, "Oh my God, Hank."

   The wound had indeed gotten very infected.  Angry red streaks radiated out from the area and the wounds themselves were a dusky purple color, with dark red blisters.

  Logan excused himself from the room. "I’ll round up Gambit.  He’s not gonna be happy about this."

   McCoy almost told Logan to hold off telling Gambit but then he realized that Remy would find out eventually, and would be twice as angry that no one told him from the beginning.  He sighed and stepped back to the table where Jean was finishing removing the bandage. 





    Remy's dreams were scattered images of Hayley and Rayne floating through his mind.


    Alternately, one woman would laugh at the other and the other would snarl. They both grabbed one of his arms and started pulling him in opposite directions. He yelled at them both and them pleaded with them.


     They both finally gave in and let go of him.


    Rayne kissed his cheek and said She loved him too much to put him in any danger and she walked off in the direction of a guillotine with tears in her eyes. Her vision left and Gambit grasped for it with both hands screaming, NO!


     He turned to Hayley for help but she only reached her hand up to his cheek and whispered she loved him too, but wouldn't tie him down. She said he was like a floating ember and if she held him too tight his beautiful glow would snuff out. A fireball danced on her fingertips as she backed from him slowly with tears in her eyes too. He ran to grab Hayley but fell and began to pound against the ground in anger.




    POUNDING woke Remy as he lifted his head from the clean cool sheets. He sat up, quickly realizing it was a dream and looked at Hayley's sleeping body.


    He ignored the further pounding and touched Hayley's face lightly with a sigh. She didn't wake and he looked groggily at the door where the pounding continued.


    Remy let his naked body leave the warm comfort of the bed and his feet found the floor colder than expected. He grabbed a robe, bound it loosely around his waist and lit a cigarette.


    The pounding got more forceful and Remy mumbled a curse as he moved to the door quickly now. He tossed the door opened angrily to find Wolverine standing there with a cigar. He narrowed his eyes at the short bulky man.


     "Get dressed," Logan barked and pushed his way in the room.


     Remy looked at him in disbelief. "Homme, Hayley sleepin’," Gambit pointed to the bed.


     Logan was undaunted, "Your sis is bad off, kid." "What?" Remy grabbed Logan's shirt. "Where is she? What‘s goin’ on?"

   "Just get yer clothes on," Logan stood with his arms crossed. Remy grabbed his pants and pulled them on under the robe. Hayley stirred and Remy put his fingers to his lip to quiet Logan's movements. Logan raised an eyebrow at the gesture and almost chuckled.



    Hayley moaned in her sleep, let a small scream then jumped awake sitting up completely. Both men exchange a worried glance as they watched her push her hair out of the way of her face.


    Logan was closer to the bed and began to move to her but Remy put a hand to Logan's chest to stop him form advancing.


    "Remy?" Hayley asked to the darkness as she waited for her eyes to adjust.


   Logan backed off as Gambit went to Hayley. Then he silently walked back into the hall giving them some space. He leaned against the wall and waited for Gambit.


    "I gotta stop bein‘ the flamin‘ messenger boy," He huffed and chomped on his cigar.


    Gambit touched her head, "I'm here chere."


    Hayley smiled at him but noticed his look, "Are you ok? Why are you out of bed?"


    "I'll be back. Rayne's in some kind a trouble," he said quickly pulling off the robe and pulling on a shirt.


     Hayley seemed more awake now, "Can I help?"


    "Just get some rest, chere. Yo’ an Rayne don't mix very well," He kissed her head, "I'll be back."


     Hayley yawned, "Fire and Rain don't mix, huh. Well, neither do fire and ice, but Alex and I get along just fine."


    He chuckled, "Rayne isn't yo‘ sister, chere."


    She smiled, thinking how glad she was that the pesky rat girl wasn‘t her sister. "I’m here if you need me, hon," She said quickly. She knew she needed to give him some space.


    He started pulling on his boots as he left, "I know." Gambit almost plowed into Wolverine when he ran into the hall and Logan waved him along.


   "Your sister’s pretty sick Cajun. She looks bad," Logan began but a noise from Justice’s room caught his attention and he turned to regard the door as he popped his claws. He tried the door and found it locked. He mumbled and raised his boot to kick it in.


    "No wait! Gambit take care a dis," Remy stopped him, removed a small kit from his boot and with a few deft movements had the door opened.


    "Nice work, thief," Logan mumbled as he ran in. He heard Remy behind him charging a card. Logan stopped short to find Justice lying on the floor entangled in his sheets. Logan took a sniff then touched him lightly.


    Justice merely moaned and did not move. Remy moved closer losing his patience. He wanted to get to Rayne.


    "Cajun, look in the hall for whoever did this," Logan ordered.


    "Did what?" he said quickly. Logan pointed to a knife embedded in the bed, "See the blood on it?"


    "Mon duei," Remy couldn’t believe his eyes. He was alarmed now. ‘How could an assassin get in Xavier’s? Are they after Rayne? Is that what is wrong with her?’


    Logan watched Gambit run out of the room. He shook Justice roughly trying to wake him, "C'mon kid." Justice turned over and Logan could see that the sheets were stained with blood. He looked at Justice’s arm and saw bright crimson. Logan noticed a sickly smell on him and began to pull him to his feet.


    "No one around’," Remy said as he ran back in and saw the blood better as he turned the light on. He helped Wolverine pull Justice to his feet.


    "Let’s get 'im to the bathroom," Logan gestured to the bathroom door.


    Justice's eyes opened and he looked at Remy's auburn hair in the soft light, "Ally? What are you doing?"


     Gambit guffawed when he smelled the alcohol on his breath, "He drunk, homme."


    "That ain’t how he got stabbed, Bayou boy," Logan turned on the bathroom light and


    Justice blinked uncomfortably in the bright light. Then his eyes flew open wide and he stumbled quickly to bow to the porcelain god.


     "Keep an eye on him," Logan grunted and walked back into the room. Remy made a face, but walked over to the naked man that was violently throwing up in the toilet. Now he could clearly see the knife wound on his arm. It looked like someone had stabbed him in a hurry.


      Logan brought in a robe and tossed it over Justice to warm his body as he rid himself of everything in his stomach. Justice looked up, "Thanks."


    Logan bent down, "What happened?"


    Justice got angry and hit the toilet, "How many times do I have to tell you?  I don't want fries."


    Remy laughed, "De lights are on but nobodies home."


   "Yeah," Logan mumbled and looked back at Justice, "You done?"


   Justice nodded and Wolverine pushed his arms in the robe. Remy flushed the toilet to get rid of the smell and handed Logan a wet washcloth. Once again they hefted Justice then pulled him to his bed.


     Remy stopped short when he saw the putty knife pushed into the bed by where Justice's pillow sat. He yanked it out and held it to Wolverine.


    "Who did this?" Remy wondered aloud and he watched Justice fall into the bed.


   "I smell a lot of things around here Cajun," Logan grunted, "The knife’s from here. Not outside the mansion."


     Remy sighed, relieved at that bit of good news. He looked down at Justice and wondered if they had just kept someone from killing him.


    "He gon' be ok? Ah need ta go,' He needed to check on Rayne‘s condition.


   "Yeah, she’s in the med lab," Logan said quickly, "I'm gonna stay with muscle head until he can order a complete happy meal."


      Remy snickered as he watched Wolverine pull the sheet up on Justice and settled into a chair. Then he took off for Rayne at top speed.


     Logan looked at Justice's room. It was a mess. He knew that Justice always kept a tidy room. It ran in the family. There was a computer spilled on the floor, a discarded beer bottle and many papers strewn around. Logan could smell the beer and some wine but there was something else that the alcohol was hiding. Whoever stabbed Justice must have drugged him first. He noted again the beer bottle on the floor. He smelled wine as well but there was no wine bottle around.


      A knock at the slightly opened door caught his attention and he stood to meet the curious gase of Aubrey standing there clasping her robe tightly.


    "Wolverine?" She knew something was up now.


    "What do you need kid?"


    "I just heard a lot of noise over here," she shrugged looking at Justice sleeping, "He never makes a lot of noise.  Well except for…" She blushed.


    Logan wanted answers and narrowed his brow, "When did you hear the noises?"


    He growled. He wasn't happy with the idea of this happening in Xavier's much less to his brother in law.


    "Th-thi-this morning," she stammered. He frightened her,


    "But it was… um… sex noise."


     Logan raised an eyebrow a little amused.


   "You know," she took a deep breath, "like moaning and stuff. But this time it was different." She gulped, "This morning was happy sounds."


    "Happy sounds?" Logan mimicked her.


    "What did you hear this time? What was different?"


   "Smashing and thumping and body sounds," She squinted her nose.


    "Body sounds?" he sighed, 'Where'd this kid learn english?'


    "Like slapping or hitting," she tried to elaborate. The sounds of sex would make sense after Imp told him her father had sex with Storm.


    Logan wished Justice would've changed the sheets and gotten Storm's sent off of it. Then he might be able to locate the scent of the attacker.


    "You get a look at any of his visitors?" Logan felt like a homicide detective. 


     Justice rolled in his sleep they noticed the cut on his arm was bleeding.


    "Oh my God," She gasped, "He’s hurt? How'd that happen?"



     "Never mind kid. Get me the first aide kit from the bathroom," Logan ordered.


    She nodded then appeared quickly with the white box with a red cross on it. Logan tore it apart, gathered the necessary supplies and started bandaging the wound on his arm.


    When he was satisfied the wound was bandaged enough he looked at Aubery who stood with crossed arms and wide eyes, "Go wake Storm up and ask her to come here."


     Aubrey nodded and ran from the room giggling at the thought of Storm having a boyfriend. The others told her they had seen Justice kissing Ms. Munroe. But this meant that the 'happy noise' she heard came from Justice and Storm. Aubrey slapped her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud in the hall, "Oh…My…Gawd! They were making that noise right in the next room!" Aubrey’s eye’s went blurry with tears of laughter and disbelief.


   Wolverine continued to study the room. 'Red boys had a lot of visitors recently,' he sighed then Storm ran in.


    "Justice?" she said as she walked to his bed and leaned over. She touched his head but he didn't respond. She brushed his hair lightly frightened and confused by all this.


    "What happened, Logan?" Storm turned to look at Wolverine.


    "He'd be the one to answer that, Ororo," Logan gripped his cigar in his teeth and stood to leave. "You might want to stay with him though. We don‘t know who the perp is yet,"


    He thought of Justice's vomiting and handed her a waste-basket, "Ya might need this." Then he left them alone.