Justice heard a nagging beeping in his ears and he lifted his head to get rid of the annoyance. He finally realized it was the alarm clock as he lifted it to his weary eyes and snapped it off. When he tried to move he realized Storm was lying on his arm next to him in the bed. She was as lovely asleep as she was awake. He was surprised to see her snuggled against him. They had fallen asleep on the paper-covered bed from pure exhaustion, plain and simple. Storm was close to him trying to get warm he would guess but Justice only had his khaki shorts on, he was too warm. He moved slowly disentangling herself from her arm on his chest. He sighed but had a weak smile on his face at the thought of waking up next to her. His other thoughts went to a pot of coffee and a shower to wake up with after he stumbled to the floor in a loud heap.

Ally raised her head slightly she screamed from her nightmare. 'Had anybody heard her?' she thought as she realized it was morning. She felt a friendly presence as she heard Alex's voice echo in her mind. She blinked against the light and rubbed eyes trying to focus her sight. She was still in bed and laying on top of Logan as he snored lightly. Ally sat up slowly feeling sweaty and pale from her nightmare, 'It would be enough to scare anyone.' She thought about her haunting dream. 'Maybe splashing some water in my face' she pondered to herself. As she made her way quickly to the bathroom a wave of nausea washed over her.

'It was some realistic dream'. She thought to herself ruefully.

Hayley Adams was a glamorous person and she had danced on television and Broadway with the greats. Hayley Adams had been on the news more times than she could count. Hayley Adams had more admirers than she would ever now what to do with.

Hayley Adams had raven locks and blue dancing eyes but Hayley Adams had her head inches from the toilet bowl. She took a deep breath to calm down and she couldn't think of a worse time to have a flu. She reached up and flushed the toilet, then began to pull herself to the sink. She splashed water on her face and saw her reflection in the mirror. The much paler version of Hayley stared back at her. Gone was her lovely Olive complexion, 'Okay, I look like shit' she almost laughed at herself. 'Well, I wouldn't shag me that is for sure,' she thought with a smile at her sickly image. Then she remembered a conversation with Blue boy and Nausea came with pregnancy. 'Aw, shit' was all she could think as she threw her wash cloth at the mirror.





Beast knocked lightly on the bathroom door. He could hear Alex's footsteps get closer to the door. She finally opened it to reveal her dancing blue eyes and her blonde hair pinned on top of her head. She was wearing a bathrobe and clasped her toothbrush in her hand as she looked at him with a small smile. 'What is he up to?'

"The applicants for the nanny position are here?" He smiled at her pleasant face. "I thought you might be interested"

Her eyes widened, "Oh, I am," She didn't want the twins to be left with just anybody and the X-men would have a hard time handling five children. Imp was a handful alone. "Be right back" she called as she shut the door.

With in moments she emerged with her hair hanging loosely in a sleek style and a smile on her face. She now had a bright tank dress on that showed off her athletic build and dark complexion.

"No hurry," Beast said as he watched her exclusively. In the bright day glow color, dark complexion, blonde hair and perfect build, Alex could have been mistaken for a surfer or typical Californian. "At this point only Logan is there. Perhaps, we could go with Allyson." He hinted badly.

"You want me to get Ally?" she smiled at him she bent over to put on her sandals. 'Why was he being such a child?'

"Well, I do have my inquiries," he said seriously.


When Alex, Ally and Beast arrived they could see Charles had the interviews arranged. Several women stared at them curiously in the hall with papers in hand. Ally stood straighter at the site and the three walked into the Professor's office, where Logan was talking to Xavier by the door.

Logan eyed his weary wife with a small chuckle as he thought about whom was there first. Even as tired as he knew she was, she still looked shower fresh. He met Hank's curious gaze and stifled a laugh, 'Was he so serious about Alex that he wanted to know who would be taking care of his possible niece and nephew? Or was it that he was worried about who would be the newest person living there? Either was worth it to see him saunter past those old bats.'

"I am sorry I am late," Ally said as she adjusted an invisible wrinkle in her shirt.

"Well we couldn't very well start with out you," Charles smiled at her, "How would you like to proceed?"

"Why don't you take the interviews and we can listen in." Ally looked at the door expectantly, "I think you will be less biased. Plus you will need the nanny for Imp and the others."

Xavier nodded as he looked through the pile of papers on his desk.

"We may as well get comfortable," Beast said as he held a chair for Alex in the back of the office.


Hayley almost ran Ally and Logan over as she threw the door open. She gave a broad dumb smile, as she looked at her everyone. She was out of breath, dressed in spandex biker shorts and a spandex halter. Her eyes were dancing with excitement under her unusual hairstyle; she sported many tiny braids in her hair that jumped around as she moved her head.

"Hey," she noticed how formal everything looked and backed out a little, "I will be out here," she gave them a rueful smile as she backed out of the room.

Ally shook her head, 'Why is Hayley such a nut?'


Hayley sat next to the applicants in the waiting room and she hid a smile, she knew she didn't quite fit in with the spotlessly dressed women in suits and dresses. A beautiful brunette watched her amused and Hayley gave her a hard stare to try to distant herself from the others. Then a mischievous idea began to form in her mind and she popped a cigarette out of the pack she carried. Although nobody noticed that she lit it against her hand and she had hoped they would. They did notice as she began to blow her smoke into the air. 'Let's see if they pass my test.'

"Do you mind?" a frumpy older lady snapped at her.

"Nope," Hayley smiled.

Another woman looked at her disapprovingly, "How can a smoker care for children?"

The pretty brunette across fat Hayley put her magazine down. "How can an elderly woman take care of children?" She said as she looked at the older woman, "Or an obese woman?" She stared at the fat woman who had just yelled at Hayley, she seemed to be losing her temper. "We are not the employers, that is their judgment call isn't it?" She seemed oblivious to the mean stares the rest of the applicants had for her.

'Hey, now,' Hayley thought as she looked at the brunette with new eyes. Hayley raised an eyebrow at the brunette impressed. "Yeah, what she said" she pointed to the young brunette now concealed by her magazine again. Hayley took a long drag on her cigarette, as the woman made no effort this time to reprimand her. She eyed this woman over carefully, she had lean physique, long and slender like a model. She had very short dark hair, which emphasized her dark eyes that looked almost black to Hayley. She was dressed in a slim dress with a crop top and had a stylish pair of sandals that caught Hayley's eye as she crossed her legs. Hayley finished her cigarette, and then she got up and sat next to her defender.

The woman looked at her expectantly.

"Thanks," Hayley said low as she grinned at her. She was about to say something when Beast opened the door with a smile.

The fat woman stood up and pointed to him accusingly, "He is a mutant." She screamed.

Beast looked down at his blue fur as if to say 'how did that get there?' Hayley almost laughed.

"Can you imagine the children?" another woman whispered.

"What?" Hayley said loudly and she was on her feet to defend her friend.

"Madame, my appearance should not matter for the children are not mine." Beast smiled politely. He seemed to be used to this kind of response from people

The fat woman jumped up and ran from the room almost knocking an astonished Hayley over. She did however knocked over a chair that Hayley quickly caught before it hit the old woman. The old woman was taken by surprise at Hayley's attempt to help her. Hayley scoffed at the sight and sat back down as the next woman cautiously followed Hank into the office. A few more women walked out after Beast disappeared.

There was only a handful of applicant's left.

Hayley let her hand go hot as she lit another cigarette against her hand. "Mutants suck, huh?" she asked the woman. The applicant next to her watched her curiously and a few more women ran from the room. Only the brunette and one other haughty woman remained now. The other woman kept her snobby gaze at Hayley with a smile. Hayley turned her attention to the girl who defended her earlier.

Hayley winked at her, "Scared?"

"No" the brunette smiled amused, "Should I be?"

"I don't know." Hayley teased, "Should you be?" She held her hand out to her and shook it. "I am the kids Aunt." Hayley enjoyed the frightened expression in the other applicant. "I am Hayley" she told the friendly woman.

"Kim" she replied evenly. She didn't seem to make a decision either way about Hayley. "Are the children mutant?"

"Most likely." Hayley said as she watched the other applicant shifting her weight nervously in her chair.

"What don't you like mutants?" She taunted the other woman. The woman only looked away in response. Hayley sighed, 'What a little bitch.' She stood up with a deep breath and walked over to the woman and knelt next to her. She allowed her hands to become extremely hot as she patted the woman's hands lightly, it wasn't enough to burn her but enough the woman could feel the heat from her hands easily.

Hayley looked at the woman with mock endearment.

"You may be happier some place else, dear," Hayley smiled sweetly as her eyes glowed their vivid blue at her.

The woman pulled away abruptly and ran from the room. Hayley busted out laughing.

"Don't I know you?" Kim asked her

'Aw, shit.' Hayley thought. "I don't think so," Hayley bluffed.

"Adams?" Kim asked with a smile, "Like Justice Adams? I met him at the benefit, I was a volunteer,"


"Are you that dancer from television? Hayley Adams?" she seemed only vaguely impressed, "I have heard of you."

Hayley smiled not sure how to respond to Kim. She had never been recognized as a mutant and as a dancer before, 'Can you say busted?' she thought. She had just assumed the other applicants wouldn't remember her name. Hayley stared at her with an open mouth trying to think of what to say, until the office door flew open.

Beast smiled at the now empty hallway and then at Hayley's guilty expression. He hid a chuckle as he gave her a scolding look.

"Next please," he smiled at the young woman.

Kim stood with her purse and followed Hank and as Hayley breezed past him she finally just cocked a grin at him and shrugged.

Alex sighed, 'This is going to take forever.' She heard a soft snore from Logan's direction and Ally gave him a hard nudge. Beast returned with a lovely brunette behind him and Hayley in tow wearing an 'I did something wrong' look. Ally looked at Alex with a sigh as she saw her sister.

Alex began to stare at the brunette, 'I know her.' Then recognition lit up the brunette's face as she began to look from Hayley to Alex and Ally.

Hayley stopped, "You know somebody?"

"Aramis?" Alex asked quickly and moved closer to inspect her closer.

"Wait," Hayley jumped, "I thought you were Kim."

"Guilty on both counts." She smiled.

"She's mutant." Logan guessed as he joined the group that was forming by the door.

Beast got back to business, "Are you aware of the children's gifts?" he asked Kim.

"I can imagine." She smiled. "Yes, I am mutant. I hope you don't think I deceived you but people get funny about mutants." Then she looked to Xavier who was obviously the one in charge. "I CAN do the job." She smiled earnestly

Hayley threw her hands up. "Wait, How do you know Alex?"

"Your sister helped me escape from the labs." Kim smiled despite the memory, "I take it you are the 'Cats'?"

Hayley nodded, "I guess" she mumbled.

"Aramis is telekinetic," She smiled, "She threw a person pretty far." Alex beamed but left out it wasn't as far as Ally had done in the past.

"You freed me before he could experiment on me," Kim told Alex proudly. "I had another ability that Professor Adams was interested in."

"What would that be?" Charles asked her intrigued.

"I feel other people's emotions very strongly," she sighed as she sat down in the large leather chair her was gesturing to.

Logan made his way out of the room quietly, only Beast saw him go. Dr. McCoy had thoughts for following him but Kim was an interesting person.

"So, you are an empath?" Ally asked her quietly.

Kim nodded as she watched the strange people silently.

"Oh, I am Ally, the guy that snuck out of here was Logan, this is Dr. McCoy and Professor Xavier." Then she looked at Hayley and Alex. "I guess you know Alex from before and I take it you met Hayley." Ally added. She knew Hayley chased away the other applicants from her random thoughts.

"Oh, I know who you are." Kim smiled and took a deep breath, "I have followed you for years. I know your father wants you and I wanted to help if I could." She looked a little uneasy because it sounded like she stalked them. "Everyone knew of the 'Cats' and I merely hoped you would not end up serving your father."

"You know us?" Hayley watched her closely as she moved towards Xavier and stood by his side as if to protect him. Clearly he was the one who was the most vulnerable to Hayley. She was as nonchalant as Hayley could be.

"Hayley, I just watched you enough to know you wouldn't hurt me. I stopped watching anybody years ago. That is why I didn't recognize you at first." Kim reassured Hayley. "There is no reason to be uneasy."

"Why didn't you simply help them?" Beast asked Kim.

"I knew I would get in the way." She offered weakly, "If you have ever fought by them you will understand. I have seen them fight and they work well together but another person would mess them up. Besides they really were not ones to take offered help."

Kim watched the three sisters, certainly their personalities hadn't change any. They were as she remembered them even if they didn't quite remember her. Hayley was wild, Alex was mild and Ally was somewhere in between. She laughed at the memory of the rhyme that Wolf had made when they were in the lab. Hayley was excitable where Ally and Alex were a lot calmer and easier to deal with.

Hayley eyed Aramis, she wasn't sure about some telekinetic, mutant that had followed them around for years. Then she felt Ally and Alex touch her mind as Ally seemed to catch Hayley's thoughts with very little effort and she brought Alex along for the ride. Alex was vouching for her but Ally still remained dubious as the communications flew among the triplets in their minds.

Beast realized the sudden calmness of the three sisters meant they were communicating telepathically and the Professor took over the 'interview.' He caught Alex's eye, "Let's continue this outside." He suggested and before he knew it they were all outside of the Professor's office.

"So, you know her?" Hayley began interrogating Alex.

Alex nodded, "Yeah, and so do you two if you tried to remember. She's cool."

"That was a long time ago," Ally said softly then she gave Hayley and accusing stare, "You gave yourself away though didn't you?

"Uh, " was all Hayley could get out as her sisters looked around the now empty hallway. Then she could feel Alex trying to get into her mind.

"What did you do?" Alex raised her voice as she crossed her arms. "Aramis is okay, Hayl."

Hayley watched Ally carefully, "How did you read me? You read my mind thoughts about talking to Kim, but I didn't feel it at all." Hayley lit a cigarette as she stared at her sister's open mouths.

"I couldn't, you must not have been paying attention." Ally protested

Alex sighed as she looked at Ally, "Read me," she ordered.

Ally took a breath and read her sister's doubtful mind easily.

"Read me already," Alex said impatiently.

"I did"

Ally made an example of her presence in her sister's mind by talking to her in her thoughts and Alex's mouth dropped. "I can hear your voice but I can't feel you."

Beast, and the triplets stood there with astonished expressions, this was something they didn't know of any other telepath being able to do. Reading a mind of another telepath with out them realizing it was an extremely rare thing.


Kim watched them leave the room slowly, "Blessed be," she whispered.

"Excuse me," Charles said

"Nothing. I'm sorry."

"Do you go by Kim or Aramis?"

"My name is Kim Smith," then she looked away, "Oliver Adams called me Aramis and so did other mutants." She took a deep breath. "If Alex hadn't found me, I would have been killed."

"Not necessarily."

"From the data Alex found, I had a 25% chance of survival." She gave him a hard stare, "I doubt I would have survived."

"You really do believe that the Adams siblings are the answer to stopping their father?"

"Allyson is." She replies plainly. "I have premonitions and on was that she would stop him."

"Really?" Charles was a little impressed, "Do they usually come true?" she nodded, "Have you thought about staying here even if you aren't hired?"

"For what?"

"To control you gifts."

"I never knew a place like this existed before, or the mutant issues. I came here for a job but the rest was coincidence."

"Are you sure," he smiled at her but suddenly she looked far away and her stare was vacant.

Aramis heard pain from a small child in her mind; she could no longer hear the professor's calm voice. She couldn't take it any longer as the pain became a scream for help and the child's pain held her own thoughts ransom. She stood up and ran with a look of horror in her eyes. She threw the door open and ran past the triplets and Hank.

Ally moved quick as the wild eyed Aramis ran past her. Then she heard Jean calling to her.

"Hank, Jean needs you and I right now." Then she looked at Alex, "She might need you too, Jordan was hurt."

Dr. McCoy ran past them quickly with the triplets in tow. He knew it was Hayley on his heels as he felt the heat creeping up on him, he assumed she was in the air. He was a little perplexed about why Jean would ask for Ally before Alex though.



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