Allyson Adam

AKA Ally Cat



Eyes: blue

Hair: red (long curls)

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 110lbs

Occupation: X-gymnast


Born a triplet she shares a special bond between her two sisters Hayley and Alexandra. Allyson is telepathic and telekinetic. She fights with her telekinesis and her telepathy and Wolverine taught her some hand to hand fighting techniques. Because of experiments she discovers new avenues with her abilities and concentrates on perfecting them.

She was at one time a gymnast and at one time she was a model. She had known Wolverine (or Logan) before her father used him in experiments in Weapon X. She had thought her father's work was in theory only and when Justice and the triplets found out the sad truth, Oliver Adams used them in his experiments too. She and her siblings vowed to eventually stop their father and put other lives back together.