Wolvie femmes * Alexandra Adams

Alexandra Adams

AKA Ice Cat

Eyes: blue

Hair: Long Blonde

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 110lbs

Occupation: Alex has worked in her father's lab a good part of her life and is studying to become a MD.


Alexandra or Alex was given the mutant name Ice Cat when she mutated through her father's experiments. She can manipulate ice in many different ways. She can lightly freeze a person's body to hold them, throw ice in different ways, and use her ice to completely freeze someone or become completely transparent. She also has the gift of telepathy like her sisters Hayley and Allyson and her brother Justice. Being born a triplet she shares a special bond with her sisters that goes beyond telepathy or mutations.

She felt very responsible for her father's role in Weapon X because she was so oblivious to the truth. Alex is the quietest triplet and usually the voice of reason in many matters. Her mother who was part Japanese died when they were very young leaving them to be raised solely by their father Oliver.