The infirmary was buzzing with activity once again in Charles Xavier's care. People were crowded into the quarters injured or not. Jean pushed beast from Alex's limp body.

"You have cared for Allyson before and she needs somebody familiar with her now," She said quietly.

What she wanted to do was keep him from freezing up with worry about the one woman that she had seen him get close to. He was an asset to the injured and he was not a biased force with Allyson. He moved slowly away with out argument as he noticed Logan's concerned stare at his wife. Jean picked up a stethoscope and began to go over Alex's dormant body.

Charles Xavier watched over the Xmen's new friends and the three newcomers. 'Three more,' he sighed to himself. There were so many mutants he had never known of. He hadn't thought to seek mutants out. Most who had a special gift had come to him in time but it would seem most did not have the resources to find him or they found their gifts a trial, like Allyson or Rogue. He would have to rethink his protocol on letting mutants keep their anonymity from him so he may be able to help them. The three new comers were proof of this they seemed to be a danger to themselves and others and that was of not fault of their own. He had to do more to help the unfound mutants especially the younger ones. Perhaps Cerebro would be a grand assistance in this. He felt impotent and slightly futile. He had sought some mutants out but there were so many that went unspoken for. He had been blind to so much the Adams siblings, the dynamics between his Xmen and now the order to the mutants for schooling. If he hadn't felt so needed in the infirmary he would have wanted to ponder his thoughts alone. He looked on to the animated faces as they floated in the confined area. He had so much to discuss with Jean and Henry now.

Jean finally stood up from Alex and she looked at the rest of the party who had been in battle. She crossed her arms in a demanding fashion. She knew something didn't add up. "What happened to her?" she asked loudly.

Josh sat up a little straighter now. "I poisoned her." He was too uncomfortable to look at the red headed woman in the eyes as he spoke. Then everyone else began to stare at him even the Wolverine. Josh could feel his face turning hot as he looked at his midsection.

It was Justice who came to his defense. "He didn't know" Justice took a deep breath. "Ally gave him orders to attack first ask questions later" The room seemed to relax a little as if they didn't consider him an immediate threat now.

Jean just shook her head as she looked at the woman who needed her help now. A mutant's genetic structure was as original as a fingerprint and it was hard to understand. Poison would complicate things greatly. She felt Hank's stare on her as if he had been reading her mind. She gave him a small smile but she felt any effort to reassure him of Alex's condition had failed in her bad acting skills.

Beast took a deep breath as he looked at Allyson with a doctor's eyes. She was breathing much better now, her wounds were no longer visible to the eye but she continued to sleep deeply. He adjusted her IV and he looked at Logan's anxious face. He wasn't sure how Logan managed to keep his temper under control at times and Hank knew the waiting must take a toll on Logan's patience and temper.

"Trust in her body's efforts my friend." Hank said quietly. "She is healing well. Time will tell but it all looks good so far." He tossed Logan a small smile as he clapped a hand across his back. He walked on to Justice who needed help as well.

Logan could fell himself let the deep breath of air out finally. He was happy to have Ally back that was a start but know she was healing was a relief. He couldn't help being impatient with Hank but he had waited long enough already to have Allyson safe again. They both had a lot on the line where the children were concerned now. He could see her wounds gone from her face and her eyes were closed. He found a chair and sat down. He watched her sleep, her eyes moved slightly and her hair was still matted with blood but it didn't hide her beauty. He held her hand as he sat forward on his knees. He wanted to be there when she woke.

Justice flinched as Dr. McCoy touched the side Sabertooth had buried his claw into. This wasn't the first time Creed had clawed his side, he should be used to it. His sisters and the Xmen had indured much more than this and had continued to battle. He didn't want to show a low constitution for pain now. He cleared his throat to distract himself from Hank's probing hands on his wound. "So," Justice said loudly to Ty. "Would you mind telling me how you met my sister?"

Ty was taken back a little as he heard Justice ask him a question so directly. Kamikaze had been happy to watch the other incredible older people and the dynamics that seem to fly between them especially Logan. "Well we were all sold to Magneto." He looked from face to face and was all too aware that Wolverine was now a captive audience too. "We had learn of the Adams and the Wolverine and had they had opposed Professor Adams." He tried to meet the faces in the same round robin style of speaking that Allyson used when she spoke. It seemed very diplomatic. "We were all used in the Professor Adams spontaneous mutations experiments. We have been through a lot together now." Ty looked at the girl with the sky blue hair and the young white guy with very little hair. They both kept looking from face to face and folding and unfolding their arms as they gave Ty sympathetic looks.

Hayley had been watching with fascination. She glided over to Ty and smiled at him. She looked at his neck and nodded at the ordornment that hung around his neck. She reached out and touched the dog tags lightly as read the numbers and the name on the tags. "So you figured Ally was your best bet to leave Laa-Laa land huh?" She wanted to get a cigarette now. "Don't feel bad" Hayley mumbled in reassurance. Then Hayley shifted her weight as she kept her gaze on the dog tags and she finally let them go. " He is still killing people," she mumbled. She watched Kamikaze's face contort slightly at her words. She felt a rush of compassion for the young man, this must have a brand new world around him. Receiving the gifts such as mutations could hurt and not always be welcome. Hayley knew this almost better than anybody. She hadn't meant to make him feel uncomfortable.

The pretty blue haired girl stepped forward a little hoping to keep things private. "Not everyone made it. Ty had a twin." She spoke quietly like little bells her voice had melodic ring to it. She gestured lightly with her hands as she spoke and then she stepped back next to Joshua as if he had expected her to do so.

Professor Xavier took his cue from Hayley's rudeness. He was interested in the young people. "You were engineered with robotic technology?" he asked Kamikaze politely.

Kamikaze smiled at the bald man. His uncertainty was very clear. "I guess, I wasn't very aware of exactly how things or even was done." Ty found himself staring at the body he didn't know very well and the robotic arm Sabertooth had torn apart. He sighed a little to himself. Then he looked up as a thought suddenly occurred. "I do remember tales of the Wolverine." Everyone was looking at Ty now and he relished the important people's attention. " I was told how he single handily brought down the lab and attacked Professor Adams."

Logan watched the young man as he spoke of man that was foreign to him. " I did that?"

Hayley and Justice nodded in sync.

"He has a scar from it." Ty offered to the unbelieving face Logan was wearing.

Josh shot a mean look at Xavier, "Why was there a picture of you there?" He crossed his arms and stared at the Professor accusingly. If Charles was surprised he didn't show it but that was also part of Charles' demeanor. He met the young man's gaze easily with a calm cool grace. Josh stood like a rock unrelenting to the older man's kindness.

There was a small sound from Ally's bed that had Logan on his feet and others took notice. Ally moaned lightly as her eyes began to flicker open. She blinked several times as she tried to focus her eyes through uncooperative lids. When Logan came into view she smiled but she wasn't sure if she conveyed it to him or if she just went through the motions. He was smiling at her so she must be seeing somewhat clearly. Logan still had his hair sticking up in a disarray mess, there were spots of blood, battle as well as dried up earth and clay. She knew she smiled this time at him as she found her voice.

"What a handsome face" She teased in a tone just above a whisper.

Logan knew he was smiling uncharacteristically but he was very surprised she was looking so well. He held her hand and he gave it a squeeze. "Hey, Al" he said quietly. He looked up to see Hayley and Justice marching towards them with Hank on their heels. Beast noticed the fresh, perfect, skin healed over where her wounds had been as he looked at her bandages. Ally was healing quickly.

Hank sighed in relief, "Well, you seem to be staying with her Logan." He smiled at Logan's expectant stare.

Hayley felt a chill at Hank's words. It sounded just like Sabertooth's words to her before. Suddenly she remembered her fall and slowly looked at where her bruising had been.

Ally looked around with a small smile at her brother and sister. "Where's Alex?" She followed their stares to the bed where Alex was laying. She was hooked up to IV's and machines as Jean worked furiously around her but Alex remained unmoving. She looked at Hank with an upset stare.

Hank failed to meet her eyes. "She is stable," He muttered as he fumbled with Ally's IV.

Ally sat up and finally noticed the Xmen and Ty, Aubrey and Josh were in the room as well.

"What happened?" Ally asked in a controlled voice in attempt not to become further upset.

"She was poisoned by Joshua." Hank said slowly as he walked over to Alex's unmoving body and stood by Jean.

"Is there a way to reverse it?" Ally asked quickly but clearly that question had been intended for Josh.

Josh looked defeated. "No, I never had to worry about a cure before." He shrugged.

"I have not worked in a lab for nothing," Ally said with new determination and threw her legs over the side bed. Alex was the best at chemistry but Ally felt she could help.

Logan pushed her legs back up as her face contorted in pain. "You are not strong enough" He mumbled.

Hayley slapped her brother's shoulder; "We can do it." Then she looked at Josh pointedly, "Roll up your sleeves and smile, kid." She half-heartedly joked.

Hank looked up at Hayley intrigued at the idea of Hayley doing anything that serious.

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