Wolvie Femmes




        Allyson sat in front of the computer typing away, and looking for clues in the files they had brought from her father’s labs. She sighed, and pushed her palms to her head in frustration.

       So many questions floated through her mind, so many feelings raced in her heart. She played with the idea of touching Logan, Justice or Alex’s minds, to see how the away team was doing, and dismissed the thoughts quickly. Allyson knew, if they needed her they would contact her, so refused to let curiosity win.

She smiled, as she thought of her family, and then she frowned as she looked at the names on her computer screen under FAILED PROJECTS. Callously labeled and discarded like spent tissues, she sighed, this was how her father treated life?
'Why had he given her his ability? She found that she had a hard time controling the step up, in her telepathy and telekinesis now.

       Determined to control it she looked at her coffee cup and levitated it slowly. It rested in the air as if an invisible hand was holding it securely. Ally felt proud that she had it under control already although, a quick noise caught her attention, and suddenly the cup shot from its place and went flying. It finally shattered against the door, leaving a nasty coffee stain.

       Ally slumped in her chair because telepathically she could feel the reason for the quick noise.




     Hayley approached Ally's door, when she heard a crash and she threw stared at her sister’s dismal look and the remains of a coffee cup. Her eyes wandered the room looking for a reason the cup would be thrown at the door. She didn’t see Logan, or anybody, for Ally to be arguing with and gave Ally a curious glance.
"Is it safe?" Hayley said quietly.

      “By all means, come in Hayley,” Ally said sarcastically. “Shouldn’t you be in the medical facility?” Allyson said, narrowing her eyes at her sister, and Ally’s eyes traveled to her own injured arm from Omega Red.


       Hayley sat on the bed watching her sister then she stared at the computer screen as she came closer.

      “Unlike you.” Hayley plinked her sister’s injured arm with her finger, to make her point. “I am perfectly fine.”

       “Sure you are Hayl.”

       “What was the deal with the coffee cup Ally?”

       “Nothing” Ally mumbled. Hayley could clearly see she had hit a nerve now.

       “Well, Logan isn’t here, and I don’t see another sibling, so I am guessing you didn’t use your hands.” Hayley’s eyes twinkled mischievously, as she watched her sister’s reaction.

        Ally stood and met her eye. “Logan and our siblings are doing something serious right now, unlike a certain trouble maker.” Ally wandered into the bathroom and refused to let Hayley get the better of her.

        “Me? Trouble?” Hayley said in mock disgust, and began hamming it up for all it was worth, determined to put her sister in a better mood.


          Ally began to smile, despite her foul mood. ‘Hitler, wouldn’t be able to stay mad at Hayley.’ Then Logan and Hayley’s fights came, to her mind and then she had second thought and figured that it must be a twin thing. Ally splashed water in her face and felt revived. Now in her better mood, she splashed some of the water at her sister, who had been spying from the bathroom doorway.

        Hayley sighed impatiently, “What’s going on Al?”

        “What do you mean?”

        Hayley pointed her finger at Ally’s innocent expression, as she exited the bathroom. “Don’t give me that. Alex and Justice aren’t anywhere to be found and where is Mr. Personality?”

        Ally sat back at the computer, hoping to distract Hayley some. “Turns out there might have been some survivors, and some further clues to who was helping with the experiments.”

       “WHAT?” Hayley watched Ally carefully. ‘No. She isn’t kidding.’  She decided. “Why didn’t we, find the survivors?”

       “We didn’t even know if that there was any, Hayley.”

       “Call them.”


       Hayley stood from her comfortable seat. “They might need us.”

       “We are needed here Hayley. They took Scott, Logan, Alex, Hank, Justice and some of the others who hadn’t been in the fight.”

       “Like who?”

       “Gambit and Warren.” Ally sighed at Hayley’s angry glance. “Jump and Bonsai went along and they can guide them.” Hayley began to pace. Apparently the away team wasn’t complete in Hayley’s eyes, not without her anyway.

       “He was our father. WE should have been there to clean his mess.”

       Ally looked at her stitched arm. “We weren’t in any shape to go.”

       Hayley crossed her arms.

       Ally knew they were truly needed at Xavier's, to start funeral arrangements there and the clean up on the disks they found at the lab. With all lives that were lost, she would have a lot of phone calls to make but closure might help some families. Hayley kept her hostile stare.

      “Hayl, I am sure they are doing fine on their own.”




       Justice heard a sound that began to grow closer and flew to the door of the Blackbird in time to see a familiar blue haired girl who had the Xmen and the innocent mutants on the ground writhing in agony. Alex joined her brother spying his upset look outside and she finally took in the scene before her.

       “Aubrey?” She breathed and looked at Justice and shrugged. She let her eyes glow and froze the poor girl who couldn’t have seen the concealed attack coming. 

          Josh began moving to the nearest person and Alex reacted before his poison flew, enclosing the bald youth in a cage of ice.

       “What are they doing here?” Alex mused.

       “Beats me.” Justice looked over at the now calm scene with Gambit speaking quietly with his sister and Hank hung protectively close by to the injured girl. “You help Hank” he sighed, “I will round the lost sheep.” He grinned and Alex watched him run off as their friends came to their feet.



          Scott realized that Aubrey’s serenade was over and let go of his ears. He looked up at Aubrey’s frozen form and found Justice standing next to him holding Josh by the back of the neck.

         “Checking the grass Scott?” Justice joked as the rest of the people let their ears go and got shakily to their feet.

         Reggie stood still holding his blanket tightly around his body with an accusing look. “BLOODY HELL!” he yelled not able to hear his own voice at first. “IS THIS WHAT YER CALL A RESCUE?

         Josh stood there dumbfounded. “I guess Aubrey thought you were part of Adam’s crew.”

         Justice crossed his arms defensively, “Want to rephrase that?”

         “Josh, you’re morons!” Sassy yelled. She dusted herself off carefully, “Where’s Willow?”



        Minnie’s eyes grew wide and she flew up to meet Sassy’s eyes. “Willow was with you?” She sighed. “Good, she got away.” Then she looked around confused. “Where is she now?”

        “Haven’t seen the kid for a while,” Sassy said looking about hoping to see Willow reveal her hiding spot. Sassy heard the noises first and began to morph quickly into a coyote.

        Logan and Jump appeared with young black man blinking against the bright light in contrast to dark foreboding labs.

        The young man looked at the small band of mutants taking them all in and wondering whom they all were. While Logan and Jump exchanged a confuse glance.

        “We miss something?” Logan said a bit amused.

         Scott shook his head at the two disobedient parts of the away team. “Let’s go.” He sighed.

         “What about Aubrey?” Josh gestured to his sister’s still frozen form.

         “Keep her like that mate.” Reggie mumbled. “That’s one Sheila less to open her mouth.”

         Logan, Justice, Bonsai, Scott and Warren chuckled. Josh crossed his arms and sighed.

         “Keep her quiet or she is going back to the professor a block of ice.” Justice warned and contacted Alex.

          “Back there?” Josh looked skeptical.

          “I think the professor would like the hear the role that you and your sister played in all this.” Scott agreed with Justice. Josh nodded knowing he didn’t have much of a say in it.

          Warren walked over to Khaki and scooped her up as Alex appeared at the entrance of the blackbird.

Khaki let a quick laugh at her new friend and hugged his neck tightly grateful she wouldn’t have to walk.

          The Popsicle known as Aubrey began to become more and more human looking as it melted. She grabbed her arms rubbing them furiously trying to get warm. She looked at Josh who seemed comfortable enough with the group.

         “Don’t use your ability Aubrey. Just chill until we can talk alone.” Josh ordered the still freezing girl.

         Sassy laughed as she passed Aubrey by, “Yeah CHILL!”

         Alex met them at the entrance of the Blackbird and began to count all the new faces and injured.




          They began to gather in small groups talking among themselves as Alex and Hank worked with Rayne and Scott and Warren Piloted the craft.

         Justice tossed the towel he used to dry his face on his lap as he sat to join the conversation.

         Aubrey sat there with a blanket trying to regain her warmth. “You are Ty’s twin? We were told you were dead.”

         “Yeah, so was he.” Bonsai mumbled as he rubbed the back of his head absentmindedly.

         “We sent Willow to help you.” Aubrey said her eyes wide with wonder. “She said she would catch up with Sassy.” Aubrey smiled at Sassy. “They were two that escaped.”

         Minnie was sitting on a shelf by Dom with her legs curled to her chest as she sat. “I wondered if she got away.” She smiled brightly. “We should go back.”

        “Don't bother.” Logan grunted. “Kid died fighting Adams”

        “Couldn’t you have put it better than that now?” Dom called as he noticed the shocked faces of the younger people.

       Logan shook his head and his eye wandered to Reggie who was joining the group and looked refreshed in the X-men’s leather away uniform.

       “You look good in clothing.” Justice laughed.

        Reggie pointed his finger ready to retort and was finally satisfied mumbling curse words in Justice’s direction.

        Sassy and Minnie weren’t derailed from finding out what happened to their friend. Sassy held her hand up to get their attention.

      “Whoa, Died?” Sassy said looking at them in disbelief.

      Minnie landed on Sassy’s hand and stared at them, “What happened?”

      Bonsai held his head down. “Long story.”

      “You did it didn’t you?” Sassy stared hard at Bonsai. “You were his flunky. Weren’t you?”

      Alex’s face was slightly flushed but she turned from Rayne’s now sedated form and joined them. “It was an accident and it wasn’t Bonsai’s fault.”

      “Why, was it you?” Josh hissed at Alex.

      Beast turned quickly showing he had enough of the accusations. “Now, Alex had nothing to do with it and that will be enough.” He growled lightly. “It was an accident.” He said as he turned back to the tubing he had hooked up for Rayne.

       “How do you know, mate?” Reggie mumbled as he lit a cigar.

       “I was there and that will be enough.” Beast raised his voice as he snatched the cigar from Reggie’s mouth and extinguished it his hand. Then he sighed as he looked at Logan. “I take it he found YOUR stash of cigars.” Logan raised an eyebrow. “I will thank you to move them before the children find them.”

       “So, what were you a vigilante team against the labs?” Justice said looking over the other mutants thoughtfully.

       “Yes we were.” Josh said coldly. “Against your father, if that is what you meant by labs.”

       Reggie, Sassy, Khaki, Minnie and Kodiak looked at Justice with pure hatred.

       “His what?” Sassy said moving towards him as she noticed Khaki’s eyes swelling with tears.

      Reggie reached angrily for Justice’s throat but was greeted by Logan’s claws and Justice moved to quickly to be with in his arm’s reach.

       “That KID could tear you up, Bub.” Logan grunted. “And he’s got nothing to do with his old man.”

       “Sure he doesn’t.” Sassy hissed as she began to morph again.

       Alex touched Beast’s shoulder and moved to the growing argument. “Then perhaps you want to deal with both of us then, because he is my brother.” Her eyes began to glow and she held her flat palm out for inspection as a small ball of ice formed and began to dance steadily. “You can go as you are or as ice.” She smiled ruefully.

         “They are okay. They are the Cats.” Aubrey mumbled. Josh nodded in agreement.

         “Yeah, he turned on his on kids.” Josh mumbled wishing he had some cigarettes.

         Khaki began to crackle electricity and Alex watched her curiously as the others began stay on edge watching her.

          “Come ‘ere, kid.” Logan said and held an arm out to her. Khaki ran to his arms and let her tears turn to sobs as she remembered the blue-eyed man who had changed her life.

          “You’re gonna kill yourself too if you spark on the pilot, kid.” Logan reasoned with her. “We didn’t get you outta there to hurt you. Give these geeks a chance.” He smiled as her and she wiped her eyes and buried her face against his chest giving a big breath. She pumped her head up and down in agreement.

           “Electric?” Beast mumbled in wonder as he watched the small child he feared could sink this aircraft.   

          “When we found what our father was capable of, we were out to stop him.” Justice said meeting their eyes evenly. “We won’t hurt you but we would like to help.” Justice sighed at his plea. “If you will let us.”

         “Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead huh?” Sassy said sitting back as she slowly stopped morphing and became human again.

         “Yeah something like that.” Justice mumbled. Unhappy with the thought anybody he could be related to would be that evil.

          Minnie who had been silent lost in her thoughts for her friend finally flew in front of Justice’s face. A move that was very bold for such a small mutant because she knew she had no real defense. “How can we believe you or trust you?” she said in a choked voice.

          A small laugh echoed from where Dom still sat on the shelf, “Now what choice do you have lass?” he said as he stood on the shelf. “They brought you out of there and sure you would have starved if they hadn’t.” Dom pointed out. “They gave you clothing now, lad.” Dom pointed at Reggie. “We were left because we were not considered powerful. We were all left to die.”

           “What makes you say that?” Justice said finally settling down as Minnie landed on the floor by.

           “I know Oliver.” Dom said pointedly.

            “You mean knew. He is dead too.” Justice mumbled.

           “Dey look powe’ful to Gambit.” Gambit said as he leaned in the conversation. “De Cats and the X-men wan’ to ‘elp. Non?” he turned to the astonished looks of the newcomers. He finally realized the first words he had said to them and just realized he had a thick accent and smiled at them.

           Minnie sat down in the middle of the floor and pulled her knees to her chest and sighed. ‘Unpowerfull and left to starve.’ She looked at the others and the silent black who eyes grew wider and wider with every word. “What choice do we have?”

          “Exactly.” Dom said with a nod.

          They traded a knowing look because they all knew they had none. Justice and Alex exchanged a glance taking in what Dom had said. ‘Not powerful enough.’ The phrase floated through their minds. It meant there might be more mutants out there like Omega Red.




          Ally heard the Alex call in her head. She told her E.T.A was fifteen minutes and they had about a half a dozen new mutants and most would need medical attention.

          Hayley caught Ally’s far away look and knew she was speaking to Alex but she wasn’t getting the message half as clearly as Ally was.

          “Your telepathy has really increased huh?” Hayley said as she crossed her arms. “Is that what it was with the coffee cup? You are having problems?”

         Ally started towards the door with a small nod and Hayley began to follow in suit.

         “Need help with it?” Hayley offered but Ally was already calling Aramis and Jean telepathically to the infirmary and she started into a run.




          Aboard the Blackbird a worried Gambit watched over his sister’s resting form. Rayne would occasionally open her eyes and look at him. Gambit shook his head, hoping that it would clear this bad dream. This hadn’t been the first time he had been afraid of losing Rayne and he felt powerless to these feeling once again.

          He looked at Alex and she sat writing furiously on the clipboard. Her eyes began to glow a little and he wondered about the meaning of that glow. He knew Alex had some medical knowledge and he quickly caught her eye.

         “Yo’ can help her non?” Gambit said as his eyes silently plead for his sister.

        “We are doing all we can.” Alex looked toward the cockpit where Beast had disappeared bored with the arguing among the new mutants. She silently hoped he would return soon to talk to Gambit.

        “Hey,” a small voice interrupted. “Can’t he fix her?” Gambit and Alex turned to see Khaki pointing at Reggie.

        “How?” Alex asked as she shook her head a bit confused.

        “He did heal himself out there.” Justice interrupted.

        Gambit’s eyes grew big with hope as he looked at the man who sat there chattering away with Minnie on his knee.

       Alex made her way to him and touched his knee lightly. “What is your name?”

        Reggie smiled at the pretty blonde. “Reggie.”

        “You healed yourself?” Alex asked him quickly not confuse him to the nature of her inquiry.

        “Yeah,” Reggie furrowed his brow wondering what she was getting at.

        “Would you try to heal another?” Alex asked hopefully.

        “Sure,” He sighed. Minnie flew off his knee with a small smile and landed next to Dom on his shelf.

        As Reggie made his way to Rayne, Dom stood with his interest piqued.

        “Are you sure that is a good idea now?” Dom called down to them. ‘Tall people.’ He scoffed to himself as he watched Alex and Reggie taking matters in their own hands.

        Reggie was putting on a good show but wasn’t quite sure how he had even healed himself. Warren’s words rang in his mind, ‘Doing what comes naturally.’  He took a deep breath and his hand began a glow of pure white.

         “Where’s she hurt?” Reggie asked hoping his didn’t loose his steam.

         Alex lifted the sheet that now covered Rayne and exposed her more prominent injury, Wolverine’s claws had gone a little too deep in her chest just below her breast and her rib cage sat unevenly and disfigured.

         Reggie looked at it a little worried at the severity but placed his hands on her naked chest and concentrating.


         Rayne looked at Remy and the blonde she had been forced to trust but there was another who held her now. ‘Who dat?’ Rayne thought to herself. A wave of nausea came over her as she realized he was touching her chest right below her breast. The strange man had closed eyes and a look that haunted her memory, a memory she wanted to forget.  Her hands weren’t cooperating, as she would like but she wanted him away from her, she needed him away from her.

         Alex sat and watched Reggie and his procedure for Rayne and then she looked at Gambit’s hopeful face. She really felt for them and hoped this man would be successful. She sighed as she watched Rayne stir. She watched Rayne’s eyes fill with horror at the site of Reggie and Alex began to move closer to reassure Rayne. Even Gambit didn’t move fast enough to catch his sister before she grabbed Reggie’s hand hard with her mouth.

          Reggie was beginning to feel like his mutation was working for the better of this young woman, he began to feel as one with her and before he knew it he felt more than her pain but he felt his own. He looked down to the woman as she held his hand in her mouth and grunted and began to struggle with her for his limb.

         Remy knew Rayne could always move quickly but her reflexes were only rivaled by Justice’s speed.  He was surprised that Rayne would grab this guy but then he remembered Rayne’s checkered past with men. Rayne had this blonde guy’s hand in his mouth and Remy scrambled to disentangle his hand from her.    

       “Rayne girl, let dis homme go, non?” Gambit said in a low voice hoping to reason with her. “Den dey get you fix yo’ up.”  Rayne seemed to understand; even in her dazed state she listened to her brother and relented her grip on Reggie.

        Reggie yanked his hand to his chest and looked at Rayne and Remy with a hurt look as he jumped clear of her biting reach. “What else is going to happen to me today?” Reggie complained as he shook his head numbly.

        Logan grunted, “Could be worse.” Then he looked over at Rayne. ‘Not bad, kid’s got a spark.’ He smiled at the thought. Then he thought of another who had the same spirit and he wondered if Hayley was still strapped down or if she was driving the others crazy.

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