Mr. Irish (2001)

Scott's 45th film was one meant to help put a little bit of a jump start into his career, but ended up more as a clover-lined pothole in the road of his career. Featuring a screenplay by Scott, Timothy C. Arthur, and Melissa Green, you know you're gonna be in for one unusual film.

The story:

The film tells the story of Shamus McMillan, an artist who starts going off the deep end on St. Patrick's eve when he suspects his wife Katie is having an affair.
The following day is St. Patrick's Day. Shamus flips and murders both his wife and Grandpa, who is visiting Shamus from Ireland.
Shamus disposes of the bodies by dismemberment and burial. But, is it really that simple? Soon, Shamus starts seeing and hearing things that will drive him crazy...if he ain't there already!

The history:

Shot over a period of days in Michigan, Scott was hoping "Mr. Irish" would have been more of a success than it was, but as luck would go...
"People either liked this film, or they hated it!" recalls Scott with a bittersweet chuckle. "It was a lot of hard work, we really poured everything we had into getting this film out to be released. It DID get me in touch with some filmmakers, including Keith Crocker over at Cinefear.Com, and I got to see his film "The Bloody Ape", which shows that there are still some grass roots filmmakers out there, and we both admired eachother's work. However on the flip side, I got some nasty reviews, including soreheads over at They said in their review that 'any asshole could be a filmmaker'. Well, any asshole can be a movie critic too. And where did their site go? Gone the way of the ether! Critcs are a dime a dozen. But I still read articles on it years later. Good or bad, I'm glad it's remembered at any rate."

The history:

Shamus McMillan: Wilbur Scott
Katie McMillan: Melissa Green
Grandpa Patrick: Wilbur Scott
Detective Carmello: Wilbur Scott

Directed by Wilbur Scott
Produced by Melissa Green
Screenplay by Wilbur Scott, Melissa Green, and Timothy C. Arthur
Music by I.N. Terlocken, Jr.
Casting by Keith Fletcher
A Landmark Picture.