Wilbur Scott: The man, the myth, the low-budget filmmaker.


Directing his first film, "Ninja Master", in 1991, Wilbur Scott has followed that up with over 70 feature-length and short films, shot on both film and video. His films have played at festivals, and have been seen in many states across the USA.
Working out of Michigan, Scott continues to make films that appeal to the fans of low-budget cinema.

You can write Wilbur (and yes, he does like to hear from people about whatever) at:

The films:

Again Alive (1993)
Against His Nature (1997)
Alien Amour (2006)
And He Walks (2009)
Back Trek (1999)
Bad Trip (1994)
Battle, The (2003)
Blood Puzzle (1992)
Blood Puzzle II (1993)
Blood Trek (2001)
Bob Vila Show, The (1992)
Captive Audience (2006)
Cat In The Moon, The (1997)
Corporate Business (1992)
Corpse, The (2002)
Cromwell's Hand (1992)
Cutting Room Floor (2004)
Day The Woods Hunted Back, The (1998)
Dear Dead Rachel (1994)
Delicious (2008)
Elmer Jones: Mad Businessman (1991)
Enterprising Retirement, An (1993)
Faceless (1998)
Family (1993)
Frank Filladucia (2009)
Ground Chuck (2013)
Hacksaw (1999)
Heartbroke (1996)
Hodgepodge (2010)
Home Improvement: The Motion Picture (1992)
Hup, The (2011)
I Can't Sleep (2002)
I Must Kill (2000)
In A Bad State Of Mind (1995)
It's Good To Have Friends Like Frank (2008)
Knock At The Door (2007)
Law And Order (2000)
The Lying King (2009)
Madeline's Scalpel (2003)
Marksman, The (1991)
Massacre (2001)
Melissa Gone At Night (1999)
Midnight Melinda (2011)
Mr. Irish (2001)
Murder In A Small Town (1999)
Nightlight (1992)
Nightshade (1994)
Ninja Master (1991)
Nobody Axed You (1996)
Novel That Gary Tanner Wrote, The (2003)
Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (1997)
Permanent Vacation (1998)
Pleasure (2008)
Reflections (1994)
Retrospective (2005)
Revenant, The (1992)
Room Temperature (2002)
Scully And Mulder (1999)
Sebastian Pine (1993)
Silent Night (1997)
Small Film About A Big Problem, A (2005)
Soul Trek (2005)
Star Trek VII: It's Finally Over With (1992)
Star Trek VIII: Attack Of The Legomen (1992)
Star Trek IX: The Final Voyage (1992)
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Motion Picture (1992)
Summertime Horror Story, A (1993)
Tom's Two-Minute Time Machine (2010)
Touched By Murder (1994)
Traitors (1992)
Trekker's Mystery (1993)
Who Killed Murphy Brown? (1992)

The films:

Currently, Landmark Pictures has ceased production as of January, 2012. Scott's on a hiatus, but hopefully will return to filmmaking soon.
We're busy updating the site to reflect the work that's been done since 2001, so please be patient!