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Vivien's Love of her Life:

Her "Larry Boy" aka Sir Laurence Olivier

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier met prior to the making of the film, "Fire Over England" in 1936.  She later told a friend that she was going to marry him.  They carried on an long time affair despite the fact they were both married at the time.  Vivien and Laurence were married in 1940 after obtaining divorces from their respective spouses. Vivien and Laurence made "That Hamilton Woman" which became Prime Minster Winston Churchill's favorite film.  They also appeared on the stage frequently in Shakespeare and other plays.  Olivier directed Vivien in "A Streetcar Named Desire" before she won a Oscar for her screen performance. They became known as Lord and Lady Olivier after he was knighted by King George VI in 1947.   Their marriage could not survive her many illnesses, and they divorced in 1960.  Up to the day of her death, a picture of her "Larry Boy" was always next  to her bed.  Their love story is considered of the most fascinating of the 20th Century.



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